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 Tavy Octavious Skipio

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Kaede Soshi
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Kaede Soshi

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PostSubject: Tavy Octavious Skipio    Tavy Octavious Skipio  EmptyFri Jul 27, 2012 1:32 am

Name: Tavy Octavious Skipio
Nickname: The lord of of Decadence,
Sin: Gluttony
Age: Over a thousand years old (Appears 28)
Gender: Male

Weapon(s):ferrum maxilla(Iron Jaws): Roman style Cestus(Combat gloves) that fit snugly onto his hands. Made of black leather strips covered in sharp metal spikes, they are unbreakable. Embroidered on ether glove is "Gula non sit vitium latet" Which translates to gluttony is not a secret vise.

vorax morsu(Voracious bite): Tavy's teeth dont appear much different then any body else's; Maybe a little more pointed, certainly a little whiter but thats about it. His teeth can crunch, smash and slice like none other, and they will never break chip or get a cavity. You gotta love the fringe benefits of being a demon...They have the best dental plan around. Ohh did i for get to mention he can open his mouth more then three times the norm?


Personality: Tavys a very odd man. On the surface, he appears to be somewhat laid-back, and appreciates a beer, a scantily-clad underwear model, a pair of aviators, and a patio deckchair on some random beach. He tends to epitomise the typical stereotype of 'action hero', and then takes it a little further past that extreme. He appreciates everything you'd expect a man of his appearance too. Fast cars. Naked women. Shotguns.

He's right at home in a bar, a car, or a battlefield. Anywhere other than those three or his apartment, and he's more than likely to be alert, aware, and ready to pull out one of his fists at a moment's notice. And note that he's trained to kill with these babies - and then some.

Whilst slow to start, when Tavy gets going, he's cocky and overconfident, and values successful irrationality. He enjoys the odd trickshot, or thinking on his feet with success; and he likes explosions, too. Anything that makes him look the badass will be lapped up eagerly.

He can crack one-liners on the brink of his peril with seemingly no problem, and does this consistently enough to be considered the god of all earthly puns. As Gluttony, he tends to be consistently hungry, and never shies away from a KFC bargain bucket or two, but miraculously seems to never put any weight on from this ridiculous rate of consumption of garbage.

A little more on his actual personality, though. Tavy is hot-headed and tends to make sporadic and impulsive decisions dependent on exactly how he feels at the moment. Generally, if they're right, he'll go ahead and brag to high hell about it. If they're not, he'll feel a little internal regret, but won't show it, and will make excuse after excuse about his bad decision-making skills. He also loves bragging (though not as much as Pride, obviously).

Physical Appearance:

Imagine if you will the lost and forgotten Greek god of body cologne. Tall with rippling musculature, dark slightly curly hair, wide shoulders a slime waist and wide grinning Blue eyes. Everything is seemingly perfect, until you look too closely. His body is a mass of pale scar tissue that can barley be seen in bright light, his face is marked by thin white lines of completely healed cuts. It lends his a sort of savage beauty when viewed from a distance, but up close he looks almost alien.

Tavy dresses in what ever suits his fancy on any given day, from jogging cloths to military uniforms and everything in between. The one constant is his tendency to dress in darker colors, mostly dark blues and greens His two constant companion's are a thin necklace made of plain metal that hangs loosely around his neck, and a dark flask that seems to hold some sort of liquid.

His walk in a nearly predatory thing, every motion charged with latent energy and need. His eyes seem both dazed and energetic at the same time and his voice is an expressive thing, he always seems like hes about ready to sell you something and it always feel like hes giving you a good deal. All in all he is an attractive, hypnotic and powerful being who radiates confidence..

Bio: In life Tavy was a man who knew what he wanted and took it no matter what it was, be it food, drink,power or women. You see he was a senator in the roman senate and was a man of influence and power beyond what most people can dream of. Sadly this power was short lived and he was murdered on his way home from one of the many midnight orgies. His soul did not remain chained in this realm for long and soon he was sucked into hell. There he was tortured like all gluttons and was cast into a lake of filth where he was forced to devour every single morsel of garbage that floated his way. His soul could not stand that humiliation and soon he devoured not only the garbage, but the other sinners who made there home with him. After century's of this he had absorbed enough wickedness and gluttony that he came to personify that vary concept. When the gates opened he fled hell and now roams the world in search of new decadence's to sate his apatite's.

