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 Tenka Kumou

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PostSubject: Tenka Kumou   Tenka Kumou EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 1:12 am

Name: Tenka Kumou

Age: 208 (appears 24)

Gender: Male

Squad: 8

Rank: Captain

Personality: Tenka is a very carefree individual. There are many days where he simply lays down in a nice, sunny spot for hours on end. Especially if there is sake involved. However, he is a very prideful individual, which drives him to be serious when needed to be. His pride also attributes to the fact that he take things on by himself, to keep people around him out of trouble.

Physical Appearance: An average pale man, at 5'9", weighing 150 lbs. He has a golden, diamond-pattern choker around his neck. Along with two, gold hoop earrings. He has an attractive face, and black eyes. He usually wears his hair in a ponytail, with the ponytail splitting in the center, sending pieces of his hair to spike up and down. At the end of the major pieces of hair, the tips are colored red.

He usually wears a black jacket with a gold lining. On the back of the jacket, and on the left side, near his heart, is his symbol: a gold diamond, separated into four equal parts. Underneath the jacket, he wears a white kimono with a purple undershirt. His zanpaktuo is hung around his waist, in the sheath. His body is toned, tight, and slim. He moves with a certain grace, not wanting to miss a single step or beat in his movements.



Human life: As a human, Tenka was born in 1804 and entered a military squad of ten people, called the Yamainu. While a part of this squad, he boasted about how he wanted to help Japan, and make it a great country. When Tenka was thirteen, his parents were killed by a ninja, who was part of a ninja clan. He gained a long battle scar down the length of his spine while trying to protect his brother, Soramaru. After defending his house, he left the Yamainu, making his best friend Sousei hate him. He chose to protect and take care of his brothers, letting go of his dreams as he became the head of the Kumou family.

He and his brothers were in charge of brining criminals to a nearby lake prison, and to catch any and all escaping prisoners. He also was able to track down the ninja that killed his parents, and locked him up in the lake prison. However, his sense of revenge was not sated, nor did the dislike of his current job ever leave him.

His brothers started to notice a change in Tenka, his usual carefree attitude starting to deteriorate. He even saw this for himself, noticing how he was changing due to his job, and his past. His behavior started becoming more rash, even killing multiple criminals that escaped, instead of bringing them back to the prison. Japanese officials started to notice this as well, and deemed him a threat to Japan. A threat that had to be snuffed.

It was a cold, windy day when Tenka walked up to the platform, the city crying, mourning, and screaming as they saw their knight in shining armor, get a bag put over his head. Seconds later, a rope, and then, he died by hanging.

Shinigami life: He started off poor, alone, and without much purpose in life. His days consisted of laying on the dirt, looking at the sky and napping. He lacked any motivation, any ambition. He was another detached soul. That is, until he saw the first Shinigami he had ever seen. They were merely unseated soldiers, but he held them in high regard. He wanted to be them, he wanted to be like them.

So, he tried out to become one. He was accepted into the academy, and quickly rise within the academy, clearing courses and tests with little effort. He soon graduated, near the top of his class. With Zanpaktuo in hand, he followed his orders and his battle prowess was known within his squad. He continued to rise in rank, gaining friends, and finally figuring out the name of his zanpaktu.

However, he found himself quickly burning out. The ambition he had began to fade, as he was now one of them. There wasn't much room to improve, hardly anything left to achieve, to strive for. His duty and work became tiring, boring, and simply a drag. He just wanted to lay down under the cherry blossom trees, and sleep. To sleep, to drink sake, and to enjoy a good laugh occasionally. But he just did not get the chance, with constantly being sent on orders. So, he decided to become one of the big shots, so he can finally have some peace and quiet, to be lazy, lounge around, and to drink all day.

Inner World appearance: His inner world is a large garden with an open, always sunny sky. Cherry blossom trees litter the area, as the sun seems to radiate a golden, warming light. Large bushes, and multiple flowers are everywhere within the garden. Black clouds that reflect some of the sun beams, gaining a golden glow around them. In the center of the garden, a large symbol is shown, the same one that serves as the cross guard on his sword, and the one stamped on his fan: a diamond, separated into four equal parts.


