Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)

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 Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)

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Character sheet

Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  Empty
PostSubject: Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)    Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  EmptyThu Jan 17, 2013 12:02 pm

Name: Rin Amaya

Nickname: N/A

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Weapon: A simple steel silver dagger that sits on her right thigh.

Personality: Rin is seen to others as a cold hearted, ruthless, self centered person. She often jumps head-first into fights without thinking. There is a softer side to her personality but she only shows it to her close friends. When her friends are in danger she will risk anything including her life to protect them.

Physical Appearance: Rin has long jet black hair that cascades down to her waist that is sometimes tied into two low pigtails that sit behind her shoulders. Her messy-cut bangs cover most of her gentle blue eye on the left and completely cover her black eye patch on her right eye. She has a slender but well-built body, with a slightly tan skin tone and above average chest size. She also sports a large scar on her back that starts from her right shoulder and goes down to her left hip and is about an two inches wide. Rin’s zanpakuto sits on her back tied into place by a red cloth like rope that goes across her chest. Clothing varies day to day but is most commonly seen wearing black shorts that are short but not too short, two red black belts that hang loosely on the left side of the shorts as black thigh high socks sit a few inches under the shorts. A red zipper sleeveless shirt that is worn under a white half jacket and black boot that sit just under her knee with red ribbon wrapped around both boots. A silver steel dagger is strapped to her right thigh just under her shorts but above her thigh high socks.

Bio: Silent screams were whistling through the great oak trees but could barely be heard as the red sky filled with violet lighting flashed and the clouds raged with thunder blocking out all noise that managed to escape through the wooden boards. Inside the home was a small sound of a child’s laughter, that was followed by the ringing sound of a steel blade hitting the floor. In the room where the blade had fallen was a small child, with blood stained hands and a grin that was filled with evil. A red liquid pooled around the small child’s feet and lead up towards a corner in the room that was covered by darkness. The girl moved her hands out to the side as she broke into a small dark laughter once again.

“Mama, Papa, look I finally did what you always wanted me to do.” The tone was an odd cheerful and loving tone but another side of it could clearly heard. The child wiped her small bloody covered hands on her white ruffle dress that was stained completely with a red substance. Moving to the side she started to walk towards the corner that was covered by darkness. With each step she took as small red foot print was left behind staining the wooden floors. Still wearing that darken grin, she stopped in front of the corner speaking in a small tone.

“Pain leads to hate and hate leads to murderous thoughts and those murderous thoughts lead to killing. This is the simple reason why you shouldn’t torture your children and experiment on them…… Mama, Papa, I hope you learned a lesson” The child’s grin darkened as a flash of violet lighting lighted up the room, revealing what was in the corner of the room for all of a split second. What laid in the corner was mangled parts belonging to what could have been a women and a man. Possibly being a man and women along with a child that looked slightly younger then the girl. Bending down the small girl picked up the body of the young boy, who was the only one left in one piece. Walking slowly towards the exit of the house, with each small pace she took small red swirls left from her feet and disappeared throughout the house. Strikes of lighting were the only thing lighting up the house as the child exited the house carrying her brother in her arms with her eyes gently closed, walking down the steps and on to the muddy ground. With a strike of light in the back she opened her eyes with a crazed expression across her blood stained face and at that very moment the wooden house suddenly exploded into bright orange flames with the faint image of a dragon before the flames changed motion and quickly engulfed the home.

The brightly colored flames flickered away as the small girl turned to face the burning building. Holding her brother close to her, her expression softens as her eyes glided down towards him. “I am sorry that I couldn’t keep my promise but they ruined everything for us…..” She spoke in a caring tone as she laid his body down, her eyes not moving from him once. Water started to pool up in her dark crimson eyes that soon ran down her small cheeks as her brother started to fade away into small yellow lights. Please don’t go” The girl chocked on her words as she picked up his body holding it close. That’s when she heard words being whispered through the air that could only be heard by her ears. “Don’t worry; I will always be by your side protecting you, like when you were protecting me all of this time…. Rin” Those words made her body got stiff as a small glow of light went over to her left eye and looked like it went inside it changing the color to a very gentle blue. More tears ran down as the body that once belonged to her brother completely disappeared into yellow lights that faded away from the night. Rin’s whole heart felt like it shattered into millions of pieces as she let out a loud scream, the rain pleating down on her face and mixing in with her tears……

Many years later the small dark haired child grew up into a young teenager entering the Shinigami Academy only to graduate a few years later. She was originally was placed in squad 6 but was moved to squad 11 due to her immense strength and battle knowledge. She was getting along great with everyone and always had others back. In reality she was just hiding the pain that sat in her shattered heart. It was two years later where Rin finally got the chance to lead a group on a mission but it was also the time when everything was going to go downhill for this lonely soul.

