Terrantos Fon (Shinigami) (WIP)

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 Terrantos Fon (Shinigami) (WIP)

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Title : Emperor of Darkness
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PostSubject: Terrantos Fon (Shinigami) (WIP)   Terrantos Fon  (Shinigami) (WIP) EmptySat Aug 18, 2012 12:46 am

Name: Terrantos Fon

Nickname: Terry (by Soifon), Emperor of Darkness, Lord of Shadow, The Emperor (By His Zanpakuto and enemies who know his reputation)

Age: 218 to 220, Looks between 18 to 20

Gender: Male

Squad: 3

Rank: Lieutenant

Weapon(s): Poison Darts hidden within the jewel in his gauntlets and when he holds onto any of his gauntlets the dart is shot poisoning the foe, the poison is fatal and if He is not defeated (Terrantos) within 4 Hours than the foe will die.

Personality: Terrantos is quieter than most Shinigami giving him off the Mysterious vibe. He rarely ever speaks. He is always Serious, never giving his thoughts to anyone about his opinion as he does not think it matters. But when he does Speak he is shown to be Quite Cold and even at Points Sadistic and Cruel even despite how much his fellow Squad Members look up to him. He is seen to have Respect for only those who are either close to him or earned his respect through thier fighting ability. He regards Shinigami such as Hanataro as a Disgrace to the Gotei 13. He is also Ruthless, Vicious, and Antagonistic in Battle. He can also be shown to be Blood-Thirsty at times but he hates being compared to Kenpachi Zaraki or anyone in Squad 11. He also shown to be staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in his beliefs. he is a hard worker and takes a strong moral stance — he particularly believes in following orders. he is generally reserved and truly not arrogant in any manner unlike Omaeda, though he is not above mocking/joking around with his opponents or smirking while in combat. he will not hesitate in the slightest to strike down even his subordinates if they stand in his way. he chooses to ignore all his subordinates, believing that personal struggle builds character, this most likely because he grew up with Soifon. Despite his His Cold-Hearted Personality he does have a Soft Spot for only one person: Soifon.

Due to his past in Squad 2 he developed feelings for her so much he loves her and would protect her with his life. She is the only one that can cause him to ever smile, and show his more softer side. As he shown around her to be Kind, Sweet, Caring for her, Romantic, Considerate for her health, and would take care of any of her wounds himself. He has often even gotten her plushies of either cat or a Bat just to see her smile. He has also Kissed her on the forehead to when he has to return to his duties. He never shows this side of him in public just like Soifon never shows her softer side in public around him. He seems to pride to lose his reputation despite being the Husband of Soifon.

When he was Younger he seemed less Cold and more shy and a Show-Off. As during his Mission with Yoruichi and Soifon, he couldn't say a word to her because of how shy he was because he liked her but when they fought hollows he showed to be more of a show-off to impress her he used his Zanpakuto to wiped out half of the hollows they fought earning her attention and eventually her affections.

Physical Appearance:

Bio: Born into a High Noble family. Terrantos had almost had everything: Money, Servants, Power of Status over lesser nobles, Knowledge with books, and many more. but he was not interested in most of the things he had in his family. He viewed the heads of his family Arrogant, pathethic, and worthless mostly do to how fat they were and how they thought only people who are fat had power in the world. Terrantos just kept his distance from the fools and studied things in private mostly soul reaper history and about the Squads. Tho when his suposed father found out he was the only one in the Family who had any spiritual pressure at all he wanted Terrantos to be like everyone else in the family, appearance wise.

Terrantos of course refused and the next day Squad 2 Came and assassinated everyone in the Noble Family besides Terrantos, One of the members told Terrantos they appreciate his information in telling them how corrupt this noble family became other than Terrantos. The Captain of Squad 2 at the Time, Yoruichi came in and told Terrantos to join Squad 2 after he graduated from the soul reaper academy which he agreed too. Yoruichi and her squad than left and returened to the seireitei but before they did, Terrantos saw a young girl around his age with black hair and grey eyes and she looked at him as he did to her and both blushed at the sight of the other. She told him her name was Soifon and she hoped to see him again real soon, she than left and ran after her captain. Terrantos quiet smiled.

