Natalie Roma (Fullbringer)

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 Natalie Roma (Fullbringer)

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PostSubject: Natalie Roma (Fullbringer)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:16 pm

Name: Natalie Roma
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): A short silver knife occasionally strapped at her thigh
Personality: At first glance and first meeting, Natalie is naught but a pleasant person. She's friendly, sociable, caring, and outwardly cheerful. This could well enough be called her outer self, as it's likely all that one will actually see while still recognizing her. In this way, she tries her best to please those around her and generally act as someone anyone can get along with.

Inwardly, however, she'd love to simply run away from it all, away from all the human interaction and the annoying people. If she could just run off to the wilds and be confident that she could last, she would in a heartbeat, and subsequently surround herself with few besides the local animals, even the white beasts she occasionally sees roam around. This trait gives way to an occasional feeling of distance one might get from interacting with her... and at times, it reaches a peak and she takes a life in secret, thereby leading to her certain... friendship with the beasts as one who occasionally provides them meals. She doesn't mind; such is just the 'circle of life,' as it were. Humans were the fragile prey, the beasts were the hunters; such was just how things were.
Physical Appearance:
Dark brown, flowing hair crowns Natalie's head, wandering down to her waist and often partly covering deep blue eyes that bear a certain purple tinge. The woman has the lithe build, full figure, and somewhat pale skin that one would likely expect of a girl of her status, and stands at a full 5'9". As is expected of her, she wears garb of the finest quality, generally two-piece dresses as a matter of comfort. A silver bracelet always rests on her upper right arm regardless of anything else she wears at a given time.
Bio: Growing up in a life of luxury was, for Natalie, plainly boring; so too were humans. Always trying to please people and cater for favor, always trying to climb upward in the social ladder, always full of useless greed. And then her at the center of it, born to a rich family in France and bound within a life of rules and regulations and frustrations. She hated it all, and didn't have any sort of out until that first white beast appeared in her life. Attempting to eat her, no less, but the 19-year-old girl quickly offered up a more... satisfying alternative to her own life: the lives of her parents, more mature and surely more filling. The beast promptly took an interest, and it wasn't long before the girl led her own kin to their doom. One might say it was in exchange for her own life, and that would only be true in a sense; in reality, 'twas mutually beneficial for her and the beast alike.

Certainly the tragic, mysterious deaths were picked up on quickly, and none could figure out how any of it could happen. For a time, the daughter herself was a suspect, but too amiable was she known, and too depressed was she in the wake of the event, that the suspicion was shortly dropped, to her satisfaction. Then came the veritable flood. Oh, she'd seen it coming, the wave of suitors and would-be supporters whom she was certain were only after her new-found inheritance. No, they'd have none of it unless they caught her, and she didn't intend to be caught. So she struck another little deal with the beast she'd met before, this time to reduce that miserable mansion to rubble. The deed was happily done in exchange for the life of the most annoying of the suitors, and the story was that she managed to get lucky and find herself in a place not much of the wreckage fell, while the suitor himself was buried under the mysteriously collapsing manor.

So purportedly traumatized by the event so shortly after her parents' death, Natalie spared no time in leaving her home for somewhere completely new and far away: Japan. There she used some of her inheritance to create for herself a new manor, smaller but plenty cozy for her. Her name followed, and she was still expected to live the lifestyle of the rich, but for now it was fine; she'd gained power in the meantime, thanks perhaps to her time spent around those beasts. Anything that happened, she could certainly fend for herself; the bracelet she took from the wreckage of her old home, a reminder of what she'd done and what she was capable of, was proof enough of that.


Name: Beast Mode
Item: The silver bracelet worn upon her upper right arm.
Appearance: When initially activated, a white cloth erupts from the bracelet, covering Natalie in flowing, white and light blue garb. Anyone sensitive to spiritual power can easily feel the fact that the garb is comprised wholly of just that, along with the fact that it's sufficiently durable, akin to a hierro.
Ability: True to the name she granted her power, Natalie is able to wrap parts of her body in condensed, visible reishi to effectively change her form. Generally she will only change a limb at a time, while her eyes themselves seem to change to emulate a more bestial nature. If she puts out enough power, she can 'change' her entire form by wrapping her whole self in reishi, making her believe she has some deeper connection to the beasts she sees from time to time. To add to it, she can expel reishi in much the same way as a hollow fires off a cero thanks to her ability of manipulation over it.
Demon Claw- Her most prominently-used 'transformation,' Natalie wraps energy around one of her arms and molds that energy into the shape of a claw, sometimes large and sometimes small (though never smaller than her arm, as her actual physical form doesn't change).
Demon Form- Outputting a large amount of energy, Natalie surrounds herself wholly in condensed, white reishi, granting her an appearance much akin to a hollow. She can only keep it up this level of power for three posts at a time, and requires two more posts to let her power stabilize again; during such times, she can't use it at all, though the garb that remains retains its extra durability even then.

Role-play sample: Refer to this; going for ADV-3

Rank/level - ADV-3
Hankou - 8
Reiryoku - 15
Hakudo - 7
Seijuu - 15
Bukijuu - 6
Hoho - 14
Points awarded: 0
Total points: 65

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PostSubject: Re: Natalie Roma (Fullbringer)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:41 pm

Approved for ADV-3 with 65 points.

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PostSubject: Re: Natalie Roma (Fullbringer)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:48 pm

Points added (which I probably should've done earlier, but call me lazy >.> )
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PostSubject: Re: Natalie Roma (Fullbringer)   Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:49 pm

~Moving to accepted~

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PostSubject: Re: Natalie Roma (Fullbringer)   

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Natalie Roma (Fullbringer)
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