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PostSubject: Ezekiel Hibana WIP   Ezekiel Hibana WIP EmptySun Dec 02, 2012 1:41 am

Name: Ezekiel Hibana

Nickname: Twist of Fate

Age: 1 - Appears 30

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Zanpaktou

Personality: Ezekiel would consider himself a twisted prodigy, one who's tragedies weren't inflicting him, but inflicting others. Accidents and the such had not been exactly mortifying for the child with no heart. There was always a sadistic nature in a way the term doesn't usually apply. There is no sexual pleasure from inflicting damage on others, there is humor. It is a hilarity held dearly to Ezekiel but a hilarity held secret to him as well. To have no connection to anything but his mother would only propose to one thing: he was a man with ambition. Ambitious to infiltrate an organization and act as a being related to the properties of the average of that organization. His true mastermind-plot is to kill Genryusai, the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13.

Due to this grudge he wanted to take up an alliance in case one day he ever needed someone to call upon. Other than his strange version of sadism, he is generally a master of his main facade: the average joe who is neither caring nor uncaring over macro subjects. Relationships within this facade are easily made, it containing the kindness and humor of any rationally agnostic person. Aside from the social parts of personality, Ezekiel is a strategic man, most likely behind the lines of combat in order to be the main tactician.

Physical Appearance: Ezekiel has brown skin and a slender body. His body composition consists of long limbs mostly. Though it seems to fit his structure still. The proportions do not seem unnatural even though he has longer limbs. He has a vivid shade of brown hair, unusual to most humans who have brown hair. His eyes have a chocolate-brown color with a detailed outlining. His face structure is simplistic yet contains handsome features. His nose is small, as well as his ears. Ezekiel's skin is a light brown, like a sweet, light chocolate. His hair style is shaggy when unattended, though he somehow maintains to keep it slicked back. He wears fancy clothes along with a top hat. His clothes are black and he has a watch engraved with the words "Twist of Fate" which seems to be a fancy Rolex passed down from a family member.

Ezekiel has oval-shaped eyes with a slight squint. He has a very small mole on his left cheek diagnoly from his mouth in a perfect position. It does not stick out, in fact it is just like a freckle but it is a tiny bump. On his forehead is a scare in the shape of a cross. There is also a triangle scar around his solar plexus. Ezekiel usually walks with a small flow. This flowing strut is slightly noticeable but allows him to move more fluently though only at normal speeds. He acts with respect but attempted suave at the same time. Ezekiel sometimes tries to say clever remarks with this suave tone. Though his voice contains is deep and solid. Though it isn't too deep, it does contain a matured form for his age. His laugh reflects his voice, as he tries to keep it from annoying people unlike most. He has a selfless form though he does commit himself to research. Usually when stationary, Ezekiel, if he can, does a sort of sway. This is only when he is not formally addressing someone.

Bio: The Slaughter of Quincies

The Centurion


Name: Neji Kokoro

Zanpakutō spirit: Neji Kokoro is a statue shaped in the image of a demon from folk tale named Abaddon. In some form she represents Ezekiel's mother and the twisted person she had been. The statue is the size of the Statue of Liberty. Although she can speak, she remains motionless. The statue form Neji Kokoro takes is a representation of the world the zanpakuto links to. On her back stone bat wings erect. The design of the wings are wicked, the arches being especially defined. They seem so alive and made from flesh, though they themselves are still part of the statue and are motionless as well.

Sealed form: Neji Kokoro is sealed within a arched uchigatana that has a stygian blade and pure white hilt. The cross-guard is the kanji symbol for wicked. The grip is more of a third-dimension rectangular shape that, from the middle, decreases in width. The pommel is rounded off, save for a black cresecent. On the grip there is thin strands of black cloth forming a wicked pattern. The edge of the stygian blade is ivory-white. The blade itself is 2.4 feet long.


Shikai description: The shikai is a blade of wicked patterns, twisting with vine-like extensions protruding from the blade. The blade itself loses the ivory-white edge and remains completely black. A single blade is surrounded by several, small vine-like blades that wrap around and form a pattern mimicking the tendrils of a shadow's mist. The cross-guard shapes into a black star, similar to the most commonly-used shape for the northern star in cartoons. The grip itself now is rounded like a greatsword's. The length of the blade is extended to 2.9 feet.

Call out phrase: Unlock, Neji Kokoro

Ability: Neji Kokoro's ability is a form importing, like bringing structures from a world made/linked by Neji Kokoro and placing them wherever he slashes. At each slash eubacteria from this world can be placed, eating away at what it touches for a very brief moment. The world is referred to as "the Infernium". Though during Shikai, this world is never revealed nor hinted at. This is mainly a gateway ability.

