Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]

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 Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]

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Yandere Doctor
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Character sheet

Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]  Empty
PostSubject: Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]    Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]  EmptySun Nov 25, 2012 7:45 am

Name: Kira Vicertaer

Nickname: Envy, Black Reaper

Sin: Envy

Age: Appears a young 16, real age unknown

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): Quadra Halberd - This is, as the name suggests, a four bladed halberd. Gripped in the middle, the void black weapon has a halberd pointing out in each direction, giving it the look of a giant shuriken as she spins it. It spins around her hips like a hula hoop, and when not in use, is her skirt. She can also detach each individual halberd blade to use as a weapon when she is disarmed of her main weapon. This way, they are easier to break, but she can repair them easily.

Butcher's Axe - This is a rather massive, unwieldy axe with an extra use. The pole is nearly eight feet long, leading up to a thin axe-head. The front is an axe, like anyone would expect, except the blade is made to have big teeth in it, making for an uneven cut. The blade is four feet long, making it extend down further than the axe-head itself. The blade is also very dull, making it only useful as a crushing weapon. The back of the axe-head spread out into a two-feet-by-three-feet square, covered in little teeth like what would be on a meat masher. The entire weapon is incredibly heavy, as in there is not many who could lift the massive thing. The Butcher's Axe is on her person at all times, Kira carrying it like it were nothing.

Spiked Gauntlets - These would seem like they would be for protection, instead of a weapon. Not so. Kira needs to be able to strike things with her immense physical strength without harming herself. That's where these babies come in. The insides of her gauntlets are padded with a special material made from spirit particles to withstand impacts. She can also catch blows on them without taking so much as a scratch. However, blades tend to sink through the materials making up the gauntlets.

Personality: Kira fits the definition of a typical Tsundere most of the time, acting as if she doesn't care and putting up a front to hide her true emotions. However, and Kira would never admit it, but all she really wants is someone to love. She will never have this however, as she always sees others being better, and wants that instead. Such is the curse of the envious. She can learn to live past that however, as once she sees something she wants, she tends to go after it, often becoming homicidal in the process. It's here where she can very easily be mistaken for Wrath, as she generally doesn't care what happens around her, as long as her primary target is slain. This is when she displays traits of a feral hunter, not allowing her quarry to escape her sight for even a second. If she ever did get someone to love, then she would quickly go from Tsundere to Yandere, killing anything and everything around that one thing to make sure it never left her.

Physical Appearance: Kira is incredibly tomboyish, fitting the look almost perfectly. She has light sandy blonde, shoulder-length hair, and dark green eyes, one of which has a scar running vertically across it. She is just under five feet tall and weighs no more than 120 pounds, even on bad days, but don't let her catch you saying anything about that. She is quite athletic-looking, but that's for good reason. She looks slightly toned, showing just the barest hint of muscles underneath her rather peachy skin. Her body is the prime example of someone that spends her entire day in the Gym or working out, yet does not cut back on eating. Her chest is completely flat and she is rather androgynous-looking compared to most women, which is the cause of most of her malice.

She tends to wear a black trench coat with a cloak-like bottom that extends nearly to her ankles. Underneath that, a white button-down shirt conceals her skin from view. She wears upper-arm-length gauntlets on her arms. She wears a skirt made of blades that provides no protection like a tasset would, but she seems not to care. Her legs are covered up to her mid-thigh by black stockings, and her feet are clad in black tabi. She opts out of wearing shoes, as they merely slow her down. She wears a black garterbelt to hold up her stockings and a pair of void black panties, opting out of wearing a bra as well. As she sees it, why wear one if there's nothing there?

Bio: No one really knows how Kira lived in life. The only thing people have to go off of was a depiction of a woman wielding a massive bladed hammer to slay five other warriors at once. Some people don't even believe if she ever existed, as the depiction was on a years-worn scroll. To historians, the thought of a young woman wielding such a massive weapon with ease is unthinkable, as most men of the time couldn't even lift a weapon of such size, much less use it with the dexterity and strength needed to use it.

The truth was that Kira was very much alive back when the depiction was made. Kira was a being of war, living in nothing but slaughter and blood. Back then, she went by the name 'Venatricis', which roughly translated to 'The Huntress'. The name stuck with her as legionaries in the Roman Army witnessed such a person was able to slay with a large weapon, and not so much as bat an eye at such carnage. It was unheard of. Even toughened warriors could not kill in the ways she was. Knocking opponents to the ground with a kick and crushing them with her hammer, snapping neck without so much as a though. How did such a cruel individual come about?

