Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]

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 Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]

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PostSubject: Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]    Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]  EmptyFri Oct 26, 2012 11:44 pm

Name: Ichigo Lazuli

Nickname: Ichi (for some)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): None

Personality: Ichigo is generally cold to other people, the only thing she really cares about being her sister. Yet, she's terrified to show her face to her sister, as she doesn't want what really happened on the date of her death to come to light... She often spent time fighting and training her body, so most people found her "unapproachable" in life.

Physical Appearance: Ichigo stands just short of five and a half feet tall, with a slim, toned figure. Her void black hair is cut short to not get in the way of her fighting, and she has the dark red eyes of her family line. Her breasts are bound tightly by rings of bandage wrap, giving her the look of having a flat chest. She generally is seen wearing a white haori top with a matching white hakama bottom.

Bio: Ichigo, along with her twin sister, was born in to a wealthy family where her father owned a clothing company that was huge across Japan. Tragedy struck as something killed her and Shinku's parents, but Ichigo saw it. The Hollow responsible for her parent's deaths was something Ichigo could never forget about.

Ever since that day, Ichigo has been training herself. For six years, Ichigo did nothing except train and keep people away from Shinku. Sometimes, her methods would seem cruel, but she would stop at nothing to keep her "other half" safe. Then the day came when she messed with the wrong guy. She told him to stay away from Shinku, and even bloodied his nose when he told her that they were destined to be married. He left, but came upon Ichigo while she was alone. Ichigo fought heroically, but at the end, was far too wounded to survive. He had come with three other guys to kill her to remove her from Shinku's life.

With her dying quickly, as the other three lay dead from Ichigo's vicious assault, she crawled over to the man, growling deeply. She palmed his forehead, and lifted his head from the ground. With a rather dark look in her eye, she began to pound his head into the pavement, not stopping until her fingers touched it. After the man was more than dead, Ichigo, for the first time in six years, started crying. She felt she was dying, but wanted to still be there for her sister. This is the sole thing that kept her from passing on.

For a while, she remained in Karakura, fending off anything that would harm her sister. While she was only a Plus without a weapon, for some reason, her physical strength was phenomenal for her body type, able to lay out Hollows with a well-placed punch. However, eventually, she became acquainted with a voice in her head. Initially, she thought she was going insane, until the golden blade formed in her hands. Since then, she began training with the blade like she had with her kendo classes, never waning in intensity. Before long, however, she began to seek out the Hollow, just to fight them and improve herself. It was then that her inner hollow revealed itself and attempted to take control of her body. She fought against the hollow known as Granberia for days on end, no one really knowing what was going on or anything. All anyone saw, if they could see, was a young woman with growing draconian features struggling wildly. There was never a point where one gained the upper hand over the other. Eventually, after six straight days of this, they both found out there was no longer a point. Whenever one would grow in strength, so would the other. Through sheer luck did Ichigo catch Granberia off guard. Granberia kept her word and surrendered, granting Ichigo her power. She began to work with this new power of hers, although she still doesn't really understand it.


Name: Eien no De~yuerisuto

Zanpakutō spirit: A living suit of samurai armor, three katanas upon his back. The armor itself is blazing red, and there is a black smog inhabiting the armor.

Sealed form: A golden-bladed katana with a red-ribbon hilt and a yin-yang guard.


Shikai description: Ichigo gains entire arm guards for her arms, matching the sword in color. Her sword replicates, placing another in her free hand. The guards have a finger guard built into them, leading into the hilt.

Call out phrase: "Fight with honor, Eien no De~yuerisuto!"

Ability: Her sword combat reflexes and skills are increased greatly, making straight-up sword combat difficult against her. Her arm guards repel reiatsu projectiles. Her physical strength is seemingly magnified.

Techniques: Twin Dragon - Ichigo sheathes both of her blades and, keeping her hands on the hilts, either waits for her enemy to charge or charges the enemy. When she unsheathes her blades, they strike with the unparalleled speed of the Battojutsu strike.

Dragon Rage - Ichigo dashed forward, jabbing at the ground with the hilt of one katana and creating a spin on her body, adding centrifugal force to her slash with her other blade. This technique almost always leads directly into another.