It was early morning when the group set out on the mission. The mission itself was easy enough to be accomplished by the small group she had. All they had to do was to drive away a gang of souls who were tormenting travellers coming through the forest. It only took the group 3 days to reach their destination and it only took them a half hour to deal with the gang which was faster than excepted.
“We shall camp here for the night and then head back at first light” Rin commanded to the group. No one would argue with this since they were pretty much tired out themselves. As quick as they set up camp, darkness had laid over the forest scenery. Most of the group was ether drinking and being ram bunches or bothering Rin to let them stay later, which wasn’t working at all. It wasn’t long till the sky opened up and rain began to fall down around the group which raised quite a few complaints. “And you guys call your selves men” Rin said with a slight smirk that quickly faded once they heard a rustling sound coming from the bushes that were a few feet away. Everyone quickly got to their feet about to draw out your weapons when two children walked out wearing black cloaks, which was hiding their faces from view.

Rin approached the children and bent down to their view “Is something wrong children. Do you happen to be lost?” She spoke in a caring tone as small whimpers could be heard from the short one which she assumed was the youngest. After not getting an answer and everyone putting their guard down since they looked like harmless , Rin placed her hand on the taller ones shoulder as she spoke in a soft tone once more “Are you okay? Where are your mother and father?” She asked in a curious tone. The taller suddenly the taller one had a dark and twisted grin on their face as they suddenly shouted out “I killed my mama and papa” laughter came from the child as the cloaks disappeared into dust revealing a sight that made Rin stiffen for a moment unable to act. Standing before her was a younger version of Rin and her brother; they sight of it made her heart stop till she heard cries from her group behind her. Chains were flying out of the ground attacking the men and some bursting into flames.

“This can’t be happening” Rin said as she quickly got to her senses and went to defend her men. The scene alone was making her senses run wild causing her unable to focus on the scene. Defending herself from the wild chains that were attacking everything in sight she had managed to get to the only other person who was left from the group. That person was someone she had held close to her and cared deeply for. He was a friend she had made when she first entered Shinigami Academy and had stuck together all the way till this very point. “Rin! What’s going on here?” her friend asked her as she kept blocking the chains with her zanpakuto, never giving them a chance to get close to her or her friend. “It’s those kids we have to get out of here for the time being.” Rin said as the chains speed seem to increase in speed and strength. Trying to think of a plan the best she could but nothing came to her as her eyes went back to the children.

“Die, Die, Die” The younger girl said as the boy just stood next to her not doing a thing. “Kill them, let their blood be spread upon the blade which you hold in grasp” A voice said in a sweet medley in Rin’s head. The voice made her eyes go wide as she grabbed her head “Shut up” She shouted in rage as her friend looked over to her wondering what was wrong with his comrade. “Rin, are you alright?” he spoke between each block he made. Getting a grasp back on the matter at hand she shook her head a bit and regained her stance and started to fight back against the chains. All Rin had to do was look at her friend and he knew exactly what she was going to do. “I’ll have you back like always” he said with a smirk at Rin as she gave him a small smile back before turning her attention to the children. “Your illusions wont foul me any further” Rin shouted as she swung her sword forward, pointing it towards the children

