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 Ryohei Okumura

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PostSubject: Ryohei Okumura   Ryohei Okumura EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 8:33 pm

Name: Ryohei Okumura
Nickname: Moonlit Wind
Age: 90
Gender: Male
Squad: 10th Squad
Rank: 3rd Seat
Weapon(s): None
Personality: Ryohei is a rather moody person, derived from being basically striped of his emotions and feelings. He was raised to be serious and formal, as he was of some important family back when he was still breathing. He has the proper etiquette and is absolutely the most boring, egocentric, selfish and obnoxious person when he isn't interesting someone one bit. He simply looks away for the whole conversation without speaking a word. Or he will speak, saying only three words. "You bore me.", leaving the other person without much to go on. But, he still needed to have so relief from his family's uptight mood. He learned to free his face of a frown and can smile occasionally, even going as far as laughing, if the theme is funny enough. If the person does interest Ryohei, he can be the greatest friend and companion, even going as far as protecting the person from other people. He is kind of neutral about most topics, not really wanting inside fights with his companions.

In battle, Ryohei is an indecisive person. Wether he uses one thing or another, he always thinks too much about the situation, sometimes making him get hit constantly. Although he isn't the strategic type, he always needs to think before he acts. He leaves strategies to others while he make his tactics in real-time. He believes in strength through the union of efforts between partners, and that, even if he is alone, somewhere on the field, there is another person fighting as hard as him, to protect the same things as him.
Physical Appearance:
Ryohei is a pale man, almost scaring others off with his skin color. But, though he maybe be as pale as paper, his heart burns red with desire to achieve something more, something unachievable to many. His eyes are of the darkest blue and his silky black hair flows across his head. Many people, both men and women alike, have compared his overall appearance with that of a delicate porcelain doll.

He usually wears the standard Shinigami uniform, not changing much from the normal white undergarments and the black tunic over it, well tucked and held by the fabric belt, which also holds his zanpakuto when it's being carried, unlike some people who like to stylize their own uniforms. His eyes are as black as his hair, contrasting with his pale white skin, making his appearance look bland, unoriginal and boring, due to his spending all those years locked inside of a house. His hair is very thin, and a bit stretched out, but with volume, also being spiky at some ends, which he cares about as much as he cares about his appearance as a whole. He isn't as tall as some but that just works to his advantage in dodging and running. He is slightly slender, not having much "stuffing" in himself, but that helps for the speedy movements he usually makes.

When using a more casual clothing (i.e. in a gigai, or in an occasion that lets him do so), he wears extremely dark brown boots, close to black, which cover most of his lower legs and a part of his black pants, which he also wears. He has a buttoned white shirt and a tie underneath a very formal black military-like jacket. The jacket then goes outside the pants and underneath a black belt, which secures the pants.

Overall, he's about 5'7" and 123 lb.
Bio: Ryohei was born in a wealthy family. His grandparents always wanted a grandson to take over the family business, which was extremely fruitful and had given them their extremely insane riches. His parents shared of the same idea, but still loved his big sisters to that certain extent. He was cared for by the maids, butlers and his sisters, since his parents were always traveling, and his grandparents always working. He was left to be taught by his new friends. He grew attached to them and got depressed when one of them got fired. He only survived childhood with their help, or he would have been a really depressed child.

When he got to the majority age, he had been turned into an automaton which did everything by the rules. He was more of a puppet of his parents than anything else. The etiquette he had been taught was stuck in his head like a chewing gum that doesn't let go of a shoe. He had no say whatsoever in any matter. His opinions were already planned out. His future as well. He couldn't stand any of it. He wanted a calm and peaceful life, not some hotshot, uptight life. But not much he could do. He had a pretty generous personality, but he didn't have a way to show it. It was then that he found a way to sneak out of the house while nobody noticed. He would take calm walks, looking at the stars and so.

Then came the day. When his grandparents died and his parents were excluded from the will, which stated they wouldn't inherit the company, just the house properties. His big sisters had all gone away, following their own life, working for their dreams. Ryohei had worked hard to take a degree in Sociology and was ready to start his works and thesis. But that dream was crushed by his parents forceful ways making him take over the company. He still kept sneaking out sneaking out most of the times. He once found a girl. She was crying and sitting in the middle of an empty street. Ryohei approached her and questioned her. At first she didn't want to speak but after a while, she explained everything. She was being threatened by Yakuza and they were putting her parents' and little brother's life on the line, in exchange for some imaginary debt. He was rich, so he could try something. He got some money together and went with the girl to the payment site. Of course, things went wrong and he wound up being shot through the skull. The girl survived though and she and her parents and little brother were alright.

