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 Tale of Aein Decoix

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PostSubject: Tale of Aein Decoix    Tale of Aein Decoix  EmptyWed Nov 07, 2012 1:44 am

Bleak and alone walked a lone figure within the shroud of shadows that cloaked his shape. A closer look at the man would have spoken volumes, as his clothes were tattered and bloodied. No, he was no murderer and his sanity was still quite intact but the things he has seen would cause many to run in fear. He was of a select breed of men and women trained since birth for one sole purpose. To protect the world from any supernatural threat, so in other words this man was a hunter. In fact, he is the best of the hunters and this is his story….

“Dang its cold this time of year.” He muttered to himself as he walked through the city of Atlanta in the early time of 4 a.m.

A rather skilled vampire was the reason for the disarray of his looks; he barely made it out with his life this time. Despite all of his years of training, at the end of the day he was still only human. It was a hard life but if it wasn’t for people like him the ‘peace’ the world was currently experiencing would have never occurred. He could still remember the long nights he spent training and honing his body into a perfect weapon. The scars that littered his body were numerous but the mental damage even worse. Most considered him to be simply cynical but you try watching your whole family be murdered by some blood suckers at the age of 13. He never speaks of them anymore; life has taught him to leave painful memories behind with the past. As he reached his destination, which was the back steps to his condo he placed his palm upon the scanner it drew his blood only lightly. Recognizing him as the condo’s rightful owner, the door which was cloaked by a Fae’s glamour was revealed. He opened the door as all his lights on the inside sprang to life. His condo’s virtual butler announced himself by saying.

“Welcome Mister Decoix, would you like your red bull served in your study or in the living room.”

He considered his options only briefly before answering the virtual droid by saying “In the living area, also bring up the next case file as well.”

The hologram flickered for a second before announcing “It is all ready and waiting for your approval Mister Decoix.”

With that he was well on his way to his next case, Aein Decoix allowed his fatigue to show on his face for a moment as he landed on his couch rather lazily. He scrolled his fingers through the various holo-images most showing a rather demonic looking man murdering a witch and setting her apartment ablaze. He watched emotionlessly as the scene unfolded, he then brought up a hologram based keyboard. Hacking was another parlor trick he had picked up on over the years. Within a couple of keystrokes, he was now tracking the demon. Normally, he wouldn’t interfere with such disputes but the man was someone of interest to him. Somehow, the man used to be mundane like Aein was but he found a way to bond his essence with a demon to further enhance his abilities to the supernatural level. Aein immediately stood to his feet; the fatigue once felt was now like a past memory as he in a rather brisk pace walked toward his garage. While many preferred the newer versions of cars that now achieved flight he liked his rides old school. He still had to leave in style, picking one of his bugatti’s opening the door quickly. As he sat down closing the door his pressed the button causing the engine to roar as he literally rocketed out of his garage. He had his car specialized where it was always connected to his home network so he could follow the demonic man like he had him on a global tracking system. He sped through the now empty streets because like previously stated most people choose flying cars these days. He expertly drove his car, drifting around the corners not willing to waste any extra time. A smile grew on his face as he neared the man; he shut off his lights and allowed the darkness to obscure the sight of his car.

However, to his surprise the man stepped in front of his car eyes now pitch black as he willed himself to grow stronger. The demon literally stopped the car with his bare hands, and then sent his palm straight through the engine effectively killing the car. Aein was ready however, rolling out of his car he pulled out twin Berettas with blessed bullets. His shot was legendary, but even as he rained several bullets at the demon. The demon seemingly willed the bullets out his way thus they did not affect him. Aein ran up and leaped sending his knees into the demon’s chest. The demon staggered back but was not seriously affected by the attack; laughing at Aein the demon extended his arms. Aein felt as if he was a mere toy as he was pulled by some magical force toward the demon. The demon met him with a punch square into the nose; Aein could feel the bones in his nose shatter. Then the demon sent a devastating knee to Aein’s stomach causing the air to leave him. Aein fell to his knees, but it was not over by a long shot. The magical force now lifted him and slammed him into a nearby wall, before sending him crashing back to the ground. Aein coughed up blood as he landed, still trying to will his body to work. He simply couldn’t allow himself to die here; he had been through too much. Aein quickly threw a ball container full of holy water at the demon’s face. Smoke and a burning smell lit up the dark night, the demon screamed in pain as the holy water burned through his flesh. Now pissed off the demon drew a long dagger, and pulled Aein toward him once more impaling him with the dagger. Aein fell to the ground feeling his body giving up on him, the demon laughed at Aein once more before kicking him in the stomach. With a snap of the finger, loud screams of pain and terror pierced the silence of the night as a portal opened to hell. The demon stepped inside leaving Aein for dead.

