Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath*

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 Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath*

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Character sheet

Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath* Empty
PostSubject: Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath*   Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath* EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 12:20 am

Name: Vlasta Kral

Nickname: The Black Queen

Sin: Wrath

Age: Appears 23, real age has been forgotten

Gender: Female

*Lev Drap- A double sided scythe, black in color. The blades are charcoal in color, one with a smooth cutting edge and the other with heavily serrated edges. Its staff is at a length of 6 feet. In the center of its blood crusted black staff it detached into two weapons connected by a long black chain. The two handles of each end extend out, both now the six feet in length the weapon itself was before.
*Lev Skus-A blade four feet in length with an extra eight inches added to it when its hilt is included. The blade is silver in color, slightly rusted in some areas and the edges are slightly marred with a light coloring of red. There are a few chips in her sword from previous centuries upon centuries of use. The handle is made of black steel with a ruby accent. It is wrapped in black leather to keep her hands from sliding.
*In addition Vlasta wears two weapons upon her arms. The base of each is a band on layering plated steel, completely encasing her arms from her elbow to her hand. Laying slightly over her hand where spikes and studs have been laid for further damage for punches. There is blade protruding out over each of her fingers much like claws, hinger so they can move with her fingers to make a fist or any other gesture. Attached to the bands are two heavy, large blades that would seem to be used in that of a scythe, the legnth of her arms though they curve back slightly to be tucked away behind her back.

Personality: As would seem obvious, Vlasta is a woman drowning in her own wrath. She is a bomb with a short fuse, just the smalledest of annoyances causing her blood to boil. She relieves herself if this heat by taking it out on whatever is close enough,often one of her own pets. Most often it is their own unintentioned actions that bring her to such a state so they deserve it afterall. For those that delibrately go against her their fate is even more deserved. Whether alligations be true or false, she will stand for even hearing a word uttered about one her pets, or any togabito for that matter going against her.

She is a firm believer in her own justice, a form in which wrath often takes form. She will not hesitate to start an entire war filled with blood shed and even more anger and revenge if it is for a cause she sees as just. That was how she got to where she is today afterall. To further take on the role as a keeper of justice, she crowned herself with the title like that of a queen. All matters concerning her own pets are brought to her and those unlucky enough to be judged as guilty by the ruthless woman , which is an extremely high majority, are met with a gruesome death under her angered power for just looking down at those guilty of crimes against her or others under her reign is enough to raise her disgust to an intollerable level, and that must be taken out on some one.

She has a serious demeanor and a smile is a rare sight on her face. She has no time to truly relax, unable to really no matter how she would try. However she doesn't long for that unknown feeling of being at ease, getting the feel of being free from duties for once. All pf the time there are injustices she must solve and other reasons that she must kill.

Physical Appearance:She towers over most women and men at a height of 6'3. Her body is feminine with the features of a magnificent beauty, eyes of pale blue framed in long dark eyelashes, light blonde hair waving halfway down her back, a face with soft features, curves in the right places and none where they shouldn't be. It only seems fitting for her crown of black to be sitting upon her head for no everage woman could possess her looks. Her appearance is filled with deceit, hiding the cold blooded killer hiding just under flawless ivory skin. One wouldn't think a woman, especially one looking like her could be capable of the slaughters she is known for.

She wears a long black dress, the colar trimmed in thick black fur that continues on past the waistline of her dress where a red belt sinches. Her sleeves reach her elbows where there is even more of the matching black fur that falls down around the metal covering her arms. The bottom of her dress is light, made of a soft, thin fabric that whips around her with even the slightest wind. It is fit loosely to allow her legs movement. Upon her feet she wears highheeled black boots that add another five inches to her already looming height. Black straps cross over the tall boots, spikes studded into them. At her toes there as a hook, much like that of a fishing hook but exagerated in size. They bend back enough to allow her to walk without tarnishing her dress.