Terrantos left on the day the soul reaper academy opened and attened the opening ceremony and he was put in the advance class out of all his class he was the Most Intelligent and Skilled. He could used Shakkaho without an Incanation, he always got every answer right on his exams, and his was quite skilled with a sword as he easily defeated his sparring partner in one of his classes with just one blow. His Teachers noted how intelligent he was and he passed everything with flying colors and within 2 years he graduated from the Soul Reaper Academy. Upon his graduation he joined Squad 2 and trained in assassination with the girl he fell for 2 years ago, who still had feelings for him. Both eventually became Bodyguards of thier Captain, Yoruichi.

Terrantos and Soifon 10 years later became a Couple and became elite Bodyguards of Yoruichi. Terrantos usually handled tasks that Soifon could not be bothered with such as finding out more details on what Kisuke Urahara does, elminating rogue Soul Reapers, and any other minor matters. Terrantos reported to Yoruichi on what he found out on the missing soul reapers after Kisuke became Captain of Squad 12 and told her that only thier clothes were left behind and he believed someone was performing illegal experiments on them. Terrantos than mentioned someone could be conducting "Hollowfication" Research, Yoruichi in suprise askes her Bodyguard how does he know that term, Terrantos tells her in was in one of his former noble family's books tho Terrantos said he never understood it. Yoruichi pleased to know he didn't know how to do it let it go.

Weeks later after Yoruichi helped Kisuked escaped his sentence, Soifon and Terrantos found her gone both felt betrayed and became bitter and hateful towards thier old captain and swore to become stronger.

Many Many years later in the present Soifon became the captain of Squad 2 and her Boyfriend, Terrantos was now the lieutenant of Squad 3 he still wore the punishment force uniform but Soifon allowed it because of her relationship with him so he was the only Squad 3 member with a punishment force uniform.

Inner world appearance: Terrantos Innerworld is Filled with Mist and platforms in the Red colored waters and the sky is completly Black and has a Red Moon in the sky


Name: Obscura-Korekuta

Zanpakutō spirit: Obscura-Korekuta is cloaked in a black Shinigami robe similar to a Grim Reaper and he has three Golden rings on three of his right hand's fingers and 5 silver ones and on his left hand he has skull tatoos on the top of his hands. Mist is always surrounding him and he has crimson eyes and a Skull Necklace and the Number 23 on his Chest (Representing Squad 2 and 3 according to him). But despite resembling a reaper he has felsh and blood and his skin is just as pale as Terrantos's but he has a constant evil smile and Silver Colored Eyes and Silver long hair and he has a Crow tatoo on his neck (another symbol of death)

Obscura-Korekuta is quite different than Terrantos in some ways. They are both Cold but that is where thier similarities end. He is Highly Arrogant, Psychotic, Enjoys Killing those weaker than him or stronger, Enjoys Death & Destruction, Hates Terrantos being Soft (most likely he hates Soifon also). Merciless, Toys with his foes, Manipulative, Enjoys using the Darkness to kill his victims or foes. and explains his methods or goals to his foes. (Such as when he fought his master when he was trying to get his bankai). Despite Obscura-Korekuta's Hatred, arrogance, cruelty, Dark Humor, and etc. He does want to protect his Master at any costs and sometimes he is willing to protect the women he loves. But he hesitates in doing so at times.

Sealed form: Obscura-Korekuta's Sealed form Resembles Suzumebachi's sealed form it resembles a wakizashi with a yellow hilt reminiscent of a Chinese dao. It is kept sheathed on Terrantos left side.


Call out phrase: Darkness Engulf the Heavens, Shadows destroy Hell, and rise from the depths of Oblivion to strike down your Enemies

Ability: Manipulation of Darkness


Shinigami dākukurō (God of Death Claw):

Shadō hassha (Shadow Projectiles):

Kyōki no ankoku kyō (Dark Lord of Madness):

Akumu no omo (Lord of Nightmares)

Akuma no ikari (Devil's Wrath):


Bankai name: Obscura-Korekuta: Mugen no Yami

Bankai description:

Ability: Enhances his Manipulation of Darkness abilities


Jigoku no kurai kami (Dark God of Hell):

Dākuoburibion (Dark Oblivion):

Yami no mae ni Bō (Bow Before Darkness):

Kage no omo (Shadow Lord):

Kuronosu no shadōkurō (Shadow Claw of Kronos):

Dākubaria (Dark Barrier):

Role-play sample: In the middle of a dark forest, really dark because it was night, One warrior, a tall pale skinned man with crimson colored, glowing eyes and gauntlets upon his hands with a similar hairstyle to Aizen’s was fighting an enemy of considerable strength with his Zanpakuto Obscura-Korekuta released in its 3 bladed death scythe form, the battle had been carrying on for what felt like hours and so far no one showed signs of defeat just yet.