Venatricis grew up in a small home, far from civilization in a family of four. There was her sister Puella, and her parents. Her father was a hunter, and her mother tended the farm with her sister. However, Venatricis cared not for such womanly things. She constantly went to her father for training with weapons. She wanted to fight and hunt. The ability to kill and feed her own family, because as far as she was concerned, since she lacked the body proportions that made for the 'good woman' of that era, she wasn't going to be a woman.

This, however, brought on her father's wrath, who began rituals of incessantly beating her until she agreed to be a woman instead of a man. This lead to, instead of not caring about how she looked, her feeling inadequate and not as much of a human being as her sister. This made her despise and revile Puella, the pretty girl, the one that her father loved. Her father's rantings and beatings only cemented this fact in her head. Her mother tried to be supportive, but all in all, when her father was in the mood to beat upon Venatricis, her mother would merely watch and not say a thing.

Then the day came when her mother succumbed to an illness. The one member in her family that even acted like she cared about the girl's well-being. After her mother's death, her father ceased beating Venatricis and began raping Puella as a support from his wife's death. Venatricis, however glad she was not being used in such a way, internally seethed because she knew the only reason her father had not come after her for that was because Venatricis was not a human anymore. This fact caused the girl to snap. Repeated beating, watching her sister's abuse at her father's hand... Something was going to change.

Venatricis stole away into the woods around the home in the stealth of night. However, several months afterwards, her father had learned of where she went and came out after her one night. What he found shocked him. Dead animals everywhere, skinned near-perfectly. Forged weapons over a makeshift forge. Venatricis was finally living up to her name. She was the huntress, and it sent a chill down his spine. He felt all of the anger from years of abuse seething behind him, and he snapped around to she is once-upon-a-time daughter glaring at him. She was carrying a massive, self-forged axe with a hammer on the back of the axe-head. She was no longer his daughter, or even a human being. She was now a feral force of nature. She lifts the massive weapon and utters out words in a low, broken voice.

"Praesent tempus ut paenitentiam, Patris"

Then she brought the hammer down upon him, crushing his body into the ground with a sickening crack and an arc of blood spray. That was it. Her first human kill. She looked upon what little was left of her father and began to laugh... And laugh... Laughing for a long time. When she finally was able to stop her laughter, she grinned. How good it felt! The power to cease existence was right in her hands! She could kill and kill and no one could say a damn thing unless they could kill her first! The girl was officially completely broken, no longer a productive member of a society. She intended to prove herself. No one would look down upon Venatricis ever again. It was then that she began calling herself 'Kira', an adaptation of the word 'killer'. Only too fitting for such a girl...

It was then that she went to a small farming village, then one her family had moved from. She was warmly greeted by the people, even treated as an equal. This rather shocked her, catching her off-guard. She wasn't used to such hospitality. She came into the Mayor's home, had dinner, and spoke nicely. It was nice for a change of pace. Then the Mayor asked to take such a strong woman as a wife. Kira's expression flattened and she shook her head, denying him. Then he began to try to force the issue. This made Kira flash back to the times she'd seen her sister being used by her father. With a swift motion, she thrusted her arm into the man's mouth and wrenched sideways cruelly, dislocating his jaw. Then she hefted her mighty hammeraxe.

"Poenitet, vestrum facit! Poenitet, vestrum facit!"

Then her second kill was made, her axe hewing the man's organs from his body and letting them fall upon the ground. Then came the laughter once more, as the man began to try and put his organs back into his torn belly with a look of sheer pain and disbelief. He only looked like that for a second before a vertical smash with the dull blade effectively cut the man's body in half. She dropped the hammer to one hand and gripped her face with a bloody hand. This... This was delicious! Blood everywhere, slaughtered human effluence spattered on her body, but best of all... There was no one to look down upon her. Those envious feelings weren't hurting her anymore. Snuffing out life made the feelings go away. She couldn't feel her harsh envy if the people no longer existed.

Thus began her crusade across the country, slaughtering anyone that had something she didn't. She was incredibly merciless, but the turning point in her life was several months after, she had come back to where she lived. There was one last person to kill, her sister. She smashed the door into the old home to find her sister, gravid with child. Her father must have gotten her with child before Kira had killed him. She hefted the hammeraxe and glared to her sister, growling. Yet, she hesitated. Her sister cowering in her chair, not moving. What was Kira doing? Was she really going to kill her sister like this?