During her human life Vlasta was dedicated to the ruling princess in her homeland of Bohemia. Though when that princess married her husband began to quickly take control of the duties that had once been governed by the princess, and when the princess died he took complete power. He began to take what rights the princess had given to women, returning them back to a state where they were only good to please the men of the country. Outraged Vlasta decided to not give in to such laws that were being past, believing in her own justice. She took the role of a vigilante against the king and all men instead, forming a rebellion that would leave Bohemia in a bloody war between men and women that would be passed down as a legend over the centuries known as the Maiden's War.

Betraying their families, women and girls from all around joined together under her rule, looking up to her as a princess and hero for their revenge of unfair treating. Once they were gathered, Vlasta led them to the river where they constructed a fortress which she governed over, preparing her women for the future plans she had. The men would watch them, laughing as the girls trained in the arts of arms and horsemanship. Little did they know that their laughter should have been replaced with fear. Vlasta was sure to implant undying loyalty into her girls and any girl that showed signs of second thought were killed by her comrades. Not only that but they had spies, monitoring the men and their moves and reporting what they heard to Vlasta who awaited for the right time for their first attack.

When the time came it was a violent one. Vlasta and her followers raced down on Horseback into the land under the King's control, bringing a battle to a number of his soldiers who looked onward confused. They watched as the light glinted of the maiden's swords as they drew nearer. However the soldiers continued to think that the girls would give in to fear a flee back to their fortress. Not a single one of them even had the thought to turn back.

"Hurl yourselves at them! Allow none to live, kill every one, each of them whoever he is, be he brother, be he father!" Vlasta shouted as she led her followers into the battle, racing out a head of them to spill the first blood. She shot out an arrow that struck its target and the first wail of a man was heard as it pierced into his chest.

The words from their leader only drove the girl's on further. Suddenly from the air there was a barrage of arrows, falling like downpouring rain onto the male troops. Dozens upon dozens of them fell and before any knew what to think the girl's were among them, swords and spears drawn. Vlasta rampaged her way through the men along with her women and in only a half hour the battle was over. 300 men lay dead at the feet of their horses and the few that remained fled to the cover of a nearby forest. They had gotten their first victory.

These short battles continued and as the women became more of a threat stronger soldiers were sent out to anihiate them. One of the soldiers was a man named Ctirad. He cut down many of Vlasta women, mocking as he did so. Out of all of the men, he was the one Vlasta hated most, even more than the king that disgusted her to the point of waging this war. She wanted to see his blood spilled more than anyone else.

However it was clear that he wasn't going to be easily stopped on the battlefield. For such cases Vlasta had other ideas for. Some women had not been cut out for tough fighting but their beuty stood out beyond all others. They were perfect for luring men into traps. Using one of her follows, Vlasta lured Ctirad and some of his soldiers to their deaths. Her lure, a woman named Sarka, had been tied to a tree, left to call out for help which Ctirad heard and could not deny. She explained to him that she had refused Vlasta, begging for the man's help which he gave her, untying her and tending to her as his men took the time to rest for the night, unknowing about what lurked in the shadows of the trees around them.

Within minutes Vlasta and a great number of her followers attacked the unready men. The soldiers were cut down, several women tagging on to one which made fighting back impossible. Not even Ctirad stood a chance. He was pushed to the ground, held there by all of his limbs as he flailed. He could only watch as some of his men fleed and the others slaughtered and finally, Vlasta herself walking up on him, blades in hand. She made the first blow and she was soon joined by the other girls and he was torturously killed, then left in the field with the rotting corpses of his troops, hordes of flies swarming around the battle ground and coloring the sky black.

The killing of Ctirad left the men in outrage. He was beloved among men and they soon sought revenge. They went to the king though none truly waited for any orders before they went out, killing any of Vlasta's girls they found and taking survivors back to the castle as prisoners.

Getting news of this Vlasta herself became angered and wasted no time in forming together another attack this time heading straight for the kind with confidence. With all of her soldiers behind her, she rode in;t the men's land, raiding the estate of the king, dead set on freeing her women and finally beinging an end to this war and claiming rule of Bohemia and end it would.

