Jiro Minami (Finished)

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 Jiro Minami (Finished)

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PostSubject: Jiro Minami (Finished)   Jiro Minami (Finished) EmptySat Nov 24, 2012 5:18 am

Jiro Minami
"To slay evil is my duty. To deliver justice to the unjust is my calling."

Name: Jiro Minami
Nickname: Ji-kun
Age: 467 (looks to be in his mid 20s)
Gender: Male
Squad: 3
Rank: Captain
Weapon(s): In addition to his Zanpakto, Jiro keeps a Tanto at his belt to be used alongside his Wakizashi, if necessary.

Personality: Calm and confident, Jiro is very pragmatic, normally preferring to do away with any major ceremony and focus on what is important. His belief in justice and the triumph of good over evil are ironclad, and he will not tolerate injustice or evil of any kind. But, he can also be very enthusiastic about things, almost to the point of being over the top, and laughs easily, normally having a smile on his face. Jiro is friendly and is also very loyal to his squad and tends to get a little angry if someone insults his squad. When in battle, he is completely serious, losing his eternal smile, and doesn't particularly care how he wins, just that he wins.

Physical Appearance:
Jiro does not look particularly unusual with his brown eyes and dark hair. He is five feet ten inches tall and wears the normal uniform of the Soul Reapers. His eternal smile and relatively casual demeanor make him appear very friendly, but if he is angry, it is quite apparent, as his demeanor becomes serious and his gaze becomes one that would be lethal if looks could kill.

Bio: Jiro entered the soul society in one of the nicer areas of the Rukongai, though that isn't really saying much, to be honest. While living in Rukongai, he grew to despise the injustices that occurred and wished to make it a better place, and would always go out of his way to help others.
When he was 33, he came across a group of souls tormenting young soul in a small alleyway, away from anyone else. The younger soul was begging for them to stop, but they kept tormenting him. Almost instinctively, Jiro threw himself at the group of souls to save the younger soul, with no regard for his own safety. However, using the Judo skills he'd trained when he was alive, he as able to drive them away from the soul they were torturing. Needless to say though, the gang of souls began to fight back, and in the ensuing battle, Jiro got his ass handed to him on a platter. Until he blasted the entire group back with a blast of fire. Fire that was created using spiritual energy As a result of his discovery of his spiritual energy, he decided that he wanted to become a Soul Reaper shortly thereafter because of his desire to stop injustice.
When training, he discovered he had a talent for kido and pursued that interest to aid him in eliminating injustice and evil. He was assigned to Squad Three immediately after the end of his training and performed his duties loyally, as would be expected. When he was 86, he discovered the name of his Zanpakto, Kazebaningu. The pair didn't necessarily get along at first, as Jiro thought that Kazebaningu was arrogant and far too eager for battle, something which his Zanpakto only laughed at. After all, Jiro threw himself into any battle in which he could protect or help someone without hesitating, a quality that Kazebaningu admired in him. However, their tempers still got the better of them and they engaged in a brief duel, which ended when Jiro realized that Kazebaningu fought for the same reason he did- to stop injustice. Kazebaningu promised to fight along side Jiro, but only so long as he held true to his ideals of justice.
Now that he had mastered his shikai, Jiro began to rise in the ranks of the Third Squad, becoming a seated officer, 20th seat. He still saw much injustice and wrong doing within the Soul Society, and so decided that he would train and train until he mastered his bankai and became a captain so that he could enact real change. True to his word, he spent the next few hundred years training, both with other Soul Reapers and within his inner world with Kazebaningu. After years, of training, he was able to materialize Kazebaningu and attain his bankai, Tenpesutobaningu. Mastering his Bankai wasn't particularly easy, mainly because Tenpesutobaningu is even more vain and arrogant than Kazebaningu. With his new ability, he was appointed the captaincy of Squad Three.

