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 Iratze Deitatus

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PostSubject: Iratze Deitatus   Iratze Deitatus EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 9:59 pm

Name: Iratze Deitatus

Nickname: Dei

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Iratze weilds a switchblade in which the blade pops straight out instead of flipping out. Usually it is strapped to his bicep.

Personality: Iratze is the stereotypical hot-head ginger. He has the short, quick-burnt fuse that is commonly used on cheap firecrackers, popping with a loud bang almost instantly. Though otherwise, he himself has a sense of wit in his speech. The flow of sarcasm and common sense blend together to form a sense of political rebellion. Though the respect he has for his superiors is different from his political superiors. He sees his "senpai" and teachers as figures of respect; though in turn the political heads he hears about are figures of corruption to him. Aside from being the sarcastic man with the contradictory temper, he does do well with people. There is no suave tone, no seductive facade or hopeless attermpts to be a baby boomer or a olympic bed-bouncer,. Iratze eases himself in with words relating to economics and things such as war or political decisions. But politics may run deeper than the human world, even being run into the worlds beyond.

Aside from his social status, his particular views on governments is generally negative. He hardly believes in the governing factors within the human world that infects every nook and cranny of Earth. Generally, he only follows governments that are fair and equal, though he knows when to follow the law and when not to. To be completely ignorant and rebellious would be his particular downfall if he allowed it.

Physical Appearance: Iratze is a hot-ginger-haired boy with the confusing skin. Generally, his face is smooth and clean unlike the rest of his body, except all parts are clean. His body is generally rough-skinned, having hands and feet conquered by callus from his short temper getting him into fights. With broad shoulders and having long limbs, Iratze stands at 5'8". When he wears clothes, a scar runs vertically across his very-defined collar bone, usually protruding from the collar of his shirts. It is a very defined scar, appearing to be from something dull yet capable of cutting striking him. Across his arms and hands are various, minor scars which are of various different shapes. Some from burns, some from being cut by a knife and others are from accidents. On the back of Iratze's neck is what seems to be a tattoo, though it is generally a birth mark. The shape of it appears to be a face of many markings that seem tribal. This is referred to by Iratze as the family Deitatus mark.

What he wears is a rough, sweat-stained, white tunic along with makeshift leather pants. Along with those clothes he wears a leather vest tied with string.

Bio: Iratze, sadly, had a very respected family. Everyone knew them, everyone respected them, but everyone forgot them. When Iratze was a child he was strangely born with the family insignia, a face with tribal markings on it. This insignia had been marked on the back of his neck as a birthmark, thus distressing his parents. There had been a legend amongst the blood of his family that those of the Deitatus family born with the marking was to hold power. The myth had not determined what power, how great, nor how it would affect the descendant. The Deitatus family is actually foreign, being descendants of Romans and moving from Europe to Karakura town. The Deitatus family was a noble family within the Roman Empire, which within it had a tale they wielded great power of the Deities. Though the tell -tales had been exaggerations in some eyes, they had been idols of fear in others. The rumor had never been agreed upon within the Deitatus family. The birthmark Iratze doned had been a common tattoo worn by his ancestors.

When Iratze had doned the common tattoo as a birthmark, there was fear that the tell-tale may actually be a true prophecy. For years they kept the fearful eyes of theirs glued to their child as if his potential to become powerful made him an abomination. Though one man took interest rather than accepted fear, his uncle. Iratze's Uncle Vitiosus, or commonly called Uncle Vito, set his eyes on the child to see what power comes to those born with the mark. Once Iratze turned twelve, signs began to appear. Eventually, he began seeing spirits of the dead and sometimes he heard echoes of hostile roars. This always frightened him but no actual threat occured. When trying to confront his parents about it, they just shrugged it off, swallowing their fear and trying to convince Iratze he was just hallucinating. Eventually, pointlessly they put him into counseling and had him constantly see a shrink. Iratze at some points convinced himself he was insane.

Then one night, upon returning to the Deitatus estate, had found blood splattered on the cobblestone walkways. Yelling came from his particular house within the privately owned land, sounding like his Uncle Vito and his parents had been arguing. Upon entering the room he only heard the words "That boy possesses the power of the Deitatus, the power of the Deity!". The words boomed from Vitiosus' mouth, echoing throughout Iratze's ears. He realized he never hallucinated. He was never insane nor was he ever just "going through a stage in life". No, it was something much more. He was the beacon of power within the Deitatus family. He had been what the third party of the family always desired: power. Where some saw the power as an idol of fear, and others saw as a tell-tale, there had been a very small group of descendants who believed that this power was the keystone bloodline to attain more of it.

