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 Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]

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Title : The Melody of Perfection
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PostSubject: Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]    Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]  EmptyThu Jan 10, 2013 4:19 am

Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]  Kandayu12wr4

Name: Gabriel Ishtar


Age: 125 ( Appears to be 19)

Gender:Male though mistaken for a female at times due to long hair and soft voice

Weapon(s): Zanpakuto

Personality: Gabriel despite his Stern and Intimidating appearance is rather soft spoken and many take that as a weakness...until he unsheathed his blade. He is rather complacent but enjoys different arts for he is a fan of beauty. He is very Judgmental in terms of appearance and firmly believes that masters should look like one. This implies that someone who is of a higher rank should look the part ad thus he keeps his Physical appearance up to par. He can be rather shallow but this does not hinder him in his duties what so ever fully understanding there is a time and place for everything though his Zanpakuto deals Directly with his Judgmental concept e would never Done his Hollow mask in-front of others because of it's looks and thus only uses it as a last resort thing. HE enjoys Poems greatly and often speaks very cryptically through his poetic speech confusing those who aren't close to him. He appears to be very Confident in himself and rises to face anything that threatens those he cares about despite whiter or not the odds are against him.

Physical Appearance: Gabriele's Body type is Tall and slender with a slight muscular build. TO go into Detail he is Roughly 6'3 in Height and about 160 Lbs in weight.His Hair color is a Sultry Blue and extends about 17 inches when pinned up into a ponytail and20 inches when unpinned.His skin complexion is very smooth and milky, creamy even. His eyes are dark blue and he Posses a Strange tribal marking on his chest which is believed to be an Ancient tattoo mark of his household that has long sense been forgotten. His Clothing attire Consist of A Black and White leather garb with a series of Buttons and other accessories and emblem embedded within the materiel. his waist down consist of pants constructed in the likeness of the coat for matching purposes. He wears the Standard Garbs only to official meetings as he likes to stand apart from the others.

Bio: Gabriel Salazar Ishtar hail from an ancient line of Nobility within he Seritei. The Ancient more tribal member of the House of Ishtar valued nothing more than Complete and utter destruction for there foes. They were thought to be the Brutes of the Nobility world within the Soul society and thus were looked down upon Long before Gabriel was even born the house got a bad reputation for being "Overly Ambitious" which was just the watered down version of being Complete barbarians who ravaged the field but because of their strength and the lack of resources within the Seritei at the time their transgressions were overlooked...until they became a force to be reckoned with. The threaten the integrity of the sererit with their brash ways and questionable motives when the suspicious eyes of the head captain came about this would be around the birthing of the next heir to the Ishtar name...Gabriel was born there so many hopes dreams and ambitions for the future Head but sadly...they were all reduced to nothing for one...Gabriel had no interest in becoming the head of the household. Two...he Didn't believe in the Ugly ways the House went about doing things.He Lacked the Brutish minds set of his family and this was something they simply could not accept.

The boy had a snack for Speed and was very studious. It was because of this he Quickly discovered the name and use of his zanpkuto. Where as his fellow Hose members powers relied on sheer crushing force his relied on the appearance and mental devastation of his opponents as well as Quick and precise slices that induced these mentally damming effects. He was criticized for this by them but despite this he never grew ashamed of his abilities. As he grew up he Eventually occurred a name through the Soul society . And so did his housemen. There suspicious behavior rose more and more eyebrows until it was discovered they were planning to overthrow the soul society government. T he head captain got wind of this and instead of dealing with them himself he sent them on a mission within Hueco Mundo. Where they were ambushed by a Innumerable amount of hollow....ALL of his family were slaughtered before his eyes and eh was soon to follow them. He laid on the sand foundations of the realm near his end when he was saved by a group of strangler within heuco. It after spending some time with them he discovered that they were a pack Visoreds who had made Huco mundo their home. Through his time with them he later discovered that he himself had been giving the opportunity to awaken his hollow powers. Being that it was possibly the only way for his wound to competently heal he had no choice and thus...he under went the challenge. He faced off with his Inner Hollow Mikui and through it came out the victor. His mask though was horribly frightening and ugly to him. Despite this fact he trained with it Vigorously with the Stragglers and eventually got pretty good with it bale to sustain it loner than most at his level.

