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 Shirasu Kinjou

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Shirasu Kinjou    Shirasu Kinjou  EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 10:50 pm

Name: Shirasu Kinjou

Nickname: --

Age: 209 (appears 25)

Gender: Male

Squad: 8

Rank: Lieutenant

Weapon(s): --

Personality: On the exterior, Shirasu is a simple man, normally wearing a smile and taking the role as an older sibling or friend above all else, unless of course he just happens to not like some one. He diesn't mind a drink now and then but above anything else he has a love for sweets. Seeming like he doesn't have a care in the world he generally takes it easy. Even when heavily injured he tries to brush things off, acting as though wounds don't even exist when anyone offers to tend to them. Of course that could also just be due to his hatred toward doctors or any other medical treatment. He never did trust a single one of them nor their ways. He could tend to himself just fine.

Doctors are not the only ones void of his trust though. Shirasu is the first one to doubt those around him, mostly because of how the ways of shinobi were so deeply implanted into him. He wouldn't normally voice these doubts aloud unless of course he felt them too threatening, to a point of endangering those who he cares about. If that were the case he would not hesitate to approach such a person, alone, no matter the difference in strengths. He would gladly give up his life trying to protect than to cower.

While his trust remains low for others, others should doubt him just as much, if not more. Shirasu is a man of stealth and deceit, a superb actor and a master of disguises. Some might even have classify his level of skills to be...Creepy? Especially when he smiles so easily. He could easy "befriend" someone just to get what he needed. At the same time he's never all that put off by the idea of causing a ruckus, using the confusion to his own advantage, or to just keep to his "cool" persona.

While relatively calm a majority of the time, even Shirasu has his breaking points. One of course being those who harm his friends and loved ones. There is also his snapping point when he cannot do anything to stop the harm that may come. There is nothing he wants more than to serve his purpose, more so in a shinobi like way of master and servant even if he is not as such anymore. Because of this he is often left in disappointment when his captain "requests favors" from him or "rely" on him instead of using him. He could usually brush it off with nothing but an annoyed sigh or a roll of his eyes but when it comes to the time where Tenka is truly in danger he can't help but feel his blood boil.

Physical Appearance: Shirasu is a lean man, at a height of 5'9 and weighing around 142 pouds.He has pale skin and a normally kind face with soft features one would expect with his kinder personality. Of course wehn angered the angleic looks can become terrifying in less than a moment. His most notable quality is his pure snow white hair and violet eyes that make him instantly recognizable (when he's not being master of disguise course). Most of the time he keeps his hairs held back with a violet head band, except for a few strands.

Shirasu has his uniform custom made. He has had the cleeves romoved from the traditional uniform and instead wears a pair of arm warmers that start athis mid bicep and reach down to a ring hooked around his middle finger. They are laced up with violet string along the sides. He still wears the common hakama as other shinigami;s do though. He keeeps his zanpakuto strapped in a holster at his lower back.

in human life: Shirasu was born into the Fuuma clan of ninja. It was a give in that he was raised from birth in training to become a ninja, especially being born into the head family and showing promise form an early ag. He was on a straight road to inheriting the Name Kotaro Fuuma like all the heads of the Fuuma share more as a title.

When he was 14 tragedy struck when another child of the Fuuma defected, taking out a majority of the members with seemingly no trouble. e left a trail of blood in his wake, leaving only few of the Fuuma to remain, Shirasu included in those.With most of the clan gone it became pointless to try and stick together, all of them going on their own ways, many with intentions of getting revenge for their fallen family, again Shirasu included. It was getting to that point that was the problem. Distinct features of the Fuuma were the white hair and violet eyes that were more than obvious no matter how Shirasu had tried to hide them. He was often the target for torment from those who had heard about the fall of the Fuuma and no longer held any regard nor fear for them. This drove him on even more.