Due to his generous act before he died, Ryohei was sent to Soul Society by a passing Shinigami. He spent years and years in Rukongai, thinking his earthly life over and over. He kept blaming himself not leaving his house sooner and pursuing his dreams. He kept crying over what his parents forced him to do. He kept calling for his sisters and his friends. He was cast into a depressed state where the only things he could remember were his frown and the etiquette lessons. Over the time, he forgot all about himself, not wanting to hurt more. He searched for ways to climb up in Soul Society. Enrolling himself in the Shinigami Academy wasn't easy but he went through. He trained hard for his grades, which were good, seeing as some were getting even worse than him. When he graduated, he was positioned in the 10th Squad, where he took missions and other kinds of assignments with his companions of the same Squad.

After a while, he commenced his training for the first release of his Zanpakuto. He needed it if he wanted to go higher. He reported that he wanted to be given extremely difficult missions by himself. With much hesitance, he was given permission. Of course, it was difficult for him to do it. Even with his skills he could barely defeat Hollows from that level. He reached the point where he was fighting to escape more than to win. On this one mission, he was facing an extremely difficult Hollow, which had already killed many Shinigami before him. He used many tactics to defeat it but none worked. He was pounded to the ground many times. His Zanpakuto was deflected countless more times. His Kido ineffective. When the Hollow got bored with him, he jumped to completely splatter Ryohei. He thought he was going to truly die. Not like before, when his soul was sent to Soul Society. He had much to do, he had much to prove, he had many experiences ahead of him. He didn't want to die. He WOULDN'T die!

Something then awoke. He was transported to a cloudy wasteland, where there wasn't any ground, just clouds and sky. There, a man sat at a throne. He had an evil feel to him, compared to the heavenly look of the background. He went on and on about how Ryohei should be more strategic before a fight, how he should be careful. He then said "If you want power I can help you. But not for free. Would you like my help?". Of course Ryohei agreed to it and the man gave him a simple task. A game of chess. It seemed as if the spirit was the strategic type. He had amazing skills, ones that could easily beat Ryohei without even opening his eyes. The spirit made twists and turns with the game, protecting the queen easily, while fending off Ryohei's advances. He was playing with him. That game of chess was to show how different both were. The spirit spoke to Ryohei. "This is me. And that is you. You won't become stronger on your own. A fight is not won solely by one's will. One needs allies, one needs to think before acting. One needs HELP. Checkmate." he said, making Ryohei's queen fall.

The spirit stood up and told Ryohei to grow stronger. He also told him he wouldn't be alone, for he would be there to help him. He then spoke his name, which woke Ryohei up from that dream. Tsukuyomi. The next words that came out of Ryohei's mouth were powerful, unleashing an equally powerful gust of wind that took the balance away from the Hollow. Ryohei spun the new form of his Zanpakuto to reach the heavens and slash through the Hollow. He passed out afterwards, having expended too much Spiritual Energy on the fight.

He was brought back by the 4th Squad's Rescue Team and healed up. Now with his Shikai unlocked, Ryohei is deemed a good Shnigami between his peers. Ryohei has started to learn what it is to smile again. He now practices everyday to attain greater powers. He is never hesitant in accepting a challenge and helps his companions on missions. He is back on the good way to become his old self.
Inner world appearance:
Ryohei's realm is very basic, as is his personality right now. Initially a sky with clouds as his foothold and a throne at the end of the road though, as his personality deepens and he reminds himself of what he used to be, it slowly becomes populated by small buildings here and there and a real ground, almost like he was falling back down on earth and going through a rural town. The throne remains the same, as does the cloudless sky above him.


Name: Tsukuyomi
Zanpakuto spirit:
Tsukuyomi is a slender, tall man. He usuually wears a metallic black/purple mask which covers his whole head(okay so it's more of a helmet). He uses purple clothing, with some golden adornments. He uses black shoes and gloves, and he wears a purple cape, red on the inside. He is strategic, calculous and sometimes overly serious, characterizing Ryohei's old self. He thinks friendship and bonds are good though and that nobody can be something as too humble for his own good. He is angered easily when his plans don't work correctly.
Sealed form: While sealed, his Zanpakuto has the form of a nodachi, standing out a bit, due to his normal size making it sometimes drag on the ground. The guard is hexagonal and bearing the yin-yang circle at the center of which protrudes the blade, and the hilt is dark green with caramel rhombi. Dangling from it is a chain, binding what seems to a gust-shaped medallion to the whole sword.


Call out phrase: Blow your silver gale, Tsukuyomi!
Shikai description:When Shikai is activated, it transforms into something... round. The chain disappears and the blade connects with the bottom of the hilt, as it turns curvier by the second, making a full circle around Ryohei. On the opposite side of the original hilt, another one appear, so that it can handled better. The whole circle-blade has about 5'4" diameter and only the outer part actually has a blade.
Ability: As a Wind Elemental Zanpakuto that basically looks like a hulla-hoop, Tsukuyomi can be controlled by Ryohei without any physical handling, leaving his hands free to do whatever he wants, though it becomes fairly stronger to fight manually with it. Ryohei can make it levitate and otherwise control it within ten feet radius of himself, also becoming capable of speeding up its rotation, if it acquires any, making Tsukuyomi a good Zanpakuto for physical fighters.
Tsuki no Kaze (Moon's Wind): By pointing Tsukuyomi at an opponent, with the ring's center pointed to them, Ryohei will make it spin and spin and spin, until it has acquired enough speed as to create small tornadoes that blow away people or even inflict pressure damage if they're too weak to handle it.