Roughly Four months later a group of shinigmai came to hucho mundo on a mission of sorts. Using the Gandala they came through he returned to the soul society. He never made known his his hollowfication and swore to only use it in truly disastrous situations He having developed a name for himself and having survived the ambush period was noted by the Head captain and thus freed form the sins of his House though it was now disbanded and all authority ripped form them...manly because they had all died. He was placed within the Sixth Squad as third eat Because of his Seed and skill and unique ability. He quickly developed a soft spot for Captain Ichima. He never once showed or told about him being a visored and swore to take it to his grave...and thus began his new life in the Soul Society as a member of the Gotei 13.


Name:Fukyōwaon no megami( Goddess of Cacophony)

Zanpakutō spirit:She Appears as A soft and elegant woman who's beauty is unparalleled. She is Clothed in a purple dress which is outlined by a bright and vibrant gold linen. Her hair is Long and curly with a subtle brown color to it. Her skin pale yet milky and is extremely soft and delicate Her other half is a malicious looking one with solid black Hair and a darker complexion.Her eyes are blood shot red and she has fangs.But When in Her Bankai Form she Shifts her appearance to something totally different she takes on the appearance and persona of a dark and fierce creature accompanied with a Vibrant blue Mermaids tail. Her hair is a Very dark blue and her skin darkens slightly though she still retain all of her beauty...after all it is in the eye of the beholder.

Sealed form:Takes the From of a Chisata-Katan Being that it is Unnaturally a Long Blade being 5 1/2 Ft Long. The Sheathe of the Blade Is a Dark green whilst the Tsubasa is Brown with wavelike markings on it.


Call out phrase: Release thy Vanity upon the World.

Shikai description:In It's Shikai Form His Blade takes on a Bright Green/ Color and is Glowing from the Intense focused Sound Waves Screeching and raging withing it.The hilt is Black as well as the Tsubasa.It's Length is Increased by one foot making it 6 1/2 ft Long]

Ability: [ The Overall Shikai ability Of his Zanpakuto is Solemnly Known as "vain judgement" Which Basically Depending on Gabriele's Own Personal View and Judgment on One Beauty produce various sounds that either Lure and Attract the Beautiful Victims of his power into Obeying his His commands Or Torture The Ugly With Intense Piercing and Booming sounds that can deviate them Mentally While producing Powerful Burst of Sound to damage them Physically as well.]

Shikai Techniques: First Ballet: Subtle Devastation- Upon Releasing his Shikai gabriel Zanpakuto releases a Sound that Sounds normal or familiar to the target. Once heard the victim If they are considered Beautiful by Gabriel Finds themselves feeling as if were attracted to Gabriel And causes them to act Recklessly. This ability stacks each time Gabriel releases that sound from his blade which can either be through vibration caused by blade contact or by colliding with another force through his blade and thus each time the ability stacks the sound becomes more and more appealing to the one of beauty and Double the effect each time making them even more rash and reckless which could lead to their death.

Part two of this Ability for those Who Hear this Sound and are Jude to be ugly by Gabriel. The Sound at First is a Small Piercing SOUND That pain's the Victim Mentally and excites a sensation of Fear and Despair in their minds. This Effect Stack the same way the First part does With each Release of Vibrations the Effects are magnified by Double the Before amount.

The Weakness to this Attack is if the Opponent can keep the sound from magnifying or avoid hearing the sounds then the effects are null in void.

Second Ballet- Consistent Gratification - A Rather Basic yet Potent Ability. By Channeling and Condensing His Spiritual pressure into his blade Gabriel can Fire From his Blade powerful and dense sound waves that carry the ability of his First ballet technique. These Increase in Potency and strength depending on how Much so the victim is being influenced by Sioux. The intense Vibration caused by these attack can Fracture bones and devastate the opponent internally.