Dragon Tail - Ichigo stabs both blades into the ground to stop any forward momentum, suddenly reeling her body back and doing a front flip. This is used as an overhead strike with both of her heels to the top of her opponent's head.

Dragon Claw - Ichigo uses the finger guards on the hilt of her katanas to deal a much more powerful punch than without. With her general physical strength, this can be devastating.


Bankai name: Shinjinbukai Eien no De~yuerisuto

Bankai description: This creates an entire suit of the golden armor, making her entire body resilient against reiatsu projectiles. Her swords also replicate once more, giving her four. There are three scabbards on her hips while in Bankai.

This also creates another alternative, however. If her blade is taken by her opponent after Ichigo explains the rules and offers it, it begins a kendo match between them. The area around them is sealed off from interference and become an arena. Reiatsu is suppressed to a common level, and both her and her opponent are each given one kendo sword. The first one to be struck by the opponent's sword is the loser, and has their reiatsu suppressed to a unreleased state for a short while. (+1 post) This is generally used against someone she does not plan to kill, and mostly used as a Bankai control exercise for her.

Ability: Ichigo has four swords instead of two, and fully capable of using all four of them through her dexterity. Her speed is increased this time, instead of her strength. All of her blades have chains on the ends of them, which she also uses while fighting.

Techniques: Crashing Wave - Ichigo swings both swords in her hands in an X pattern, then using the forward momentum to roll, quickly leading into another strike.

Blade Rondo - Ichigo utilizes all of her swords for this maneuver, quickly sheathing and unsheathing her blades in rapid slashes which are weak in power, but numerous.

Blitz Strike - Ichigo pushes all of her power into her speed, becoming incredibly fast for one strike (usually a punch, since it requires less coordination and can cause arguably more damage). After this, however, Ichigo remains how she stopped, unable to move for a short while (+1 post)

Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: Granberia

Personality: She is cold and distant, but cannot deny a challenge from worthy opponents. Oftentimes, she will crave to seek out battle, to find opponents out of boredom. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot best Ichigo, but it's the same vice-versa.

Appearance: Granberia is a bipedal dragon-morph, having white, scaly skin from head to toe. She wears a suit of armor that resembles old-style plate mail, silver in color. She has flowing red hair that is tied into a long ponytail, and her eyes are a gleaming gold.

Hollow mask: Draconian in appearance, her mask has a pair if straight horns from the corners of her head. She also has two lesser horns on her cheeks. There's a golden stripe going down her mask over her left eye.

Role-play sample: The wind blew the girl's hair about in an unruly manner as she silently cried to herself. She was dead, there was no getting around that. Her mind instantly went to Shinku, and how she would get along without her. Shinku was the only thing she had left. Her only reason to even exist. Maybe she was still here, standing above her own corpse, because of that reason. The entire ordeal made her want to vomit uncontrollably.

Earlier that week, it was all over a disagreement. The man her sister was set to marry, having snuck out around Ichigo's watchful eyes. They had a good couple of dates, but nothing happened, as Ichigo was too on her guard to allow anything. He came upon the doorstep and rang the bell, expecting Shinku. What he got was Ichigo. "Who are you?" "Oh, I'm sorry, is Shinku in?" Ichigo's gaze flattens. "No, she isn't. She's not available right now. Why do you need her?" The man reaches into his jacket and grins. "I daresay that's none of your business. Why do you care?"

Ichigo growls deeply and grabs the man by his collar. "Look. That would be my sister. My sister is my business. I'm not going to take shit from the likes of you. Now beat it!" She pushes the man roughly back and glares at him. He laughs at Ichigo and just wears a cocky grin. "My, it seems you've forgotten how to act around a man... Why not take some lessons from your sister?" He only had a split second to react before Ichigo punched him solidly in the face, instantly breaking his nose. "My sister doesn't need you... Get the fuck out before I break something else..." Startled by the strength the girl seemed to have, he left. It seemed to end there.