“Awe that’s too bad” The children said in unison as they suddenly turned into a larger hollow, that in similar appearance to a grand fisher. “This makes it so much easier” Rin said in a low voice turning her blade as she pushed off the ground and lunged towards the hollow without a second thought. Flames were already shooting up from the blade and up around her shoulder blazing with furry and rage. As she got close enough Rin pushed off the ground and flipped herself into the air, lifting her blade into the air. “KURA-EN” She shouted in a loud voice swinging the blade down towards the grand fisher. Following the swing was a massive sized wave of bright orange flames but she did not stop there as she twirled herself around and lunged down towards the hollow. The flame collided with the hollow, giving it a massive amount of damage but finished it of was the immense strength behind the strike she swung down at the hollow cutting it in half.
“Hmph. Too easy.” She said as she turned around facing her friend only to have his blood splashed upon her face. Her eyes went wide as they saw her friend with a thick silver chain through his stomach. The flames disappeared from her arm as she let her blade crash to the ground, startled by this scene. “No this can’t be happening, not today” Rin said chocking on her words ass the chain disappeared and he started to fall forward. Catching him before he hit the ground she sat down on the ground placing his head in her lap. Rin moved her hand up to start healing him even though it probably wouldn’t save his live. He put his hand up stopping her from doing so. “Don’t waste your strength, Rin” he said as he gazed held onto Rin. She was about to argue but couldn’t bring herself to do so. Tearing started to pool up in her eyes, something that hasn’t happen since the incident all those years ago. “I told you I would always have you back, so don’t start crying now.” He said with a smile, a smile which Rin couldn’t help but smile back. “Now that’s the Rin I know” He said with a small chuckle as he started to fade away. Seeing those lights once again caused bad memoires to flood back into her mind but she somehow managed to push them aside. “I’ve always wanted to tell you that I……” before he could finish what he was saying he had completely turned into small yellow lights that disappeared, leaving behind a silver chain with a flame charm on it.

“It’s my fault” She said in a low voice as she picked up her blade as the falling rain continued to pelt down on the ground. The blood stains on the ground marked where each member had just been killed. It wasn’t so long ago that everyone was getting along drinking and having fun. She grabbed the necklace and placed around her neck as she got onto her feet. “It’s my entire fault this happened to everyone” She spoke to herself as flames started to dance along her blade and up around her arm acting in a strange way. Red reiatsu started to collect around her, swirling around her body as she walked to the center area where everyone once was.” I killed everyone!” Rin shouted in a loud voice before a sudden explosion of flames enveloped a very large portion of the forest, destroying everything in its path. With the rain coming down as hard as it was it didn’t take long for the most part of the flames to be put out. The spot where Rin was once standing had only a pool of her blood with no trace of her…

As time went by the Soul Society came to the conclusion that there was no survivors to be found and the whole group was wiped out by the grand fisher, there was some rumors that sightings of Rin had been seen here and there but never confirmed and as soon as that happen it was all forgotten like it should have been.

“Miss, Miss are you alright” a voice called down to the black haired girl. “Dam, it happened again” The girl spoke in her head. “Help! We need a doctor.” the voice shouted once again. A groan escaped from Rin’s mouth as the voice was giving her a headache “Shut up already” She said once more in her head. Bringing a hand up to her forehead Rin sighed as she realized she had created a scene once again and had to leave before the ambulance came. Sitting up a bit too quickly she felt a dizzy spell for a moment which must of caught the persons attention. “Miss, helps on its way please stay here till they arrive.” The voice that raged on belonged to what looked like a mother since there was a child next to her. Rin’s hand slide down her face to the corner of her mouth was a red substance had run down. Sighing once more Rin got up on to her feet and started to walk away. The woman was about to say something but Rin spoke before she got the chance too “I don’t need your help or anyone else’s” She stated rather coldly to the women. Her tone of voice even frightened the child to hide behind its mother. With that said Rin slide her hands in to her jean pockets and walked away without another word. When help had arrived the woman pointed in the direction that Rin was in but noticed in that short time that the black haired girl she found lying on the ground had already vanished from sight.

It was a few weeks after, that Rin started to notice that the illness she had acquired after that incident all those years ago, made frequent appearances when she pushed herself beyond her psychical limits. Not shortly after that she came into contact with another soul reaper by the name Ichigo kurosaki. For a long time she acted cold towards him but slowly started to act nicer to him. Her reason why is still unknown to her maybe it was because he reminded her so much of her friend. In present time she keeps a wall up around her past not having mentioned it to anyone and probably never will but there has been times were images appear before her causing her to do things unknowingly. There also has been times where Rin has suddenly gone berserk in a middle of a fight for no reason and not only puts herself in danger but her fellow comrades as well since she acts on a side of her own. But even that aside she has become somewhat protective over Ichigo and his friends, to the point that she may even put her life on the line for them.


