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PostSubject: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)   FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) EmptyThu Nov 29, 2012 11:40 pm

  • Q: What sorts of powers can/should I have for shikai, bankai, bount dolls, fullbring, etc.?
    A: There is a list of Banned Techniques in the Rules and Information forum; anything not on that list is fair game. Simply put, be creative. Just be sure to describe your techniques as well as you can.
  • Q: How does my character become a Captain, Espada, etc.?
    A: There are one of two routes that you can take. The easiest, and most often used, is the application route. You apply for the Captain position at character creation so long as it is vacant, and either receive it or are rejected based on your RP sample (at which point you're free to choose a lower-ranking position). The second way is through hard work and determination. By levelling up your character, you can defeat the Captain of said squad, or you can attain Captain-hood through getting the correct rank and applying to be one.
  • Q: I have a Quincy character who has techniques, but on the Quincy template there is no section for techniques, does this mean I can't use my Quincy's techniques here?
    A: You can list the abilities under the "Quincy Cross" section. However, they will need to be on a smaller scale than such powers as resurreccion or zanpakuto.
  • Q: Can I have a hybrid character? Such as Shinigami/Arrancar, Quincy/Fullbring, Bount/Togabito etc...
    A: No. All hybrid races are expressively prohibited on the terms that some may make hybrids for the sole purpose of making strong characters.
  • Q: I try out for a character and magically get MST-3. Does that mean I can have unlimited amounts of ADV characters?
    A: If you achieve an MST-3 Rank, first things first. Congratulations! Now, The answer to this question is basically summed up as a 'yes,' provided that you are able to roleplay with all the characters you are making. Having a character inactive for some time is okay, but that is only for not-that-strong characters. The more inactive characters you have, the less we will be lenient towards you. So know your limits and keep your character number to that.
  • Q: Are there limits on how many MST, ADV, ADP, MOD, and LOW characters a person can have?
    A: You can most likely start off with only one character who's MST, provided you earned it and are in the required position, such as specific canon or Espada Lord/ Captain Commander/ Sin, etc. Most of the time, you won't be allowed to start right off the bat with an MST character. For ADV, you can have many characters within the range of ADV-3 to ADV-2. ADV-1 to ADV-0 is generally kept for primary characters or strong captains. As for the other ranks, as many characters as you want as long as you are able to role-play all of them sufficiently.
  • Q: Why can I have only one Captain or Espada? Can I have both?
    A: Because this keeps it fair to other players who wish to play as one of the characters, and doesn't line up an entire organization with the same player for those characters. You can, however, have one of both. You may have a key character in each organization, just no more than one.
  • Q: I want to face claim a character, but I see someone else has already used that exact same character but he hasn't officially claimed him yet, can I claim that character for myself if I post my face claim before the other does?
    A: A user who posts a picture from an anime, manga, game, etc. character and does not have it approved in the "face claim" forum cannot use the face. So, in this case, first to claim keeps.
  • Q: How do I level/rank up my character?
    A: Training threads and battle threads (outside the PvP area) are the primary way to gain points to put toward stats, after completing them and submitting in the proper thread. here; you can also spend SC here depending on your character's rank. Once they have the required amount of points for a rank, they automatically gain it.
  • Q: Can hollows have children
    A: On this site, no.
  • Q: Can Visoreds have a Resurrección like Tosen?
    A: No. Visoreds already get stat gains from their mask, which makes them overpowered enough.

  • Q: What happens when I want to play a Canon character, but that Squad/Rank/Espada position is taken?
    A: Then you merely have to move the said character to another Squad/Rank. No, you cannot challenge other people to try and steal their rank.
  • Q: I want to make a canon character, but someone else has started a profile for them first, can I make an app for the same canon character since his isn't finished?
    A: Although we don't allow people to compete for the same position or fight for it, you should wait it out. Canons are usually hard to achieve, even the low-ranking ones and if the person who took your canon does not make it/is inactive and is, therefore, ruled out of the equation, you should go for it. If he/she has been accepted, the Canon is theirs. So basically, no you cannot make an app for the same canon unless the other one was denied/died due to inactivity (a month or so).
  • Q: Can I be related to/have a crush on/be married to a canon character? Do I need to ask that canon's player for permission first? What if that canon doesn't have a player?
    A: If someone is playing the character, ask them. If there is no one playing the character, since this is an AU RP forum, the character does not exist.
  • Q: Can I add techniques onto a canon character?
    A: This role-play is AU, so yes. But we would prefer it if you kept them as close to canon as you possibly can.