Or so the demon thought….

Several figures watched the whole scene from the rooftops; they drew happiness from the despised hunter’s pain but also fear in the abilities of the demon. One female figure took a step of the building dropping several stories and landed as if the feat was nothing. Her pale skin made it rather obvious in combination with her recent stunt that she was a Vampire. She was the princess of the Vampire hierarchy to be specific; she taunted Aein for a second saying.

“So this is how the hunter Decoix will die? To think you were actually our enemy for so long but was so easily beaten by the demon. Is it death that you want or perhaps a new stronger life?”

One of her underlings stepped forward quickly, his voice almost disrespectful as he said.” Princess Alana you can’t honestly be thinking of giving him the gift of being a vampire!”
She looked back with the full intensity of someone not to be fucked with as she pierced the man’s will before saying. “Are you questioning my will Elijah? Do you remember what happened to the last underling who questioned my authority? Do I need to break you as well?”

Elijah bowed his head in defeat and returned back to the group of vampires. Alana crouched down running her sharp nails on Aein as his body was now going into shock. Alana used one of her nails to pierce her skin, and then as the red blood flowed from her skin she pressed it to Aein’s mouth. Who while dazed was surprised to feel himself drinking the blood as his last breaths were beginning to set upon him. He opened his eyes for one last time gazing at Alana’s pale Hispanic skin before passing out. He was supposed to die that night, but a vampire’s blood had healing properties when drank by most species except werewolves where it was actually a poison. Alanna looked around at her subordinates non-verbally signaling them that it was time to go. The all looked up at the sky before taking off through the roof-tops back to their territory. The rain lightened somewhat before Aein completely lost recognition.

The world rushed around Aein as awareness and pain returned to his senses. The pain actually came in form of a headache that Aein wasn’t entirely sure where it came from. He briefly checked his body over for the signs of how serious his wounds were, and was amazed to see that he didn’t have any. A flash of Alanna feeding him her blood flashed before his eyes as he wondered why she of all other people saved him. However, Aein lacked the time to think about why this would occur. Instead, he had to think on how he would be able to stop this demon before he grew even stronger and ended up breaking the Silence. It was determined years ago, based off the Council which hosted every race that they would not reveal their presence to mankind as they didn’t think human were worthy of such knowledge. The only ones allowed to find out about the other races were those foolish enough to stumble across it and the ones perceptive enough to do so. And this code and binding agreement by the Council was thereby named the Silence.

Wincing at how much blood now stained his outfit and how worn out they now looked, he couldn’t help but amusingly think about how mad his tailor would be this week. He reached toward his left calf muscle and pulled out a rather sizable knife and strapped to his left arm. Aein winced as it dawned upon him that he owed his life to a vampire, as repulsive as that made him feel he couldn’t being thankful at the same time. Aein emerged from the alley into the sunlight luckily he didn’t die or he would have become one of them. Aein shuddered as he imagined being a vampire; he would be stuck under the curse of the sun until he was old enough to bare it. As Aein walked down the sidewalk, he drew many alarmed looks from the locals though he ignored them. He paused for a second hands rummaging through his pockets picking out his box of Newports. He lit one while pushing his box back into his pocket, as he exhaled he heard a shift from behind him. His eyes peered through the crowd noticing a figure shifting it’s way through the crowd. Aein took off racing after whatever it is, but whoever it was they were quite nimble being able to weave in and out of the crowd quicker than Aein was. Aein caught a flash of grey long hair before he lost the person completely, he slightly yelled in frustration before resuming his smoke.