Name: Kuroku Tsuki

Zanpakuto spirit: Kuroku Tsuki goes by Kuroku when Rin talks to him in her inner world. He has two forms which change depending on the situation. The first form is a human like from; he has short messy black hair with long spiky cut bangs that cover his dark red irises, standing slightly taller than Rin and weighing 140 lbs with a well-built body. In his human form he wears a full body black armor with red trim, the metal gloves are engulfed with black flames; he also has small white fangs can be seen at times.

His second form is a large black flaming dragon that stands fifteen feet tall. He has a wing span of ten feet and his dark red eyes become a lighter red with an odd green tint in them.

Sealed form: Including the hilt the large black double edge blade is around 5 feet long and 7 inches wide. There is no guard on the blade and the hilt is covered with red and black cloth, which hangs off the end by a few inches.


Call out phrase: Call of the setting sun: Awaken, Kuroku Tsuki.

Shikai Description: The weapon doesn’t not change much in appearance. One noticeable feature is the black flames that begin to swirl along the blade and go all the way up her left arm, stopping at her shoulder. The flames around her arm act like a armor guard to protect her from anyone who tries damage her arm.

Ability: Kuroku Tsuki has a simple yet powerful ability; it allows the wielder to manipulate their own reiryoku in the form of intense black flames.


Kura-en: A large wave of black fire shoots from the blade of Kuroku Tsuki. The size depends on if it was a full swing and if she said the name.

Shinsetsuna Kage: A large circular barrier appears around her and protects her from damage. The barrier can also protect others and heal minor wounds. When healing others it will not let them out until Rin removes the barrier.

Shin no Kosen: Flames crawl down the blade forming a small ball of flames at the tip of the blade. Once it has reached the height of its charge, it will release a massive beam that is 2 meters wide and reaches up to 2 km.

Funka: A powerful explosion that Rin will only use if she has no other choice. She collects all her spirit energy and release’s it forming a massive explosion reaching 55 meters in size. If near Rin at the time it will do heavy damage. Rin also receives a fair amount of damage from using this attack.


Bankai name: Kuroku tsuki no en'netsu jigoku

Bankai description: Rin’s gentle blue eye urns to a flaming red as her shinagami clothes burn away and are replaced with black flaming armor that only covers her chest, shoulders, hands and from her lower stomach down to mid-thigh. Her zanpakuto disappears and it infuses with her armor gloves and armor boots that go up to her knees, and large black and red feathered wings sprout out from her back.

Any abilities/techniques:

Oki hono: (greater flame) similar to her shikai attack but is stronger and will follow the enemy

Mikadzuki: (crescent moon) Rin fly’s up into the air and her wings wrap around herself as black cresent moon that looks like it’s on fire appears behind her and when she opens her wings a large ball of black fire goes shooting down at the opponent doing serious damage on contact.

Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: Nir

Personality: Nir speaks in a way that directly affects Rin and makes her depressed and vulnerable, which is why Nir has little problem taking her body over. She seems like the bully type, as she always seeks out what Rin's weakness is when they confront each other. Although, at the same time she does this, she is not only trying to be cruel, but in a way trying to make her stronger so she won’t succumb to her enemies

Appearance: Nir looks pretty much the same as Rin but instead of long jet black hair she has snow white hair. She does not have an eye patch like Rin does and both of her eyes are raven black color. The same type of blade Rin has is holstered on her waist instead of her back.

Hollow mask: A simple white mask that covers her whole face, with black flame markings on the left side. Her eyes go raven black with a green ring in the middle.

Role-play Sample:

Thunder rumbled through the small home as streaks of lighting flashed through the windows. All the while, the echoing sound of a liquid splashing on to the floor could be heard through the halls. Tears were streaming down a young girl’s face as soundless words flowed out of her mouth. Standing across from her was a man holding a young boy close to him. A flash of lighting streaked past the window lighting up the room, revealing a crazed man’s expression as he held a knife close to the petrified boy's throat.

