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God of Death

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Profiles[FT]   Mon Aug 06, 2012 12:37 pm

Post your character here and wait for approval. This is everything that needs to be included in your profile:

Magic type:
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Lost Soul

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: Profiles[FT]   Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:21 am

Name-Meori Mashiro
(nickname Yori)

Gender- Male


Personality- he is quite calm in every situation. He tends to speak to himself quite a bit, but he himself is very sain, he is quite helpful and nice if it means gaining trust from his enemies. He may be of a dark guild, but his personality is half and half, either hes nice and speaks much, or hes slient and observant where he will speak little while gaining what he needs out of the situation.

Appearance-he's beautiful with has two-toned hair, white with black roots, with slightly pale skintone. Meori usually dresses in punk/gothic clothing with greyish- brown eyes, three piercings in each ear; black tattoo circling his upper left arm. He wears a winter coat that lengths to the back of his knees, the color of the coat matches the white part of his hair where the fur part of the coat is a lighter white, around his neck he wears a silver cross necklace latched onto a black neck brace.

Guild-Reborn Oracion Seis

Magic type-Dragon slayer magic(Lightning dragon magic)

Spells/abilities- due to him being a lightning dragon slayer hes able to eat fire to some degree and lightning to replenish his magic power. he also has hightended sense of smell, Meori is immune to lightning as it is his own element. He also can generate lightning around him to a point where it has a force to enable him to fly.

Roar of the lightning Dragon- Meori can release a blast of swirling yellow full lightning from his mouth. It’s destructive power depends on how much magic power he uses.

Lightning Dragon's Breakdown Fist-The user extends his/her clenched fist forward as if he/she were punching while generating his/her Magic Seal, from which a larger version of his/her fist composed of lighting is created and sent towards the opponent at high speed, generating a massive sparking explosion on contact.

Perial Lightning dragon- his whole body becomes surged with lightning allowing him to move at a high speed

Lightning Dragon's Heavenward Halberd-The user lifts his/her hands and forms lightning between them, creating a very large spear out of it. He/she then hurls such spear at the enemy.

Shield of the Lightning dragon- lets out a loud clap of his hands that generates lightning that outspreads in a 30 foot radius repelling anyone with great force besides himself.

Cannon of the Lightning Dragon- thrusting both his fist forward he generates a large ball of lightning that while fired grows in size until it strikes its opponent upon striking it explodes on contact.

Dragon Force-Dragon Force greatly increases the damage done by standard Dragon Slayer spells, also drastically enhances the user's physical powers, making them far stronger, more resistant and faster. It boosts their Magic power, prompting it to violently become visible, taking on the shape of a dragon
Bio- Being born into a family where his father had no magic ability nor did his mother, yet his uncle and cousin did he had no hopes of gaining any magical capabilities, seeing his outer family use their magic in such amazing ways he became alone, taunted by those that weilded magic of their own laughed at him for he had nothing. Meori a the age of 5 one day ran off ainto the mountains, finding himself lost he sat in a large cave that appeared created by someone or something, exploring the cave he comes to see large yellow eyes. Meori feared it not one bit, quite the opposite he smiled and hugged the large beast. The beast took Meori under his wing and taught him the ways of the thunder dragon, when meori reached 6 he found a large black egg with white swirls on it, taking it into his care he nurtured the egg and one day it hatched into a small cat with wings, now he wonders the world part of the powerful dark guild know as Reborn Oracion Seis.

Exceed Profile


Age- 6


Magic- flight magic
~flight(enables him to summon angel like wings granting flight)
~enhance speed-allows their wings to generate a sparkling glow that causes their flight speed to increase.

Appearance- standing on his rear legs, with his two front legs acting as hands of sort. His fur seems to be jet black in color, with most of his body being black, but his face, belly, paws and the end of his long tail being white.

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: Profiles[FT]   Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:33 pm

Name: Katsuo Kagayaki

Gender: Male

Age: 17 years of age

Personality: Laid-back, reckless, impulsive, and hasty, Katsuo often gets into trouble for being rude, sometimes even to his superiors. Most of the time, he is pretty carefree, but will get serious when the time calls for it. He is fiercely protective of his friends and his guild.

Appearance: Katsuo has spiky red hair with white streaks and blue-green eyes. He is well-built and has a slight tan. Usually, he wears black pants with chains, a black shirt and a red and black jacket. He wears plain red flip-flops on his feet. His guild stamp is black and located on his left shoulder blade.


Guild: Fairy Tail

Magic type: Star Dragon Slayer magic (also known as “space” or “celestial” dragon slayer magic)

Spells/abilities: Since he is a space dragon slayer, Katsuo can eat air and to some degree, fire and light to replenish his magic power. He also has a heightened sense of smell. Katsuo is immune to any technique that controls gravity, as this is part of his own element. He can also change gravity around his person, allowing him to fly to an extent. He also seems to be able to take hits better than others.

Roar of the Star Dragon: Katsuo can release a blast of dazzling yellow light from his mouth. It’s destructive power depends on how much magic power he uses.

Star Dragon’s Meteor Shower: A bright yellow light covers Katsuo’s hands and he sends a flurry of rapid punches toward his opponent. The yellow light is blinding to look at, and burns upon contact.

Cannon of the Star Dragon: Katsuo’s entire body becomes covered in blinding yellow light and he shoots towards his opponent at high speed.

Void Claw of the Star Dragon: Katsuo swipes his hand in a claw-like motion and sends blades of black energy towards his opponent. The blades can suck in other magic attacks, so they have to be dodged.

Star Dragon Supernova: Katsuo lets loose a great blast of yellow light in the form of a large shockwave. This can easily knock anyone back and blind anyone looks at it directly.

Dragon Slayer’s Secret Art

Godly Radiance: Herculean Celestial Blade- Katsuo generates a large buster sword seemingly out of thin air. The entire sword itself is made of light and hold’s incredible destructive power.

Godly Radiance: Dark Void- In the palms of his hands, Katsuo generates a large ball of black energy, which he then throws at his opponent. It increases in size once thrown, and can draw in nearby objects.

Dragon Force: The final stage of Dragon Slayer Magic, though the exact conditions to invoke it are unknown. When Dragon Force is achieved, Katsuo’s skin becomes scaly, similar to a dragon, and strength, speed, and magical abilities are enhanced, improving his combat capability significantly.

Bio: For unknown reasons, Katsuo was abandoned by his parents at a young age. A couple days later, when he was on the verge of death, he was saved by the Star dragon, Meteora. Meteora took Katsuo under his wing and taught him Dragon slayer magic. Then one day, Meteora just disappeared. Lonely and abandoned once more, Katsuo walked all over the place in search of Meteora. He soon met up with another person in the same situation as himself. One day, the two stumbled upon the guild known as Fairy Tail and decided to join. And the rest is history…


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Title : The Infamous Hash, Unlimited Potential, Black Ice
Posts : 4463
Soul Cash : 4107
Female Age : 24
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Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: Profiles[FT]   Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:27 pm

Name: Spike

Gender: Male

Race: Exceed

Appearance: Spike has yellow fur with jagged black stripes and red eyes. His paws and the tip of his tail are black as well.


Aera: The user sprouts wings from their back, allowing them to fly.

Maximum Speed: Used in conjunction with Aera. The user's wings glow yellow, increasing their flying speed to it's highest extent.

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PostSubject: Re: Profiles[FT]   

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