Powers: (up to 4 maximum)

Daemonis Spiritus(Demons Breath): Gluttony is an all consuming force, it could devour people, power and nations with the same ease. This power exemplify's that characteristic. Not only can he bite threw and consume every mundane material, but he can ingest objects made of Reiryoku(Though not kiho or cero) all that he needs to do is get his rather sizable jaws around it. He can expel what ever he ingests in its complete form( If he ate the entirety of what ever object or person is of course).

Aura de luxuriâ(Aura of Decadence): Everybody has their poison so to speak. Whether thats booze, sex, violence, food or drugs it really doesnt matter. Gluttony is the sin of excess and anything done to excess falls under its purview. This ability allows Fel to know exactly what anyone's particular poison is and if he knows you want something well he can more then likely get it for them in a most expedient manner(Throwing up what ever item, food, or person). Now the second part of this power is rather simple, anyone who accepts one of these gifts owes him a service/favor that they must pay back if called upon to do so. They don't have to pay up if they don't choose to, but they will suffer some rather server consequences if they don't. (Namely there gift turning rather sour, its unique in each case)

Saporem Cinis(Taste of Ashes): Eventually ever pleasure of the flesh becomes a pale comparison of what it once was, this same idea apply's to the flesh as well. With this power Felix unlocks his true form as the embodiment of Gluttony.
His body becomes a hideous thing, covered in gashing, hungry and drooling mouths. It gos with out saying that these extra mouths can use the Daemonis Spiritus technique, along with this his many mouths can now expel clouds of demonic locusts that will attack and consume anything he wills.

Pascere in Dolor(Feed on Pain): The term glutton for punishment did not come to be by accident, this defensive technique allows him to ingest and then expel weaponized Reiryoku(Such as Cero and kido) and spit it back at them(See demons Breath Technique). He can only absorb Reiryoku in this way if the attacker's Reiryoku plus kido/cero stat total is less then or equal to his own Reiryoku plus kido/cero stat total. Another imitation is the fact that he must absorb with his mouth(s) other wise this power has no effect.

Roleplaysample:(1551 words)

War....War never changed, it was a bloody violent waltz that was danced to music made of mens last dying breath and the pounding of gun fire, as it was played to a tempo made by the clashing of swords. Why? Why must people fight over petty differences? Why must we be forced to weep for loved ones lost in battle? Those tears alone could fill the oceans of the world twice over...No war never changed, but the people who fought it did. Entire generations had been lost to these bloody conflicts, entire generations will be lost in the future......War never changed, and nether did the sorrow it brought. Humanity it seemed was an idiotic race, most creatures avoided those things that brought them sadness and pain, not us....Never us. Humanity seemed to seek out hardship, why else would we wage war over something as insignificant as land? Or age old disputes? It was sickening.

Why then was he there? Why had he forsaken everything he had been taught? What had happened to his lofty ideals? Why was he making war instead of love? Hell Bronze had been dreaming of nothing else for the past few weeks, ever since he had been woken, rather rudely from his bed and told to report. Well that was the day he had be told about this rather spontaneous war, it was also the day he was told that his "Unique talents where needed". Those words had spelled the doom of his ideals...And he couldn't do anything but let them die. He had made a weapon....A weapon that he hated, but he had made it none the less.

So he stood on the deck of this weapon he had helped create, it was a master piece of alchemical and mechanical design, though this may or may not have made it the most obvious ship in the entire fleet. Its deck was just over a seventy paces long and 20 wide, it was constructed of light weight yet strong reflective metal alloys and was manned by a crew of forty men. Everything about it seemed stock standard other then the banks of high intensity spotlights arranged in columns and pyramids so that there where always at least ten of them with in five feet of another, these light banks where found on every side of the ship.

The battle had been joined some minutes before and still bronze stood motionless at the prow of his ship and looked out at the incoming ships. He knew each of these lights inside and out, each had four thousand candle watts of power behind them that meant there effective range was just over half a mile, that also meant the destructive force behind each of these seemingly out of place spotlights was equivalent to eight hundred grams of high explosive, more then enough to blow a good sized hole in any of the on coming ships.