Maina Junin
Ezekiel may stab the ground, planting a black seed which rapidly opens and spreads its roots across 20 feet. From the center and in all cardinal directions (including NE, NW, SE, SW) completely black, faceless figures sprout. The seed disintegrates and the roots transfer into the figures. The seed isn't actually a seed, more like a transit the figures take to travel into the world. For 3 posts, depending on what type of Maina Junin Ezekiel chooses, they can last from 4 posts to 6. After they go away or they are completely finished off, there is a 5 post cool down. In total there are 9 figures. For exception of Guretoeakksu, which has 5.

The figures themselves act as obedient soldiers, but they fight with little coordination in turn for high strength. Their base strength is equal to 2 points more than Ezekiel's hakuda skill. Though their bukijuu is quite the opposite of their hakuda. They have low hankou and can easily be taken out.

[i]Maina Junin: Guretoeakksu

The figures extend their hand as stems flow from their palm, constructing themselves into great axes. The great axes seperate themselves from the figures, becoming their weapons. This lasts 4 posts and there are 5 figures instead of 9.

Maina Junin: Acheri
The figures sprout bows from their hands and quivers full of 30 arrows from their backs. The bows are just like short recurves with basic tips. There are nine and they last for 5 posts.

Maina Junin: Kishi
The figures produce roots from their body from the chest down, the roots constructing into armor. A sword and shield forms in the left and right arm respectively. They become knights, lasting for 6 posts. They are more defensive and can be commanded to either protect Ezekiel or press forward with attacks.

From Ezekiel's blade a gun manifests which he can grab and equip. It has six powerful shots, equivalent to a shikai-level spiritual magnum. It can fire slug-like shots and can reload twice. The structure of the gun is that of a wicked pattern. The gun is completely black and alien-like. The handle is curved and saver-like whereas the barrel is elongated. There is no need for a hammer, the trigger is all that is needed to shoot it. The gun glows with a blue aura of reiatsu for one post, signifying it reloading once it is empty. This has a 3 post cooldown and lasts until the ammo is used.

Gureta Ju-Arutemisu
The gun, if already manifested, grows into what seems to be a alien-like, sawed-off shotgun. It now has a pump and can fire up to ten shots. It can reload twice like before and does not consume any ammo left over from the regular Ju-Arutemisu. It lasts for 4 posts with a 4 post cooldown. The attack power is 1.7x higher.

Halfing the amount of shots the Ju-Arutemiso and Gureta Ju-Arutemisu can fire, they become capable of having double the attack power. The rounds have a very compressed spread and highly increased piercing capability. The capability of reloading is disabled and once the shots of Suzumesuraga are used, Ju-Arutemisu ends.

Ezekiel may stab the ground, planting a seed that sprouts from the ground a completely black tesla coil. No reiatsu-based attacks can be performed within a 45 foot radius of the reiatsu tesla coil. The tesla coil is 5-feet wide and 10-feet tall. It classifies energy-producing attacks such as kido and things such as getsuga tenshou as reiatsu-based. This includes the arrows and seele schneider quincy use even though they are based from reiryoku and reishi.

This is a gateway technique for several different techniques used to build a fortress made from the Infernium. The fortress lasts for 9 posts, each level besides the first adding an extra 2 posts to the duration. This can only be used once per topic.

Reberu Wan
The base building of Yosai constructs after Ezekiel stabs the ground, placing the "seed" of the Infernium. This is as strong as a castle's walls. It is the size of a regular house and has two floors. On the first floor is a safe room, on the second is three rooms: a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Reberu 2
The building from Reberu Wan now obtains outer walls surrounding it, the walls standing at 30 feet with 9 archer's towers between its 9 segments, connecting them.

Reberu 3
A trench forms around the outside of the outer walls, which are 10 feet deep and 10 feet long. The trenches are filled with a black mud, which is thick and filled with the Infernium's eubacteria. The trenches are coated with the black rock from the Infernium to avoid releasing the eubacteria.

Reberu 4
The wall heightens by 5 feet and there is a catapult tower on the inside of the fortress, capable of firing rocks matted with a dark fire once every three posts.

Reberu 5
The fortress itself reinforces as well as the trench lengthening to 15 feet. The thickness of the mud now sucks in its victims but it can be escaped if they apply enough force. There are now 3 catapult towers that can fire every 3 posts. Though only 2 can fire at once. The Junin can be produced from an extension of the base building called the "Sprout Room". The junin are Mania Junin: Acheri and Kishi. The Acheri set up on top of the towers, now using ballistas mounted on the towers. There is now a bridge that can be extended in which the Kishi can use to traverse.

Ezekiel can summon a bridge with his blade that extends up to 50 feet . It can rise up to 30 feet and can be used to scale over buildings and structures (as well as people occupied in battle).


Bankai name: Tsuisoto Bokyaku

Bankai description: Ezekiel's sword, instead of the shikai's twisted design, becomes a perfectly symmetrical longsword. The blade is black as well as the hilt, just like the sealed form. The blade has kanji symbols running down it in like fire-engraved letters saying "Infernium" on one side and "Gate and Key" on the other. The cross-guard is like a classic claymore's, faning towards the blade. The grip is like a pole of marble and the pommel is like a glimmering, brilliant sapphire.