“It’s alright, I still got my health and live to hunt another day but I need a drink.” He said somewhat talking to himself and thinking at the same time. He lifted his hand to hail a taxi, he stepped in closing the door behind himself saying “The 12 hotel and step on it please.”

Several minutes later, Aein was dropped off in front of his loft. His loft was on the top floor; a highriser that sits above most of the city giving a beautiful view during the sunsets & rises. Rumbling through his pockets once more he walked alongside the side finding the scanner and letting himself in the loft once more.

His Ai unit “Charles” chiming in saying “You received a message from the Council last night; you will be attending another meeting within a week so make sure you remember to go.”

“Aye, meet me in the living area with the usual.” Aein said rather tiredly, he had enough on his hands than to deal with another summon before the Council. He wasn’t a member but whenever a meeting was held in a Hunter’s city they were required to attend. It was merely a formality however as rarely was his opinion asked, they kept it simple he was the muscle who was required to listen in every once in a while.

Calling up the HUD display to broadcast before him he spent minutes shuffling through articles. Tossing several articles across the room as he tried to find out more information on the demon he had just encountered. The council’s beastiary had no information on the type of demon; he had just encountered which made him automatically think it must have been one of the rumored Upper-class demons. Most demons were either low-class or basic demons the difference being that low-class demons actually were sentient and not fully bound by the dark powers they were created out of. Aein began to document everything he knew about his foe; his strength was past that of vampires he had encountered, had great skill in what seemed like telekinesis which suggested great mental strength. But Aein knew he was barely even scratching the surface, for the information he needed he would have to go to Hell for it. See Hell was divided by many levels, but the farthest level ever transverse was the third lower level which most demons he had encountered were from. Though, he would have to majorly prepare for this journey by getting his weapons reinforced and by getting the Council’s permission for this journey as they would send another Hunter out here while he was gone.

Elsewhere. . .

“To even save his life was a mistake; he will not learn from your generosity my lady!” said the man fuming at the aspect that they just saved one of their top enemies from death.

“Remember who you are speaking to when you speak Elijah, am I not the who sired you? Am I not the one who for the past thousand years kept the vampire race intact and unified, has there ever been a vampire who could do that?”

“No, milady forgive me I know all of our kind is in your debt for your leadership through such dark times. But when will it be our time again, to rule over the humans as their proper masters! I believe this time can be coming soon, our numbers have tripled within the last century.” Elijah said slowly at first but becoming more excited by the end of his statement.”

“I admire your vision and it has served you well as my advisor but did you not see that demon? Even in our feral state, besides myself and those who lived long enough do not reach his level of strength and speed.” Alana paused for a second to let what she said sink in. “But leave me now, I am. . . tired call our brothers and tell them we assemble for a meeting with the week.” With that she considered Elijah dismissed walking through her bedroom chambers with her light silk robes too long for her body so it slightly dragging on the floor closing the door behind him.

She sighed before shifting across the room thanks to her speed, already she was in her lavish looking bathroom. A walk in shower with room for two, with the basic bathroom amenities all gold down to the smallest metal piece. As she waited for the water’s to warm up, she sat on the counter of her sink leaning back against the mirror. She was mentally tired, she mused after a couple of more centuries she would need to take another deep sleep. As for vampires they could sleep but when they do they have tendency to sleep years away as they’re mind cools-off as an eternity on the mind sends most weaker minded beings into insanity. Those blessed with vampirism considered it a gift rather than a curse though new vampires take time to see why. See they still lived and breathe which is why they considered themselves the next step eventually in human evolution. Forever is what they had; the effects of the time no longer applying to them forever stuck at whatever age they fully matured in if they were born a vampire as she was or whenever they were bitten.

When the temperature of the water fit her liking she disrobed revealing her supple beautiful body to the waters of her shower. She needed to think and this shower was exactly what she needed to do so. She closed her eyes relaxing her mind as she bathe herself letting the sound of each droplet of water further soothe her spirit. Her mind wandered through endless topics, but at the end one thought she couldn’t shake was of Aein. . .