He was meant to be their puppet or their destroyer. In a swift movement, he took the broom their family had and bashed his uncle's head with it. Immediately falling to the ground, his Uncle Vito had been caught more so with shock then pain. A blunt crunch was heard and Vito's hair was matted with blood. It ruffled almost immediately as a light coating of blood stained it. Taking the broom, Iratze broke it and took the piece that did not have the broom's bristles and stabbed it into his uncle's head. Blood did not spew out, it just bubbled through the small space left inbetween the broom and Vito's head. In complete horror, his parents crowded towards the wall, shivering in fear. With tears trickling down Iratze's eyes, he just looked at his parents with innocence.

To them, there was no innocence. To his parents, he was an abomination, a killing machine; he was something that would eventually be their end. Before dashing off, he spoke a crackled sentenced, " Mom, Dad, I...Will...I love you.". His parents just balled crying, the tears were not of remorse, but of ignorant fear. Iratze was not harmful, no. Not compared to the forces ahead. Into the night, he ran. Into nothingness, he thought he could escape. Without a family, he existed and trained. There he discovered his power. The power of the Deitatus. Iratze had eventually took residence near an out-of-town river where he built a makeshift home from wood. This would be where he lived, ate, trained and slept.


Name: Laminus Deitatus (Blade of Deity)

Item: Switchblade

Appearance: Iratze's switchblade takes the form of Laminus Deitatus, a greatsword unlike any other. Two blades swerved and form a DNA-like pattern but close off at the tip. The two blades are both stygian-black. The guard of the hilt is long-spread, having a wicked pattern. The grip of the hilt is matted with a black, wicked ichor that has solidified. The pommel has a small, dull, pike end. The grip is a foot and seven inches, the intertwining of blades being being three feet long.

Ability: The Laminus has a featherweight to Iratze, though he does not manipulate the weight of it. Otherwise, he can create various different effects that can transform either him or the blade itself. The blade and Iratze is malleable to techniques more so than most.

Techniques: Marcam de Numen (Minor)
All across Iratze's body markings form in a sort of burning matter. They are black like tattoos but seem like inscribed runes. These rune-like markings allow Iratze to use other abilities, acting as a gateway ability. There is much spacing between each mark, each mark being more simplistic. With each weapon transformation, Iratze automatically gains an adept or advanced proficient skill with using the weapon. This only applies to abilities that make the Laminus transform into a different weapon.

Lucens Percusserit
Infusing high amounts of reiatsu into Laminus Deitatus, it grows to 1.2x the size for 2 posts. The tip of the blade seems much more heavy but it can be used to create momentum-filled swings. Each attack is 1.15x slower yet the damage it does is 1.2x higher. This cannot be used whilst any other weapon-transformations are being used. This has a 3 post cooldown.

Gemina Draco
Splitting into two smaller blades, Iratze dual-wields two, slender, average longsword-length version of the Laminus Deitatus. They can attack at 1.25x faster rates, also eminating with a gold and black aura for a flavor effect. The attacks from each are 25% weaker in exchange for the speed boost. This lasts for 5 posts and cannot be used whilst any other weapon-transformations are being used. This has a 2 post cool down.

Lancea Numen
The Laminus Deitatus transforms into a lance form, the grip transforming into a pole that extends to 4.8 feet. The blade becomes 10 inches long and becomes more slender. This allows 1.05x more damage and 1.1 faster attacks. This lasts for 5 posts and cannot be used whilst any other weapon-transformations are being used. This has a 3 post cool down.

Lancea Numen: Draco Lancea
The lance form of Laminus Deitatus can be launched forward like a bullet, moving at 10 mph. After impact, it teleports back into Iratze's hand. This can only be used once during each use of Lancea Numen.

Numen Squamas
Iratze develops a set of armor that gives him a 1.2x higher defense for 3 posts with a 1 post cool down. It black with a gold trim, having various spiked parts. Link of Laziness

Role-play sample:

Rank/level - ADV-3
Hankou - 8
Reiryoku - 13
Hakudo - 16
Seijuu - 7
Bukijuu - 14
Hoho - 7

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PostSubject: Re: Iratze Deitatus   Iratze Deitatus EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 10:26 pm

Approved for ADV-3, with 65 points. One the stats are applied, I or another admin/mod will move this to accepted.

Warning: Funny/Sexual Content::

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PostSubject: Re: Iratze Deitatus   Iratze Deitatus EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 11:09 pm

Added my stats, finally.


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PostSubject: Re: Iratze Deitatus   Iratze Deitatus EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 11:17 pm

Stats were applied. Moving this to approved.
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Iratze Deitatus
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