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 Yasutora Sado

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PostSubject: Yasutora Sado    Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:02 am

Name: Yasutora Sado

Nickname: Chad

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Fullbringer

Personality: Chad is a quiet and seemingly pacifistic person, always being the butt of jokes because of this. Although he may appear to be rock-solid he has a weak point for cute things, especially Kon's plushie form. He is definitely one of the most respectful of his friends, as well as one of the most loyal. He would rather protect a friend than turn them in to the authorities. Surprisingly to most, he is very intelligent, being the 11th most intelligent of 322 students in Karakura High. As said by many enemies, he is deemed fearless; most of his enemies finding this surprising. Besides his quiet, loyal stature he odly idles Don Kanonji as a tv star, nothing else. Another odd factor is that his favorite food is tomatoes. Yes. Tomatoes. (In which he would be the only person eating the tomatoes instead of throwing them in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 when they go "Here's a Tomatoe!").

Physical Appearance: Chad is of Hispanic decent, clarified to be Mexican. To prove this he is displayed with dark-skinned with a shaggy, brown hair style that generally hangs and covers his left eye. He deems a tattoo that says Amore e Morte, meaning love and death in Italian, on his left shoulder which consists of a snake with angel wings around it. The only clothes he wears are either his school uniform or short-sleeved shirts that are generally flashy with open collars. Also, on his face is the Goatee of the Gods! Which is a regular, plain, hispanic goatee.



Name: Brazo Derecha de Gigante and Brazo Izquierda del Diablo

Item: His Fists Thunda and Lightnin'.

Appearance: Brazo Derecha de Gigante masks Chad's right arm completely, including the shoulder, with a metallic liquid that solidfies into a black armor. The black armor sports a tribal, red design. Off of the armor is an extension that appears to be similar to a car's exhaust when it opens up and charges up spiritual energy.

Brazo Izquierda del Diablo does the same except the liquid solidifies into a white armor, though the design is still red but less intricate. The extension from the shoulder is just a horn-like figure instead of an exhaust-like extension. Chad sports diamond-shaped tips on his fingers. The armor also has two claw-like prongs closing on his chest.

Ability: The Right Arm of the Giant can charge up reiatsu via the exhaust-like extension. This allows Chad to fire blasts of reiatsu, generally naming this ability "El Directo". The main function of the ability is to amplify the reiatsu he charges in order to use more powerful attacks. The Left Arm of the Devil functions as a gateway for other abilities, the most common being La Muerte. Both act as gateways but only the Right Arm of the Giant can charge/amplify reiatsu for its own respectful attacks.

Techniques: Brazo Derecha de Gigante
El Directo: Using the amplified reiatsu, Chad can fire blasts of energy in three different forms: a personal-range punch in which the blast occurs once Chad's fist hits a person and/or object, a short burst that fires a small bullet of energy, generally being similar to a bala, and a large blast of energy that can be rather critical. Chad must charge for at least a single post for the capability to use the larger blast, though he can charge for 3 to amplify its power by 1.5x. The short burst and the personal-range blast can be used in the same post that the reiatsu is charged, though charging them for an entire post before use doubles the power. Generally the larger blast is more powerful, being 5 feet in diameter. The cooldown is 1 post for the personal-range blast and the short burst, 4 posts for the larger blast.

Shield Form: The fuction on the Right Arm of the Giant changes, now being capable of charging and/or absorbing other sources of reiatsu. For example, if a bala was fired at him and he caught it in the middle of his shield, he would absorb it depending on how strong it is (this is not the case for Espada that are much stronger than him). The maximum strength he can absorb sources of reiatsu depends on the Seijuu stat. Generally, the maximum is equal to 3 points more than what his Seijuu stat is. The shield form represent a mouth of a giant, a spike protruding from the shield. The extension on Chad's shoulder is no longer there. Generally, this increases the power of El Directo by 2x. Also, the shield's endurance is equal to two points more than Chad's Hankou stat. This lasts for 7 posts with a 5 post cooldown. If Chad absorbs another source of reiatsu, he can use it to instantly charge his El Directo to be capable of using the beam or 2 of the short bursts and/or personal-range blasts.

Shield Form+ Charge Extension: This is just like the Shield form but the shoulder extension just becomes smaller instead of disappearing. This allows El Directo to be 4x stronger instead of 2x. This lasts 3 posts with a 9 post cooldown. Also, El Directo cannot be charged for more than one entire post. The bonus received by charging the burst and the personal-range blast an entire post is also not received. Also, this has only a two-use capability a day ( safe uses, anyways)

El Directo Grande This is the coevolved version of El Directo, only being an extension of its blast radius. The blast/beam is now 10 feet in diameter.

Brazo Izquierda del Diablo

La Muerte: Focusing high amounts of reiatsu into his fingertips, he draws them back, clenching his hand into a fist, charging like five disks of electricity. Generally, this is one of Chad's most devastating attacks, causing energy to either enter into the target in a compressed form before bursting, or sending a shockwave through/around his opponent and destroying anything behind the target within a reasonable distance (50 feet). This takes one post to prepare as the reiatsu charges in his finger tips, thus being slower than charging an attack from El Directo. This has a 6 post cooldown. Also, for a flavor effect, if there is a surface directly behind the stricken target, it is crushing into the shape of a skull. The only way it can enter an opponent is if there is a noticeable difference between their Hankou score and Chad's Hakuda AND Hakuda score.

La Muerte Grande: Unlike El Directo Grande, this actually has a power boost. Though the charge time is doubled to two posts, the attack power is multiplied by 1.5. Also, if it cannot enter the target, the radius in which an area is destroyed is increased to 60 feet.

El Card Muerte: Chad can fire disorienting blasts similarly to La Muerte from his left arm, causing a brief disruption in one's movements. This can be used four times before having a 3 post cooldown.

Escape del Diablo: The horn protruding from The Left Arm of the Devil straightens and lengthens, opening up to form a pointed pipe that resembles an exhaust pipe. It can only be effective whilst "Brazo Escalada del Diablo" is in use. Whilst Scaled Arm of the Devil is in use, La Muerte and other abilities are 1.25x stronger. Also, a new ability becomes available, "Abrazo de la Muerte".

Brazo Escalada del Diablo: A scaled-armor version of The Left Arm of the Devil is formed, the endurance being equal to one point more than Chad's Hankou score. Also, this allows the use of Escape del Diablo. The hand of the Left Arm of the Devil also becomes armored and clawed.

Abrazo de la Muerte An advanced version of La Muerte which is much more powerful. Instead of having a destructive alternate effect on the environment behind the target, it compresses reiatsu even more in a single punch. The entire burst of reiatsu only releases into one area, generally being much stronger than La Muerte. The force is so great, it can smash through defenses such as Hierro. It sacrifices the capability of being fired into the target's body and bursting, though it still works as a crushing final blow. There is only one safe use, afterwards rendering the Left Arm of the Devil's techniques useless for 4 posts.

Role-play sample:

Rank/level - ADV-3
Hankou - 10
Reiryoku - 15
Hakudo - 12
Seijuu - 11
Bukijuu - 10
Hoho - 7
Points awarded: Nonza
Total points: 65

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PostSubject: Re: Yasutora Sado    Wed Nov 14, 2012 5:55 pm

Approved for ADV-3 with 65 points.

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PostSubject: Re: Yasutora Sado    Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:53 pm

Stats are added.


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PostSubject: Re: Yasutora Sado    Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:57 pm

Moving to approved~

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PostSubject: Re: Yasutora Sado    

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Yasutora Sado
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