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 Taito Shion

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PostSubject: Taito Shion    Taito Shion  EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 11:19 pm

Name: Taito Shion

Nickname: ----

Age: 275 (appearing 18)

Gender: Male

Weapon: Taito carries an icepick at all times. The pick itself is roughly 7 inches in length and silver in color, faded and stained from repeated use. The handle is made of wood that was probably once painted black though now it seems to be rotting due to its age but somehow it never falls apart though splinters aren't rare.

Number: 25 -[Fraccion to Segunda Espada]-

Personality: Kind would not be a word to describe Taito, in fact he is the opposite. Finding friends among none, he dares not call other arrancar even allies. If one happens to be on his good side he is extremely loyal and protective. He is easily annoyed and the first to start a fight or mutter the first rude comment, even among superior, though those comments quiet enough to only be heard by himself since he's not an idiot. He has few values in life other than life itself even though he finds joy in putting life on the line, others as well as his own.

He is violently obsessive over many things. For one thing his loyalty and devotion to Arcelia is a dangerous one. He sees her as one would see god, his one and only, most important master that he wants completely to himself. When this feeling first began it was nothing more than idolizing Arcelia, but within a short time it got to the point that he hated any other being that she may have laid eyes upon. His obsession escalated to the point that he killed a few of his fellow fraccion, just to have her more to himself as well as Arcelia's attention. To have another get to close to his master is enough to become his enemy, something one does not want to be.

Taito also has a compulsion to inflict injury upon himself. It is rare that he will go a day without marring his flesh with his precious ice pick. The feeling of pain he can give himself is far beyond any pleasure he can find in the world. Without this self injury daily he seems to go into a state of withdrawl, become more irritable or even breaking down depending on the severity. He will do anything at that point, even going as far as to scratch himself with his nails if he can find nothing else. Not only does he find enjoyment in inflicting pain on himself but also others when he becomes irritated enough.

Physical Appearance: Taito is neither tall nor short, standing at 5'8. His has a small build, toned enough to not look sickly though that is about as far as it goes. He has pale white skin covered in old and new scars, a majority of them not battle scars but rather those made by his own ice pick. His hair is a dark purple, so dark it can mistaken for black. It is cut to his neck, long bangs often covering the right side of his face. Still visible though is his left of of deep purple. His hollow mask takes the shape of a medical eyepatch, the two bands starting at his ears until they reach the square patch that covers his right eye. His body is wrapped up in bandages in several places, more often his chest, neck and arms. Though there are no injuries there most of the time he keeps his forehead wrapped as well. His hollow hole is in the middle of his chest though it is often covered up by bandages.

Taito wears a long white jacket that reaches to his calves. It is trimmed in purple and lined in black. Rarely is it ever closed, letting his battered chest be seen at all times. He also wears a pair of tight fitting white pants that hang low on his hips, a loosely tightened black belt hardly being considered helpful. They are tucked into shin high black boots. Sometimes he will wear a scarf of deep purple around his neck.

As a human: Even among a family of countless siblings Taito could never trullt relate to anyone. Not only was his personality a sour one, but he was shunned due to his 'strange' desire to carve into his own body. He spent most of his time on his own. even back then he favored the choice of a ice pick among any choice of weapons. He would spent hours just using it to draw pictures in the dirt while his siblings played, knowing better than to disturb him.

In his late teens he left his parents home to go to the city, as most all his siblings were doing at the time. His life hardly changed except for the faster pace. Just like before he was an outcast. He got pitiful looks when people would see the scars that covered his body. Taito would explain how he got them and pity would change to disgust. "How could you do such a thing?!" they would ask and he couldn't come up with any answer than "Because I like to".

One day his lonliness was replaced with friendship when he met a girl close to his age. He had gotten into another fight, one he purposely provoked as always. Though he had gotten away he ended up in bad shape, taking on more than he could chew. She had approached him, looking like an angel with her long blonde hair and the white dress that fit to her slender form nicely. Most angelic was he smile though. It was the first time he could remember seeing such a genuine, kind smile directed his way. She didn't ask any questions, just offered her hand and help, and offer he couldn't refuse. Little did either of them know just what this meeting would bring in their all too close futures.

It didn't take long for Taito to get attached to this girl, even rely on her. He had even slowed down on his self injury. She accepted him as he was, sure that he some reason for whatever he did even if she couldn't understand it. They began spending what seemed like every waking moment together, and at some point something within Taito snapped. They never trully had anything but he would growl at any man that looked her way and he would send harsh glares to the women that were once her friends, then too scared to even wave. Soon after things went down hill.