Was he going to do it? Was he going to take a life with his talent? His gift? He already knew the answer...He was here it was kill or be killed...."Put us just ahead of our kings.... Yacht.. and ready the forward lights" His ship began to move ahead and positioned its self in front of Wolfys royal ship. The forward lights came on and Bronze took his place in the center of that particular cluster of lights."Take aim!!!" the men handling the light's targeted random members of the enemy's ragtag fleet....He readied his alchemy his alchemy...The transmutation circles on his wrists started to glow and he could see in his minds eye the gathering of energy in front of each of the lights..."Fire..." his last word came out as nothing more then a whisper, for it wasn't the soldiers that pulled that trigger...Ohh no.......Not a second after that he finished the transmutation and death that traveled at the speed of light struck at the enemy fleet, and nothing would implicate his ship...Other then the odd winking of his lights.

The effect was the nearest thing to instantaneous you could find with in the laws of physics. Eight of the shots struck home on some of the small boats, and a split second later their was nothing left but debris and a fine mist. The other two shots had gone wide striking with explosive force next to their intended targets. For the briefest of second's the ocean seemed to boil and steam erupted from the surface of the water.

It was sad really, how easy it had been to turn his talent into a weapon...How easy it was to corrupt something that was meant to bring joy and happiness to people...Tears came to his eyes then as he imagined the people he had just killed...The lives he had just taken. "Aim!!!" He would do what he needed just then....And he would deal with the consequences after words...."Fire..."

What a simple word, yet it held so many meanings and most you never really had to think about. But in that moment Bronze forgot everyone of them...Everyone but one. "Fire" Was an order given to soldiers that brought death and destruction and then and only then did it sink in, he was in fact a soldier, trained to kill. What ever delusions he may have had vanished as he said that one simple word and he took humans lives knowingly for the second time. He watched with a dead eyed stare as more helpless men lost their lives, as more fathers and mothers lost their sons and daughters. He watched the horror he had created, that others like him had created and he could feel his soul grow heavy with the burden of sin. What gave him the right to take some ones life? The orders of a mad king? No his words meant nothing to the higher order of things, for he was but a king of men and had no right to order these meaningless deaths, his soul was stained now, but Wolfgang's was as black as the void of space.

Still he had given his word to that devil of a man, and his word was a bond that could never be broken. So with a heavy heart he continued his alchemical assault and soon enough he lost track of how many lives he may have taken. Suddenly though his part in the battle was cut short. The lights about him where suddenly...Just not there, or at least not recognizable as what they once where. Thankfully his body reacted even as his mind was reeling from the sudden riot of noise and he dove to the deck, and not a second to late, the place directly behind where he had been standing was nothing more then a large raged hole. He started to move then, low to the deck and he watched as the men under his command where ether gunned down or had the same luck as he him self had. Then, suddenly all hell broke loose and it was as if the sky its self was coming down on them. In fact he wasn't entirely sure it WASN'T the sky laying waste to both his men and his ship. The sound of the cannon fire hitting the Prism's hull was akin to the sound of thunder, and the smell of ozone left in the air made Bronze think of a thunder storm...

But n o thunderstorm ate into ships in the same manner as concentrated fire, and to soon the Prism would be nothing but a reef on the bottom of the ocean floor. He was almost glad about that, but for now he had other things to think about and consider like how the hell he was going to get himself and those few others who remained alive//He had to get to the life boats..And he had to do it fast!! "Stay low and move to the life boats!! We are getting the hell out of here!!" So he couldn't stop the bullets....But he could make it nearly impossible for them to get anything resembling a clear shot. So while laying low on the deck, he wove his alchemy and suddenly a wall of pulsing, bright incandescent light sprang up between the Prism and the hail of bullets that fallowed the ships every twitch and move.

He stood slowly then, staying hunched to minimize the target he made as he hurried to the back of the ship, the cannons still pounding away and shaking the ship for all it was worth. Finally he made it and jumped into the nearest undamaged life boat with the ten other men that had managed to make it. As soon as he was in they began to lower it to the water and with the cover of his alchemical lights and the rising steam and smoke coming from his mangled ship Bronze and his remain crew made there way from the battle and back towards what remained of their fleet. As he looked back some minutes later he saw the Prism go up im smoke and flame....But he knew he would see her again..."The Prism will strike back!!"


Statistics for MST-3







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Kaede Soshi
Seasoned Member
Kaede Soshi

Title : SAX MAN!
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Soul Cash : 3141
Male Age : 28

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So im not sure what rank the sins are....Soooo i posted a long rp sample and shiz hope it meets specs.
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~Approved for MST-3 with 85 points.

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Kaede Soshi
Seasoned Member
Kaede Soshi

Title : SAX MAN!
Posts : 222
Soul Cash : 3141
Male Age : 28

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points added
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Tavy Octavious Skipio
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