A week later. . .

Light spilled through the banquet room windows, together at the table full of an assortment of meats, starches and ale sat the Council. Discussions were going routinely which means ridiculously slow until Aein proposed his plan.

“Preposterous! No hunter has ever survived the descent into the depths of Hell! Does your arrogance know no bounds?” said the tall and somewhat glowing Fae. She was the oldest, and at times the volatile one of the Council.

“Now, now Lumiya let the man at least say his peace.” Said the great haired Alpha named Eric, he was known for his wisdom and to be a man of great restraint.

“I am merely one man as such, I am not important if I’m marching to my own death; what would make it any different then any other day for me. I merely wish to find out the truth behind this demon because I am not exaggerating when I say that if there are more like him the peace we all hold dear will soon be destroyed and all our people endangered.” Aein countered.

“No disrespect but what do you plan to do if you make it and find out what you think is true. You could not even take down one them if there are more what can you do besides pray for a quick death?” said the Kelina Matriarch of North & South American Witches, known for her sharp tongue and her deadliness when it came to magic.

Kelina’s word’s struck close to home with Aein, the man while raised to be fearless so how futile his attempt would truly be. Once again, he would have to face the impossible but what would happen this time when the impossible was really impossible? Aein stood up determined not to let them see his spirit broken no matter how unstable his thoughts were saying.

“So what? We sit here playing with our belly-buttons while our possible enemy is surely growing stronger and plotting on us all?”

And with that he pushed his chair in, before striding away from the Council’s table walking toward the double doors which would lead to outside. As he stepped outside his body shuddered as it passed through the invisible magic that kept unwanted people out of the meeting room. He looked up at the sky thinking that he had his work cut out for him, and boy how right he was. . .

Elsewhere. . .

In the darkness of Atlanta’s underground, several figures stood in the shadows each person features indiscernible through the darkness but as vampire each seen each other with ease. Alana stood in the middle of the circle of vampire dressed in a long black dress with heels to match. Her long raven hair was tied into a ponytail that sailed long past the middle of her back. She stood resolute, her face not betraying any weakness as it shouldn’t dealing with her own kind the slightest weakness would be pounced upon and once again the vampires would suffer infighting once more.

“You all know why you’re here.” She asked rhetorically, as she shifted her weight to her left leg.

“Yes, you’ve called us because there is a new demon about that has you shaking in your heels.” Spoke Alaric an arrogant elder vampire who often ‘forgot’ who truly was in charge. Alana would have been dealt with him, but he hosts a following almost as big as hers and she didn’t want to risk a civil war. . . yet.

“What our colleague means, is that were all here to extent our help and speak on our new enemy.” Said another elder by the name of Thomas, he was a pretty noble man that was one of the few she respected and the feeling was mutual.

“No, I said what I meant Thomas.” Alaric replied hastily and nastily toward Thomas.

Ignoring Alaric’s irritating words, she cleared her throat and Alaric ended his statement earlier than he intended to. “Then, I guess you will have no problem leading the attack when the time comes to strike against the demons.” It was obvious she was challenging Alaric and calling his bluff.

“Oh but why send a knight to do a pawn’s business?” Alaric asked with a sly smile, he was intelligent he could tell a trap when he heard it.

“Before me and my rise, you were simply a pawn under Rayne.” Alana said back still not betraying any emotions but the way her words were said it could have been a knife.

“My friends must we quarrel like young fledglings? Princess you have me support in this battle and whether he likes it or not you have Alaric’s as well unless he intends to do away with the treaty of unification?” Thomas said tactfully.

The treaty of unification was a document blessed by the vampire council of seven’s blood and written in it as well. They all promised fealty toward Alana and each of them promised to support the other clans as if they were their own.

“No, of course not Thomas! I’m shocked you would even say such a thing.” Alaric said with mock dismay and concern.

“When will we tell our followers of the Blood?” Thomas asked as he wished to share the gift with his whole family/coven.

