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Name: Delacroix Fuyumina.


Age: 24 | 1365.

Gender: Male.

Squad: Ten.

Rank: Captain.

Weapon(s): Zanpakutō | Shunpo | Kidō.



    + FOCUSED & DEVOTED - the man is focused, in which he heavily pours into the residents of his guild and his allies as well. he is also very loving and devoted to his people, going as far as to help a certain family fix their destroyed restaurant to helping an old woman cross the street. in this world, he could be the only one that is well-orientated with his own people besides a select few, despite these times of death and war. his focus is centered in his loyalty; in which he concentrates on his allegiances and other subjects with very few distractions coming in here and there.

    + INTELLIGENT & DECISIVE - with leadership comes knowledge; to be able to put things to work quickly - to make decisions swiftly and with prompt intelligence, this is one of his most adored qualities, and the central influence upon his maturity and people. while he was a child, he didn't uphold intelligence and decisiveness as an important quality of his personality, but as he grew older, he slowly started to notice that people were not listening to him and promptly changed himself. today, he is found reading books upon books in his spare time, and going over strategies that utilize his intelligence to it's full potential.

    + COURAGEOUS & STRAIGHT FORWARD - one can go without saying that their leader is indeed courageous, and says things openly; no matter how blunt it seems. it may be viewed as a negative aspect, but delacroix hates hiding certain parts of himself, especially when the times are dire. he'll defend one of his people even if it's over something petty. not just because of his bravery, but because he speaks his mind. the man isn't afraid to say anything and he doesn't hesitate to, knowing well that hiding one's self can lead to something much more dangerous.

    + INDEPENDENT & OBSERVANT - while the people rely on him for many things such as protection and guidance, he is independent himself. he may rely on a few people when the times come, but it doesn't mean that he becomes heavily dependent on him. first, he'll observe their actions - watch if they are trustworthy, then make a decision if he should continue to rely or not. while not needing others' assistance because he can handle most things on his own, he will be very quick to notice things that are changing - if he's wavering in faith, or that his independence is getting out of control; meaning, he is becoming distant from his people.

    + RESPECTFUL & LEVELHEADED - the part of being a leader is showing respect to your subordinates or digimon and anyone else - even complete strangers that are potential enemies. he holds a deep admiration for any person that he comes across, no matter how weak they may seem, he believes that what they are striving for shows that they have the right to get his respect. he also judges people well, and doesn't break down into ragemode a heap of madness when someone thinks ill will of him. heck, even if he knows that someone's trying to assassinate him, he'll still show them respect, in hopes that they will stop. like all things in this world, here's a time when he won't be as highly calm as he currently is.


    - STUBBORN & UNPREDICTABLE - a human being has a certain amount of themselves that are hardheaded to a certain aspect, even if it's an ounce or 0.1 percent, it's still there somewhere. when he makes a decision, he plans to stick with it, and assumes that no one would object, attempt, or suggest to change it. as much as he hates saying the word 'no' to his own people, his gut and mind tell him to, and he follows it. besides this, there's his tendency to switch his mind randomly, often brewing up confusion amongst people. he behaves in a way that his enemies cannot predict - even his battle style is entirely based upon doing random movements that the enemy does not know about, yet he himself knows. his randomness can lead to negative things - such as an accidental uproar and worse, a huge happening all blamed on him.

    - MANIPULATIVE & MALICIOUS - despite being caring and such with his people, there are times that he has to influence them for his own needs - such as advancing a campaign for instance. however, his way of manipulating others leans more towards the negative, as he will achieve even the littlest of things through other people, when he can do it with his own skill. furthermore, if he feels that someone is catching on, he turns a 180 degree turn; showing signs that he's intending to do harm if they keep on suspecting what he's doing with them. towards enemies, he's seen in a constant mood of maliciousness, which often leads to recklessness. without knowing it, delacroix can be manipulating one of his very best friends and lead them to their own death.. but that's just a possibility, or is it?