Together they fought and as Vlasta stormed through man after man upon her horse, believing that her soldiers were following right behind her. However when she looked back she saw that they did not compare to her strength. Only a few were standing and the rest had fallen, their bodies being paraded over, and she was next. She was surounded , hands reaching out for her and no matter how she fought Vlasta could not escape from her fate. She was pulled from her horse, her weapons torn from her hands. She was cut apart with knives in the same way Ctirad had died, both of their deaths fueled by angered revenge and hatred.
Vlasta was sent into hell after her gruesome, taking the form of a togabito serving as a pet under Wrath which suited her perfectly. What didn't seem perfect to her though was how he surpressed her, making her nothing more than a tool to serve under him like all the other togabito. It seemed vaguely familiar to her who had lost the memories of her human life. All she knew was that she would not stand for such a thing.

She was a natural leader and other pets of Wrath were easily swayed by her words, choosing to defy their master and follow her. In secret they trained, Vlasta more than the rest. When she felt herself strong enough she made her move, her followers took out those who had remained loyal to the prior Wrath and on her own, Vlasta took on Wrath himself, hatred burning in her eyes as their fight went on for what seemed like days. Blood covered the ground as their followers fell around them, neither of them letting go of their grudges long enough to care. Finally though Vlasta came out on top after the long battle, the prior Wrath left as a mangled mess at her feet. It wasn't enough though. this man she hated so needed to further pay. She cut apart his body with a knife, an image from her human life flashing before her eyes of another hated man was destroyed by her blade.

With that she took over the role of the Embodiment of wrath, bringing her own justice to this chaotic world of hell. Any that opposed her were cut down. Any that tried to surpress her perished at her sword, left as unrecognizable masses of flesh. Soon all learned better than to go against her. Though as time passed on she became mor eirritable, snapping at the smallest annoyance, striking down those who even touched a nerve, leaving even her pets in fear that they would be next if they said or did something that might possibly upset her.

*planouci plakat- Screaming out in her rage, her anger itself seems to take on a form of burning black flames. The power of these flames as well as the size of her output depends on how angered she has become. If she is at her lowest the flames would only be enough to char skin but when at full power they are able to almost completely burn through objects in its path.
*sekani dosah-Erupting from her already claw covered fingers, black extensions of form her spiritual pressure form. They can stretch for a mile at maximum though they become thinner and more fragile the longer they become. Though at this length they are at they're most condensed and sharp. When short they are more similiar to be being hit by a blast. More often then not she will use this for shorter ranged attacks, releasing the claw to be shot off in actual blasts.
*propusten zurivost-Gathering energy into different parts of her body she can extend her blows. If gathered into her fists for example, if she were to throw a punch, waves of black would follow her movement. If not concentrated they would create the effect of a spowerful wind to possibly knock those around her off their feet. If condensed it's impact would be more severe, enough to crush bone if it hits in the right places.
*chaoticke byt-As her anger continues to grow it appears that black flames begin to roll off her body, encasing her. At this state they are not harmful but that can only last so long. As her fuse reaches its ends this attack will erupt. The black flames shoot up into the sky, twisting and turning together until they take on the form of a giant humanoid. Its screams release even more flames upon the ground in unimaginable proportions. Under Vlasta's oddly mindless control she can use this form to attack for her, it flaming body becoming a deadly weapon.

Roleplay Sample:

Rank/level - MST-2
Hankou - 14
Reiryoku - 15
Hakudo - 23
Seijuu - 11
Bukijuu - 20
Hoho - 12
Points awarded: 10
Total points: 95

Theme Song:
Blood-In This Moment

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Character sheet

Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath*   Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath* EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 4:11 pm

Approved for MST-3 with 85 stat points.

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God of Death

Title : The Bloody Cross
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Character sheet

Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath*   Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath* EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 4:23 pm

stats added xwx
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Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath* Empty
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Vlasta Kral *Sin of Wrath*
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