Pound Ho (Pound Cannon): Some say that this attack has nothing different from Tsukuyomi's Tsuki no Kaze, due to how similar they are at the beginning, but they couldn't be more wrong. While it's true that, at the start of this attack, Ryohei will spin Tsukuyomi in the same way but, instead of adding strength to the rotation, he simply adds more speed. As speed builds up, the wind it would create is restrained by Reiryoku until Ryohei finally and suddenly stops the blade from spinning, releasing a bullet of concentrated air towards the opponent. This technique has three stages of power, 36 pounds, 79 pounds or 108 pounds, the final one having to wait a full post to charge, but having rather destructive results.

Yokomuki Nami (Sideways Wave): As the name implies, this is a wave of air created from the way Ryohei spins Tsukuyomi around like what he looks like.... a hula-hoop. By using the way the Shikai is shaped like, Ryohei while spin and spin and spin Tsukuyomi to build up some a speed and, after he has the speed he wants, he will simply stop Tsukuyomi, the inertia created by that force will continue and, like any other force, it will create a wave of air that pushes back anyone around in an horizontal 180ºs.


Bankai name:
Bankai description:

Role-play sample:

As Ryohei landed on the rooftop of a nearby house, he saw his surroundings. Normal. Everything was green. Not a single thing out of order. Or was it? Did they send me on a fruitless mission AGAIN? It's getting tiring... Damn these new people around here, taking away our jobs and way of not-living... They bore me. he thought. He had been sent to Karakura town on a regular Hollow, and possible Arrancar, extermination. He had actually been sent to eliminate Arrancars... Jeez, this is getting tiring... Why do Arrancars have to be in the way? Better yet, why do Hollows keep evolving? They should stay weak so they could be defeated quickly... he asked himself, already knowing a bit about the answer. He jumped from rooftop to rooftop while he searched for the objective of his mission.

He finally found one chasing a Plus. Jumping from the rooftop, Ryohei unsheathed his Zanpakuto. Without much of a hassle, he landed on top of his mask and shoved the nodachi right down the middle of it. The Hollow disappeared almost instantly. Ryohei hated when that happened. It seemed as if he was killing an actual person. He turned to the Plus. She seemed like she was a 10-year old girl when she lived. "I'm not going to lay around dead! I'm going to make someone notice me! I'm going to be with my parents no matter what! I'm not leaving!" she said, a bit sourly. Ryohei sighed.

"Look, your parents are probably grieving you at this moment. Shouldn't you be a good girl and enjoy your afterlife? Of course, you may not remember them by then, but they will join you, sooner or later. That's how life and death are. Could you be a big enough girl and do them that favor of resting in peace?" he asked. He had always been good with children, though he didn't know why. The girl looked to him sideways, before nodding calmly. Ryohei approached her and touched her forehead with the base of the hilt of his Zanpakuto. The spirit then started fading away. That wasn't why I was here, but oh well. Now let's go and try to find some real Hollows. he thought, sheathing his sword and running off.

It wasn't long before he sensed more Hollows and Arrancar presences. He did notice some other faint Reiatsu, but he dispelled it as nothing to worry about. He needed to focus, get the job done, go home, practice, eat and sleep. He did love to do his job, at the very least it entertained him and kept him busy for hours. He did have companions who he normally hung out with, but they would also be on assignments so he would have nothing to do while waiting.

He needed to know more. More about how the brain worked. He actually wanted to be like before. Before he died. He always sensed that he was a lot better when he had his old personality, even though he didn't remember how he was. All those years of waiting and practicing and hoping had made him forget. He was old, in human years. He may seem like an adult to most and a youth to some, he had many years of experience behind him. But not enough, by Soul Society terms. He shook his head and continued to run.

Rank/level - ADV-2
Hankou - 12
Reiryoku - 11
Hakudo - 14
Seijuu - 10
Bukijuu - 12
Hoho - 11
Points awarded: 0
Total points: 70

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PostSubject: Re: Ryohei Okumura   Ryohei Okumura EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 8:47 pm

Everything in the application looks fine.

I can approve this for ADV-2 with 70 points. With this rank, you could take a captain position, if you wanted. Or if you were planning on starting off lower and work your way up, I could give you a lower rank. Just let me know.

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PostSubject: Re: Ryohei Okumura   Ryohei Okumura EmptyTue Nov 06, 2012 9:01 pm

Nah, I have my own reasons for being a 3rd Seat. Thanks for the offer though.

Either ways, edited the stats.
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