Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP]

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 Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP]

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PostSubject: Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP]   Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP] EmptyFri Oct 12, 2012 2:43 pm

Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP] Done2

Name: Shin Izanagi

Nickname: Idaten; a reference to the God of Speed

Age: 168 years; appears 17

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): None, besides her zanpakutō

Personality: At first glance, Shin seems unapproachable; she always seems to look depressed, angry, or stoic. Although she sometimes is in one of these states, she is not a bad person. She has a rough exterior, finding it hard to trust others, and doesn't speak unless it is necessary. This is to say that Shin isn't exactly the social type, though she has a bad habit of engaging in trash talk.

When agitated, Shin becomes quite rude and harsh. She has been known to say things that some would call profane, and doesn't hesitate to tell people exactly what she thinks of them. When angry, Shin will stop at nothing to get revenge on the person who angered her. If it was only a petty squabble, Shin will easily forgive the other person after she has calmed down; acting as if it had never happened. However, if the person drastically hurt Shin, or someone important to her, she would never forget it, nor would she ever forgive them.

Shin has been known to show a kinder side, being particularly empathetic to those who are injured (unless they deserved it). Shin hates the sight of other people's blood, but yet, the sight of her own blood does not bother her at all.

Around friends, Shin is like a different person. Loud and boisterous, she often makes jokes, most of which are of a sexual nature. As opposed to her usual cold, standoffish demeanor, Shin becomes quite ditsy and forgetful, often saying things that may seem strange to others. But these friends have also seen Shin in more serious situations, and respect her for her vast intellect and knowledge.

In particular, Shin seems to know much about the emotions of others. Just by looking at someone, she can tell how they feel toward her, regardless of their facial expression. She can easily see from anyone's point of view, and identify their reasoning, even if she does not agree with it.

Shin is overly-protective of her friends. Being hasty and reckless, she will easily act as a shield and fight for people, which has often lead to her being used; hence how hard it is for her to trust people. Physical pain means nothing to Shin. No amount of strain is enough to make her stop. Shin never backs down. Emotional pain, on the other hand, is her greatest weakness. Quite easily, she can be thrown into a depression by events such as betrayal, loss, and failure. A few harsh words from the mouth of a friend can make Shin crumble. It is at this moment where Shin is most vulnerable. However, Shin does not appear this easy to break. Her cold, uncaring demeanor leads people to believe that she is incredibly strong, inside and out. And although Shin is one to be reckoned with, she too has her weaknesses.

Physical Appearance: Shin has long black hair. It is layered a lot, causing her hair to look spiky. She is of average height (5’7), with a slender build, weighing 135 pounds. She has dark blue eyes and pale skin. She normally wears tight clothes from top to bottom, namely dark-coloured skinny jeans, skate shoes, and bright-coloured tees, often with a hoodie of some sort over top. She always wears a light silver chain around her neck. The pendant is in the shape of a shinigami representative badge, but much smaller. It is silver in colour, with the exception of the background of the skull, which is a dark red colour. She can use this pendant to eject her soul from her body if she needs to.

In her soul form, Shin wears standard Shinigami attire, with the addition of a medium-sized black chain slung over her shoulder, crossing over her chest; this holds up her zanpakuto’s sheath, which is dark blue. Shin also has black “X” marking crossing over both of her wrists; they almost look like scars.



Name: Tenbatsu; translates to "Divine Punishment"

Zanpakutō spirit: Tenbatsu appears in the form of a curvaceous woman, roughly around the age of twenty. Her irises are completely black, and her hair is medium-length and white, always with a few stray strands hanging in between her eyes. Her skin is a stark light gray, and several black swirling markings cover her body from head to toe. Her fingernails are also black. Her outfit consists of black-colored, tight-fitting shorts, black arm-warmers, a revealing black vest with a high collar and white trim, and knee-high, black boots. Tenbatsu is rather quiet and rarely ever smiles. She always sports a serious disposition and is very protective of Shin, although she never admits this out loud.

In bankai form, Tenbatsu takes on a different appearance. Her irises turn a light yellow colour, and she has slitted pupils. Her hair becomes shorter, now only reaching her chin, and is slightly spiky, much like Shin’s, but much shorter. The black tattoos that cover her form are now a lot more broad and nearly make her skin look jet black, save for the lines in between the tattoos, which reveal her actual gray skin colour. A darker gray, tattered scarf now covers the lower half of her face and flows out behind her. Her canines and fingernails lengthen and become sharp and pointed, giving her an animalistic appearance. Shackles adorn her wrists and ankles, similar to Shin when in bankai form.

Sealed form: In sealed form, Tenbatsu is a daito with a steely gray blade. The guard is in the shape of a ten-pointed star and black-coloured. The hilt is wrapped in dark purple cloth, which appears to be slightly tattered from use. The blade itself is four and a half feet long and five centimetres wide.


Shikai description: Tenbatsu disperses into a small cloud of smoky darkness, before swirling over both of Shin’s hands. It then molds itself into razor-sharp claws, which are a darker gray colour and fit over each of Shin’s fingers. They are tightly chained to her wrists, and allow her to fight with much more dexterity, illustrating her skill in hand-to-hand combat.

Call out phrase: "Chill the heavens, Tenbatsu!"

