It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils]

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 It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils]

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Kizomaru Hotaru
Kizomaru Hotaru

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It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] Empty
PostSubject: It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils]   It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] EmptyThu Jan 31, 2013 2:08 am

Maya De La Mora

It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] Mayah

Given their distance it was not long until they reached the large room which was the dungeon, Maya stopped at the doorway for a brief moment as she returned the box of candy to her pocket, then she took the first few steps into the room and stopped just a few feet before the Queen. She dropped to a knee and lowered her head, bowing before her all mighty Mistress.

"Milady, I have brought them as requested." Her voice was so plain sounding, so dull and lifeless, but behind that even tone was nothing but the utmost respect for whom she bowed her head, she held her knelled position and waited to be given an order.

Zelena Angelis

It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] Hqhc

Zelena waited patiently for her loyal assistant to return, hopping all the while that there was no trouble caused by her choice to send Maya to fetch her guests rather than do it herself, but leaving her warriors alone with the others was something she wasn't willing to do considering how much damage they had caused. She watched as Maya led them into the room, waiting for the reaction she would see from them as they took in the mess; she knew it was going to be loud and infuriated. Of course who wouldn't be? Walking into this kind of scene would surely upset anyone with a heart or emotions of any kind.

"Thank you Maya." A quick reply to the girl bowed before her, and nothing more, no order or anything, she was more focused on damage control than anything else right now; and besides, there was not much more Maya was needed for at the moment.

"My apologies, it seems my Espada were eager to greet our guests and...It got way out of hand." An apology would have to suffice, after all, no amount of smooth talking she could do would make the situation any better, how else could she explain the scene before her anyway? And why waste breath when the words do no good?

Just then she had a thought, she began glancing from the orange haired girl to Maya and then the injured of the room as she completed the assembly of her plan."Maya please move the injured guests to the center of the room. Inoue-san, please prepare to heal their wounds, I need everyone else awake before I can begin."

Maya De La Mora

It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] Mayah

Quickly bouncing from her bowed position, she gave a quick nod of her head."Yes Ma'am." With that she had already sprinted off towards one of the injured 'guests', the one that Zelena had moved to safely enter the room, Gray, and began moving his unconscious body by his legs to the center of the room. Then she moved to the Adjucha girl and doing the same, then onto the Bount male. Once all three were lined in a row Maya stood straight and waited, almost as if she were guarding them.

Orihime Inoue

It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] 290px-Episode_347_Orihime

When Orihime first saw the destruction of the room she was shocked, wondering how the Queen could allow something like this to happen if the reasons for bringing everyone here were true, and even though she apologized it still did not sit well with her. Then she heard Zelena tell her assistant to move the injured, and the request to heal them, she wasted no time in following Maya as she came to the center of the room."Right." She replied with a stern, determined nod, she then examined the injured and knew that she had made it there in time. Focusing, she summoned forth her fairies, and surrounded the injured with the shield that was her Sōten Kisshun technique; soon, the injuries on those encased began to repair, the process had begun.


It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] 3607715-chain-background-grunge-1-1

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It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] Empty
PostSubject: Re: It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils]   It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] EmptyFri Feb 01, 2013 9:45 pm


It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils] 00000010
Even though he had expected a scene like this -- given the explosions from earlier -- Ichigo still looked surprised when he entered the room. With the condition of the room, and the blood spatters on the walls, it looked like the people lying on the ground might even be dead. But since he could still faintly feel Reiatsu from them, that wasn't the case. Still, it didn't make the situation much better. It was obvious now that Zelena had been lying when she had said that everyone was free to leave. Then again, he had known that from the start.

"Out of hand?" He asked in a dangerous tone. It sounded like he was about to go on, until he stopped, catching sight of something he didn't particularly like. Lance, the Espada from the earlier; the one who had brought himself and Orihime to Las Noches, and killed a whole bunch of people at the school. Ichigo's eyes widened and it looked like he might attack the Arrancar right there, but he didn't. He couldn't. If he did, the fighting would undoubtedly drag everyone else into it. It was tough, but Ichigo kept himself from attacking Lance. He would only be lowering himself to the Arrancar's level.

He then turned back to the others, seeing that Orihime had started to heal the others, he frowned. It was all well and good that Zelena wasn't letting them die, but it looked like she was going to keep doing this: using Orihime. If she kept using her powers like that, it could turn out badly for her, and there was no chance of Orihime ever saying no to helping someone. If this kept up, he would have to tell the Espada Leader off himself.
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It begins...[PL Event-No Fight-Continuation of Spoils]
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