Kusanagi Saya

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 Kusanagi Saya

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PostSubject: Kusanagi Saya   Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:05 am

Name: Kusanagi Saya

Nickname: The Lioness

Actual Age: 64

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Female

Squad: 3rd

Rank: 5th Seat

Weapon(s): N/A

Personality: Saya is a most interesting woman. She is brash, rash, and illogical at times. With a fierce passion for justice roaring in her belly, she sets out each day to purge the world of evil. Hollows must die and shinigami must live. The methods matter not. Each day is a precious gift to the unreasonable Saya, and it must be used to exorcize evil.

Saya has never been one for tact. She is very blunt and brutal with both her words and fighting style. To crush the opposition, no matter if its an argument or a brawl, is her only goal She is addicted to winning and loves the thrill of a close competition. Her “Victory at any cost” mentality has earned her the moniker “The Lioness”. She will fight dirty, underhanded, or even take hostages should the need arise. Nothing is beneath her when it comes to "winning" a battle. She enjoys to strategize when it comes to dangerous situations, but she will act upon impulse should the need arise. Often her strategies just involve running in and smashing the opposition.

The lioness is considered by many to be fierce, powerful, strong, and dominating. Saya idolizes the lioness. She truly loves all cats, particularly large ones, due to their predatory nature. Cats devour mice like a shinigami should devour hollows, with ruthless overwhelming force. Perhaps one day she'll meet the proper “King of the Jungle” to tame her.

Physical Appearance: Saya has a rather effeminate yet toned physique. Her body is well shapen and strong. Her figure is slender yet intimidating. Her hair is a deep brown color, almost mahogany, and it hangs down to her shoulders; it tends to flay about in many different directions due to its unkempt nature. She wears her Shihakusho slightly low exposing a string of white bandages that are draped across her body. Her eyes are brown near the center but slowly turn blue as they move out from the iris.

She possesses a sharper nose and a very beautiful face. Her eyes are slightly lifted and she has high cheekbones. Her hair gently presses against her ears and hides them from view. Upon her feet she wears the typical shinigami sandals and she has a single ring, it's just a silver band, upon her right hand. Upon her left hip sits her blade.

Bio: Saya doesn't remember anything about her life before death. She was an ordinary teenage girl who lived a typical crap-sack life and died young because of it. However, her life in Soul Society was far from normal.

Homeless, dirt covered, lost, and confused, the girl was born into Soul Society. Where was she? Who was she? Why was she here? These questions burned deep within her but no answers could be found. She journeyed across the land searching, milling through all of the Rukongai, looking for someone who knew who she was. Such a meager existence tortured Saya and she began to detest herself. This feeling of weakness penetrated her, it pierced every fiber of her being, and her soul cried out in anguish.

Conclusions had to be made, and so Saya decided herself that the past didn't matter. She would only look forward from that point on. Cutting her ties to a past she didn't remember, the girl found moving forward to be much simpler. She became like a lion, headstrong and prideful. She even lived a few years out in the far corners of Soul Society researching those few lions that lived there. It almost came to a point of obsession.

She began to train and study this new world. She learned about the Gotei 13 and the shinigami. She began to understand how and why she had been born into this world in such a state. As time went on she would grow stronger. Eventually she became capable enough to enter the shinigami academy. Moving through it with a haste and vigor unheard of, the lioness graduated early. She was then assigned to the third squad.

Inner world appearance: Saya's inner world is a vast endless Savannah. The grass can easily grow over a person's head at some points and it looks like an endless field of gold.


Name: Mielikki

Zanpakutō spirit: A powerful tall woman wearing tribal paints possessing a pair of three pronged claws upon her hands. She has red hair that forms almost a mane-like shape and it circles about in every direction. She is scantily clad and her body possesses a very powerful yet natural physique. Her legs are long and she wanders the endless savannah barefoot, stalking and hunting her prey.

She is ruthless and possesses killer instincts. She Mielikki is very voracious and always tells Saya she doesn't eat enough meat. The Zanpakuto spirit is inherently the epitome of animalistic instincts. She has no moral waters. She cares not for them. Everything to her is for the thrill of the hunt itself, and not the actual gains from the hunt.

Sealed form: In it's sealed form Mielikki is a typical 38'' katana with a square hilt adorned with golden tassels. The blade follows a typical katana curvature and is kept in a black sheath.


Call out phrase: “Bite the neck, Mielikki!”