  • Q: Is there a limit on how many characters I can have?
    A: Short answer: no. You are the only limit to how many characters you can handle. Keep them within your ability to roleplay and don't just make them and not roleplay with them.
  • Q: Can I put more than one character in a single app?
    A: Simply put: no.
  • Q: Do the Ranks/Levels determine who I would and wouldn't be able to beat in a fight?
    A: No, they are just stats that can be used to reference how skilled your character is at something, such as running speed, ability to take a hit, etc. Who you can beat is determined by your character's abilities, your rp skill, and your own imagination.
  • Q: Can I role-play as someone else's canon in the PvP or side plot forum since it's non-storyline?
    A: You can do anything in the PvP area. For RPing someone else's character, ask the person who plays said character first and foremost.
  • Q: Do I have to make a new account for each character I want to make?
    A: No. Unlike some sites, you can have multiple characters with one account.
  • Q: Do I have to show a new RP sample in every application I make?
    A: Every Canon character created has to have a new sample. However, if you already have a rp sample, then for the character you are trying to create, you do not need to have a new sample as long as its rank is lower or equal to than your current highest character Rank/Level.
  • Q: How do I get SC?
    A: You obtain SC (or Soul Cash) by simply posting; however, posting in Role Play topics earns you more SC.
  • Q: What are factions and can I start one?
    A: Factions are, simply put, where your character fits in, whether it is the Gotei 13, an Espada or one of their Fraccion, or others. You may start one, as detailed more in a question below.
  • Q: I want to make a random faction and lead it. Does this mean I automatically get MST-2?
    A: No. The only factions where the leader starts at MST-2 are: the Gotei 13, the Espada, the 7 Deadly Sins and the Vatican. All other leaders must start at ADV and work their way up. They can be a Faction Leader while in ADV, but they will not likely be able to start at MST-2.
  • Q: What are the steps to making a faction?
    A: First of all, you are going to want a reason for the faction to exist. Reasons you could use are: to protect the innocent, to take over the world, etc. You will need to select a leader, and if you wish, titles for the members, leader(s), and higher-ups. After you get the purpose and titles, you will need a description of the faction. Submit this after it's done to the Organization creation area, and wait to see what the Admins/Mods think.
  • Q: I really like the site and I wanna help out as best as I can! Can I sign up to be a moderator even though I've just joined less than a week ago?
    A: While we appreciate your enthusiasm, we recommend that you spend a week here just getting to know the place before applying to be a Mod.
  • Q: English isn't my first language, will you take this into consideration when grading my profile? If so will you be more understanding of mistakes while grading?
    A: No. The grading we do is heavily based on grammar (which Microsoft Word can help fix) and ideas (which should be consistent in every language). Malapropisms and other problems which arise because of ESL should not deter your RP sample's quality which means you should be fine.
  • Q: My character has his/her own kido spell they made up, can I use it here?
    A: Post the kido here following this template, and make sure the number(s) you want aren't taken. If they are approved, your character, along with any other character, can use them.
  • Q: What do I do if someone takes a long time to reply in a thread?
    A: PM them asking if they plan to post soon. If they do not respond after a week or so, simply move your character out of that topic and post somewhere else. Please note that a single character can only be in one non-storyline thread at a time.

  • Q: What canon occurrences, if any, should I be paying attention to in the manga for this site's canon?
    A: Fundamental rules and explanations of the laws of nature in the Bleach Universe. Knowing that Gin is evil will not help here, since Gin can be played as a good guy here. Knowing that a zanpakuto has two release forms and information of that sort is crucial.
  • Q: How much do I need to know about the Bleach universe to get around well on this site?
    A: You will only need to know how things work, general concepts, and other laws of nature (things like that the Dangai Precipate world is the pathway from Earth to Soul Society, souls are made of reshi, etc.).
  • Q: What are the Deadly Sins?
    A: The Deadly Sins are a site specific race and the main antagonists of the Role Play's plot; they are to the Togabito as the Espada are to the Arrancar, except without a technical leader in the traditional sense.

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