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 Kaoru Yoshida [fullbring user] done~

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Kaoru Yoshida

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Kaoru Yoshida [fullbring user] done~ Empty
PostSubject: Kaoru Yoshida [fullbring user] done~   Kaoru Yoshida [fullbring user] done~ EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 11:41 pm

Name: Kaoru Yoshida
Nickname: The ferret
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Weapon(s): Fulbring
Personality: Kaoru is a pretty serious kid, most likely resulting from his childhood years. Hes a very good liar and is a thief. Hes rathers being left alone but wont hesitate to use you to his will. He finds himself to be a "good-guy" but due to most of his actions most other fullbringers and shinigami that have met him categorize him as a evil threat. Due to his past Kaoru takes on the role of attacking hollows and shinigami to increase his powers.
In order to one day open his "multimillion" business, He sold the things that he stole from his family's business. He kept the money in a bank account along with ¥80,000 Yen he had collected in his time, waiting for the interest to add on so he could start his business and finally find his family.
Physical Appearance: Usually he wares a tuxedo everywhere. Also a satchel used to keep his stolen goods. Snowflake necklace used to symbolize his fullbring.
Before his first acquaintance with his fullbring, Kaoru Yoshida lived in the wealthy part of Naruki City. He was son to the owner of more than half of the businesses in the city and was crowned king of the city, he even branched off onto Karakura Town, giving money to smaller businesses for some equity. Kaoru looked up to his father, His father was a successful man and Kaoru wanted to be just like him. He was already showing signs of massive intelligence when he was 9 and when he turned 10 he started to work under his father, taking business classes by the time he turned 13 he would already become the vice president of his father's company.

Kaoru was the perfect child. He was home schooled and was never a problem. He was always studying computers and when he became part of his fathers company he was going to expand it into a computer science division. He was already making money with a few computer programs he had invented and had sold for millions of yen and this was all at the age of 12. In a year he would finally become the vice-president of his fathers company. Everyone was excited, except the current vp, Kohaku. He didnt want to lose his spot in a rapid growing company so he had to rid himself of the problem. The current Kohaku had ties with the top gang leader of karakura town and sent for some help.

The top gang leader of his district sent some of his cronies to take Kaoru at the age of 12, months before his birthday. They took Kaoru in his sleep and when he woke-up he had no clue where they were taking him. They knocked him out again and when he awoke for a second time he had an throbbing pain in his right palm and he found there a tattoo of a snowflake. In the town, if your branded with a tattoo of a snowflake that meant you belonged to the gang, Kaoru was branded. They did this in order to raise good thiefs and liers to make sure that their gang was still strong in the next generations. But when Kaoru woken up he found the tattoo artist on the ground covered in ice. Thats when Kaoru first awoken his fullbring Sunōfurēku [スノーフレーク,snowflake], in the result of his mother who was attacked by a Hollow before he was born. Traces of the Hollows' powers remained in his mother's body, which were then passed onto him when he was born. Kaoru had unconsciously killed the men left in the building by freezing them them to death and ran home to his family, only to find the door knocked wide open.

It seemed that Kohaku had not stopped with Kaoru. When Kaoru made his way home he found horrors of blood and gun casings on the floor. Kohaku had hired the gang to kill Kaoru's family. Kaoru ran to his parents room and found a note left by his father saying "Son we are all alive, but you cant come to us its too dangerous, Kohaku made us sign everything over to him and we were forced into hiding, im not sure if your even alive but I love you." And to this day Kaoru holds that note in his pocket, looking for his family he lost only a year ago. Kohaku turned his family's business to something that funded terrorists and gangs, Kohaku stole the blue prints of Kaoru's few inventions and patented them as his own. Now Kaoru makes a living by stealing from the businesses his family once owned and living in abandoned houses. He refuses to live anywhere else though he has the money, From what he had saved from what little he could withdraw before Kohaku stole the rest of his money. With a good sum of ¥80,000 he had saved and is constantly growing with his illegal thefts and black market dealings.

In order to one day open his "multimillion" business, He kept the money in a bank account along with the ¥80,000 Yen he had collected in his time, waiting for the interest to add on so he could start his business and finally find his family. That was what his "good side" wanted. His other side wanted to kill all hollows and soul reapers to grow his powers to one day rule the world and find his family. In his family there was a saying "Potentia est omne" Power is everything. In other words, he just wants to find his family and prove to his father that he has power and with his fullbring he could do just that.


