Ryota Takanagi (Espada 4)(W.I.P.)

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 Ryota Takanagi (Espada 4)(W.I.P.)

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Ryota Takanagi (Espada 4)(W.I.P.) Empty
PostSubject: Ryota Takanagi (Espada 4)(W.I.P.)   Ryota Takanagi (Espada 4)(W.I.P.) EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 12:34 am

*Name:Ryota Takanagi

Nickname: The Ice Dragon Espada

*Age:2000(Looks 25)


Weapons: https://2img.net/h/i1134.photobucket.com/albums/m609/SethFord099/jpg_zps32332b3b.jpg A pair of black and aqua colored magnums that ryota uses along side his zanpaktou. They can fire ceros and ice shots as well as special bullets ryota makes out of his reiatsu. They can be used in sealed state or when he enters his ressurection form.

*Number: 4 The number is tattooed on the front right side of his neck near the shoulder.

*Personality:Level headed always ready for a challenge. He is the type that will fight anyone that challenges him but wont be reckless. He isnt a sore loser and wont blame defeat on things like cheating. He will not be one to bully others around and is an all around respectful guy.. Hes a bit of a womanizer but knows when to back off. He is hard to piss off but if he gets pushed over the edge he can be a cold blodded cut throat killer.

*Physical Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i1134.photobucket.com/albums/m609/SethFord099/Untitled_zpscf049115.png Standing at a tall 6 feet 1 inches, and weighing in at 200{10%bodyfat}Ryota has long Aqua hair that is wrapped in a ponytail. His eyebrows and eyes are both aqua colored.Clothed in an aqua Japanese umanori hakama and kimono with an aqua haori, His skin is a good color between pale and tan. His body his muscular and semi thin build. His aqua espada uniform looks more like a shinigami uniform but its always cold. There are two holsters where his magnums go on his waist. Some say he has no hollow mask fragment but they would be wrong his fragment really turned into the two magnums he carries on his waist.

*Bio:Ryota was born before aizen even started his plans to take the hokyoku and started off as an aqua humanoid being. He wandered around the deserts of hueco mundo eating and killing hollows to get stronger. Battle after battle ryota killed countless hollows. He was still in his adjuchas
class state when he was noticed by barrangan. He saw that he was different and sent a few hollows to try and recruit him to be one of his fraccions. He got annoyed with that man quickly. Every hollow that barrangan sent for him was killed and eaten. He was thankful for the power he
was getting from him. It wasn’t until later on that sage was attacked by a large group of adjuchas that were looking for stronger prey, he was nearly outmatched but it was a close call for him. He had killed and eaten all 9 of the other adjuchas that ambushed him. He made himself a home in cave that was nearby. He would rest there after every fight.This process of him fighting and eating other class of hollows and being asked to be barrangans fraccion was repeated for hundreds of years. He slowly evolved and ended up in a more Dragon Knight looking form. He was a more deadlier fighter now. He was attacked one last time but this fight he was attacked by a vaste lordes class hollow. The large and powerful hollow was too much for him to handle this would of been the end for her if he hadn’t been saved by barrangan. His attack quicky killed the hollow. As much as he hated the fact he owned him for saving him. He became one of his fraccions for a while. Ryota noticed barrangan was approached bt three shinigami one day. His instincts told her that they were trouble so he abandoned barrangan to go into hiding. It was in vain as one day that brown haired shinigami known as aizen found him. He offered him power in exchange for his services. He was hesitant but knew that the source of his power was that stone he had with him. He was evolved into an arrancar as his form was greatly changed he ended up with a black and aqua great sword as his sheathed zanpakuto. He met with the strongest arrancars also known as the espada. None of which he liked. His attention went to barrangan who was taken from his throne and made an espada. That disgusted him to no end. He hated the fact that a shinigami was the lord of hueco mundo. He went into hiding during the time ichigo and the other shinigami went into los noches. He wasnt going to fight knowing that they weere not here to kill espada or arrancar only to save the woman that aizen had locked up. It was several days that went by. He felt the espadas 9 8 7 6 5 and 4 were killed. She came out of hiding after feeling a powerful spiritual pressure take down the espada 4. He noticed grimjow on the ground nearly dead after a fight he had lost. This was his chance to get some power so using his great sword he finished off grimjow and took his power. He felt himself get stronger and thats when he gained his ressurection form. After he noticed that hueco lost all the espada he once again went into hiding training himself. He isolated himself from the world of hueco mundo and it was not until he met a woman named Zelena Angelis that his powers would once again be needed to defend his home. He was very strong and during his time in training he had gained mellowed out under her rule and instead of the bloodthirsty killer he was more of a respectible honorable espada Being placed as espada 4 Ryota would serve Zelena Angelis with the fullest of his abilities. Trying hard not to fail her he was constantly training to grow stronger for the sake of hueco mundo.