Alana pursed her lips for a second thinking, even though it would greatly help things to give their whole line the gift she knew what would happen. “Not yet my friend, we have too much at stake right now and I’ve been hearing of localized disputes lately. Not of our clans of course, but from our sister clans who have yet to see things our way. If the gift fell into the wrong hands, her last thousand years of hard work would be for naught.

Alaric remained quiet but looked around sneakily as if he was up to something. Alana was about to comment on it but she was too out of it to really put up with anymore of Alaric’s insolence. So instead she decided to move the conversation back in the right direction.
“However, we will need to exchange underlings for communication purposes, so when this threat next reveals itself everyone will be unified. Have you all brought an underling, mine is waiting outside.”

Because of the special bond between a sire & sired they hold a telepathic and at times emotional bond that can be felt no matter the distance. It made communication very efficient between the vampire races when utilized right.

Thomas was the first to speak “Mine should be arriving now milady.” And as soon as he finished his statement just on the edge of their hearing they could hear the cold efficient approach of their underlings.

Alaric finally spoke in a condescending tone saying “Yes, yes, now can I take my leave? I have business to attend too.”

As much as Alana wanted to stall to further irritate the vampire lord, she knew she had other things to attend to as well so she closed the meeting saying. “Until we meet again brothers.”

Meanwhile in the depths of Hell. . .

Fire & screams of the human souls trapped in it’s depths filled one’s senses. Though, to the demons it was like the finest orchestra as they reveled in another’s pain. Currently one of the fourth level which was the level for beings that committed extreme violent atrocities while on Earth. With a slight tearing noise followed by a hiss, an opaque portal slowly formed a thin line in the dimensional fabric then suddenly burst open to form a circle about the size of a SUV.

Stepping out of the portal was a white long haired humanoid that could pass for human if it wasn’t for the growing horns protruding for his forehead and the reddish hue that was growing along his skin. Muscles tight and toned with no excess fat made for an impressive view for anyone to happen to look. Demons briefly looked away from tormenting their human souls to take notice of the man. Scowls and grimaces were shown before they returned back to their craft. However, one demon was different stepping up toward the man with flames dancing around his palms.

“Dominic, you’re an abomination I will cleanse from our realm dirty mutt.” Clearly the demon did not appreciate the man’s human origins.

Dominic looked at the man smirking slightly as the demon blasted a torrent of flames at him. Dominic took in a breath before stepping forward extending his hand and pushing out with his own power. The flames continued to rush forward before abruptly changing directions pushing away from Dominic’s extended hand as he pushed his telekinetic force. Through the flames rushed the demon with his demonic speed, Dominic sighed before side stepping the demon with a look of ease twisting around he grabbed the demon by the tail and neck slamming the demon head first into the ground. After releasing him, Dominic’s eyes glowed black for a second as he extended his hand and channeled his telekinetic power before his palm before emitted a devastating wave of energy crushing the demon almost instantly. Blood splattered in the air raining on Dominic’s black clothes and his face but it didn’t even phase the hybrid. He turned his attention to the other demons looking at them for a moment then deciding on what to say he finally spoke.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to challenge me? Or maybe you want to destroy our captors, the ones who arrogantly claim Earth as theirs? Ever since they teamed up with those humans and their ‘magic’ we’ve been trapped down here only able to leave once we’ve gain enough strength. But you know what; I say no I say now is our time to rise up and take the Earth as ours!” He stared every demon looking at him in the eye to show he wasn’t playing.

The ground rumbled and the fires raised as more demon hearing his call began to arrive. Though, the rumbling came from another source; a giant behemoth began to walk toward Dominic. For a moment Dominic thought the behemoth was approaching to attack, armed with a club lined with thorns that dripped demonic poison. He stood before Dominic for a moment before he began to glow purplish hue as he slowly shifted into his human form. Still a sight to see as the man had the body of a bodybuilder while still being quick on his feet. Dominic would have been worried had he not been sure that he was a level five demon. He extended his hand, and Dominic did the same shaking the giant’s now human sized hand. With that it seemed the rest of the demons were content with the new truce as they began to seem more accepting of Dominic’s presence but he was no fool it would take a lot more for him to be confident leading them into battle with Earth. . .