The Weakness to this techniques that they are visible and Slower than normal sound attacks thus they are be avoided.


Bankai name:Megami no shōjun-goe( Ascending Voice of the Goddess)

Bankai description:In It's Bankai Form the Blade Becomes instead of some Over the Topic Epic blade of Blinding fury a Small Melodic Tune Fork Instrument. It's Color is a Vibrant Blue And has Two Dragons trickling up it side where the tips appear to be a dragon with it's mouth open. Though Small it's Power is Defiantly not Something to Underestimate.

The Overall ability Of Gabriell's Bankai Centers around the Basic powers of his Shikai Though the Effect and leverage of those abilities are magnified by Fathoms. The Lure and Attraction Becomes almost absolute while the Torture become Virtually unbearable Threaten to Not only Break the the Sanity of the Victim but Reduce them to a state of Gelatinous Mold From the overwhelming vibrations of the sound waves that hit them.]


Third Ballet- Blissful Fury- This technique is more like a supplementary than offensive as it effects Gabriel rather than the opponent and activates passively soon as he releases his bankai he his Engulf in a Overwhelming powerful fury of Potent Sound Waves that repulses everything within a 200 meter range though this is not an attack but a side effect him releasing the built up pressure within the blade . The Sound wave though does not Disperse Upon being released though it is after it is released it is reabsorb into the blade and condensed further making all his attacks more devastating. Thought that is a side effect ability of the actual transformation he undergoes. When the sound waves are first expelled from the Blade Gabriel would have underwent a transformation making him appearance more elfin like. His ears are pointed and his eye color turns into a bright piercing yellow instead of Blue. His hair is totally released He Is seen shirtless and the Tribal marking on his Chet Expands..He is Very much so fast in this form and can deliver slashes from his blade in Fractions of seconds thanks to it's further condensed power.

Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]

Bankai Technique: Fourth Ballet:Otherworldly Warmth- Gabriel Causes his Zanpaktuo which now is in the form of a small tune fork like Blade to disappear into thin air. Soon after it Erupt from the ground in the form of 12 massive Constructs in it's image. These Tune Forks have the Capacity to Produce and Magnify sound and vibrations to Catastrophic amounts Virtually Decimating the Opponent by causing such an intense vibration within their being that it can potently split apart an person molecular bonding's reducing them to a gelatinous slop.

Bankai Technique: Fifth Ballet:Heavenly Annihilation. This Technique is basically an much Stronger Form of the Second Ballet move though on a much grander scale. By Gathering and condensing an immense amount of sound and vibration within the Third ballet technique and release it in a single blast of ultra waves of sound that not only Physically devastate the opponent but greatly induce the mental ware fare he uses on his victims.

Bankai technique: Sixth Ballet: Unholy Requiem of Silence- The Most Prominent and Potent ability of both his Bankai and his Skill list period. By Gathering and condensing all forms of sound and vibration within a 250 meter radius from the area Comepletly Voiding that area of SOUND PERIOD ENGULFING THEM IN COMPLETE SILENCE. He releases everything at once overwhelming destructive and chaotic fashion that Will Completely Crush,Rupture and Devastate all forms of being that are within two mile Radius within that radius to nothing. The Weakness to this technique is the EXTREME exhaustion that happens after it has been used leaving Gabriel unable to continue the fight after it has been used.( Only usable During Hollowfication)
Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow:Miku

Personality: Miku is Very much so the Opposite of Gabriel not giving a rats ass about appearance and being a loud obnoxious brat. He basically hates everything that Gabe stands for and wants nothing but to bring Gabe under his control...but Gabe isn't siting down and letting him have his way which pisses him off. He is very much so a troubled soul and only responds to Gabe when he act Exactly like him saying that he only understands people when they yell.

Appearance:His Appearance is very Dingy and rugged. His hair is very wildly and nappy and his shirt has sweat stains all over it. His pants and shoes have holes and them and he has a n Oder.