However, things were not over. In fact, they were just beginning to ripen. Only a couple hours earlier, Ichigo was out running errands for Shinku, when a car pulled up beside her. Four men got out and ushered her down the alleyway. "Hey! What's the problem? Leave me alone!" Suddenly, she recognized one of the men as she was tossed forward. "You!" He laughed, rubbing his nose. "Surprised to see me? Now, I simply must marry Shinku, and I'm willing to give you any amount of money within my power to make you go away. Now, what's it going to take?" Ichigo spits on the ground and growls. "Don't be stupid! It'll take a lot more than money to get me to abandon my sister!" The man shrugs and nods. "Very well... You guys can have her." The men stepped forward and tried to restrain her, at which she struggled fiercely. It was only a matter of time before they all fell, Ichigo's years of training outweighing the attacks of three hired thugs.

Suddenly, she choked out a gasp as the man fired into her chest. She fell to her knees, gasping for air. Looking to the man's creepy grin, she reached over as he laughed at her, and threw a garbage can lid into his chest like a frisbee, catching him off guard. Quickly getting on top of him, spitting out blood all the while, she grabbed his forehead and glared at him. "You're... Scum..." Then she lifted his head up and slammed it into the pavement. Then again, and again, and again. Eventually, she stopped, because her fingers were touching the cement. Panting softly, she crawled away, feeling everything going dark. "Shin... Ku..." She almost whimpered out as she fell limp to the ground, breathing her last.

After some time had passed, Ichigo began hearing voices in her head. She tried everything to get them to stop, but nothing worked. All she heard was whispers of a name over and over. As soon as she began to not be able to take it anymore, she screamed out the words repeating in her head. "Eien no De~yuerisuto! Stop this!" It stopped with a loud roar, and Ichigo snapping out of it. She looked to the ground in front of her, a golden blade lying there. She then looked up and grabbed the blade, looking to the Hollow that had roared. She gave the thing a grimace and closed her eyes gently. Sighing and standing, she tied the sword to her hip and looked to the wounded Hollow. "You... You were the one that killed her..."She had been chasing the Hollow for quite some time, recognizing Ichigo from her mother's death six long years ago. She walked slowly up to him and unsheathed her new sword. "Still I can't let you suffer... It's not right... Besides, what happens to you afterwards isn't my fault..." She raises the blade, then crashes down upon the Hollow's face, cleanly slicing him in two. The Hollow vanished and she sighed, sheathing her blade and walking back to Shinku's home, clutching her new blade tightly.

Nearly two years would pass, and she would train with her blade every day, no matter what that entailed. Be it killing Hollows or singular training, she never wavered in her determination, always training. However, she always remained out of view of her sister, still afraid to tell her what actually happened on the fateful day that took her life.

One day, she felt an uncontrollable urge to fight, gripping her. "You're weak... But I can make you strong..." A draconian woman materialized in her subconscious, whispering to her. "Strong enough to fight anything that would possibly harm your sister... We can keep her alive, just give me complete control..." Ichigo gripped the sides of her head tightly, groaning in pain. "This girl! She's turning into a Hollow!" Instantly, there were several Shinigami upon her, making her clutch her blade. "I... I can't..." A swift strike to her forehead ended her thought process swiftly as she fell unconscious.

She awoke in an ancient Japanese dojo, looking about cautiously. "Where... Am I..." "Right where I need you." Ichigo stands quickly, grasping her hip, only to find nothing there. "Ah! Eien no De~yuerisuto..." She looks to the source of the voice, the same draconian woman from before. "Who are you? Why are you doing this to me?" The woman crossed her arms and nodded. "My name is Granberia, and you are my host, so to speak. Let's have a contest." Ichigo raised an eyebrow as Granberia continued. "I'm sure you're familiar with kendo?" A nod from Ichigo urged continued explanation. "Then these are the terms. One match. First one struck loses, and forfeits everything to the victor." Ichigo looked at her sharply. "How can I trust you?" Granberia seemed wounded at that, her expression darkening a bit. "You mean because I'm a Hollow? Please. I'm a woman of my word." Ichigo stands slowly and nods, holding out her hand. "What's that for?" Ichigo nodded, a fiercely determined look on her face. "When a human makes a deal, they shake hands to bond themselves to their word." Granberia grinned a toothy grin and shook her hand. The bond was sealed.

Out in the real world, however, Ichigo's body stood up slowly and roared loudly, scaring the Shinigami. Her mask formed over her head, giving her Granberia's face. Immediately, a Cero screamed from her lips, burning one of the Shinigami to a crisp with a bloodcurdling scream. "My god... Run! Run! We can't beat this! Call in the Lieutenant!" The Shinigami disperse rather quickly, leaving hollowfied Ichigo to fend for herself.

