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 Monolith (Basic Hollow) [WIP]

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Name: Haru Sanefekei

Nickname: Monolith

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): None

Personality: Unlike most Hollow, Monolith is not an unintelligent beast; quite the opposite, actually. Monolith, though massive, is a gentle soul, still innocent despite his corrupted soul. In fact, it is this innocence that keeps his mind his own. He doesn't like to fight, preferring to use diplomacy or - in the most desperate situations - defense, to end a fight before it's begun. Though he is not frightening, should he be angered, he is quite frightening, his immense size and strength allowing him to lay waste to entire cities in mere minutes.

He is a generally calm soul. He is a "vegetarian", for a hollow, eating primarily the souls of animals, of which he captures plenty. Strength means nothing to him; he would rather be weak and accepted than powerful and ostracized. His sole goal in life is to find somebody who will love him, despite his monstrous appearance. He is quite naive to the world of the Hollow; only his natural assets have allowed him to stay alive for as long as he has. He is quite childish, only being a hollow for a month, after dying at the age of 16.

Physical Appearance: He is, quite frankly, a giant. One hundred meters tall, with skin of rock and a mask coated in lichen, he resembles a monstrous statue. His voice, when he deigns to speak, is rough and gravelly, like a mountain slide. So strong is he that his very foot steps rock the ground and crack the streets. His fingers are rough cubes. Covering his entire body are moss and lichen; on his shoulders and across are his back is a small forest, even trees growing out of his shoulders. Bird-like hollows live in this forest, as well as rat-like hollow.


Ability: Monolith's ability is based off mountains, as is he. His abilities allow him to throw giant chunks of rock, obliterate entire buildings with a single punch, control special symbiots, and even gives him a form of Hierro.

Quote :
Atsui Iwa
This is a passive technique constantly activated on Monolith. It is a variant of Hierro. It mixes his Hakuda Skill with his Reiryoku skill to coat his body in rock, working as Hierro would. This even has his internal organs coated in rock, making him truly a rock giant. Yet this technique has a drawback; due to the weight of the rock, his Hoho skill will always be half as great as normal. Additionally, due to the rock coating his internal organs, his stamina will be less than normal.

Quote :
This is his most used technique; His Ganja, his pets. On key points on his body - primarily three on each arm, one each on the back of his hands, and two on each shoulder - are lumps, blending in seamlessly against his rough rock skin. These are his Ganja, giant, ten meter long, two ton snakes, kept in a spiritually induced coma, latched onto his body. By willing it, one-ten can be dropped off his body. If one Ganja is awake, it possesses 90% of his overall stats, with the notable exception of Hakudo being replaced by Hoho. For each additional Ganja awake, the overall stats go down by ten percent. For two activated, each is eighty percent; three is seventy percent; and so on. Each of the Ganja possess the ability to capture ambient souls and spiritual energy and discharge it, up to their maximum Reiryoku.

Quote :
Yama Funsui
This is his most devastating ability, yet the one that is the most difficult to do correctly. By focusing his spiritual energy through his arm, he is able to throw a single, devastating punch, a punch that lives up to it's name: Mountain Crusher. This punch is powerful enough to, by the initial strike, destroy a square mile per 5 points in Hakuda. The shockwave will sweep out for another ten square miles per five points in Hakuda. He is capable of reducing most things to dust. Yet this ability has it's drawbacks. For one, it can only be activated once per five posts. When activated, it immediately cuts both his Hakuda and his Reiryoku in half for three posts.

Quote :
HIra Gonaga
This is his most useful ability, allowing him to strip down the walls of even the Seiretei with his bare hands, if he is capable of getting his hands into the wall. Should his massive hands get a grip in any solid or liquid, he is capable of wrapping it in a layer of spiritual energy, creating (and, if need be, ripping it out of the wall) a rough ball easily fifty feet wide and long. Additionally, loose materials - such as sand - will be compressed, creating a much more dense and powerful projectile. He is capable of throwing this ball very, very far. The drawbacks are simple; it takes time, several seconds, to do. Additionally, should an opponent be matching or greater than him in Hakuda, they can stop the projectile.

Quote :
This is his true defensive technique, the one capable of blocking attacks by even enemies far stronger than he. By spreading Reiryoku throughout his entire body, his body contorts into a tight ball, forming nothing but a twenty meter long and wide ball of rock. While in this form, which lasts for a maximum of three posts, his Hankou is tripled. The drawbacks are quite simple, actually. For one, he cannot move while in this form, unless some person is capable of moving over five hundred tons of pure rock. For another, this can only be activated for a total of six posts in a single thread, with a two post delay between the third use.

Form: Basic

Role-play sample:
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Monolith (Basic Hollow) [WIP]
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