Lynn Solaris (Done)

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 Lynn Solaris (Done)

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PostSubject: Lynn Solaris (Done)   Lynn Solaris (Done) EmptyWed Nov 28, 2012 2:19 am

Name: Lynn Solaris
Age: 539
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): N/A

Personality: Lynn is untrusting, preferring to keep mostly to herself. If she lets someone in, then it is because it is someone she truly and completely trusts. This issue of trusts stems from her death, and her inability to cope with the fact that humans could do that to one another. With her evolution into a Hollow, and eventually and Arrancar, she never managed to let go of that feeling. Knowing that at any moment, one of her fellow Hollow could turn on her for more power. She has a certain love of flying and of birds when she’s in the human world. She keeps a small Hollow bird as a pet and lets it sit on her shoulder when she isn’t fighting. In combat, she’s brutal and unforgiving. She doesn’t go easy on anyone, if someone puts themselves in front of her, she attacks and does everything she can to win. However, if her opponent is weak enough, she will let them live so they can get stronger. Despite her philosophy on fighting, she truly enjoys the thrill of mortal combat.

Outside of combat, she’s quiet and keeps mostly to herself. Lynn highly enjoys spending time in the human world with birds, and occasionally lions. She rarely lets anyone inside her world. If she lets someone get close, then that is truly someone special, and she will do everything in her power to protect them. Just like one of her birds or lions.

Physical Appearance: Lynn has tan skin, and strawberry blonde hair that stretches to her shoulder blades, there is a tuft of hair standing straight up on the right that resembles a cat ear. Her eyes are gold in color and resemble those of a feline. She wears a white hakama, black tabi, and white zori, along with a white half jacket leaving her abdomen bare. Around her waist is a black sash, and hung from her left hip by a black cord is her zanpakuto. She also tends to wear a black scarf around her neck, for no other reason than because she likes it. To finish off her outfit, she wears a black hoari that stretches to her ankles, which she tends to close at her abdomen. Her mask covers the left half of her face, from her brow to just under her nose. There is a single cat like ear sticking out, and the part of her mask over the left half of her nose resembles a feline. Her hollow hole is her navel.

Bio: A human girl was born in Italy during the Renaissance, her father was a baker, and her mother a housewife. She had a life of leisure, but she remained sweet and kind to everyone, not wanting anyone to be unhappy. This attitude changed little into her teenage years, even when her father began asking her to take a suitor. Though she turned most away, she never told her father she wouldn’t meet someone. One night when she was seventeen and her family were walking back home from meeting a suitor, a group of men kidnapped her and her family.

They woke up in a large empty building, tied to each other and in nothing but rags for clothing. They were held for days, each one slowly being experimented on. They started with her mother, then her father, and when her parents were dead, they moved onto her. The claws of a lion were sewn into her fingers, and a serpent was sewn into the base of her spine. To end this off, the implanted eagle’s wings onto her back. None of this killed her, but it caused her so much pain that she wished for nothing but death. Then one day she got the chance for what she wanted, one of her guards didn’t shackle her well enough and she was able to attack. Her attacks were pitiful and weak, but deemed threatening enough to have her killed.

However, she awoke as a spirit. The shock of not being gone from the world, and of the fact that her body was not given a proper burial drove her near the edge. However, it wasn’t until she saw the same men kidnapping more families and experimenting on them in the name of alchemy did she truly get driven over the edge. It was after she had been dead only a few weeks that she became a Hollow. Her first act as a Hollow was to kill every single one of the “alchemists” responsible for killing her and her family. Alas, in her state of pure rage and blood lust, she didn’t stop at the alchemists, and also killed and ate the family they had kidnapped. Without pausing to consider, she continued to feed on humans for another century.

That was when she encountered her first Shinigami, a weak man fresh out of the academy. She was strong enough now that this lowly foot soldier was no match for her and she devoured him. This brought on her first step to becoming a Menos. She realized how empty and hungry she was after she ate the Shinigami, so she retreated into Hueco Mundo, and started devouring other Hollows, spending another fifty years in the shadows of Hueco Mundo. This time spent sating the insatiable hunger caused her to evolve into a Menos Grande. Unlike the vast majority of the Menos, her mask was different, it resembled that of a lioness. She continued to devour her fellow Hollows, even other Menos.

This eventually brought the girl into her next stage of development, an Adjuchas. She took the form of a Chimera, the body of a lioness, the wings of an eagle, and the tail of a serpent. She also gained the ability to breathe fire, and took on the name Lynn Solaris. Lynn continued traveling Hueco Mundo and defeating and devouring Hollows to gain more power. She continued along this path for another century, nearing her four hundredth year of life. It was then that she encountered her first Arrancar. She was easily trounced and tossed aside as though she were nothing. She rose back to her feet, but the Arrancar thought she wasn’t worth it and left her to rot. Fortunately for her, she wasn’t hurt any worse than her pride.

Lynn spent some time trying to figure out how to become an Arrancar, soon learning that she needed to remove her mask. After a few years, she finally decided that she had become strong enough, and tore her own mask off. She rose an Arrancar, her power as a Hollow concealed in a double edged katana named Sol. She continued to strengthen herself, though focused slightly less on feeding. She trained and fought with her Resurreccion, and her zanpakuto, doing her best to perfect both. She has spent the rest of her time traveling the world, both human and Hueco Mundo.


Name: Sol
Sealed form: The sealed form of Sol takes the form of a double edged katana, with a red and gold wrapped hilt and a bronze hand guard. Tassels extend from the pommel of the hilt. The sheath is kept on her back, just within reach of her right hand.