Name: Sunōfurēku [スノーフレーク,snowflake]
Item: snowflake tattoo
Appearance: A giant snowflake
Ability: Ice
Techniques: Ability Name: Snow storm
Type: migic
Range: long
Duration: 1 post
Description Is just that, Kaoru spins his snowflake weapon and it creates a snow storm that engulfs everything in snow. On rare occasions will it just be very cold wind without any snow.

Ability Name:Flying disc
Type: magic/flying
Range: himself
Duration: 10 posts
DescriptionKaoru steps on the snowflake and it becomes a flying disc.

Ability Name:Kōri raizā [氷ライザー,Ice riser]
Type: magic/melee
Range: close/long
Duration: 5 posts
Description His snowflake weapon glows bule and anything it touches turns to ice.

Ability Name: Ice mountain
Type: magic
Range: close
Duration: 6 posts
Description If Kaoru hits the ground with his snowflake and rises it up slowly in well create a mountain, depending on how far up Kaoru raises his snowflake.

Ability Name: Soothing ice
Type: Magic/healing
Range: close
Duration: as long as needed
Description :Kaoru stabs an ally and uses the ice to heal them. The snowflake must stay in the allys body though.

Ability Name:Aisukyandī [アイスキャンディー, ice block]
Type: magic/protect
Range: self
Duration: 3 posts
Description Kaoru stabs the ground in before him and a wall of ice arises, that he could use as a shield. He can make about 3 in a row.

Ability Name:snow shurriken
Type: magic/melee
Range: long
Duration:5 posts
Description Kaoru's snowflake creates snow shurriken that can be thrown by Kaoru or shot by his snowflake.

Role-play sample: -------
Kaoru walked through the park, sporting his white shirt and vest with a tie. The thirteen year old waited for a second and started to move towards his usual meeting spot with his black market contact. With the satchel of stolen items with him in hand he moved through the park to one of the male bathrooms, no cameras and no witnesses. The time was around three o'clock after Kaoru meet his contact he would spend about another hour in the park, just to relax and get some peace and quiet. He loved the sun in his face, though a vest and shirt was not park attire, he never wore anything else unless he was training. Kaoru always wanted to keep a professional look. He was very mature for his age and did not want to seem childish like other teenagers.

After the transaction was done and Kaoru sold the stolen items and got paid in thousands. He climbed a japanese maple tree and took a blanket out of his bag and closed his eyes so he could drift off to sleep. He let his hands hang down and they brushed a mystifying engraving in the tree. Kaoru opened his eyes and jumped off of the tree. He looked at the engraving. "Not another one." Kaoru thought running his hands over the marking again. It was a hollow symbol, something that the soul reapers he had met had shown him. It was something that caught Kaoru's attention. But it was also something that was not first of its kind, as Kaoru went on with his illegal adventures to see his contact in the park, he had noticed them more than once. To a human, they would just seem as pointless graffiti but to someone like Kaoru, they were a symbol. It could have been some pointless marking if not for a faint spiritual pressure clouding over it, someone was leaving these for a reason. Kaoru decided that it was his new mission to find this person. He climbed to the highest tree in the park. Though his sensory skills were close to nothing, Kaoru found that spiritual pressure worked like sonar. [OOC: Im not sure if it does, but it might. ] He closed his eyes and pushed out all the power he had in him. He waited for a second and soon enough it bounced back with another pressure with it. Kaoru chuckled, he was in the money. He made his was to the area where this second pressure and scouted the zone. There were no humans but only a blonde haired man resting.

Kaoru took no time to wait. He jumped down behind the man and said, "Sunōfurēku!!" as his palm began to glow a bright sky blue and Shards of ice spawn from his tattoo and surround him then merge into a large snowflake that Kaoru could control with this tattoo. "I am Kaoru yoshida and I am a fulbringer, might you be one too?" He said ready if he was going to be attacked.
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Kaoru Yoshida [fullbring user] done~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kaoru Yoshida [fullbring user] done~   Kaoru Yoshida [fullbring user] done~ EmptyTue Oct 23, 2012 11:42 pm

I can approve this for ADP-2 with 50 points. Once these points are applied to stats and checked, this application will be moved to accepted.

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Kaoru Yoshida [fullbring user] done~
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