A year later Shirasu finally got the chance he had been waiting for. Gathering and following leads until he finally found who he was looking for. The other Fuuma was just barely older than himself but radiated power far above what shirasu could imagine. He didn't back down though. He called out to the boy, standing proud. However Shirasu had been correct from the start. The other fuuma was powerful, far too much for Shirasu to stand a chance. He was left bloodied and beaten, unable to move as snow fell from the sky and covered him. He couldn't just die like this! but with the way he felt himself slipping from his body he knew that would surely be the fate that awaited him.

However this was not the case. The last thing Shirasu remembered seeing was another boy kneeling down before him, a worried look on his face, He was saying something but sSirasu couldn't hear him.He felt himself get hoisted up by the other boy before he completely gave in falling into darkness.

the next thing he knew he was looking up at a white ceiling, laying upon a futon and covered up by blankets. His memory was fuzzy and for a moment he thought this was some sorry excuse of heaven but then he remembered the boy, figuring he must have somehow been alive still. He sat up, noticing how he was bandaged nearly from head to toe and he grimaced, knowing that mean the had likely been to see a doctor. How he hated doctors. He was ready to pull the bandages off and flee but just a she got up the door opened, revealing the boy form before as well as two, younger siblings of his.

Shirasu quickly learned about him. His name was Tenka, head of the Kumou family since his parents had been killed a year earlier by the exact same Fuuma who had put Shirasu in that state. He was now caring for his younger siblings and offered Shirasu a place to stay. By nature Shirasu was doubting, not even saying a word back. Tenka on the other hand seemed to trust worthy, telling him story after story. Everyday the brothers would bring him his meals and take care of his wounds and he wouldn't say a word. for a time he wondered if any of this was even real. Never before had he known strangers to show such kindness. They must have known who he was, the family he was from, Tenka was an egotistical laid back guy but he wasn't stupid. Shirasu could tell that much.

As his stay grew longer, Shirasu began to warm up to the three brothers, soon putting them on the same level as family. e opened up, laughing with them and becoming one of them within another year. Finally able to drop his past he asked to stay, offering his services in return, not as a Fuuma shinobi but instead as a shinobi of the Kumou family. Of course Tenka didn't turn him down but he never did let the man live up to such duties, always requesting favors.

Either way Tenka soon became what one would consider a best friend. They'd spent nights up drinking together, joking around. The other two brothers also became ones that were dear to him. He would always take the time to help with their training as well as making them sweet treats for when they were done.

When Tenka was sentenced to death he was just in as much shock as the rest of the city. Sure he had noticed changes in the man but he never did expect the government would go so far. He kept to Tenka's last request whic was to take care of his siblings, which turned out to be quite the task. After the incident with Tenka, the government began to question the other two Kumou brothers and soon saught for their destruction as well, finally acting on one night.A military team stormed the home only to find Shirasu standing in the entry way, looking upon them with unamused dark eyes. He had to protect the other two who he had sent off into the woods behind the home to flee, assuring them he would follow.

"Where are they?" one of the soldiers called, getting no answer form Shirasu. He growled and stepped forward ahead of the other men only to have Shirasu meet him at his destination without even a clue or a sound. He had his kunai drawn, slicing across the man's throat and setting off the events of that night. He put up a good fight, and for some time it seemed like he would be able to pull off victory and actually be able to join in with the other two. But suddenly from nowhere a blade pierced trough his back and he looked down to see silver poking out from his chest, followed by another spear tip from his abdomen, one from his leg, and another and another. He tried to stay standing, managing just a few steps before he collapsed in the puddle of his spilled blood. He couldn't move. Again his mind was slipping into darkness and no matter how hard he looked he knew no one was going to come to his rescue this time.

afterlife: When Shirasu was guided into the soul society he was immediately known to hold power. In his small little part of Rukongai many others pushed for him to go become a shinigami. That he shouldn't waste his time. He resisted for a short time, not really wanting such power. He was with most other's in Rukongai that somewhat detested shinigami, never really have met one himself. But then the day came when he finally stumbled upon one, actually helping the people of Rukongai and wondered just how bad it could really be. The following year he entered the acedemty, excelling and graduating into the Court Guard Squads.