    - HOSTILE & SELFISH - being hostile can have it's perks, but he isn't willing to be friendly with enemies or strangers, no matter what. it takes a long time for him to put his trust in them, and lessen his paranoid mind-set that they are automatically a potential enemy. in truth, the man is more concerned about his well being than his people, but to an extent. when joining up with a group, he sees if their goal coincides with his own - such as defeating a huge enemy, going to a foreign land, etc. his hostility is considered to be selfish even by his own people - he is found being unfriendly to enemies and strangers only for the benefit of them going away so he can be at ease.

    - JEALOUS & SARCASTIC - whenever someone achieves something higher than him, or holds an object that he yearns for, he starts to become envious and slowly goes on the path of wanting it. when he was a teenager around the ages of 14 - 17, he was envious of everyone around him; only because they were achieving things much higher than he was. up to this day. besides this, he can be extremely sarcastic and often say words that wound others - even if he doesn't mean it.

    - SARDONIC & INQUISITIVE - whenever he smiles, he's being sardonic. his words are coated with a fake mask of sincerity when one fails, but behind it lies the true face of his words; he is actually mocking them. oh no - don't get the wrong idea. don't assume that his sense of humor is not sardonic, because it is: the man lacks a certain sense of humor; that sense being "good." his humor is lacking in quality and light, everything that typically lightens up a person's mood. how he sees his sense of humor is irony - one thing might happen, but he will say the opposite, often in a disdainful way. driving away from this subject curiosity can be a good thing, but when one gets too interested in a certain thing, it can lead to their down fall. delacroix is curious to harrowing extremes; equivalent to a child or a baby cat/dog that just emerged into the world. he'll go as far as into the enemy's lair to learn something that got his mind interested. this has lead him to several near-death situations, and there's no signs of him changing his curiosity.

Physical Appearance:
Captain [WIP] 30 Captain [WIP] 33 Captain [WIP] 30

    HEAD. Delacroix has a rather average sized head, he has a scar running down his left eye on his face. He has faint shadows right under both of his red eyes. Delacroix hair is black which includes his sideburns. Leonardo is known for wearing two silver, hooped earrings in his left ear.

    TORSO. Delacroix spends most of his time during the day when he isn't doing anything important, working out, he doesn't even experience the feeling of being out of shape, even if its a little bit. His chest are very large and are splendidly cut around the edges. He makes sure he eats and drinks a lot of protein shakes during the day so he can perfectly manage the amount of fat and muscles he has within his chest. Why you ask? Because he knew if he continued to work into his chest without fattening himself up that his chest would deflate and would only be cut and not muscularly define. Around the stomach area Delacroix has a Very well balanced out eight pack. Therefore unlike his chest, he doesn't really have any fat around the edges so that every part of his muscles are perfectly in detail. This makes his chest slightly inflate over his stomach making him look more defined in muscle mass. He has a massive scar stretching from his left shoulder to his left breast. On Delacroix right side of his chest is a TATTOO. The tattoo is a symbol for "Om", a symbol/sound/syllable featured in such religions and belief systems as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.

    ARMS. Delacroix's arms are probably the most defined muscles he has on his body. They are very large so that they match the size of his muscles. His triceps are very cut and every muscle's detail on the outside interior of the arm is visible while on the front interior of the arm just about all of his veins are clearly visible, but not too heavily, so that he doesn't look as if he is some crazy guy taking steroids or something.

    LEGS. This would probably have to be the strongest part of Delacroix's body being the most in shape. They are very defined in muscle definition. Only being average sized his legs also are just enough to match the size of his body. Overall, he stands at 6'1 FT and weights 195 LBS.