Resurrección: Lynn, releases blinding light from her body, then gains muscle and gains chimera like features, a tail grows out and turns into a serpent, and eagle wings sprout from her back. Her hands turn tan and extend into claws, white armor extends from her wrists to the middle of her biceps. White boots stretch to her thighs, and the same white armor appears over her waist in the form of white short shorts. Her chest is covered with the same white armor from her shoulders, to just below her breasts. A line of scale like armor flows down from where her armor ends, down her belly button, and stops at her shorts.

Every portion of her armor looks as though it is covered in small scales, except the armor around her face. It disappears entirely and reveals her face fully. Her strawberry blonde hair becomes more wild, with two ear like tufts standing on end, stretching down passed her shoulder blades. Her tail stretches the length of her body, and the tip is the head of a snake. Her Zanpakuto reforms into an English broadsword, the hilt keeping its red and gold color, and the hand guard extending . The right portion into the head of an eagle, the left into the head of a lion, the pommel becomes a snake’s head. The tassels no longer adorn the hilt.

Call out phrase: Burn brighter! SOL!!

Ability: Solar Energy Manipulation – The energy that Lynn uses in this form burns whatever it touches, Lynn has a natural immunity to it however.

Techniques: Latigo del Sol (Whip of the Sun) – Lynn focuses her energy into her hand or the tip of her zanpakuto, with this the energy extends out twice the length of her body and forms a whip. The strength of the whip depends on how much energy she puts into it. The duration depends on whether or not she continues to feed the whip energy or not. The energy cannot be released as a slash, the moment the energy leaves Lynn’s hand, it dissipates and fizzles out of existence.

Escuado del Sol (Shield of the Sun) – Lynn draws a circle in the air with her sword, leaving behind a golden trail of energy. This energy then solidifies and fills in forming a shield to block incoming attacks. The strength of this shield depends on the amount of power that Lynn puts into it, she has fallen into the habit of only putting in enough power to take the blunt of the attack, allowing Lynn enough time to dodge, or weakening it to the point that it won’t kill her.

Hoja del Sol (Blade of the Sun) – Lynn covers her sword in golden energy, the energy courses along the blade of her sword. The Reiatsu around the edge of the blade vibrate at nearly 4 million rounds a second, allowing her a vastly increased ability to cut through anything constructed from Reiatsu. This ability requires a constant drain from her own energy stores, however this drain is minimal and can be sustained for long periods of time while fighting.

Círculos del Sol (Circles of the Sun) – Lynn creates between one and three circles of energy on her sword, these circles spin in opposite directions and slightly increase cutting power, like three buzzsaws. However, that is not the true power of these blades. These blades can be launched from the sword with a slash, and guided. What’s more, they increase in size when they are thrown. Going from roughly the side of a soft ball to easily the size of a manhole cover. Though they can’t be guided, they do have a one-time ability of pulling a complete one eighty, and turning around in mid air.

Role-play sample: Lynn stood several miles above the ground, looking down at the birds and the humans beyond them. The humans were vile, traitorous creatures. More than that the vast majority of them were weak, foolish and weak never a good combination. The birds in the sky however, they were a different story, lively and majestic. It was live or die for them, and they knew it. They lived and did everything they could to keep it that way, they even protect their young, taught them how to fly. In the air was the only time Lynn ever felt safe, felt at home. Especially when there were birds around she truly enjoyed their company, more so than even her fellow Arrancar.

It was this moment, when Lynn felt relaxed and at peace, that she managed to pick up something, a feeling she had wondered if she would come across while in the human world. It wasn’t like she was being quiet about her presence, she was standing out in the open, several miles above the ground. Any Soul Reaper with half a brain could detect her presence. However, she was surprised when she noticed that the Shinigami wasn’t coming straight for her, it seemed to be going toward another presence, one that was slightly stronger than the others. Though not nearly to her level from what she could tell. In any case, she was not going to worry about it, what would come would come.

Lynn moved to one of the rooftops nearby and masked her power further, wanting to see what she was up against before revealing her true strengths. No reason she couldn’t have some fun while she was at it, drawing Sol she stood at the ready. Waiting. This was always her least favorite part, the calm before the fight. ”Bring it on ninos, this will be the end for someone.” And Lynn knew for sure that it wouldn’t be her. She turned in the direction of the Shinigami, ”We do not have to do this, your death is not necessary.”

Rank/level - ADP 2
Hankou (Resistance) - 8
Reiryoku (Spiritual energy) - 8
Hakudo (Physical Combat) - 8
Seijuu (Energy Control) - 8
Bukijuu (Weapon Control) - 8
Hoho (Speed) - 10
Points awarded:
Total points: 50

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PostSubject: Re: Lynn Solaris (Done)   Lynn Solaris (Done) EmptyTue Dec 04, 2012 1:09 pm

I can approve this for ADP-2 with 50 points.

Unfortunately, this isn't enough to get you an Espada position, but you can rank up to a high enough level to get one soon enough.

So, you'll have to take the part about her being an Espada out of the bio for now, but you can add it later when she becomes one. You could either take a fraccion position, or go freelance/rogue, if you wanted.

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Title : The Infamous Hash, Unlimited Potential, Black Ice
Posts : 4463
Soul Cash : 4360
Female Age : 25
Location : Barrie, Ontario

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PostSubject: Re: Lynn Solaris (Done)   Lynn Solaris (Done) EmptyWed Dec 05, 2012 1:46 am

Moving this to accepted~

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Lynn Solaris (Done)
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