Ability: Tsuisoto Bokyaku can be used in various different forms as a transit that goes back and forth between the Infernium. The world is actually a twisted, dark world with many wicked structures. The world seems endless yet the main area is where the Yosai is, a fully constructed Yosai which has a silver lava in its trenches instead of the eubacteria-infested mud. There are techniques that classify how to transfer between the real world and the artificial world, the Infernium. If Ezekiel or another travels into the Infernium and Ezekiel tries to transfer them or himself back, the point in which the "gate" was used is where they will return.

The gate itself is the sword, the sword also being the key. When the sword inflicts heavy wounds or hits an artery, it instead transfers that person into the Infernium instead of mortally wounding them. Outside the Infernium, only minor wounds can be used to inflict damage.

The term used for the different ways Ezekiel transfers himself or others into the Infernium, excluding the ability to do so instead of inflicting mortal wounds. Each have a one post cool down. Within the main Yosai of the Infernium, a gate resides that can be opened by either Tsuisoto Bokyaku or the blood of another placed inside the keyhole. Though this does not apply to gates made outside the Infernium.

Mon no Ha
Stabbing his Tsuisoto Bokyaku into the ground, Ezekiel and others who are willing are transmuted into shadows and sucked into the blade, using the blade as a gateway to the Infernium. The sword itself petrifies and turns into stone, only being destroyed by non-powerful beings (a human with a regular sledgehammer could destroy it, but not a shinigami's zanpakuto). If the sword is destroyed, the gate is closed forever. Ezekiel does not have to pass into the Infernium. Though for others, it only transfers them if they are willing to be.

Geto Keisei
Ezekiel transmutes the material of something such as a full grown tree or the wall of building into the dark material from the Infernium, a black gate can be manifested. This gate's keyhole is in the shape of a diamond, meant for Tsuisoto Bokyaku to stab into it to unlock it. It stays open for two posts. The gate also dissipates into a black mist after it closes if Ezekiel passes into the Infernium. Ezekiel may also close the gate from the Infernium if he chooses.

Kozo Seigyu
Whilst in the Infernium, Ezekiel may control the environment, forming new structures and such, as well as manipulating any existing factor. He can also cause a form of vegetation, using his power as a catalyst and building forests. He can also build Yosai without going through the five levels individually. Each structure lasts for 5 posts and each Yosai last for 4. The forests can last for 6 posts. Also, he can use the environment as a weapon. This lasts either until he leaves the Infernium or for 12 posts. There is a 8 post cool down.

Junin no Shitsuryo
15 of the Junin can manifest from the ground, fully armored and wielding either swords and shields, greatbows, lances, or great axes. Ezekiel may pick and choose what wields what. These Junin are fairly durable and can take more than one blow, but are still a small threat alone. They last until they are all wiped out and there is a cool down of six posts. This can only be used in the Infernium.

Hoshi Rumu no Moyashi
If Ezekiel chooses, he can sprout thirty of the Maina Junin from a Yosai's spore room. Otherwise, he can sprout ten of the junin from Junin no Shitsuryo with much more durability but simplistic weapons such as short bows, longswords without shields, and pikes.

The Ju-Arutemisu is the same as the Shikai's version except it is much stronger, being Bankai-level.

Gureta Ju-Arutemisu
The same as the shikai's version, except much stronger.

The same as the shikai's version, but much stronger.

Whatever form Ju-Arutemisu is in, it can be transformed into glowing orb of purplish aura. The glowing orb floats above Ezekiel's head and can act as a turret that fires a single, powerful round of reiatsu. The reiatsu bullet is 1.5x stronger than the Suzumesuraga's Gureta Ju-Arutemisu version. It can only fire three times per post and lasts for 4 posts with a 4 post cool down.

Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: Zekonith

Personality: Zekonith is like a reflection of Ezekiel except for his facade attributes. Zekonith does not portray himself as any other kind of person except the ruthless, non-caring sadistic person Ezekiel truly is. He is more willing to slaughter a thousand people without pre-thought to it. Though there is a weird fascination for women in the form of lust. He'd romantically make love to a woman without feeling any emotion but the sexual drive from it before he'd kill her. This only applied to if they struck Zekonith as "sexy" or "hot".

Appearance: Zekonith is the exact replica of Ezekiel when it comes to structure. The only difference is that Zekonith keeps his hair down and has the step of a jester. He acts silly and has completely black hair with ivory-white skin. His clothes are completely white with a small, black trim. Also, oddly enough he is a bit more slender than Ezekiel.

Hollow mask: Ezekiel's mask is shaped like a hyena's face, seemingly laughing. The eyes are arched up and the mouth is a twisted smile made from a hyena's laugh, revealing jagged teeth that also smiled. The lips were black and a tattoo-like design rested on most of the mask. The structure of the mask

Role-play sample:


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