    CLOTHING. Delacroix's shinigami's attire style of dressing is pretty simple but take the appearance of an general. He really doesn't like to wear a lot of fancy clothing, just the kind that gets to show off his body. The size shirts that Delacroix wears are always a medium sized that tightly grip every ounce of his torso and the top part of his shoulders and are normally black sleeveless collar shirts under his coat. Delacroix wears a black military coat which comes down to his thighs. The coat has red lining through out the thing and has two medals on the left breast of the coat. This gives him a general-like but mod day samurai appearance. Around his the left side of his waist is a black and red belt which threaded the free end along the back of his coat, that carries the case of Yamato. In the back, is a brown pouch which carries his small weapons. The shinigami's pants remain normal. He wears getas along with long black finger-less gloves. Time to time, Delacroix will be seen with a brown traveler's cloak which has a large black cross on each side of the shoulders and in addition to that, it has a hood.


Inner world appearance:




Zanpakutō spirit:

Sealed form:

    Yamato is a normal nodachi with an oblong-shaped hand-guard coated with short white fur, sheathed in a black scabbard decorated by white crosses from the opening to the bottom, and with a small piece of red rope tied near its opening.


Call out phrase:

    Shisha no ora: Same no kiba.

Shikai description:

    Delacroix's shikai remain the same in appearance as it's seal state.


    ▌ NAME: Shisha no ora: Susanoo.
    ▌ MAJORS: ---
    ▌ MINORS: ---
    ▌ DESCRIPTION: Unlike the other aura abilities which have a sudden dramatic increase of an aspect, this Aura lasts an entire thread. It can only be used when the user has cleared their mind of all distractions and worries. In this state the user is calm like the sea yet raging like a storm. This aura can appear in different forms depending on the user’s shape. The user is in a weakened state then Susanoo will appear in a normal/human form. Otherwise it will appear in it’s skeleton form. The abilities of this fruit are strong yet simple. The strongest aspect of this blade is the Speed & Accuracy increase. The user’s Accuracy along with their Haste is increased, allowing them to see everything slowed down, or more accurately, increasing their reaction and tracking speed. The user is able to see individuals so well that he is able to see them as if they were a haste major down. But that’s only seeing. He is able to move so fast that it’s as if he has a haste major up. However, after six posts this reduces down to seeing a haste minor down and moving a haste minor up. If he uses this ability he can not use any other Aura of the Dead. If he uses an Aura of the Dead prior to this it lasts only twelve posts. For every aura he used prior, the duration is reduced by two posts.


    ▌ NAME: Shinigami Kaichu: Ichigen.
    ▌ MAJORS: ---
    ▌ MINORS: ---
    ▌ DESCRIPTION: The user of Yamato, now able to imbue their attacks and weapons with Spiritual Energy, performs a circular swing that launches that creates a powerful gust of wind of hell itself, which gives the appearance of a small swarm of supernatural creatures which knock opponents over or pierce through the skin of a human. This attack can be utilized through weapons, making it a form of Nitoryu or swift attacks such as a leg sweep or hook. After being used, it has a cooldown phase of two posts before being able to be used again and can be used ten times per thread.

    ▌ NAME: Astral Projection.
    ▌ MAJORS: ---
    ▌ MINORS: ---
    ▌ DESCRIPTION: This ability grants the user the ability of Astral Projection. This allows the user’s soul to leave its body and wander off. At level 1 the user is capable of going around 20 meters away from its original body. In this form the user can pass through walls, etc, though they are still capable of being seen. When having left the user’s body the body remains in a state of stasis for around 3 posts, meaning that it does not decompose for that amount. Any longer than this and the user’s body will perish. When in Astral form the user is intangible, though he/she is able to speak and hear and smell, etc.


Bankai name:

Bankai description:

    Delacroix's bankai remain the same in appearance as it's seal state.



    ▌ NAME: Sōru Ītā: Shinsei.
    ▌ MAJORS: ---
    ▌ MINORS: ---
    ▌ DESCRIPTION: Sōru Ītā: Shinsei also known as Divine Angel, grants user of Yamato an guardian and the ability to reaper souls in a similar fashion of a god. Cause this technique has two abilities, it is divided into two acts. Each of these abilities grant Delacroix's godly powers thus making the Captain an archangel in a sense. However, each ability provides a huge toll on the Captain's body and as such, is rarely call upon.