The girl began to avoid him, changing her locks, nailing closed her windows, always trying to hide under common clothes that would make her hard to tell apart from the rest of the people in the city. All of this did little good though for in the dead of a wintery night Taito broke into her home, being all but stealthy as he hammered in her door until he could slip through. She was cornered in her upstairs bedroom just minutes later, tears streaming down her face as Taito confessed his undying love to her, begging her to look at him and love him above all things. She shouted whatever words she thought he wanted to hear and by the way he smiled she was sure she'd live to see another day. How wrong she was. Taito withdrew he beloved, aged icepick from his coat pocket, stabbing it repeatedly into the chest of his love. "With this, we'll always be together" is what he whispered before driving the icepcik into his own chest, right where his heart should be.

in hueco mundo:
It would be hard to imagine him as an emotionless character though it was once true. When he was just like any other hollow in hueco mundo he cared not for anyone or anything. He only did anything so he could stay alive. In time he became a vasto lorde and much like many others of his kind he accepted the power and deal all arrancar took on. Even still he seemed constantly stoic, something trully missing from within him. All of that changed when he met Arcelia though. Just like the girl from his human life, she captivated him, bringing back all those feelings he had gone without. He returned to his obsessive natures, maiming any that dare step too close to His Master and hurting himself when he could no longer take the numbness of healed wounds.

He wasn't Arcelia's only fraccion though which was clear. He hated that fact and once when it became to much he had a break down. He carved up a fellow fraccion, one levels weaker than himself. He felt it justified. Arcelia was his own most important person. That weakling shouldn't have even spoken to her, making her look away from him. He hasn't gone to such extreme measures since but even other fraccion of Arcelia's are wary of him, not knowing when he might snap again.


Name: Shito

Sealed form: in its sealed form nothing seems special about Shito, infact its appears to be in a bout as good of shape as its cut up master. The sharp edge of the metal blade is rough, like it has been over used and had begun to chip and crack. Its handle is made up of rusted black metal, bandages making up its grip though they have loosened and yellowed over time. The sheath is violet with shallow cuts in different places, some looking like scratch marks left by nails.

Resurrección: A in burst of violet flames his resurreccion is called forth with a simple phrase needing only be whispered. As the flames die out they leave a dark new form to be seen. Taito's hair has grown even darker, only a slight trace of the once purple color to be there amongst jet black. His mask now wraps fully around his head, layering over itself in some places like bandages. While one eye remains hidden the other glows a bright violet, violet flames seeming to pour from it when he puts out his power. Clothes that where once white have turned jet black, accompanied with black armor plates at his shoulders, arms and legs, his chest still completely bare and showing heavy scars. Aside from his eye the only trace of color that remains is the purple scarf wrapped around his neckChains are wrapped around different parts of his body, rattling whenever he makes even the smallest movement.

As weapons Taito now has too large swords, five feet in total length and made entire of steel. They are not shaped like the average sword, twisting in different directions like hooks used to implae rather than slice an enemy. Though the edges are still sharp enough to be feared, with enough strength able to remove a limb. From the deepest black they fade into a violet that matches his eye at the very tip.


Call out phrase: Shitto o Shucho

Ability: Manipulation of Steel

*Mage Hakai (bend and break)- Using his main ability he is able to change the shape of his swords. They can take on the form of whatever weapon Taito can come up with, even if that means he must mimic the style of his opponents own weapon. They can also take the form of a shield and/or extra armor for protection.

*Uchikudaku (Shatter) - Again with his swords, or whatever form they may have taken, Taito uses his power. Rather than taking on any shape, his weapons burst apart like grenades in all directions in small sharp shards, sending themselves off to dig themselves into whatever surface they can find, even the flesh of those living, except Taito's. The smaller fragments would hardly be trouble unless they hit the right areas, though bigger pieces ar those to worry about, sometimes being a foot or so in length and stabbing themselves deeply into a body.

*Chissoku Suru (strangle)- The chains that wrap around his body are not just for decoration. They are made up of the same black steel of his blades and he can control them just the same. Like snakes they unwrap from around his body, snapping out towards his enemies. They can be used to simply injure like whips but also to tightly bind. If used for binding they have a chance to break bone if left alone long enough, constantly tightening.

*Fukitobasu (blow away)- His swords again change their shape once more, joining together in a cylinder shaped cannon at his right arm. It amplifies the power of his ceros along with their speed and all around danger. At first it takes time to charge but once it has it takes no more time to fire off a nearly unlimitted number of deadly ceros or balas.

Role-play sample:
*Please Refer to this Profile*

Rank/level - ADP-0
Hankou - 10
Reiryoku - 9
Hakudo - 12
Seijuu - 10
Bukijuu - 10
Hoho - 9
Points awarded: --
Total points: 60

Theme song:
Master is Mine


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PostSubject: Re: Taito Shion    Taito Shion  EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 10:43 pm

~Approved for ADP-0 with 60 points.

Sorry I took so long, didn't know you were done. x.x

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God of Death

Title : The Bloody Cross
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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Taito Shion    Taito Shion  EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 10:59 pm

stats added~

and its fine o.o really it wasn't that long xD
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Taito Shion
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