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Applesauce Felli Gunter


300 (Appears 5-6 years old)


None besides her Zan


Before she gets to know someone she can be extremely shy and quiet. Often she will be seen as more of a background character, little more then decoration standing behind someone she already knows very well. Her tendancy to wear a black hooded robe (with the hood up around strangers) tends to add an air of mystery around the girl.

When one does know her they will find she is an upbeat young girl who takes pleasures in things that make her happy (such as ice cream, chocolate, and her pet hollow penguins). She views the world as her playground to reasonable degree, but can be very serious when she needs to. When she finally trust someone she tends to be 100% loyal to them, but will often start to become confused and question some orders.

She also loves life in general. She likes ducks and rabbits, and often gives the ones she comes across odd nicknames. She tends to be a bit of a real world theif, stealing mostly sweats and stuffed animals which she eats (the first) or adds to an ever growing collection (the other). She also has a habbit of zoning out for short periods of time and doing crazily cute things (like chewing on peoples feet.) She is also very empathetic with others, often feeling their fears and sadnesses (though she does not always know why they have those fears and sadnesses).

She also has a love for books, especially pop up and picture books (probably because she is not a very good reader). She likes to steal them from the real world when she goes there, adding it to the collection of books in Los Noches. She has also taken several important doodles and comics from shops, the estimated amount of them equalling well into the millions.

She can be extremely cowardly at times. She would much rather run and hide with her penguins then get into a fight. She can sometimes be found hiding in people closets or even under their beds.

She has trouble going down in the human world. She tends to fall rather then gracefully lower herself to the ground. She does not really know why it is, as no matter how hard she tries she can not master the art of the landing.

Flea is very naive and timid. She does not understand why arrancar and shinigami fight. She wants to make friends with a shinigami one day to show why everyone ever should just be friends. Even with that attitude of everyone should be friends, she has started to understand some people are just not nce, though she does not understand why.

Despite her peaceful nature she still likes to break stuff. It may be a habit she picked up from her pet penguins who have raised her. She likes to watch glass break and wood splinter. Stone shattering is also neat in her books.

Physical Appearance:
She is truely a wonder of arrancar biology as she has two forms which can be considered as a base. It may be more of her special ability, the thing that truely makes her different from other arrancar.

The first is that of a little girl, what you could call her actual form. She appears to be around 5 or 6 years in age. She has long brownish grey hair that would go all the way to the floor if it were not in two pig tails either side of her head. Her hair matches her bright hazel eyes which are often filled with a childlike wonder and curiousity.

She stand at 4 foot even at a weight of 50 pounds. She can often be seen running around in a set of oversized arrancar robes which have started to fall apart due to age. They also carry some battle wounds such as blood and sword slashes, though she has never been in a fight.

Her other form is that of a penguin. It is odd to think of it, but it is true. She can change into this form at will, and often stays in it for long periods of time in order to play games with her hollow penguin pets. In this form she stands only 1 foot tall, but still weighs 50 pounds. She is mostly black except for her bright orange beak, feet and a white belly and mask. She has two flipper like wings aswell.

Adventure time~ come on grab your friends....

She hatched from an egg. The end.

But seriously. her origins in life are shrowded in mystery. The only thing that is certain is that at no time was she a regular human soul. This is not to say she was never alive in the human world, but rather that the makeup of her soul is so muddied with parts and peices of other souls that one could not give a definitive history of her human life.

What is known is that some time ago a scientist, now forgotten to the stream of time, began experiments with humans and creatures with supernatural abilities. His goal was never very well defined, though it had something to do with alchemy and greater control over the elements of the world.

In his experiments he eventually stumbled upon the truths of the afterlife. Shinigami, hollows...all that bit. Now, in those days such talk would of been a sure death sentance and so he did not mention such words to anyone. But, what can be said is that the nature of his works became much more...sinister afterwards.