    • Ichienjiru (First Act): “And he will be my guardian, my protector.” Is preformed by manifesting a large amount of spiritual energy, Delacriox can create a gigantic, humanoid being that surrounds known as Soul Guardian. The being has a demonic but humanoid appearance to it. The face has an elongated canine teeth in its lower jaw bracket which in turn has two tusks growing from this jaw and a single horn protruding from its forehead. The creature has four arms which brings the fingers to a total of twenty. The secondary arms are connected to the primary arms' elbows. In the creature's primary left hand is blade which appears to be identical to Delacriox's Yamato, but made of pure energy. The creature posses a ribcage which grants protection and impressive defensive capabilities. This is where Delacroix is located during the technique. Overall, the guardian stands fifteen feet tall and is pure blue. Aside from it's appearance, the guardian mimics all of Delacroix abilities on a larger scale which brings about massive destruction. Cause it's an over sided soul, the guardian doesn't feel pain for the heat or cold. However, thought the creature is powerful and pure strength, one of it's weakness happens to be a blind spot similar to that of a human. One of it's greatness weakness happens to be no other then darkness. Cause the spiritual energy is pure, the element of darkness can feed upon the soul draining of it's power cause it to disappear. After every user’s energy is severely drained, forcing them to suffer the feeling of fatigue. Their body will grow heavy and tired from the strain. Delacroix is able to maintain this ability for ten posts however, can only be done once pre-thread.

    • Nienjiru (Second Act): “Those who perish by my hand shall be cleansed or darkened.” After summoning the guardian, Delacroix has the ability to reap souls. This ability is a long shot, really. There’s no guarantee that the user will even obtain the opportunity to use this technique. However, if the user does, the benefits of doing so may outweigh the risks. In order to use this ability, the user must capture their opponent, as in holding them down. They must bind their opponent, making it so they can not escape, otherwise this technique will be unable to work. Once the target is captured, then this technique may be attempted. This is done by having the demonic beast place his hand over the target's head then preforms a pulling motion, causing one's soul to be removed from their body thus killing the target in the process. Unless the soul is returned to their body. It takes the span for three entire post for this to succeed and in the post the user is unable to attack or defend, only tighten or secure the hold on the target, lest the technique be broken. However, the prey having heart as a major can hang onto their so for five posts. The process of removing the soul can be cancel by breaking the connection between the guardian's hand and his target's head. Once the soul is removed the user has the choice of cleansing the soul and making it good or darkening it, making it evil. Once this is done the user can return the soul to it’s owner, the owner now incapable of going against the user thus making the target, Delacroix's puppet. Aside from that, with the soul now in guardian's possession, Soul Guardian will proceed to eat the soul thus increasing his own power which in turn, increasing Delacroix's speed and strength by two times. However, after using the Second Act, it sends Delacroix into a death like state and makes all his cell feel on fire cause of the raw power which souls are capable of having thus becomes completely useless and unable to fight for the entire thread.

    ▌ NAME: Gekishin.
    ▌ MAJORS: ---
    ▌ MINORS: ---
    ▌ DESCRIPTION: Gekishin allows the Captain to send powerful shockwaves in the form of waves, through the ground and air at a rapid speed. As such, the marine is capable of medium sizes holes in walls, in a matter of seconds. In addition, with Delacroix's bankai, the man is can release these waves quicker and bigger and have it deliver more power. The range of the shockwaves expands from one meter to five meters and increases in range with the use of Susanoo. However, despite the massive speed and power of the attack, the aftershock leaves the hand in pain, ultimately resulting in the hand going numb or causing blood. After using, it has a cooldown phrase of two posts before being able to be used again and can be used five times per thread before his arm become completely paralyzed by the pure pain.

Role-play sample:
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Captain [WIP]
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