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Character sheet

PostSubject: Rook   Sun Jan 20, 2013 5:48 pm

Name: Rook

Nickname: The Sleeping Dog

Age: 81 (appears 19)

Gender: Male

Rank: Undefined

Weapon(s): A Two-Pronged claw attached to the back of his left hand. The blades start in the middle of his hand, and extend past his knuckles an extra 8 inches. The blades are sterling silver, and the band holding them connected to his hand is a crimson color.

Personality: Rook is an easy going man, not really caring for much. He is chronically tarty, but he really just doesn't care. Time is something that is signification to him, referring to take his time and enjoy whatever time he has. Of course, this tends to annoy very many people, and doesn't really make him a good, well, anything. He's simply there, doing whatever he wants to do.

Beyond just the typical lazy person, Rook is also loyal. He will follow someone to the end of the world if he trusted and cared for them enough. Of course, this person just happens to be Ruko Yokune. He rarely leaves his side, and will only leave it because Ruko wants him to. Usually this ends up with Rook just sleeping while the other is away, waiting like a dog for his master to come home. Of course, because of Ruko's romantic nature, this happens pretty much every time he finds a new love. Just like Ruko always returns for Rook once his feelings have faded, usually with a few spots of dried blood, and apologies.

Besides his complex nature, he's fairly simple. He enjoys the smaller things, like a treat, being petted, and especially stomach rubs. Anyone who does any of these are quickly moved up on his list, and he instantly likes and will help the person. At least if his master will allow him to,

Physical Appearance: Rook is unusual looking for his land of Japan, standing naturally at 6'6", with red eyes. pale skin, and brown hair with a red streak in the front. He is also a very fit person, having little body fat on his person. Of course this gained him a lot of looks over his years of living.

Red is clearly Rook's favorite color, wearing a jacket and belt the same color of his eyes. Aside from this, he wears a tight fitting cut black shirt, revealing his entire stomach, and grey pants. Along with the one accessory he will never go without, a crimson dog collar around his neck.


Bio: Human Life - Rook never lived in a good household. He lived right in the ghetto. His family was poor, his friends were poor, he neighbors were pore, it seemed everyone was poor. Hell, everyone WAS poor. Everyone was poor, and everyone had problems. Rook was no exception. His family wasn't very healthy. His father drank a lot, couldn't keep a job, and abused everyone in the house. His mother was never home, bringing home strange men whenever father was out of town, never hugged any of the kids. Not only this, he lived in the same room as two other people, where the twin sized bed took up half of the room. He was the youngest too, always the one sleeping on the floor or getting beaten up. The runt of the litter, as it were.

It wasn't a shock that all he ever wanted to do was sleep, getting little to none at night as he slept on the floor, or when his parents were being loud again. Everything was chaotic, and everyone just did whatever they wanted while having no concern or love for anyone else living in the house. It was always about themselves, and no one else really gave a shit. Well, besides Rook. He always wanted to help out his family if he could. It wasn't a surprise he got taken advantage by everyone in his house. Even less of a surprise when people at school would take advantage of him, asking him to do their work or if they could have his lunch.

Rook continued like this for awhile, using all of his time and energy for other people. That's why his world crumbled when his dad came home drunk with a shotgun. He should have been out of town, so Rook's mother was in their bedroom with another strange guy, and it seemed like his father knew. He heard the first shot right after people shouting and yelling. Then another. A few seconds passed, and then he heard the bedroom door open. His father stumbled in, blood stained on his shirt as the barrel of the gun still released smoke. The eldest brother, who was scrawny, immediately got up, yelling at the dad. He then charged the man, pulling back his weak fist. His dad wasn't amused, and dropped him with a hit in the head with the butt of the shotgun, the third shot firing. He reloaded the gun, telling Rook and the middle child to come out of the bed. They both obeyed, going to stand against the wall. The sound of sirens could be heard, they were only a few minutes away. His father told them both goodbye, shooting the forth child in the head, then looked at Rook. "You've always been a good son. Always helped and never did anything wrong. I'm sorry my boy." His father said, as he moved towards his son. He put the shotgun in Rook's hands, and pointed it at himself, right in the heart. He forced Rook to pull the trigger, blowing his heart out just as the cops walked in. The scene was that of a teenager, age 14, shooting his dad. The cops rushed him, as Rook stood paralyzed in fear. They took him to jail.