Name: Kōman na kaze

Zanpaktuō spirit: A tall male, roughly 6'1", and 180 lbs. His hair is a shimmering gold, falling slightly above the shoulders, and very messy. He is dressed in a black kimono, with a gold undershirt and belt. Along with multiple cloud images, with borders of gold. Unlike his master, Kōman na kaze is very humble, serious, and lacks a sense of humor.

Sealed form: Kōman no kaze looks like a simple katana, 2 1/2 feet in length, with a 10 inch handle. The cross guard is a 2 inch length square, with engravings that split it into four equal squares. The blade also has a streak of gold infused within the steel, separating the sword equally in two halves, at all times.


Call out Phrase: Humble, Kōman na kaze

Shikai description: The sword branches out, and shrinks as it comes to resemble a steel fan, a foot in diameter. The fan is basely gold, with black outlined clouds, and then black clouds on top of those. Along, in the middle of the fan, a circle, with a diamond split into four equal sections in black. The actual fan part starts 2" from the handle. (see appearance picture)


Ability: The main ability of Kōman na kaze, is the ability to advanced manipulation of gusts, and moderate creation of gusts.


1. Kyūgekina toppū: Tenka quickly fans the space in front of him, creating bursts of gust that follow the arc/direction in which he fanned. The gusts vary in strength, but overall depend on the amount of swing Tenka adds to it.

2. Būmeranfan: Tenka throws his zanpakto, gliding it along the wind to make minor adjustments to the speed/arc of the curve he threw it at, along with helping it return to him after the attack is over.

3. Passive: Ability to strengthen/weaken gusts of wind around him.

4. Kaze no kattā: He slashes the air in front of him with his fan, sending out a strong pressure of wind to match the direction/momentum/degree of the fan. The momentum can be manipulated by manipulating the wind around it.


Bankai name: Kōman na kaze hyudora

Bankai description: Tenka gains another fan, an exact copy of the previous one. Along with the blades coming out of each section of the fan, and him losing the top half of his kimono.
Ability: The main ability of his bankai, is the advanced manipulation of air currents, and the moderate creation of air currents. The stronger the current, the less control he has over it.


1. Passive: Able to curve, strengthen, and weaken air currents around him.

2. Hyudra Kaze: Tenka quickly pulls his fans from the bottom of his arms rotation, to the top. This results in a max of seven currents to be summoned/manipulated, with the manipulated ones being much stronger. What then happens, is that each current is like an extension of his body for a limited time, following the different ebs and flows of his movement, much to each one acting like a different being, while all remaining connected. (think of it as, each current is a hydra head, and he serves as the body for them)

3. Shinkū: By rotating his arm in a direction, he creates a funnel current, creating a vacuum with his arm being the center of it. The closer to Tenka, the stronger the pull. Along with how the strong the current is, and how fast is arm is rotating.

4. Kaze no rekuiemu: Tenka spins in place, as multiple currents start to swirl around him as well. This causes him to act as a tornado within the charging stages, picking up speed, energy, and force the more he spins, and the more natural wind he intakes. He steadily gains stronger, to a maximum point of roughly 10 currents, at which point two to three start to detach, launching in the direction of Tenka's choosing, aided by reiatsu. However, the attack will continue to recharge itself for up to 20-21 currents, with the groups of two-three continuously surging at the opponent. Each current has a different tone as they move. (If stopped before reaching the initial 10 currents, the attack is nullified. Can be stopped at any point in time)

RP sample

With a sudden jolt of life, the eighth squad captain's body raised in freight. He was in the middle of a vast desert, the sand dunes reaching massive heights around him. The golden sand was constantly shifting with the winds, the dunes swapping height and size within mere moments. The air was littered with sand particles that scarped against the skin, and stung the flesh. There were two suns in the sky, the smaller one burning a light yellow, while the larger one was a blinding white. The heat was an intense, reaching 70 degrees Celsius, and continuing to climb as the suns rose high into the sky.

Once Tenka surveyed his surroundings, bones creaked as he stood completely. The 150 pound male stood to his maximum height of five foot, ten inches. His body arced left, his spine stretching as bones cracked from the stretch. He repeated the process, but arced to the right, another barrage of sickening cracks from his back. More barrages came, as hands embraced, neck twisted, and shoulders twisted. The barrages finally stopped, as a long yawn was let out of his sand-beaten lips. Hands met behind his head, making sure his hair was alright. To his bliss, it was.

