Akane "Ignis" Sakura [Visored] [WIP]

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 Akane "Ignis" Sakura [Visored] [WIP]

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Akane "Ignis" Sakura [Visored] [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Akane "Ignis" Sakura [Visored] [WIP]   Akane "Ignis" Sakura [Visored] [WIP] EmptySun Nov 18, 2012 1:40 am

Name: Akane "Ignis" Sakura
Nickname: Ignis
Birthday April 11th
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Weapon(s): N/A

Personality: Ignis is a free-spirited person who goes where she wants and does what she wants. Probably by finding her inner strength, she believes that she has more to do, with her life, so she lives it the way she wants to.

Doing what she wants, makes her rebellious and inconsiderate. She want's to do things her own way, and thats the only way she'll do it. She doesn't accept help from anyone, and hates when people try to help her when not asked to. She also listens to no one, you tell her to go right and she'll go left and continue going that. Though, when she knows that there is a large difference in power, she'll obey them to a certain point.

Though she can rebellious, she also shows her cute side when she's doing her own thing. She feels that she's able to change her life more then just fate, when she's doing what she wants. She is caring and honest when not in battle, she fights for those who can't fight for themselves and the ones they protect. Even if she does fight for herself sometimes, she can't let other's get hurt, when she knew she could do something about it.

In battle she becomes very serious, keeping her eyes on the enemy at all times. She is very intelligent, and uses her enemy's weaknesses to her advantage. When she knows that she'll win, she can be to self-confident, making her become more sadistic with her enemy. Doing hit's that will hurt but still have the enemy alive, to hear them scream and cry for mercy.

Physical Appearance: Ignis stands at a height of 5"8". She has a curvy figure with D-cup breasts, and a light skin color. She has long rose colored hair, that hangs in a ponytail down to her waist, held by a white ribbon in the shape of devil wings. She has light purplish red eye's that radiate when the sun hits her face. She wears a long dress that is black and white, and cut in two at the bottom, showing the sides her hips and legs. It's sleeveless, covering her back. A white collar, held with a black tie in the shape of a black bat, with two black strings hanging down. Her right hand she wears black long sleeve glove that goes up to her fore arm and her left hand just has a normal small glove. She wears steel high heel black boots.



Name: "Sekihatsuki"(Red Haired Demon)
Zanpakutō spirit: Sekihatsuki looks like an average man, in his early twenty's. His outfit is unique, and has different type of designs on it, and laced with white tiger fur. He carries a large gold pipe in his mouth and a large red jagged blade, in his left hand. He has bright red hair, and an unforgettable face.
Zanpakutō Personality: Sekihatsuki is the type of person that slouches all day, doing nothing but complain about having nothing to do. He sweet talk alot toward Ignis, with her curvy and feminine figure, which he wants all his women to have. He is pretty slow when it comes to serious situations.

When in battle he act's more seriously, and talks in a voice that makes you think twice about what your doing or what you think your going to do. Even with his lazy attitude, when he is serious, he can say things that even the oldest and wisest wouldn't think to say.
Sealed form: A longer then normal katana,though guardless, with a scorched blade that's worn and over used. The grip and steel blade is held together by tons of bandages, tied tightly together, holding it in place. The blade looks eaten away, as if used since man was first created, and scorched spots near the top part, though still strong enough to slice through most object's.


Shikai description: Placing her index and middle finger at the top of the handle, slowly moving it down the blade, it starts to change color. The steel renews its self, making it into a brand new blade and turn's into a bright crimson steel blade that looks like it came right out of the forge. The handle still guardless, is colored black with a white rose, imprinted on the bottom.
Call out phrase: "Scorch and Burn, Sekihatsuki"
Ability: "Hi sōsa"(Fire Manipulation) - Sekihatsuki is able to create and manipulate fire

"Hinotama"(FireBall) - The blade starts to catch on fire, swinging the blade the fire concentrates into a single fireball shooting toward the enemy.

"Shōnetsu no wareme"(Fiery Fissure) - Concentrating fire into the blade, by slamming the blade into the ground she creates large fissures of flames that travel to the enemies at fast speeds.

"Funka"(Eruption) - Stabbing the blade straight into the ground, the ground start's to crack around her inward. Then a blast of flames shoots in an outward motion, pushing everything in all directions


Bankai name:N/A
Bankai description:N/A

Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: "Shiro and Kuro" (White and Black)
Personality: Shiro and Kuro are two different versions of Ingis's. Shiro is the more kind half, the one to hold back and learn to forgive for one's mistake. Though shouldn't be taken lightly, when facing against someone who she knows is her enemy she'll fight tactically and quickly. Kuro is the more crazy and harmful, doing what she likes, and taking out anyone in her way of it. She is more ruthless and frantic, slashing at anyone in her line of sight, friend or foe, type of person. They are basicly the two part's that make up ignis's personality, the good and the bad. Though their personality's differ, their mask show's that they share a same bond, that is symmetrical.
Appearance: Shiro and Kuro both look very much alike, though the best way to tell them apart is how their hair is. Shiro's hair is neat and straight, there might be a few hair's out of line, but she doesn't let that bother her. Kuro's hair is more wavy and out of place, not caring how her hair is she just leaves it how it is and does nothing to it. Other then that they look pretty much alike, they wear the same outfit, white dresses, with long black sleeves, and black collar's. They both have purplish hair color's and both have silver eye's.
Zanpakuto: They both share a similar zanpakuto as ignis. Though their ability is much different. They instead have control over a black flame, and they have complete control over. Making it bigger or smaller or controlling where it moves.
Hollow mask: Her hollow mask is almost in the shape of a dragon's head though flattened more, to fit a humans face. The eye's are daigonal heading toward the nose. The jaws are not connected, it looks like the four top and bottom teeth are holding it together. The chin is pointed with two sharp edges pointing out of the middle of the chin, with the canine teeth following down those to edges. The top has two small horns going to the back of the head and another two smaller ones, following the angle of the eye's. The bottom edges and bottom of the cheek bones are black. So is the bottom of the eye's and sides of the eye's heading up to in between the horns and a part going down the brow line above both eyes and the inside of both top horns, are also black.

Role-play sample

Theme Song:
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Akane "Ignis" Sakura [Visored] [WIP]
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