She dropped the massive hammeraxe and began to cry. Every tear she'd not shed over the people she had killed came out, and her sister knelt to hug Kira warmly. The sisters hugged for quite some time, the forever-forgiving Puella not afraid of the woman that had, not just a minute earlier, came here to kill her. Kira sobbed against her sister for a time, then got up, pulling her sister with her. Then the thoughts that she was carrying her father's child made her wince. As much as she didn't want to kill Puella, not a shard of that man must remain. It became clear what had to happen.

With a swift motion, she jerked her sister's head to the side, snapping her neck and killing her instantly. Then she began to cry once more, Puella's corpse sinking to the floor as the kind sister she had the entire time was gone by her own hand. She laid on the floor, curled into herself for a time before she finally steeled herself to walk. There was but one last thing that needed to be done. Covering her once home inside and out in thick layers of hay and wood, she struck a fire and let the small home burn to the ground, her gently cradling Puella's corpse to her knelt body as she was incinerated.


Then she awoke. She was still alive, but where was she? Then a roar as a creature leans down to devour her echoes out, causing her to lean back and kick back at the beast, the Kushanada stepping back with a roar. Kira jumped after it, slamming a powerful fist into it's face, only to slide right through the beast. Sensing this was a battle she couldn't win, she fled, easily outrunning the beast. She panted softly, coming to a clearing. She needed to find out where she was.

It wasn't long before she came upon Envy's realm in Hell, the fanatic raving at her for coming where she was not wanted. The two argued for a long while, then Kira noticed how well Envy had it. How dare he have more than her, she thought. That began the fight, the pair at each other's throat for hours. Finally, Kira was able to pull ahead, knocking Envy to the ground. Envy begged to be let free, promising Kira anything in exchange to avoid death. However, Kira still stamped out his life with a well-placed kick, crushing his head. Kira grinned widely and looked to the Togabito surrounding their previous Master's corpse. They all mutually agreed...

Kira was the new Envy.

Powers: Invidus Pugnus (Envious Fist) - This is the passive ability that gives Kira her immeasurable strength, and makes her resistant to smash attacks. Kira could, ideally, take out a skyscraper with a well-aimed punch to the support beam or put a hole into the hull of a battleship with a kick. She can't keep it up for long, so it mostly goes towards wielding her massive weapon. Once she is disarmed, she is much faster and much more deadly with her strength, able to focus it into punches and kicks, or even slashes with her pole-weapon skirt.

Aeterna Zelotypia (Eternal Jealousy) - This is an ability that causes her to rampage wildly with whatever weapon is in her hands, kinda like berserking. She can't really control where she goes, generally going after the nearest moving thing, but she is greatly more resistant to taking damage while in this trance. Her strength does not increase while in this trance, just the speed of her swing and the number of times she swings it. Her eyes glow brightly when she is about to enter her trance, being a slight giveaway, giving the opponent a couple seconds to react.

Omnia est Pulveris (All is Dust) - This attack causes her Butcher's Axe to rend the ground as it is slammed into it, creating small tremors and deafening noise. The noise can cause temporary deafness if one is too close to the impact. She can strike the ground at a certain angle to create a certain effect, like causing a spire to burst from the ground. Every time she slams into the ground, a could of dust comes into the air around the impact site, causing eye irritation for anyone around it, even her if she stands in it too long. This attack must be performed with the backside of the Butcher's Axe, not with the blade.

Flagellum de Humanitas (Scourge of Humanity) - This is her true form. Crying out, demonic wings sprout out of her back from inside her body and drops her Butcher's Axe. She takes to the sky, attacking by using her Halberds as throwing weapons. However, the same chains used to drag Togabito to Hell are connecting her Halberds to her wrists. The chains themselves are intangible, making it seem as if the blades can merely levitate back to her, which they can. Where the chain to become severed, she can hold out her hand and regather her weapon, the chain affixing itself as soon as the blade is once more in her hand. She is much quicker in this form without the added weight of her Butcher's Axe and with the extra strength of her wings rocketing her through the air.

Role-play sample:
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Character sheet

Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]    Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]  EmptyThu Nov 29, 2012 12:40 pm

Approved for MST-3.

Warning: Funny/Sexual Content::

Kilik's Killionaires
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Yandere Doctor
Yandere Doctor

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Character sheet

Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]    Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]  EmptyThu Nov 29, 2012 12:49 pm

Rank/level - MST -3
Hankou - 20
Reiryoku - 10
Hakudo - 18
Seijuu - 10
Bukijuu - 12
Hoho - 15
Points awarded:
Total points: 85
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Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]    Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]  Empty

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Kira Vicertaer [Sin of Envy]
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