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PostSubject: ★ Rules    ★ Rules  EmptySun Jun 24, 2012 12:43 am


  • you need to be at least 13 years of age to be a member of this forum.

  • respect all members and listen to site staff (admins and moderators). If you feel that a staff member has violated your rights, feel free to tell an admin and the situation will be dealt with accordingly.

  • graphic sexual content is not permitted anywhere on the forum.

  • please refrain from spamming.

  • no hateful or abusive conduct (this includes trolling). Disrespectful comments towards any member will be dealt with harshly. Do not publicly argue with staff decisions. If you have any concerns, please PM an admin.

  • do not have excessively large pictures in your signature. If your signature stretches the page, you will be asked to change it. This goes for avatars as well. If you need a picture resized, feel free to ask me and I will get to it ASAP.

  • refrain from constantly bothering the staff about things like grading your profile, events, or ideas for your own site. It's rude, and we try our best to get work done on the site. Remember, the staff are also people with lives of their own. Furthermore, if you make a site, it is your responsibility, not ours. We have this place to run, we don't have time to make graphics or documents for you. However, if you are nice about it, some people here may be able to help you with graphics or coding. We have a lot of talented artists here!

  • do not sexually harass other members. Continuously posting comments that make other members feel uncomfortable will be punished harshly.

  • if you aren't a moderator or admin, don't act like one! Furthermore, details concerning rules, base storyline planning, and approvals, are the business of site staff, and site staff only! Arguing will get you nowhere. Our team strives to ensure that the role-play is fun, fair, and worthwhile. We welcome feedback, but do not try to push your ideas on us.

  • keep OOC (out of character) comments to the chat room, PM, chat box, or non-RP topics. If there is a matter that needs to be addressed directly in a role-play topic, please encase said comment in parenthesis or brackets. Even make it into a spoiler if you want, as long as it does not interfere with or cause confusion in the current role-play.

  • there is an advertisement forum here. That is the only place where advertisements are allowed. PM advertisements are not allowed either. Anyone who receives an advertisement through PM will report it. First warning is a loss of PM privileges, second is a permanent IP ban.


  • no god-moding or auto-hitting. This involves taking control of another character, or doing anything that might involve forced hits (i.e. posting that your attack connected). This includes playing God. For example, being immune to all types of influence, injury, issues, or being almighty above everything and everyone. Any posts that imply god-moding or auto-hitting will be declared invalid until the post is modified accordingly.

  • refrain from meta-gaming (the act of using information that your character should not know in RP).

  • Do not confuse IC (in character) with OOC (out of character). Don't start a blood feud here just because another character insulted one of yours. It's a role-play, not real life.

  • one character cannot be in two places at a time. Since bi location is a banned ability, this rule is non-negotiable. This means that you cannot have one character in multiple threads at a time. If you get tired of waiting on someone to post, simply exit the thread and find someone else to RP with.

  • before you start role-playing, you must have an approved application. Any RP posts from a member who does not have an approved character will be deleted without warning.

  • no power-posting! Power-posting is a term in role-play to describe something that is not allowed. It means you are constantly posting in a thread without any respect for a posting order whatsoever. Perhaps even double posting. Not only is this against the rules but also really annoying.

  • proper grammar and punctuation is encouraged; text talk is not. Short forms such as: "nvm", "btw", "jk", or "ikr" are unacceptable in role-play posts.

  • healing techniques CANNOT be used while fighting.

  • take hits while fighting! Your character is by no means invincible or uncatchable; characters like that are not allowed on this forum. If you don't take a hit for more than five turns, the opponent is permitted to auto-hit next turn.

  • only an Espada can use a Gran Rey Cero. Even if the Arrancar in question is a high rank. Unless they are a member of the Espada, they cannot use a Gran Rey Cero. Nor can they perform a Cero Oscuras.

  • when posting, make sure to give enough detail that your partner(s) has/have something to go on. This is to say: don't pull a one-liner when your partner is posting multiple paragraphs- that's just rude. In scenes where a lot is going on, it's implied that your posts should be fairly detailed. All posts must be at least 100 words.


  • no Mary Sue characters, please. Nobody is perfect.

  • read this before starting your application.

  • you can play as many custom characters as you like, same goes for canons. Just make sure that you can handle playing all of them, or you risk losing positions.

  • you cannot make claims that your character is the fastest, strongest, etc. Stats are what decide this. Do keep them in mind in combat situations.

  • if you want your character to have a gun as their weapon or zanpakuto, there must be specific limits placed. It cannot fire at the same speed as a modern gun, nor can the amount of rounds be infinite. This is to say that your character cannot go around mowing everyone down with a machine gun.

  • you can be both a captain and an Espada, however you can only have one of each.

  • in all applications, a RP sample must be shown. The location, situation, and character do not matter, the quality of the post does however. If you wish to play a canon (ex: Ichigo, Orihime, or Rukia), you must use the character you are trying out for in the sample in this case. We use these RP samples to gauge your level of RP, and what level of character you can handle. So if you want a high position (eg. Captain, Espada, or Sin), make sure you add adequate detail.

  • regarding Privaron Espada: you cannot start out as one. You must have actually been kicked out of the Espada for a valid reason to attain this rank.

  • your character cannot get stronger from eating other characters, whether they be RPC or NPC.

  • captain, Espada, or Deadly Sin characters that are inactive for a month or more will lose said positions. This also goes for lieutenants, seated officers, canons, Fraccion, and pets.

  • regarding Shunko: the only characters that can use Shunko are Soi Fon and Yoruichi Shihoin. Any profile that states the character is capable of using Shunko will be denied unless they have admin approval beforehand.


  • do not spam in the chatbox.

  • no animated gifs as avatars.

  • do not advertise other RP sites in the chatbox, even if they aren't Bleach-based. Even if you don't post the link to the site, it's still advertising if you try to get somebody to join another site. If you're caught advertising, you will be banned from the c-box immediately.

  • do not insult other members in the chatbox. If you're just joking around, then fine, but don't take it too far.

  • if a moderator or admin tells you something, you listen. I do not care whether you like them or not. If you refuse to listen, I will be informed, and you may be suspended from the site for up to a month.

  • don't break out into RP fights; that's what the side plot area is for.

  • no trolling or flaming; respect everyone in the chatbox. If someone you don't like enters the chatbox, ignore them; plain and simple.

  • please avoid making negative comments (complaining about being bored, criticising other members and the forum, etc). If you’re concerned or upset about anything, please PM a staff member.

  • don't go into detail about subjects that could be considered disturbing. EX: Sexual subjects, gore, linking pics from r/spacedicks (>_>).

  • please welcome and acknowledge everybody in the chatbox, especially new members and guests!

  • remember that the c-box is a privilege, and if you abuse it, you won't have access to it.

  • Please refrain from butting in when you see there is an argument and aren't involved in it, the staff will take care of it.Anyone who insists on butting in will be banned from the chat box for one hour.

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