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 Nimbus Dampf

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Name: Nimbus Dampf

Nickname: Nim, Adolf

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Stygian Blade- A blade of black steel formed from a Reishi/Reiryoku combination. The blade itself is 2.6 feet long with a 10 inch hilt. The guard is like a set of spider legs in shape. The pommel is shaped into a pentacle engraved into a skull.

Reishi Gauntlets- During battle, Nimbus manifests the combination of reishi and reiryoku into the form of a pair of gauntlets.

Personality: Nimbus is a strategically cold-hearted man, but not towards his allies-more so his enemies. He would not spare the life of an enemy if he deemed them a threat. He was not immediately hostile but it was a ruthlessness triggered in life-or-death combat. No sympathy nor empathy would be shown on those under his arrow or his blade. His main motto is, "In fear, thy people undergo such trivial tragedies. In fear, thy people undergo an era of submission. In fear, thy people beg for empathy, for sympathy. They portray their egal, but alas, this is but a facade. Quake thy people with arrows. Quake thy people without reprieve. We are the Quincy.".

Based on his motto, he developed certain characteristics of a leader, even plotting to form his own band of quincies. Other than his war characteristics, Nimbus portrays himself as a kind, self-conscious man. He is protective over his friends to the point where when they do not notice, he would drastically make a decision that would be regretted later on. The most protective he is over is the quincy and his loved ones. In a simple basis he forms his own code of chivalry, to protect his allies and his chosen lady.

Physical Appearance: Agarth
Nimbus, when he isn't wearing a normal black business suit with a black and blue-striped tie, he dones his leather attire. There is small amounts of metal that reinforces the leather armor, his left shoulder guard being rather large. To cover his armor there is a black, leather cloak wraps around. On his neck he wears his quincy cross. Due to a run in with a ruthless shinigami as a child, his chest has a scar that spreads like he was shot with a large blast.

Bio: Nimbus was roughly raised, a quincy equivalent to how roughly old-fashioned religious parents raise their children. His family was far from humorous, fun, exciting and the such. In fact, they were the epiphany of dictators when it came to his upbringing. His father, Theron Dampf and his mother, Theressa Dampf both raised him to always follow the quincy philosophy. It was their goal to pound it into him until he himself could become a quincy master. At the age of 10, his mother died from loss of blood, being lacerated and left to die by a shinigami who patrolled Karakura town. In a fit of rage, the novice Nimbus chased him down only to be almost fatally wounded. His saviour came, Theron splitting the shinigami in half with one arrow.

Looking at the boy, Theron stared cold-heartedly for what seemed to be an eternity. In a swift movement, he smacked his son and then lectured him about vengeance and how it was wrong. He himself told stories about trying to avenge his uncle's death, how he himself almost died because at the time, he too was but a mere novice. Someone who was equally ignorant to what the possibilities had been. To what the stakes were if he were to become hostile to a life-or-death point. Though this never stopped Nimbus from hating the shinigami. The hate only built even more.

By the time he was 15, he was almost ready to receive his Sanrei Glove in order to progress in his training. Though his father was reluctant to have his son wear it, the process eventually occurred. For several years Nimbus trained vigorously in order to achieve the ability of master quincy. When he tried looking at his father, at age 24, he was not given reassurance. He was not even shown a "I'm proud of you" expression. Only the eternal disappointment. This triggered a fit of rage in which the two argued. Back and forth the talk of how well he was raised and how horrible of a father Theron was had been fired. Eventually, the two broke out into an epic dual between a master quincy and a very skilled one.

Obviously, the father was superior in all aspects, seemingly entering a life-or-death battle. It wasn't until Nimbus released his Letzt Stil that the upper-hand switched sides. In an almost-fatal shot, Theron was pinned to the ground, bleeding in a fatal form. In few words, Nimbus complained how all he ever wanted was his father to be proud. In reaction, his father shuddered out the words, "Son. I've always been proud of you. I always will be proud of you. Remember that...". The stereotype caught the sympathy of the child, but it was not enough. In one swift shot, Nimbus ended his father. But then, he was met with one person. His mother.