Shikai description: In Shikai form, Mielikki transforms into two single hand claws with three spokes pointing outwards. Each extends about a foot in length, and curves to a dangerously sharp point.

Ability: Saya's eyes become slitted like a cats and gain the ability to see in the dark. Her body becomes extremely flexible and she can perform movements upon four limbs as agilely as a cat. She gains an incredible feeling of balance and will almost always land on her feet when falling. In essence, she gains all the abilities of a cat.

Techniques: N/A


Bankai name: Mielikki Raion katachi

Bankai description: Saya's body becomes encased in a thick reiatsu that takes on the appearance of a Lioness's fur. Her two claws shorten down and seem to form a pair of sharpened gauntlets that travel up the entirety of Saya's forearms.

Ability: In bankai, Saya becomes so intune with her animalistic side that she can mimic a lion's shape itself through her reaitsu. For example, if she were to bite an opponent, they would suffer wounds as if they had been bitten by an actual lion due to her reaitsu's shape. Her claw marks resemble actual slices by a beast, and she becomes capable of releasing a powerful roaring shockwave that is reminiscent of a more directed “Getsuga Tenshou” in terms of attack type.

Techniques: Shishinohōkō : Saya roars, sending out a massive shockwave of reaitsu from her mouth that can decimate opponents should it strike.

Role-play sample:

Saya walked briskly through the night air. The reports had indicated a hollow had been preying upon the populace of a remote village deep in the Himalayan mountains, but the girl had found no evidence of such a creature existing. She had walked among the people during the day while in gigai and found nothing. There wasn't a single thing out of place. Every single citizen in the small village had acted as if nothing could be wrong with the world, and that was what Saya found most unsettling. Such a perfect existence was impossible, and The Lioness within her knew that.

A hollow cry pierced the night. The villagers were gathered together for something. They stood around with torches in hand as they dragged a woman and her child from their small cot. The mother wept to no avail. She was bound and thrown in the back of a cart. Her son was left crying by the roadside. What was going on? These kindly people didn't show a single iota of violent behavior like this during the day. Saya's worries had been confirmed. Such a farce.

Following the cart, Saya came upon an alter higher up the mountain pass. The alter was clearly designed to host human offerings. Living human offerings. Then the ground shook as a powerful reaitsu seemed to press down upon the entire area. He was coming. The prey was coming. Masking her own spiritual pressure, Saya hid down the path out of sight. She had learned from many failed hunts to make sure the opponent never sensed her before she had a chance to make a plan.

The hollow, lumbering and large, walked out of the treeline on the far side. The villagers couldn't see the beast, but their instincts cried out to them. The people scattered, leaving only the woman tied down to the alter in her place. What was happening was now painfully clear. This hollow had been preying upon this small village for quite some time now, to have such a system set up. The natives here probably believed him to be some kind of deity and thus worshiped him. This hollow's crimes couldn't be forgiven. Drawing the katana as she broke into a run, Saya leaped into the air over the beast.

The battle was vicious and bloody. The ground reverberated and chunks of rock were carved out, but eventually the finishing blow was struck. Drenched in wounds, Saya walked away from the dispersing hollow carcass with a blood filled grin. With a single swipe she cut the ropes binding the woman. She hit the ground with a surprised and confused expression. She quickly scampered back towards the village, crying words in some language Saya couldn't quite understand. Returning her blade to its sheath, The Lioness gazed upwards at the endless stars above. It was just another mission, and it was just another hollow, yet she felt a strange connection to the beasts pain. Reflected in her eyes was a strange melancholy as she began to ponder who was truly the “hollow” one.

Rank/level - ADP-0
Hankou - 12
Reiryoku - 8
Hakudo - 12
Seijuu - 6
Bukijuu - 12
Hoho - 10
Points awarded:
Total points: 60

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Kizomaru Hotaru

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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Saya   Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:26 am

I can approve this for an ADP-0 with 60 points, sadly that level is not high enough for your character to have a bankai, so you will have to strike it out and add somewhere that this character cannot use bankai yet.

Once the stats are added this will be moved to approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Saya   Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:43 am

Added stats and crossed out Bankai.

Thank you for looking over my app too.

Here's a link to my character Saya!~Saya!~
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Kizomaru Hotaru

Title : The Shadow Mistress~
Posts : 3304
Soul Cash : 2714
Female Age : 27
Location : Deep in the Shadows of Hell

Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Saya   Sun Feb 03, 2013 1:51 am

It's no problem.~

~Moving to accepted~

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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Saya   

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Kusanagi Saya
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