He started out in squad 2 which would seem obvious for a man with his skills, but afte observing the captain of squad 8 he opted for a transfer. There was an instant connection, which would seem funny if he could remember his past life. He rose through the ranks, soon becoming Tenka's lieutenant. It was soon just like their previous lives as humans even if neither could remember such times. He would sit up and drink with the man at night, giving light scolding when Tenka drank far too much to be healthy and then taking care of him like a child when he was dragged down with hangovers the day after.

Inner world appearance: His inner world is set in a forrest in the dead of winter.The trees have all shed teir leaves and stand out against the blanket of thick snow that covers the ground. The sky is a pale grey with the slightest of violet tints, making it seem like a colorless world. A ew streams criss cross through the trees and the only sign o structure in his entire innerworld is a wooden brudge crossing over a gully of one of these streams.


Name: Shin no Sugata

Zanpakutō spirit: Shin no Sugata is a tall man, well built with large muscles. His skin is pure white and his face is covered with a mask. The mask is white in color with red designs arcross it mimicking fox like details. His eyes can be seen through the openings. They are inverted in color, the whites instead black and his irises red with white pupils. He has wild white whir that curls down to his lower back. He remains shirtless, wearing only a black tattered hakama, revealing his lower legs.

He is rather quiet but he doesn't need to say much. Even with the mask covering his face Senshi carries himself in a way that makes it obvious he is smirking behind its cover. He is prideful and looks down upon others. He isn't above using dirty tactics, doing whatever it takes to bring himself a victory.

Sealed form: Shin no Sugata takes that shape of a black bladed wakizashi. The blade has a pattern of silver tracks throughout its blad. The grip is gold with black diamonds traling up its sides. The sheath is black as well with violet clouds outlined in gold.


Call out phrase: Avenge, Shin no Sugata

Shikai description: There is nor change in the sape of Shirasu's zanpakuto other than a chain now hanging off the end of the hilt. At the end of the chains fifteen foot reach is a weight with four spikes coming out from its sides. The bottom of the weight is slightly rounded with a cloud engraved into it.

Ability: The engraving at the bottom of the weight of Shin no Sugata is used to summon a form of a snarling, white fox formed from his reiatsu. He can use it in this form to attack controlling its movements. (seriously could not think of what else to call it that would be simpler ^^')

*Fukkushu Kosho-Releasing a fox from its restraints from his zanpakuto he can shoot it off iin a speedy blast, its power varying be how much reiatsu he feeds into it.

*Kitsune no hiromeru-be withdrawing a fix from the weight his can focus his reiatsu into the blade, effectively making it stronger. Or instead he can focus it into the chain, making it stronger and harder to break free from should it wrap around an opponent.


Bankai name: Shin no Senshi

Bankai description: Shin no Senshi takes the form of a traditional kunai, cloud designs engleved into it in colors of deep purple. Off the end are several strings of purple wire twisted together to form thick cables. The nine in total cables varying in length each lead to yet another kunai, an exact replica as the original. By using his reiatsu he can make them move seemig=ngly on their own withing the bounds of their length.

Ability: Much like his shikai he can summon out the foxes in each of his kunai now, having the same control of them as before.


*Kitsune no nakigoe-Just like Fukkushu kosho Shirasu can release his foxes though they are more powerful now. That and he can also release serveal at a time. Separately they can cause damage but they can also combine to form even deadlier blast, of course depending on the number of foxes he puts into his blast.

*Kaimei no o- The chords that hold Shin no Senshi together unravel, only a few staying intact to hold the kunais together. Opening up they out put all the spiritual pressure that would otherwise be focused into his ten foxes. Instead of ten they become one, more powerful and faster. Again this can be released into a blast, far stronger than any would be individualling.

Role-play sample:
*Like I'm really gonna do samples anymore xD Click this ^^*

Rank/level - ADV-3
Hankou - 10
Reiryoku - 10
Hakudo - 10
Seijuu - 10
Bukijuu - 12
Hoho - 13
Points awarded: --
Total points: 65

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Character sheet

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Moving this to approved~

Don't forget your face claim. :p

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Shirasu Kinjou
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