She looked at him with disgust, a expression of disdain and disappointment. She almost entered a fit of murderous rage herself had she not expected the battle to occur. The ruthlessness her son portrayed was the exact leader they built. The exact rebel they wanted to rise up and question the shinigami with. The Letzt Stil came to an end and Nimbus fell to his knees, powerless. For all those years he thought his mother dead. She had not been, though, it seemed. Her arrival was a message on how to obtain a replacement for his quincy powers. In order to start the process, she forced him to equip manacles that contained temporary quincy powers.

The manacles helped him train for several months before destroying themselves. Once resuming his accustomed form and learning Ginto before the powers disappeared, his mother taught him how to obtain his Kojaku bow. In a life-or-death situation, he was pushed to the edge, causing his bow to emerge and counteract his mother's never-ending arrow onslaught. After the great accomplishment, the coincidental illness of cancer struck his mother. After being nearly killed with unsterilized wounds, her white blood cell system weakened greatly. This caused her to be more vulnerable to cancer, more easily susceptible. In the moment of grief, Nimbus knew it was time to move on to the bigger plan.

It was time for the Aufstieg Rebellen to rise.

Type of bow: Great Bow: Erntet Dampf A demonic bow with a wicked structure. The length of it is 3 feet.

Quincy cross description: The quincy cross has a black chain and cross. The cross itself is a pentacle with sapphires on each tip of the legs.

Quincy items: Seele Schneider x 4
The Ability to use Soul-synthesized Silver.

  • Grand Burial "Beggraben": Nimbus places five ginto capsules down, one in the center and the others are North, South, East and West of it. Connecting the outer Ginto are Seele Schneiders. If an arrow is fired at the middle capsule, a pillar of light emits, keeping anyone inside trapped within the boundaries of the light. The light also creates a ceiling, for whoever passes through the light pluming would be inflicted with a storm of electricity coursing through them. This would not kill them, but it would cause them to be disoriented and/or paralyzed for one post. If someone is highly powered, (Reiryoku is 16+) they can pass through with just minor burn injuries from the electricity.

  • Heizen

  • Gritz

  • Wolke

  • Sprenger

  • Gate Unseal "Offnen": Nimbus places five ginto on a surface or door, forming a cardinal compass with reishi. After yelling the command, Offnen, the surface will either burst open or a door/gate will open. It must be a simple surface or gate, but if it is spiritual-based, it must not be stronger than 2 points more than Nimbus' reiryoku.

Quincy Techniques: Dampf Pfeil
Nimbus may translate his arrows into a vapor-like form, capable of dispersing and traveling around an object, reshaping into a much weaker arrow and continuing its journey to the intended target.

Dampf Bau: Nimbus may form an aura-like presence around him, consisting of 50 arrows worth of Dampf Pfeil. He can either form up to 50 small arrows or he can use different proportions for different powers. 25 arrows being regular-strength, 10 being strong and 1 being a gigantic bolt of reishi. There is a 4 charge time for the vapor arrows, the aura-like pattern levitating wherever Nimbus goes. During this time his arrows he fires are 50% weaker. This has a 3 post cooldown.

Dampf Burst: Nimbus may fire shotgun-like bursts of needle-size arrows. They have great amounts of piercing damage but they are only able to incapacitate. They can be fired 5 times before a 2 post cool down. It takes 5 direct shots to incapacitate someone. By direct, it refers to unprotected, vulnerable areas.

Grosse Dampf Explosion: Concentrating high amounts of reishi into one arrow, Nimbus can fire a bomb-like arrow that releases a thick spray of needle-sized arrows to flood the area. This has a 6 post cooldown.

Role-play sample: You know what, no. Just, no. No. No. No.

Rank/level - ADV-3
Hankou - 8
Reiryoku - 16
Hakudo - 8
Seijuu - 16
Bukijuu - 7
Hoho - 10
Points awarded:
Total points: 65


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Approved for ADV-3 with 65 points. Once these points are applied to stats and checked, this app will be moved to accepted.

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Moving to accepted
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Nimbus Dampf
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