Hollow mask:

Role-play sample:A vibrant moon that shined an oddly illuminating light. That light ravaged the area and plagued all who were resting lazily beneath it. One of these individuals would be Gabriel. He sat atop a plush flower bed and his resting upon the back side of a stump where he placed a soft pillow for comfort.He laid there and had been there for quite sometime ever since the sun and it's radiance of twilight brought about nightfall and gave the moon it's time to shine. He was basking in the ambiance of the moon lights embrace and what a comforting embrace it was. It was a soothing point in time and kept his mind focused off the more gruesome realities that had plagued both in the past...and in the now. He always enjoyed the subtle beauty of nature for it always kept his mind going...processing his life so as to enjoy life joys period."I wonder...if the moon ever think about it's own existence..whether it question i it's purpose is even relevant to nature...He always had some type of awkward thought that heavily tied into his own life. He himself often questioned his own agenda...sure he wanted to protect the soul Society but for what purpose?...all his family had been slain before him and the only family he had was hiding out in the land of hollows. He only now did what was necessary to keep them safe...but truly other than that...his life held no purpose...Eventually...That will have to change...But for now he just enjoyed the beauty that was all around him. Even the most abstract of plant life or grotesque creature in appearance still retained a unique form of beauty. Gabriel closed his eye and upon doing so he saw his mother and fathers faces...they looked happy...happy that he wasn't there with them wherever they were...this is why he rarely happened every time he tried to get a little shut eye. He saw there smiling faces of disappointment. So what if they didn't approve of him! He didn't want to live his life as a mindless Brute bent on nothing but conquering...he just wanted to enjoy life with a reason...a good one. One that made since and gave him a proper calling in which he could be proud of...For now the only thing that even came close was being the Third seat of the6th squad...and potentially wining Deisuke's heart for himself.Well that's enough of that...if i think to hard than truth will never find me... He Opened his eyes and hunched over his knee caps, Bringing his legs towards his torso he gripped them. His hair fail easily covering them and his ale face. His eye shifted left and right trying to cause the thoughts to flee him...he looked towards the moon once more...the was just so placed him in a tranquil allowed him to cope and to even stand. He lifted himself up against the Resistance of his Weighted Doubt of Purpose and truth. His hair fell back down his back. He flipped his bang placing his hair out of the way. He then took a few steps toward the 6th Squad barracks. As he did so he came across a rose...but it's coloring was was silver...he had never seen one like it before...unique and alone in the world...just like he. Bending down he smiled as he placed the rose within his Shirt pocket...It's nice to have at least one friend...and a a precious one at that...He continued on toward the barracks. Swift breezes slightly caressing him and his friend as they departed...where his fate lead him was unknown and whether he would become a relevant factor in the truth of anything still remained to be seem.
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Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]    Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]  EmptySun Jan 13, 2013 12:39 pm

Biggest problem here is the non-existent grammar. I'd like to see some use of commas before this is approved. Also, find an online spell check application and run this through it. I'm assuming you meant Garganta, nor Gandala. Also, being saved by stranglers doesn't sound like it would be a great time. Assuming it's stragglers.

Now to get into specifics.

  • Rank/Squad: If your character is in the Soul Society, he has a rank and squad. List them. Not just in your bio, since no one will read through a whole app to find that kind of information.

  • Bio: You did not include how your character became a Visored in the first place. Unless you can come up with a plausible reason, you'll have to make him a Shinigami.

  • Shikai Ability: You need to describe this with more depth. As it stands now, this power looks like an auto hit, which is strictly prohibited. Also, controlling another player's character is never acceptable.

  • First Ballet: Subtle Devastation: Same as above, no controlling your opponents. and also, a stacking effect for something like a sound wave? Can't accept that. Same goes for Part Two.

  • Bankai: The highest starting level for a 3rd seat is ADP-0. ADV-3 is the minimum rank for Bankai. So, since you won't be able to have Bankai right off the bat, you can take this section out.

  • Hollow Mask: Needs to be described in words, not just with a picture.

Once all the above revisions are made, post here to let me know. I'll check it again, and if it's acceptable, I will get on to reading your RP sample and giving you your rank/level.

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Gabriel Ishtar[Visored]
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