Inside her Inner World, Ichigo and Granberia were locked together in heated combat, neither one once laying a finger on the other. Granberia, however, was tiring a lot slower than Ichigo was. "Come on, Ichigo... This is futile... I'm not like you. I can go fighting for much longer times than a human or a Shinigami. You cannot beat me!" Granberia tears down with a vicious overhead strike, only to have it blocked by an upwards deflection by Ichigo. "I don't care about that! As long as... As Shinku still breathes..." She growls and lashes back out with a strong strike. "I'll never give in! As long as I still exist, in some way, shape, or form, nothing will harm her!"

The fighting continued to last, neither side calling it quits for days. It was all the Shinigami in Karakura Town could do to hold off Ichigo as she slowly Hollowfied. Then, suddenly, there was a break in her skin. The beast she had become roared loudly, degrading into a scream from Ichigo's own mouth. The Shinigami looked on in awe as she crumpled onto the ground, her mask clattering next to her. The current Lieutenant nodded and looked to what was left of his troops. "Go back and report to the Captain. She's been subdued. I'll take care of her." After confirmation of orders, the scattered Shinigami ran off, leaving the Lieutenant with the unconscious Ichigo.

Panting, Ichigo looks up. The very tip of her kendo blade was pressed against Granberia's forehead tightly. Granberia nods, and stands up straight, dropping her kendo sword. With a smile, she knelt on one knee. "That was the most fun I've had in ages. Alright, you win. Ichigo Lazuli, you can use my power to meet your needs..." With that, everything fades to black, except Ichigo and Granberia. "Don't get soft on me, Ichigo...Together, we can defeat all who stand in our path, even without resorting to dirty tactics..." Ichigo nods and then fades...

"... And that's when you found me..." "Wow... That sounds horrible..." Another Shinigami was standing next to her, listening to her speak. "It was... But I can't show my face to her again. I know she can see spirits, but it would devastate her to learn my death was not an accident..." The Shinigami nodded. "Well... I can absolve you and send to your the Soul Society, but from what I heard, you really wouldn't like that..." Ichigo smiled in a lackluster manner, but it was the first time she's smiled in quite some time. "I need to stay here... Someone has to protect her. She doesn't have the will to go on by herself. She's easy prey for those beasts that roam around... I couldn't live an afterlife if she didn't get to live her life..." The Shinigami consolingly patted her shoulder and nods. "I understand. I'll tell my superiors you were destroyed before I got a chance to save you."

With that, the Shinigami vanished from her sight. Ichigo held her katana closely, the golden blade seemingly resonating with the girl's eyes. She sighed sadly and looked around her, glad it was quiet for one more night. There was enough corpses tonight. She sheathes her sword and stands up, looking from down the rooftops. It was there that saw her sister, humming happily and placing her ritualistic vanilla chai tea out for her guardian angel. A tear rolled down Ichigo's cheek as she desperately wanted to live and eat with her sister once more. Brushing it aside, she softly sighed, dropping down as her sister went back inside. She picked up the tea and took a sip, treating it extremely delicately, as it was now the only remaining connection with her sister she had. However, she finished quickly and left, leaving the fine china where she had found it. There was work to do if Karakura would be a safe place for her beloved sister...

[I'm going for an ADV -1, but it's only my preferred. Ichigo's always been my best character, and I kinda wanted it to stay like that >.<]

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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]    Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]  EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 9:00 pm

While I can't give you your preferred, I can give her an ADV-2 with 70 points, once the stats are applied I will move this to accepted.

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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]    Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]  EmptySun Oct 28, 2012 11:22 am

Ah, well... Can't get everything I want XD

Rank/level - ADV -2
Hankou - 11 (+1 Hollowfied)
Reiryoku - 12
Hakudo - 16
Seijuu - 5
Bukijuu - 10
Hoho - 16 (+2 Hollowfied)
Points awarded:
Total points: 70

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PostSubject: Re: Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]    Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]  EmptySun Oct 28, 2012 11:31 am

Everything is set. I'm moving this to Accepted.

Warning: Funny/Sexual Content::

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Ichigo Lazuli [Visored]
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