Theft (No Death, Very open))

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 Theft (No Death, Very open))

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Theft (No Death, Very open)) Empty
PostSubject: Theft (No Death, Very open))   Theft (No Death, Very open)) EmptyWed Jan 30, 2013 9:05 pm

It wasn't often one committed suicide, but if one planned on it well,they might as well do it with style. Now it wasn't that he planned on dying ohh no, far from it in fact. The dead after all couldn't enjoy the spoils of his life. But when one broke into a Museum building one had to plan for the worst. Now you may be asking why a career criminal with more money in the bank then most people made in a life time would decide to do something as hair brained as this. Well it was rather simple, to prove he could. To test his skills. To put his life on the line for nothing more then to prove that he COULD over come any and all obstacle put in his way. Ether that or he honestly didn't care if he lived or died. Sebastion him self wasn't entirely sure of which was true and which wasn't. Hell for all he knew he did it for the thrill, for the shear rush and nothing else. But he didn't spend much time contemplating such things, and he didn't think he ever would so this was a question that may never be answered. But that wasn't a bad thing, life was much better with some unknowns after all. Though like every professional thief, he didn't risk his life for little or no return. No he had a mark that night, one he hoped to walk away with if all things went according to plan, which they rarely if ever did.

So he found him self walking the mostly deserted halls of the building, navigating the halls by memory, and avoiding the guards and cameras with a practiced ease of a man who know each man and woman's route and where exactly each and every blind spot was. Though if someone did catch sight of him well, he wouldn't seem out of place, he wore an average mans dark suit and tie, dress shoes, horn rim glasses and what pulled it all together-Paper work and folders filled with still more paper work clutched in his hands, he could have been any late night clerk or office worker who had decided to pull an all nighter and he hoped that more then anything else would keep him safe, because who wanted to hassle a man who already looked like he was about to keel over from stress already? No one, or so he yet again hopped.

No what he needed to worry about right then was finding the exact office he was looking for, which was next to impossible considering the labyrinthine layout of the building, and even after memorizing the blue prints he still felt as if he had become turned around. But he didn't let that doubt become anything more then a fleeting surface thought, as soon as he panicked, as soon as he lost his cool head this little escapade was over and that more then likely meant he would be some tigers late night snack. He walked along the wide, long corridors that made up the uppermost level of the building, and if he hadn't been pressed for time he would have stopped and admired some of the finer works that lined the corridors. But no he wasn't here for those, he was here for what was rumored to be hung behind the presidents desk. No if he could just manage to get his hands on that well... He would not have to work another day in his life. He turned the corner and say the door he was looking for, two wide ornately carved double doors flanked by flags on ether side. Quickly he checked his watch and nodded. Two minutes tell the next guard would come sauntering by. More then enough time to get into the room.

He quickly approached the door and removed from his coat a set of lock picks that made short work of what little security was placed on the door, and with just over thirty seconds to spare he stepped into the room, closed the door behind him and beheld his prize. "La liberte guidant le peuple" He let out a small sigh. Liberty leading the People. A painting thought lost in the war... A master piece that had been locked away for far to long. He approached the paining slowly , his eyes locked on the woman leading the charge. "The textbooks dont do it justice..." His voice was just above a whisper and a smile of pure joy crossed the mans face. Here he was, in front of a work of art that had been thought lost for years. It.Was.Heaven. "Though for heaven.... Tis a tad muggy..." He walked over to the bank of windows and threw them open and stuck his head out the window to glance at the stars... It truly was a beautiful night... And maybe thats what caused him to be so reckless, or maybe the moon was getting to him. One would never know. He wondered if he was drawing any attention.... But he also wondered if anyone in the spirit world honestly cared if he did what he was currently doing... He knew a few in the church would object.
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Theft (No Death, Very open))
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