War of the Pantheons

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 War of the Pantheons

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Camp Halfblood
Victory was in the air, the titan lord Kronos and his army had been defeated and the Olympians were once again sitting atop the Empire State Building. Within a small cave near Camp Halfblood, the new Oracle of Delphi (Rachel Elizabeth Dare) slept. She was enjoying a deep sleep filled with vibrant color. Paintings, beaches, spring meadows whirled past her as she floated through the dreamscapes. Finally her dream flight ended in New York City. The sky was blue with fluffy clouds and crowned by the sun, which shone bright yellow. Rachel loved this dream, a peaceful world.

The sun faded and the clouds turned dark as the dream changed. In its place was something that Rachel was not prepared to see. New York City was enveloped by a vicious storm with clouds reaching the very top of the Empire State Building. Mount Olympus was shrouded in flames and surrounded by a bubbling cauldron of dragon masted ships; a one eyed god was leading a charge up the avenues of Olympus with axe-wielding warriors flocking to him.

In a brilliant flash of lightning the dream ended and Rachel woke suddenly. She ran from her cave towards the Big House of Camp Halfblood to see Chiron. After hearing of Rachel’s dream, Chiron shuddered with fear. “Stay here.” The centaur clattered towards another room, the personal quarters of Dionysus.

Whatever was said had an immediate impact, the wine god emerged wearing a rather loud leopard bathrobe. “You know what this means don’t you Chiron,” roared the God of Wine. “The truce will break.”

Rachel could feel the anger surge over Dionysus, but she also sensed a whisper of fear as he left for Olympus. Chiron turned towards Rachel, a weak smile breaking on his face, “Tell no one of your dream. Something is stirring in the North, something far more powerful than the titans.”

"W-What will we do when we aren't worrying about this grave threat?" Rachel was slightly angry that she had to lie to people she called friends.

Chiron cantered over to large sofa and picked up a bow and quiver. He wrapped it around his neck and smiled, "We train."


The Brooklyn House
This is Sadie, your friendly magician. I haven't got all day to lay out the specifics but in the whole ‘peace after the death of Apophis the giant chaos snake’ something bad happened. Carter lost track of a prisoner. OUCH! Well it’s true! Sorry about that, anyways Amos came to see us and keep us in the loop to what has been going on. Apparently the House of Life cannot find Uncle Vinny… oh sorry, Setne. He is a dead magician with powers that even Amos never learned. We are talking about kill-a-god-become-immortal sort of powers. That was who Cart-I mean, WE lost track of a few weeks ago.

The last thing we heard was that he had broken into the Nome in Athens and destroyed it. Apparently he was after some sort of golden flea. Dono what a golden flea would do for you, probably help cleanse you of all those pests. Carter, remind me to get Anubis one of those for our anniversary. What? You mean Golden Fleece? Ah, yes that totally makes more sense.

Well, Setne could not find the fleece. Since then the House of Life has been attempting to track him down. Amos wants us to go out after him, seems to think since Setne appeared to us before he might attempt to do it again.

There have been a ton of attacks; strange monsters have been hitting us lately. We went to a doughnut shop the other day and found ourselves attacked by strange giants with one eye. It is like Apophis never died? Yes Carter, he didn’t die… *sigh*

If you get this recording please alert us at the Brooklyn House immediately and we will come slap him, nab him, and bag him. *radio screeching and then silence*


Assembled in the Hall of the Einherjar were the warriors of Odin who were busily drinking and feasting under the watchful eye of the great god himself, who was seated at the head table. The Allfather rose, his black cloak folding over his throne and the silver armor flashing. “My friends!” his voice boomed across the hall, stopping the feasting and carousing of the warriors. “Please, make way and welcome our most excellent friends.” At the far end of the hall the doors opened and a large group of newcomers entered; most were clad in camouflage carrying machine guns on their backs. The assembled warriors moved down and made openings at the tables for the new arrivals. “Drink! Feast! Fight! You have all earned a respite from war for a time!” Odin sat back down, his eyes sparkling with satisfaction. The new warriors would be a healthy addition to his forces for the future war.

The warriors continued to feast when Heimdall, guardian of the Bifrost, entered the hall and rushed up to the throne. “My lord… there is a problem,” Heimdall said quickly, almost nervously.

Odin laughed at the horn blower holding up a bone mead cup, “My dear Heimdall, please have a drink and calm yourself.”

“My lord, he has…” Heimdall stopped and pulled something from his belt; it appeared to be a long gossamer sash.

Odin, standing up, took the material and examined it. “Loki.” The god’s voice changed, instead of being boisterous full of vigor it was now replaced by rage. “Where is Loki?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” Heimdall stammered, backing away from Odin. “We found this too.” Reaching again into his belt, Heimdall pulled a small black object out and handed it to Odin.

“What is this…” Odin examined the object closely. It was a round black bead inscribed with a green trident. Deep within Odin anger rose, one that had not risen in centuries. “Alert the Jarls. Find Loki and the demigod who freed him. I want that Camp burned to the ground!”

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War of the Pantheons
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