Inner world appearance: It appears as a rocky meadow on a hillside, next to a mountain lake. The lake lies directly to the north, and to the east, the meadow becomes a light evergreen forest. To the west, there is a steep hillside climbing up the mountainside, and to the south the meadow continues, with the forest curving along to the west.


Name: Kazebāningu
Zanpakutō spirit: Kazebaningu takes the form of a male Angel with flaming wings. Like his master, he is very devoted to justice and hates evil, but has a much shorter temper than Jiro. He is also somewhat vain and a little overenthusiastic about fighting, but he means well.
Sealed form: It takes the form of a longer Wakizashi with an oval shaped guard that is designed to be used with either one or two hands. Its hilt is red and there is and ouroboros on the guard, around the blade.



Call out phrase: Scorch the Heavens
Shikai description: In it's shikai, Kazebaningu takes the form of a falchion, a one handed sword with a single cutting edge.
Ability: Kazebaningu's primary ability is very close to what its name is. It generates flames along its blade, and those flames can then be flung off the blade in numerous forms, such as a sphere or a wave or even a continuous stream. It can only control the flames created by itself.
Techniques: Fire blast: Quite simple, the most basic technique of his shikai, he generates fire on his blade and launches it off of Kazebaningu.
Flame whip: Exactly what the name says. A whip of fire coming off the tip of the falchion, allowing for longer ranged attacks, but it is somewhat difficult to control.


Bankai name: Tenpesutobāningu
Bankai description: When activated, Tenpesutobaningu takes on a different form than it's shikai. The prongs that form the guard become equal in length and twist up parallel to the blade and the hilt becomes rapier-like with a guard around his hand. The guard is semicircular at one end, then slowly narrows and curves over in a basket hilt, connecting to the bottom of the hilt. The blade itself disappears, turning completely into fire, but maintains the basic shape of the falchion blade. Metal guards appear on his right (sword) arm and extend all the way to his elbow.
Ability: Tenpesutobaningu keeps the abilities from its shikai, albeit more powerful versions of them. It also takes the shikai ability one better, allowing him to control the flight path of the fire attacks he does. However, it has much more powerful abilities. Tenpensutobaningu has the capability to create flaming tornados that he can control, among other things.
Techniques: Improved Fire Blast: Same as Shikai ability, except stronger.
Bureijingu arashi (Blazing Tempest): An VERY dangerous and deadly technique, it generates a flaming tornado that is even more difficult to control. It is one of the most powerful attacks he has, though again, he must remain totally still to use it. (1 post duration, cannot be used if Fenikkusu was used within 10 posts)
Fenikkusu (Pheonix): Creates a flaming bird that is three times the size of Jiro, it acts independently of Jiro, but follows his orders. (4 post duration, cannot be used if Bureijingu arashi was used within 10 posts)
Shiroi hi (White Fire): Can only be used if Fenikkusu is active. Effectively the ultimate technique of Tenpesutobaningu, it turns the Firebird created by Fenikkusu into pure fire and channels it into Jiro's sword for one final strike. After it is used, the sword reverts to its sealed form.

Role-play sample:

Jiro sat cross-legged with his eyes closed and his Zanpakto, Kazebaningu, resting on his legs. He was meditating in in room in the Third Division Barracks, to continue training with his bankai.

"Come on, is that ALL you got Minami? I'll be able to wipe you out in a moment at this rate!" Tenpesutobaningu was clearly quite happy that he outclassed his master, and he currently was floating about six feet above the grassy hillside with his flaming wings spread wide. "Don't think I'm done yet!" roared Jiro as he swung his sword around and released a fireball directly at a Tenpesutobaningu, who batted it aside with his wings, and responded by launching several whirlwinds at Jiro. He used flash step to get away from them and then again to get within range of of his enemy. The pair's flaming swords clashed three times before they launched themselves away from each other. "Hado #31: Shakkaho!" The blast caught Tenpesutobaningu off guard, but his surprise quickly became irritation as he dodged the spell. "Fool! You're supposed to be using only your bankai! How else will it get stronger?" However, his lecture was cut off there as Jiro flash stepped behind his opponent and landed a strike on him, but before he could land another, Tenpesutobaningu swung around and engaged him in hand to hand combat. Both of them were distracted by their fight, and neither of them were paying enough attention to the fact that they were rapidly approaching a steep hill.