A month passed, and it was time for his court. Of course they found Rook guilty, there were no other witnesses and it was easier than looking for anything else. Luckily, the still noted he wasn't of age. So, he was tried as a child, making him go to a maximum security juvenile detention faculty. It was rough for Rook, as he got abused by everyone in that place. They all knew he was a push over, and that he didn't really belong there. They all knew, and they all took advantage of him.

There was only one person who didn't take advantage of him. At least, not in the same sense as everyone else. His name was Ruko Yokune. Rook admired him from afar, watching everyone steer clear of him, just because he was slightly different. Though, that difference didn't matter much to Rook. He really didn't care, it was someone new and someone no one else liked. That was when he finally talked to Ruko, them instantly hitting it off and becoming the best of friends.

At the start of their friendship, there was nothing more they both wanted than freedom. Both of them absolutely hated it at the facility. And, they both turned 19..and no hope to get out ever came. At least, no hope in getting out and getting free. Rook figured it would be easier to bust out of this place, than an actual prison. That was when Ruko came up the most brilliant plan Rook had ever heard.

At least, Rook hoped it was as brilliant as he thought it was. He didn't really care as long as he kept Ruko. At this point, Rook had fallen so deep into Ruko. He didn't really care, as long as he had Ruko by his side. All he wanted was for Ruko to be happy and free, and he would stick by Ruko until he was told to leave. That was when they tried to execute the plan. Their last night together.

Everything was going perfectly. They were able to open up the window if they got to it, they were able to leave their rooms without a trace. And they had extra clothes to change into once they got out. They were home free if they could make it to that window to get out. But of course there would be something that went wrong. It was going too good for Rook lately, and he was usually bad luck. The guards caught Ruko and Rook when they could see the window, they could see their freedom and could even taste the outside air. That's when Ruko got a barrage of bullets through him while Rook watched. That was when Rook snapped, seeing his only true friend and the person he loved die in front of him, killed by the bastards that kept them imprisoned. He charged at the men, but a single shot connected to his skull, dropping him mid charge. He was able to move his eyes slightly, looking over at Ruko. Ruko was the last thing he saw, and the last thing he ever though about.

afterlife - Rook was in limbo for awhile, no one really sure on where he belonged. After a few years, Rook was finally sent to hell, being dropped into the lowest part of hell. There, he was forced to fight for people. Everyone used him as a shield and a weapon, being a large man. After years of this, Rook finally snapped, unable to deal with everyone anymore. He wiped out dozens of people, the people that didn't grow at all while Rook fought every day.

He broke free from the people that used him, and climbed up in Hell. That was when he stumbled upon Roku, of all people. His best friend and love of his life, here in hell with him. Of course, this made him extremely happy. He knew that this meant they were meant to be, and he would follow Ruko to the end of the earth. That's when the gates of hell opened, he followed Ruko through, not leaving him again. This time, they both made it through.

Ability: Able to store, stimulate, and release protons inside of his body. (Lasers, pretty much)


Rēzā hifu: A thin layer of stimulated protons develop under Rook's skin, acting as another defensive layer between his skin and muscles. If there is a wound that clears the skin but not the Rēzā hifu, Rook gains the ability to shoot the protons out of the open wound as a projectile. This causes the layer to be removed from that general area (Legs, arms, Torso, Head) for a post. This layer is very hard to penetrate, but once shattered it requires a large amount of energy to repair.

Kōshūha Light is stimulated enough to cause to become more or less a Newtonian fluid, allowing it to flow and morph on the top of his body, then harden into a flexible solid state. Once hardened, the laser becomes as hard as steel, and emits radiation in a small area around it, increasing offensive capabilities. Rook can control it's frequency, causing the two properties (defensive and offensive) to change with correlation. This can be extended beyond is body for an extra foot, even being able to coat an ally in it if the distance permits.

Tei hindo Light is charged within Rook for a various periods of time. Once deemed charged and stimulated enough, Rook will fire a laser beam from his body. However, it must be from the hands, feet (including claws), or chest. The laser will travel in the same shape and direction that it was launched at. The more stimulated the protons are, the stronger the beam will be.

Role-play Sample: Refer here

Rank/Level - ADV 3
Hankou - 10
Reiryoku - 10
Hakudo - 16
Seijuu - 8
Bukijuu - 9
Hoho - 12
Points awarded: --
Total points: 65

We're here to live, might as well live.

Dat Character list
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Title : The Infinite
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Soul Cash : 2346
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Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: Rook   Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:49 pm

Ready to be judged

We're here to live, might as well live.

Dat Character list
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Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: Rook   Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:59 pm

~Approved and moving to accepted~

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PostSubject: Re: Rook   

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