Back on Earth. . .

Lush and green mixed with the ever expansive hold of technology. At times like these only a few unsavory characters were out. Which is why when a scream pierced the dangerous silence of the night, it drew attention to anyone near. At this time Aein walked briskly from the council meeting, the coldness of the winter biting at his exposed skin. He pulled the collar of his trench coat, and stuffed his hands in his pocket fishing out a Newport to smoke and keep him warm. As soon as he lit it is when the scream disturbed his few moments of peace, Aein turned around hearing the noise coming down the street in an alley.

Aein took off forgetting his Newport on the ground as he sprinted. He of course could not tell which alley that action was occurring in but he knew the general location. So as he made it down the street, he began checking every alley until he saw a woman cornered by a feral wolf. Most likely this was his first change and the fact that he was by himself meant he had no pack because it was against the supernatural law for a werewolf or a vampire to be alone after recently being bitten.

Aein reached within his pants pulled out his shotgun with silver slugs in it. The werewolf turned upon hearing Aein, seeing his weapon sent the beast into a rage as it without another thought took off intending to tear Aein apart. Aein took the time to spark up another cigarette before shooting the double barrel shot at the beast. Only one hit managing only to slow the beast, without exhaling he quickly disassembled his shotgun loading two more rounds in it. He exhaled the smoke as he cocked his weapon back, the beast leaped ready to sink its teeth in Aein as Aein shot once more. At such a close range, the effects were major sending the beast back as it tried to resist the silver poisoning just long enough to kill Aein.

Aein already knowing the result sheath his shotgun back within his pants, and turned around ready to walk off when the wolf suddenly leaped biting Aein in torso before dropping him and dying. Aein cried out in pain as his blood splattered on the ground, he struggled to reach in his coat plugging out two syringes one a dosage of some painkiller and the other wolfsbane that had been rumored to block the effects of the bite. He stabbed himself with both at the same time, after that he began to feel dizzy as the lady he had saved walked upon him all he saw was her hand extending toward him before the world rushed around him and plunged him into darknesss.

A couple of hours later; Aein woke up with a rush gasping for air. He had some disturbing dreams during his slumber. He woke up checking his body; his body had been bandaged up but was still very noticeably sore. He looked around puzzled at who had mended his wounds; he noticed he was in a rather nice apartment on the couch. He looked to the left of him seeing a large cup of water on the end table; he picked it up and easily drained the cup within minutes. Barely being able to stand he leaned against the wall pushing himself forward toward the noise he heard in what he assumed was a kitchen.

Stepping inside the kitchen he saw a raven haired slim waist but thick bodied lady he guessed was from Hawaiian descent and probably mixed with something else. But she was stunning and from her scent he could tell that she was human. Though, he didn’t know how he knew that intellectually he just knew. She didn’t seem startled when she turned to see him standing in the door way, she offered him a smile before motioning for him to come closer.

“I’m sorry if your bandages are too tights, I’ve always been one to say I’d rather be safe then sorry. Oh, my name is Rose and you are?” She said all of this in a friendly way that would have disarmed most people but Aein was skeptical for someone almost killed by a werewolf she didn’t seem to shaken.

“No, the bandages are fine and I’m Aein. I suppose I should be thanking you for saving my life, but I find it weird how easily your taking almost being killed by a werewolf.” He said eyeing her closely as it clicked in his mind to check for his weapons. His shotgun was gone as well as the pistol he had strapped to his side. He still held a dagger that was hidden within his boots, but with his weapons missing things didn’t look good.

Noticing him checking himself, she assumed he was looking for his weapons since he clearly didn’t trust her. “Your weapons are right there in the living area, they were in the way while I performed my healing magic. I’m still learning of my wiccan heritage so I had to use mundane healing practices as well hence the bandages.” She said her smile never breaking as if she didn’t mind his distrust or was used to it.
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Tale of Aein Decoix
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