After smashing into the hillside, the pair pulled themselves up and reengaged in launching fireballs at each other, doing some damage to the landscape of his inner world. Not that it really mattered, it would recover soon enough. Jiro launched a single whirlwind at his opponent, followed by a burst of air that knocked him off balance. Jiro flash stepped twice to get close enough, to strike only to get knocked back. Tenpesuto! The tornado launched him back into the lake, where his bankai quickly began to boil the water around it. Damn, I need to get out of here! His thought was punctuated by several spheres of compressed air rushing into the lake, almost hitting him. Launching himself out of the lake, he immediately had to flash step away from the tornado, which was still flying around. However he could tell it was straining his zanpakto to use the technique. Got you.

Jiro launched a fireball at Tenpesutobaningu, which he was forced to dodge, but the funnel disappeared. The fireball that missed flew away and smashed into a rock, causing it to explode, and sending fragments everywhere. A pair of these fragments hit Tenpesutobaningu and distracted him long enough for Jiro to rush in and disarm him.

"Not bad, not bad at all" Tenpesutobaningu smiled as they sank onto the (fairly charred) grass. They had been training like this for some time now, to improve Jiro's abilities with his bankai, and who better to train with than someone who knows exactly what you will do in response to an attack? Jiro released his Zanpakto, which returned to its sealed form, and consequently, Tenpesutobaningu became Kazebaningu again. The two looked almost exactly the same, except that Tenpesutobaningu had longer hair, larger wings and a flaming halo.

"That was a good session, but you got lucky. Don't expect to win like that next time." Kazebaningu stood up and stretched as he spoke, looking around. "We have GOT to find a better place to to train, we can't keep wrecking this place." Jiro laughed and nodded at Kazebaningu's observation. He had to agree, it was pretty ridiculous that they kept trashing this place, which was Kazebaningu's home. "I suppose there's always the option of training outside, but it might be more dangerous to do it out there. There's always the issue of the damage our power causes." Jiro leaned back and closed his eyes.

In his room in the Third Squad Barracks, he opened his eyes. Taking his sword, he put it back in its sheath and placed it at his belt before standing up. Looking out the window at the position of the sun, he realized he'd been training for at least an hour and a half. Oh well. Making sure he had his tanto and that everything was in order, Jiro walked out the door to go back to his other duties.

Hankou- 12
Hakudo- 9
Seijuu- 13
Bukijuu- 11
Hoho- 9

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Kizomaru Hotaru

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Jiro Minami (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jiro Minami (Finished)   Jiro Minami (Finished) EmptySun Nov 25, 2012 3:02 pm

You'll want to remove that it can control air from it's Shikai ability, after that I will grade the sample.

Jiro Minami (Finished) 3607715-chain-background-grunge-1-1
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Kizomaru Hotaru
Kizomaru Hotaru

Title : The Shadow Mistress~
Posts : 3304
Soul Cash : 2966
Female Age : 28
Location : Deep in the Shadows of Hell

Character sheet

Jiro Minami (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jiro Minami (Finished)   Jiro Minami (Finished) EmptySun Nov 25, 2012 3:52 pm

Remove the last bold section,that still can count as multi-element control, so for safety sake it's best it gets removed.

Other than that, everything is fine; I can approve this for an ADV-3 with 65.

Once stats are applied and the bold text has been removed I'll move this to accepted.

Jiro Minami (Finished) 3607715-chain-background-grunge-1-1
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Jiro Minami (Finished) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jiro Minami (Finished)   Jiro Minami (Finished) Empty

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Jiro Minami (Finished)
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