Ability: In shikai form, Tenbatsu has the ability to amplify any reiryoku that flows through them. This allows Shin to project her own reiryoku through the blades to launch a variety of different attacks towards her foe. Only Shin’s reiryoku may be amplified by Tenbatsu, meaning that she cannot control the reiryoku of others. After Shikai is activated, all Reiatsu emitted by Shin is oddly cold. The temperature on the battlefield can easily drop to -10 degrees celcius after continued exposure.


Tsume o Kyoju; translates to "Reaping Claw"- Shin slashes through the air and releases a high volume of reiryoku towards her opponent, in the form of five claw-like slashes. This attack travels quickly, and has high cutting capabilities. She normally uses it as a ranged attack, but has been known to use it close range to surprise opponents.

Kokuyoseki Nami; translates to "Obsidian Wave"- Shin plunges her claws into the ground and projects her reiryoku through them, causing a massive amount of her reiryoku to erupt from the ground wherever she wills it.

Kuro Arashi; translates to "Black Tempest"- By implementing flash steps in between many attacks and appearing all around an opponent, Shin can create a tornado of black wind which can engulf the enemy and even cut them severely if they take a direct hit.

Gisho Shita no Joheki; translates to "Forsworn Rampart"- Shin creates an enormous wall of reiryoku, which rises up and solidifies. It takes up a lot of her energy, and is usually used to separate people, or stop them from advancing.


Bankai name: Tengoku no Fuhai; translates to "Corruption of Heaven"

Bankai description: Shin does not like to use this Bankai because it is dangerous, and somewhat unsightly. When she invokes Bankai, her dark reiatsu bursts outwards in an intense explosion, causing the surrounding area to become unusually dark. Her irises become an icy blue colour, while the scleras turn black. The sleeves of her shihakusho are ripped apart by the explosion, so her arms are left bare, revealing the black “X” markings that adorn both of her wrists. Steel shackles form around her wrists and ankles, the thick chains only hanging down by about a foot. The lower half of her face is covered by dark gray bandages, as are her wrists.

Her claws disappear, only to be replaced by an immense cleaver-like weapon with an entirely black blade and gray cloth wrapped around the hilt. The blade is actually taller than Shin, measuring seven feet in length and seventeen centimetres in width.

Whenever Shin uses a technique in her bankai state, a black slash marking will appear somewhere on her body, which corrupts her mind and causes her to become more bloodthirsty. For each marking she acquires, Shin's attacks become more wild and driven by madness. The size of the marking depends on the strength of the technique she is using. When bankai is deactivated, Shin's personality returns to normal, but all of the black markings will turn into actual wounds, making the use of bankai quite risky for Shin.

Ability: In this form, her strength triples. Basically, it is the opposite of her shikai. While she does retain her usual speed and ability to manipulate her own reiryoku, her bankai focuses solely on physical strength, allowing for her to cause massive damage with a single swing of her blade, the bulk of which can be easily wielded because of said strength.


Fukeina Mōsō; translates to "Profane Delusion"- A barrage of clawed hands made from Shin’s own reiryoku erupt from the ground, trying to snare and cut her opponent. Coming into contact with these hands can cause one to become inexplicably depressed, and they feel incredibly cold, as if made of liquid ice. Shin only needs to say the technique name to initiate it. Being in contact with this hands for too long can actually frreze the body.

Jigoku no Ryusei; translate to "Infernal Meteor"- This technique compresses Shin’s twisted reiryoku, and condenses it, allowing her to engage in hyper-speed combat for a set amount of time, depending on her condition. While this technique is active, Shin's entire body emits a bright blue aura.

Mu Hikari Hofuku; translates to "Aphotic Retribution"- A large ball of extremely dense, compacted reiryoku forms in the palm of Shin’s hand. By firing it, she causes the blast to expand exponentially. Because of the tremendous range of this attack, it is hard to dodge. Being caught in the blast causes an opponent to feel a feeling so cold that it feels like it's burning; it can paralyze them temporarily, and is known to completely disintegrate beings that are significantly weaker than Shin. The black marking that Shin receives from using this attack is much larger than any of her other attacks. If Shin uses this technique, her chance of dying after her bankai is deactivated increases dramatically.

Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: Superbia

Personality: Superbia is irritable, aggressive, and easily bored. She gets incredibly frustrated by Shin's naiveté as well as her stoic facade. Superbia wants nothing more than to be able to follow her instincts. These instincts involve taking over Shin's body and killing everyone she can. At current, she cannot achieve this, so she gets by pestering Tenbatsu and Shin whenever she can reach them.

Appearance: Superbia is identical to Shin, except that her overall colour scheme is for the most part, opposite to Shin's, with white hair, clothes, and skin. Her eyes are a dull yellow colour, and her sclera are black-coloured.

Hollow mask: Shin's irises turn purple when she hollowfies. The mask itself only covers the top half of Shin's face and has a glass-like texture. Several spikes of the mask material travel skyward, looking similar to a twisted crown.


Role-play sample: Refer to Leto's application in my signature.


Rank/level- ADV-3
Hankou- 8
Reiryoku- 10 +3
Hakuda- 14
Seijuu- 9
Bukijuu- 8
Hoho- 16
Points awarded: 0
Total points: 65


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Title : The Infamous Hash, Unlimited Potential, Black Ice
Posts : 4463
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Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP]   Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP] EmptyThu Nov 01, 2012 6:31 pm

I'm just going to move this over to inactive until I feel like finishing it.

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Shin Izanagi (Visored) [WIP]
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