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 Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open)

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Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open)   Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 EmptyMon Jan 07, 2013 6:17 pm

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Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 292r5aq
Squad 9's Errand Boy

It could easily be said that Seijin wasn't the brightest being around, by any means. Easily distractable, generally foolish and lacking in plenty of knowledge that was otherwise common... that basically summed him up. Still, he knew enough at least to be certain that if anyone else knew what he'd done even in the past few hours, forming a certain alliance with and even 'bedding' an Arrancar, the race he was supposed to be hunting down, he'd be in serious trouble. Lest he forget the fact that what he was (that was, an anthropomorphic squirrel) was plain for anyone to see with his hood and face mask removed.

Still... he didn't exactly care. It wasn't really in his nature to be concerned about much of anything. All he was concerned about was looking around once he and Fabiola had left that initial room to wander the halls of Las Noches, the fortress of the Arrancar.

"It's... kinda quiet," he observed after a few moments, scratching a little at the back of his head. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, initially, but he had been expecting... well, something, at least. "Are most of them away doing stuff or something? I mean... I don't think Shinigami can usually get to this place, so I can't imagine they'd be worried about much..." he considered.

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Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open)   Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 EmptyMon Jan 28, 2013 8:53 am

Luke O'Cuinn
Undead Gunslinger
Cero Espada

His attentions on Seijin, Luke would not have seen the large bear come up from behind. As Seijin jumped, he growled a little bit, before the squirrel boy grabbed him with the cloth. He immediately raised his guns once more, firing a normal shot from one of the lower guns. He was kicked back due to the force of the kick, a popping sound being heard from his shoulder, as if it were dislocated. He was batted away, as if he were a rag doll by the bear-like Arrancar, landing on the ground a few feet away with claw marks deep in his back. But from what they saw, he didn't seem to be bleeding too much. He had been damaged for sure, but there seemed to be no blood. Or at least, not a lot of it. Luke, right about now, despite his undead state, was feeling some major pain. Possibly more than he had inflicted, and this irritated him greatly. He lay still for a moment, as suddenly the sky darkened somewhat. The whistling became louder, and suddenly it seemed as if a great rain was upon them. Yellow lanced through the sky, impacting the ground with enough force to kick up small dust clouds. It was as if it was raining shots! Luke stood up, seeming to be able to avoid being hit by one successfully. However, Seijin and Fabiola might not be so lucky.

Alright, he had charged enough. It was time. This would either make his win, or break his win. He didn't have much left to go off of. Reiryoku-wise, he was fine. Perfect. His bullets required very little, so he was okay to fight a little while yet. His morale, however, was beginning to lessen. This seemed almost like a hopeless fight for him. He needed...something. Help? No. He needed to remain strong. He forced himself up, as he stared at the two, a grin breaking out across his face. "That the best you two got?" He asked cockily, as he raised one of his guns. They were both close by now, and he wasn't too far. He pointed two of his guns at them, tipping up his hat with another gun he wasn't using. T'was a miracle he still had the hat, after how much he had been tossed about and whatnot. With reishi down charging within him, Luke fired two shots that rivaled the strength, if not exceeded the strength, of the shot he had fired earlier that had left parts of Seijin singed. A stream of energy was headed towards Fabiola and Seijin each, the diameter of the blasts easily enough to swamp a regular person. In truth, Luke could have shot one blast at them, and hit them both if he aimed between them from the sheer size, but that would have been too easy for them to dodge.

This attack, coupled with the hail of bullets, could be quite devastating if not handled properly. But then again, this was Luke's last-ditch effort at using his techniques. If this didn't work, he would need to just keep firing, and hope backup would come.


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5: 2
6: 2

(Reset at 6)

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Warning: Funny/Sexual Content::

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Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open)   Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 EmptyThu Jan 31, 2013 12:01 pm

"Oh he he such a lovely little thing to watch, don't you agree?" Genmu asked the random numeros he had forced into doing his daily installation tasks for the monitoring systems going in throughout the Las Noches complex. The numeros stopped to look at him a moment before deciding he had not been truly asked the question just as he had not been asked it any of the other days he had been forced to help install camera's or hidden weapons. He remained paused too, waiting for the inevitable moment when Genmu would speak up to answer for him anyways, always just as he opened his mouth. He waited, the little figure of Luke the decima espada on screen moving off in a new direction as another arrancar informed him of something, likely the two intruders Genmu had been aware of but ignoring on the screen beside him.

He waited, first a handful of seconds then a full half-a-minute went by. Still Genmu did not answer himself. The numeros waited, turning slightly back to his task of unpacking another box filled with foam peanuts that he was still unsure as to the origins of, until a full minute passed he he Finally decided to speak up. "H-"

"Of course he is, see you agree with me." Genmu said, cutting of the outright livid but also slightly baffled numeros. He'd eventually have to learn it's name he supposed but for now he just told it to do things and they got done. Maybe if he survives a few trials and modifications I'll name him something special. He thought idly as he focused his attention on the scene unfolding before him. The two screens, one monitoring Luke as it always did and the other the intruders who he should say were not shy about physical contact if the data disk he was tapping on had anything to say about it. It was absolutely gross to him, but all the same it was interesting to finally see what this 'furry' craze was.

As the two screens converged he watched over the scene of battle and slowly found himself moving inexorably towards it, the numeros stayed behind to do it's work while he dragged the wireless device around as he headed towards the fight. Luke seemed to be holding back quite a bit, or perhaps the opponents were durable beyond belief to stand up to his assaults as they were. Genmu cringed slightly as his prized viewing target released, becoming a slightly gross if three times more interesting creature, and his decay even reduced the data feed to nothing. Offhand Genmu predicted that would be another dozen camera's to put in again but maybe a few could be salvaged who knew. Either way he tossed the viewing device over his shoulder and it disappeared into a whole that miraculously opened up in the floor and was whisked god knew where.

Genmu walked the remainder of the way in absolute silence, listening and sensing the battle and it's twists and turns as he approached as best he could. He was a master of his senses but even so it was not like he could gauge with certainty like he had some kinda scouter machine stuck on his head. So focused was he on sensing the powers clash that he tripped right over the cracked tiles and collapsed into the wall of sand and rock that had been only minutes before a hallway.

"Oh...hmm, it seems they were not in here still afterall." He said, extracting himself and staring at the ceiling above. With one hand he patted his clothing to knock dirt and sand off while with the opposite he dug in a pouch that jingled with the sound of glass.He extracted six small glowing orbs from within before lightly jingling them about in his palm and doing the calculations in his head. Awaiting the perfect moment to put them to best effect. Luke's energy shrunk down into itself and then suddenly a massive surge and he knew his moment had come. He tossed the handful of glass baubles high and drew both his blades from the bag at his side before grinning madly. "Criss,"He slashed as two beads fell across the space before him. "Cross," He slashed two more. "Applesauce!" He slashed the final two. All in the span of an instant he shot out 6 cero cortar's, sharpened blades of the energy that formed a tic-tac-toe style net with a slash across either of the diagonals that would cage the two enemies in from behind so they would be unable to retreat from the assault launched by Luke from the front.

Best part was that due to the massive energies all the parties were throwing around they had no chance of noticing Genmu coming up, and no chance of foreseeing the attacks until they broke the surface of the sand behind them since he had used his pre-made cero marbles to power them.

Sometimes Genmu just loved being a prick about things.
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Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open)   Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open) - Page 2 Empty

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Sneaking about (Seijin/Fabiola, otherwise Open)
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