*Name: Hanta Ryu-Jin
*Sealed form: https://2img.net/h/i1134.photobucket.com/albums/m609/SethFord099/jpg_zps64fbda18.jpg Hanta ryu-jin takes the form of a large and long broad sword that has a black edge. The middle of the sword has a very detailed and fine black and aqua colored pattern that runs down to the base of the sword. The handle is long and has a small ball like hilt and an aqua grip going along the entire handle.

https://2img.net/h/i1134.photobucket.com/albums/m609/SethFord099/jpg_zps34e4ab8e.jpg Ryota's ressurection starts out with ryota doing his call out and then is swallowed in a blast of his own ice. The ice keep him engulfed while his body is surrounded in a suit of dragon knight armor. The armor is as strong and yet light as his the two magnums that add to the sturdiness of the ressurection as wella s are holstered on his waist. His hair turns short as his helmet looks like a dragons head. His armor looks intimidating and even more so with the wings extended as he makes the ice scatter. His zanpaktou is no longer a great sword but a large and sturdy Trident like spear lance. https://2img.net/h/i1134.photobucket.com/albums/m609/SethFord099/Decorated%20images/myweapon5-1.jpg His guns change slightly but also grow stronger.In his ressurection form his body is always glowing aqua cold as his armor and trident drop in temperature. He has a 2 abilities in ress form. His body is light and his trident spear lance is strong he is the epitaph of power speed and defense. He can swing his trident to create waves and blades of ice reiatsu towards his opponent the more power he puts into the attacks the bigger and more area effect it has.
*Call out phrase:Freeze and Crystalize...Hanta Ryu-jin
Ability:Ice elemental
Special Abilities:He has a special ability to cut the effectiveness of ice to his body to roughly 50% strength. While not in battle any ice or cold locations that he can make or find can heal his wounds in a matter of minutes. He can summon ice in both sealed and ressurection form and use them wither it be to breath ice or shower the area in it. His cero and granrey cero gain a major ice add on. His sonido gains a ice and frost effect as well.

Techniques: Sue me my japanese is pathetic XD ill translate them later
{{Crystal Ice Spear}} In ressurection form ryota can create a long spear or up to a max of 7 in the air around him made of ice that is too cold to melt. These spears can either shoot through an enemy or hit and explode on contact. If t hey explode the opponent will get covered in a thick layer of ice on the spot and the surrounding area of contact.
{{Sub Zero Shower}} Ryota releases his ice cold reiatsu into the air and makes it rain razor sharp shards of ice around and in a certain area and depending on how much he puts into the attack the larger the area affected is.
{{Dragon Head Blast}} In ress form ryota surrounds himself in ice energy and shoot it from his mouth like an ice flame thrower. The attack can spread fast and wide depending on how much force is behind the blast.
{{Arctic Zone}} Driving his reiatsu into the surface hes on he can create a territory of sorts which if enemies are caught in can slow them down while giving him and allies the advantage. The territory simulates a snow and ice desert. Extending as far as 12 meters away the zone is something ryota would only use this in an act of desperation as it is a cheap way to take the advantage.
{{Wing blades}} Extending his wings he can make blades of ice on the edges of his wings and fly around cutting enemies as he passes by. The blades can be broken with a good enough defense or sheild.
{{Ice Magmum gattling}} Using his magnums ryota can fire an almost unlimited supply of ice bullets that can freeze opponents and structures around him. The sound the guns make is like that of a chain gun.
{{Ice materialization}} Ryota's trident can use ice to form different types of blades on either end of his trident. Mainly stabbing or thrusting weapons on the other end and slashing blades on the trident side.
{{Crystal Prison}} Ryota can shoot pure ice energy towards his opponents and trap them in ice like cages that cant be broken or melted without a stressing ammount of force. These are usually made to trap hollows or weaker shinigami to keep them out of the way.
{{Armor of ice}} Along with the armor of his ressurection form he can form layers of ice around him that he can generate at rates of speed depending on how desprately he needs it.

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Ryota Takanagi (Espada 4)(W.I.P.)
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