The man's mouth began to move but the sound of thunder blocked out the words from the girl's ears. Taking small steps forward she suddenly rushed towards the man and threw herself against him which resulted in her being pushed onto the ground. That movement had loosened the man’s grip on the young boy, who rushed towards the girl. But just as he was a mere inches from her, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Small red eyes went wide as the young boy fell towards the ground and standing behind him was the man, who was laughing hysterically and holding the now blood stained knife in his hand. “Brother!!” The young girl screamed before everything went black.

Whack! Was the sound that could be heard throughout the small bedroom as a girl suddenly sat up, hitting her head on the table. Some cruse words could be heard under her breath as she brushed aside her long black bangs that were hiding her odd colored eyes, as she lightly rubbed her forehead. “Why does it have to be that dream again?” She questioned herself quietly. Letting her bangs cover her eyes again, she got up onto her feet and stared at her bed wondering how she managed to get from there to the table, which was on the other side of the room. Taking a few small strides, she was now standing in front of the mirror that was stuck on the closet door. Looking at the reflection, she sighed as she noticed her hair was a mess and at some point she had taken off the most part of her clothes before she had fallen asleep.

Yawning lightly she did a small stretch before suddenly stopping. Her eyes went wide as the reflection in the mirror was no longer hers but that of a young boy and another boy around her age. This sight caused her to take a step forward, but before she knew it the image changed and it was still the boys but in a bloody mess. Not thinking, she clenched her fist and slammed it into the mirror, letting the sound ring throughout the whole building. Shards of glass dropped onto the floor as blood slowly ran down her hand and onto the shards of glass on the ground.

“Rin, you better not of broken that mirror again!” A female voice boomed from somewhere inside the house. Hearing the voice made Rin jump and come out of the small trance she had fallen into. “Damn it!” Speaking quietly as she started to run around the room looking for glue to help her put the mirror back together again. The small clicking sound of her door open caused her to stop as a male’s voice could be heard, “What are you doing, Rin?” He asked as he opened the door more. A small blush went across her checks as she was only wearing undergarments. Acting quickly, she jumped slightly into the air as she kicked the guy out of her room and slammed the door behind her, “Have you ever heard of knocking before entering?” Rin shouted from behind the door. The male rubbed his face where she had kicked him and wondered what had gotten into her. “I was only worried that something bad had happened to you!” He shouted back before going down the hall and disappearing into his own room. Another sigh came from Rin, as she felt a bit of guilt for kicking him in the face, but she had to do what she had to do.

Already forgetting about the mirror, Rin slid on a pair of black shorts, but as she grabbed her white dress shirt she noticed the blood was now on her shirt. “Crap.” She tossed the shirt aside and grabbed the first aid kit she had sitting beside her bed. Quickly fixing up her hand she put on another white dress shirt, which she only buttoned up to the top of her chest. Pinning her bangs slightly to the side and tying her hair up into a messy bun, Rin placed a black eye patch over her red eye. Spinning around on her heels she glanced towards the door remembering she had to do something with the mirror. “Well, I guess I'll just have to hide it for now and when I get the chance buy a new one to replace it.” Speaking to herself, she started to pick up the few shards of glass that had fallen and tossed them into the closet. Not soon after, she gently placed the mirror in the closet.

“Now that is taken care of….” Her blue eye glanced towards the calendar that was beside her door. “Well since it's the weekend and it doesn't seem like any hollows are going to come flying through the town any time soon, I could go see what they’re up too.” Throwing on a pair of black and red sneakers, Rin grabbed red zipper hoodie and went out her bedroom door. “Sorry for earlier!” Rin shouted as she dashed down the stairs and out the front door, disappearing into the streets of the busy town.

Rank/level - ADV-3
Hankou - 12 +1
Reiryoku - 11 +1
Hakudo - 11
Seijuu - 10
Bukijuu - 11
Hoho - 10 +1
Points awarded: 0
Total points: 65

Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  13497910

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Character sheet

Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)    Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  EmptyThu Jan 17, 2013 12:04 pm

Approved for ADV-3 with 65 points. Once these points are applied to stats, this will be moved to approved.

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Title : The Infamous Hash, Unlimited Potential, Black Ice
Posts : 4463
Soul Cash : 4359
Female Age : 25
Location : Barrie, Ontario

Character sheet

Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)    Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  EmptyThu Jan 17, 2013 1:20 pm

Moving this to accepted~

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Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)    Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)  Empty

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Rin Amaya [Visored] (Finished)
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