Terrantos was the soul reaper’s name, right now he was fighting against one of the many Reigai created by Oko Yushima that were the Soul Society's current threat, though this was the Reigai of Byakuya Kuchiki, not quite someone you would underestimate. Currently he was just swinging his scythe in a circle while looking slightly-bored, apparently the Kuchiki copy was not an adequate opponent, or least he didn't think so anyway, but suddenly he was attacked by the Reigai when it said “Sokatsui!”. Obviously summoning a kido to throw at the other man, the blue flames came straight at Terrantos but he said “Futile” he then summoned Shadow Orbs at the Sokatsui from his Scythe-Zanpakuto which upon impact exploded. Reigai Byakuya said in anger “Scum”.

Terrantos than created Shadow Shuriken projectiles, about a dozen or more, all of standard size and some larger than others, and sent them flying at the Reigai causing minor damage to the other male, in response Reigai Byakuya said “Scum you shall die like scum”, he sounded like the real Byakuya, though it seemed as though he had more of a temper than his original & had more of a foul mouth. Reigai Byakuya removed his restriction brace and said “Sokatsui” the blue flames damage Terrantos majorly causing blood to flow down his chest from where he took the impact, the blood dropping around his feet.

Terrantos than said in a very sinister sounding voice with a matching look on his face “No choice but to use that.” The Reigai in confusion says “That?” the copy questioned, wondering what trick Terrantos would attempt to pull from his sleeve now. Terrantos lifts his scythe up into the air and says to the Reigai “In truth I'd rather not use this. As it only knows how to destroy but it will never harm one person, but regardless it gave itself the nickname The Shadow Destroyer…BANKAI!!!!” He explained in a somewhat dispassionate tone than when he first opened his mouth, as soon as the word "Bankai" left his mouth, his reiatsu spiked.

Terrantos’s Zanpakuto vanished while turning into Darkness, the darkness started engulfing Terrantos and when it finished than released him from it's grip, Terrantos had emerge wearing a set of demon gauntlets on his arms, different than his usual silver gauntlets. Reigai Byakuya said “That is your Bankai? It doesn’t look threatening to me scum”. Scoffing his words somewhat, he didn't feel threatened at all by the seemingly meager bankai. Terrantos said nothing as the darkness almost engulfed the Reigai from the side. Reigai Byakuya dodged it just barely avoiding being hit by it.

Reigai Byakuya said “What the Hell?!” Terrantos said to him while having his right hand on his empty sheath “Sorry but that is how Obscura-Korekuta operates. It fears no one, spares no one, sympathies with no one, and above all else kills all enemies. You see he hates teleportation abilities so that’s why he lacks shadow teleportation. He relies mostly on destructive force and stealth if used properly. You see this is Mugen no Yami, he prefers to engulf everything in his path especially those who threaten me or Soifon. Sorry but goodbye.” Terrantos waves his hand and the darkness rushes towards the Reigai but the Reigai says “Danku!” The Darkness clashed with the Kido but in Reigai Byakuya’s arrogance he says “You fool you are nothing but scum you are inferior to me! You will die with the last thoughts of that foolish woman! Hahaha”

The Darkness than starts to crack Danku, Reigai Byakuya in Shock says “WHAT?!” Terrantos than said “Arrogance is your death Reigai” in a cocky tone, sure of his victory now. The Darkness than engulfs the Danku and consumes the Reigai until he is nothing but a mere mod soul pill, killing him upon contact with the darkness, seemingly just crushing the Reigai until he vanished and left behind what he truly was. Terrantos than calls back his Bankai into its sealed form and sheaths his Zanpakuto, with a sigh of something like relief, now that the battle was over. Terrantos said to himself “Only three have ever beaten this Bankai Reigai…Soifon, Aizen, and Urahara”.
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Terrantos Fon (Shinigami) (WIP)
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