After years of research this scientist finally created what he beleaved to be an artificial human, a homunculus. The exact way in which he was able to do all this is unknown, though one must think that many people died for this creation.

Anyway, this scientist had not created the artificial human he so wanted, but rather what would become known as an arrancar. The creature, in its original form was unstable mentally with the souls of an unthinkable number of hollows and humans in it. The creation would kill the creator before dropping out of history some 300 years ago.

During that time the beasts has slowly become more stable. Much like another arrancar, this one of natural evolution, its body was near useless due to the pain of being an unnatural creature. Arrancar are simply not meant to naturally exist, and so it was till an object known as the hogyoku came into being. One could call it a...philosophers stone, something that bypasses the laws of the world to creat what should not be able to exist.

This item is how Applesauce came into being. It was used upon the pitiful creature that once was to form a stable, fully functioning being. However...she was not what the user of said item needed at that time. He wanted a warrior...he got a child.

The last couple of years since her rebirth have been somewhat interesting for her. She discovered an ability to change into a hollow penguin. This may be because as a hideous monster on man, she was taken care of by a tribe of hollow penguins. They live in the furthest reaches of Hueco Mundo, in a place where Los Noches can not even be seen. The events of the Winter War however, has attracted some attention to what the other creatures of hueco mundo are up to.

Fearing an actual encounter with other arrancar or even shinigami, she and the penguins have been watching from a far to see what comes next.



Sealed form:
WIP Clannad-14-ss-3

As you can see such an unusual being has a most unusual zanpakto. It takes the form of a teddy bear instead of a weapon. It is about 1 foot tall and weighs about a pound, give or take. It has soft brown colored fur and two little black dots for eyes. A slightly darker shade of brown makes up its nose and mouth, forever cute and plush looking.


Never judge a book by its cover....
WIP Teddy_Bear_Samurai_by_da_G3

The girls Resurreccion is also unlike any known arrancars. It begins by the teddybear melting, the liquid flowing over the girl, covering her. It then begins to bubble up into a near impenatrable cocoon for a moment before suddenly crumbling apart, revealing a very unexpected creature.

In this state the girl is not actually in control of the body, but rather acts like a battery for the new body. She is stored in the chest of the creature, the most heavily ''armored'' part of its body. It now stands at 6'0 even, weighing 200 pounds.

The head of this new creature is that of the teddybear, though somewhat oversized for its new body. Broad shoulders lead to slender yet powerfull arms that both hold knife like blades. Each blade is about 2.5 feet long, but the creature can move them as if they were just regular kitchen knives.

The chest and body of the creature is increadably durable, more so then the rest of its body. Inside of which rest the body of Applesauce. Its hips are hidden by a long samurai bottom, leading to two birdlike feet with three 6 inch claws on each of them. These feet make it so that the creature can both balance and climb obstacles most others could not, which makes up for the lost of the ability to ''float''. The legs of the creature also seem to be spring powered as it has an amazing ability to jump high of the ground, which too makes up for the loss of the float ability.

Call out phrase:

An all around boost in physical ability, though can only last for so long as it has a limited supply of power. The form of Resurreccion will only last 10 post if no attacks are used, because of its limited power supply the use of certain abilities will cause it to use up power, thereby shortening its time.


Hoshasenjutsu: Also known as radioactive martial arts. Taking a seemingly weak punch of kick from this creature can be as dangerous as taking any energy blast to the face. The area of contact will instantly feel a mindblowing buring sensation. To look upon will lead one to see a wicked third degree burn with massive tissue and muscle damage.

The most dangerous thing about that attack is the lasting effects. Radiation sickness may occure after the battle is done. This may include nausia, vomiting and diahrea. For rp sake the sickness would take effect the next noncombat thread one would enter. While the sickness if not deadly it can lead to mild to severe suffering, depending on the character.

For each punch or kick thrown with this technique, the creature loses one extra post of Resurreccion. The creature loses two if the attack connects.

Role-play sample[img][url][/url][[[img]
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