After readjusting his jacket, he took a step forward. His sandals sunk into the ground, refusing to budge. A mere sigh was all that came out of Tenka, as a pale foot slide out of the straps. The soft, right foot touched the burning sand, recoiling after the initial burning sensation. A few more tries, and the bare foot finally touched the burning sand and stayed there. He repeated the process once more with his left foot. The searing pain was not as intense this time as the sand found itself between his toes. Curious head looked towards the burning suns, reaching the pinnacle of its arc.

Hour after hour dragged on, as the once soft feet had turned rugged from the blistering heat, and continuous motion. The suns were finally setting as the desert started to cool, now down to 20 degrees Celsius. The forehead that once glistened with sweat, returned to normal with the temperature change. The chill was refreshing compared to the heat, but the temperatures continued to lower, as did the suns. Only a fourth of the yellow sun was visible, as half of the white still peaked it's head over the dunes.

The suns were completely gone now. A large silver moon, and millions of tiny lights that glistened the sky took their place. It was freezing in the desert, down to -4 degrees Celsius. Tenka's body began to move slower and slower, from the exhaustion, and from the freezing temperatures. His body shivered within the cold, as he wrapped his jacket tighter around him to keep himself warmer. His teeth chattered, the noise echoing in his skull as all was still. A gust of wind came across, death's icy touch licking at the captain's face. He turned his shoulder to the wind, but continued to press forward none the less.

It was -10 degrees Celsius. Tenka could no longer feel his legs, or much of his body on that matter. The temperature just continued to drop, with no end in sight. The moon was now decreasing in its arc, the night more than half way over. The freezing wind no longer stung, it burned. The full effects of the chill started to take over, parts of his body beginning to burn from the temperature. He was not sure how much longer he could walk, how much longer he could go before he became another body within the sands. Another body that would drift from dune to dune, until the sand completely swallowed it.

The Shinigami's legs collapsed beneath him, his shins hitting the hard sand with a thud. His body leant backwards, his face towards the sky, exposed to the elements as the chill began to sink into him. He could go no further, could not continue to press on through the desert. His face began to turn blue, death's grasp catching up to him as it started to take a hold of its new vessel, it's meal for the night. The moon had almost set, only a tenth of it remaining visible beyond the dunes. As it set, the suns had not begun their rise to power, and the desert was pitch black. Death had taken its victim for the night, just as the darkness washed over the never ending sea of sand.

The squad eight captain laid beneath the cherry blossom tree outside of his barracks, in a dead sweat. His eyes slowly opened, as his heart raced with rapid breathing. His breathing became steady in a few moments, as he shook himself back into reality. Sitting up, he looked at the empty sake bottle next to him, and then up at the sky. "I've got to lay off the sake" He said aloud to himself, putting his palm flush against his forehead as he shook his head softly. "Who am I kidding, I can never lay off sake" he said, smiling and laughing softly.

He stood up fully, running a hand through his hair, following up with a breath scratch to his head. He slid on his jacket, as he walked towards his barracks. "I can't believe I let myself die that easily...must be getting out of touch with myself." He said under his breath, as he waved at a few of his squad members, giving them a brief smile shortly after. "Have a good day"

*Note* Any wind/current will be able to be seen/detected, as they are infused with Tenka's reiatsu.

*Note 2* Refer to appearance pic to gain an exact picture of his cross guard/symbol on the fan/inner world/back. It is the symbol on the fan.

Rank/level - ADV-2
Hankou - 10
Reiryoku -13
Hakudo -10
Seijuu -13
Bukijuu -12
Hoho - 12
Points awarded: --
Total points: 70

Tenka Kumou Done-1

We're here to live, might as well live.

Dat Character list

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PostSubject: Re: Tenka Kumou   Tenka Kumou EmptyTue Nov 27, 2012 3:16 pm

Approved for ADV-2 with 70 points. Once these points are applied to stats and checked, this app will be moved to accepted.

Also, don't forget to face claim Tenka.

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Title : The Infamous Hash, Unlimited Potential, Black Ice
Posts : 4463
Soul Cash : 4355
Female Age : 24
Location : Barrie, Ontario

Character sheet

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Moving to accepted~

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Tenka Kumou
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