Dangerous Dancing {CLOSED!}

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 Dangerous Dancing {CLOSED!}

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Lost Soul

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PostSubject: Dangerous Dancing {CLOSED!}    Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:02 am

Neyavaenya, the Lt. of squad seven, stands among the groves and rows of trees and bushes. She stands on a solemn stone, overlooking a small flowing brook. Her eyes are closed, and she seems to be basking in the sunlight, for her jacket i, revealing a tight form fitting black under shirt with short sleeves. Her wings are spread out to their maximum span, and her tail is laying on the rock, and coiled around it. In her left hand, she is holding her zan, it's sealed state, an ironwood staff, with twin spikes on each end.

Her bright red scales seem to be spread out, opened and absorbing the sunlight, the golden trimming on their edges glinting like stars. her black and purple locks of hair are gently blowing in the wind, while her chest moves gently back and forth as she breathes deeply, absorbing the sounds and smells and sensations around her.

Imoto, where are you? you better not be digging through my pack, looking for treats. she mentally communicated to her companion.

The 12 foot long super reptile, created by the R&D department as a sentry but given to neya as a pet, is doing just what neya feared, looking through her pack for treats.

"oh, calm yourself Neya!! geez!"

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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous Dancing {CLOSED!}    Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:52 am

[Please put the appropriate tags on the title on this thread so people know whether this is open, private, or not. Thanks!]

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PostSubject: Dangerous Dancing (Open/Triplets)   Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:33 am

Sonmei hummed to himself, walking behind his two brothers as they went out on yet another adventure. Oh it was great to be out and about again after the absolute hell of being confined to Seiza sitting positions for the last month. Literally all night and day sitting like that, sleeping like that, eating their meals without being allowed to use their hands because that would have required them to move from the position to reach for plates.

Okay that part had not been so bad, after a week the guys had refused to feed them so they had gotten lucky and women from the 4th division were asked to handle the duty. The new captain had volunteered but for some reason when he saw Sonmei and Gomei he squeaked and ran. Odd fellow, but then it was a 4thy so surely the captain was a big a wuss as the rest right?

"Nah Gomei I don't think we are doing anything to major, just locals with local problems needing non-local answers."

He said in response to Gomei's question to the group. He was not sure on the details by any means so he would defer the decisions on how to handle the big scary monster that had been reported to his brothers. They traveled for several hours as getting to the outskirts did take time no matter who you were and once there began checking with the locals. Sonmei left that part Entirely to Kumei though, he was not a talker like Kumei


Gomei was absolutely psychotic in his energetic dancing and flipping. Confined to Seiza as his brothers had been he had been penting up a lot of energy. He was quite anxious to keep moving so much to Kumei's annoyance he would not stop running around the group. Flipping up and over passersby as they walked through Rukongai and shadow boxing nothingness before him to the delight of children he seemed more like an old concussion victim more then a shinigami with an assignment. A crappy assignment but an assignment. An hour ago they had been tasked with checking out a weird monster sighting out in the Rukongai area's.

Fresh from bathing and stretching out hyper-taut muscles and tendons the brothers were given what most called a crap job until stared down. Morons or not the triplets were three of the strongest members of the 11th division and that came with it's merits and pride.

"So you guys think it was really a crap job or do yah think Captain forgave us and put us on a big major task like killing a gillian that's been spotted?" He asked the air, being given and answer a moment or so later from Sonmei while Kumei wasted time deciding how to answer instead of answering. "Oh." He said before no longer caring and returning to run about.

A few hours later they arrived just in time to catch a light lunch while Kumei did the dirty work of asking for information on the supposed monster sightings.


Kumei was downright deadpan about the whole affair. Judging from the brothers he was the only one who seemed to have learned a lesson but then he had not even been required to participate in the punishment after the events had been investigated. He eyed wearily Gomei as he scared yet another couple by jumping over the top of them and almost landing on the small child walking behind them before Again apologizing with a nod and sheeposh grin. An entire month in Seiza and Gomei was still acting without thinking even slightly, Sonmei on the other hand was as mellow as normal but for once not letting Gomei drag him into mischief as he tried to ask about what they were doing.

He caught Gomei giving him a superior grin a moment after the answer and while he could have interjected with an admonishment he decided it would be wasted on his foolish brother. No for now he'd just let them both think he had been forced into Seiza, not volunteered to do it as he would always share the pain and struggle that punishments brought on by his brothers would inevitably bring about. Finally reaching their destination he left them alone at a small dumpling shop with some pocket money, all he had left after bribing the nice young women from 4th division to feed his brothers, before moving about to ask for information on the big dragon beast sightings reported in.

(Triplets in town just before outskirts, they'll go out to find her next post but doing...well they are always together it's hard to do three separate but the same posts that blend together and get them to be very big.)
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Lost Soul

Title : The Bleeding Heart of Sorrow
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous Dancing {CLOSED!}    Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:42 pm

Neyavaenya stabbed one of the spikes of her zan into the soft lush ground beside the rock she was standing on, and turned to see Imoto doing exactly what she said not to do.

Imoto!! I said don't go digging around in there!! " Her mental tone gave a hint of scolding, but yet, a sense of playfulness. she really couldn't blame the creature.

The large reptile seemed to sigh, then backed out of the pack.

Why did you bring so many weapons, Ane? [Ane means big sister.]

Because, for the past 2 weeks, ive doing nothing but paperwork and putting things in line back at the barracks. I even had to cover tabs by some of the squad members!! I swear, if it weren't for the fact that i honored and respected

You mean have the hots for, Neya? Don't try to deny it. i know that's why you're so sweet on the captain. you want to get into her pants.


Then why is it that ive watched you staring at her when you go to the bathhouses to relax? Ive watched you. Admit it. You have the hots for your captain.

I do not!!

Then why are you blushing?

Neya couldn't stand it anymore. She placed her middle and pointer fingers over her clavicle, then, sweping straight down she shouted

"Hado Number 19!! Amaterasu no Zēberingu Hikari!!!"

The severing wave of light sliced the tree into clean cut halves.

Temper temper sister. Imoto snidely remarked.

Shut up.
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous Dancing {CLOSED!}    

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Dangerous Dancing {CLOSED!}
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