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 The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite]

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The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite]   The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 EmptyWed Dec 05, 2012 9:09 pm

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Lilly shivers and sighs softly. She was getting full. She hadn't eaten that much in quite some time. Then again, not every day she meets thing after thing that considers her a blight and tries to wipe her out. It was also not every day that each and every one of those things she met fell for childish taunts and went right for Lilly while her aura was up, leaving them completely unguarded as her explosions racked their bodies enough so Lilly wouldn't have a struggling meal. Really, when one saw a girl cloaked in reiatsu, no matter how annoying she was being or how cute she seemed, one would think that the sight would garner a second thought. At the very least, caution. She hummed and went back over all of the fun things she had met.

"Let's see... Fourteen Hollows, three Shinigami, couple of evil humans with bows, couple of evil humans that run really quick... Err... Lilly thinks there was a... Togie-thingy in there... Oh, and fake Espada-sama! He was friendly and tasty..." She grins widely and giggles, excited that she was training for a purpose. She had one goal in mind, and that was to devour the Espada and take over Las Noches. If she kept training like this, she'd get there in no time! Her aura was positively flaring about the young-looking Arrancar, the small girl sitting on a bench and bobbing her head to a dropped MP3 Player. Somehow, it was on while she was fighting a certain Quincy, and it was dropped while she was being devoured by the diminutive Arrancar. It seemed to fit her, although she had no idea who Lady Gaga was, or why she wanted a Bad Romance...

When one looks at Lilly, you wouldn't expect her to be able to devour things much bigger than her, but that's because it's a rare occurance to watch her eat and not be on the menu. The secret was that Lilly had no internal bones or structures, and her mouth was stretchy as hell. She could eat an entire Hollow with ease if she wanted to. However, this leaves the issue of body bloat, which Lilly's internal temperature has covered. In order to melt down everything into fuel for the Arrancar's body, her insides are unbelievably hot. So much so, that almost nothing could be eaten and survive. So by the time Lilly has something in her mouth, it has already begun to melt into fluid. Essentially, Lilly drinks everything, albeit in the one of the oddest ways anyone can think about drinking something.

Lilly pursed her lips and looked about. Despite how creepy her eating habits were, she was an exceptionally clean eater. She grinned widely and got up to her feet, sighing softly. "Lilly's not done yet! She has to eat more if she's gonna be powerful enough to eat them, and Lilly's gonna eat them all!" She giggles and holds her arms out, dashing after someone else and diving in and out of craters. There were impact sites from Lilly's explosions littering the area. She simply blew everyone up and ate them, a true Hollow if there ever was one.

Lilly stops and fires a Cero at another passing Hollow, easily burning it's lower half badly enough to make it roar in pain. She skipped over to the beast and grinned widely. "Lilly's gonna eatcha~! No hard feelings!" Then she leaned down, opening her mouth widen than thought possible, and began her process. Luckily for Lilly, the Hollow resembled a long snake, so she didn't have to work her lips around any odd protrusions or anything. She hated arms for that reason, as the shoulders tended to be annoying to work lips around. Slurped like a long noodle, the Hollow was gone as quickly as it was found, into the infinite bowels that made up Lilly's belly, adding not a pound of extra weight as the Hollow's practically deconstructed body added power to Lilly's Resurreccion, along with the other poor souls that had fallen to the girl's eating binge.

She let out a long sigh and shook her head. "Lilly's gotta keep going! She can't quit now! She can feel it! Her power is growing a lot!" With that, she was off once more, paying no heed to the roof of the building destroyed with her ignorant firing of the Cero at the Hollow. However, she rarely considered collateral damage when she was feeding. Not because she didn't care, but that she seemed to not notice when something was destroyed. What an odd little girl...
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The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite]   The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 EmptyFri Dec 14, 2012 10:33 pm

Apparently she and Urahara had the same plan; allowing the girl to retreat peaceably and return to Hueco Mundo. As it happened, the girl was willing to back down, or she just totally forgot they were fighting just then. Yuikiko could not really understand what made this girl tick; probably some sort of brain damage. The Shinigami turned out to be the type that wanted to avoid killing children if it was possible as well. Maybe he was not affiliate with the Gotei Thirteen after all? It certainly seemed that way, given his apparent reluctance to deal with them at present.

His return of his Zanpakutou to its sealed state drove the point home that either, no he did not know who she was, or if he did, there was no plan to attack her. That was good, she would be safe for a while at least. Disengaging his release seemed to prove to the girl his peaceful request, whereas Yukiko's Bankai and Mask were still active. While Kisuke might be willing and capable of fighting her without his full power, Yukiko was already injured as it was; that, combined with the fact that she was extremely paranoid made it a monumental effort to let down her guard for any reason.

As the girl made her way to the Garganta the man had formed, she realized the fight was finally over, and the people were safe. Suddenly, the Arrancar raised her arm into the sky, seeming to have remembered something as well. The Visored was on her guard again, but relaxed when it was apparently an effort to cancel an attack that would have occurred. How did she...? At what point had the Arrancar set up an attack in such an advantageous position? It would have defeated her and likely destroyed the supermarket in one fell swoop.

That shot from before, the one that apparently missed by a large margin. It was actually a setup for a last ditch effort to kill her. Yukiko was only baffled further as the girl tossed a bag at her feet, stepping back reflexively to make sure it was not a trap or something. When Lilly apologized to her for the injuries she had received, she was not sure what to say. A few thoughts crossed her mind then. Brain damaged or not, this girl never once stopped planning out her battle, except for perhaps when she shot herself with a rocket. Even that was arguably planned to get her closer to Yukiko, the weaker of the two. For all her boasts, she was not completely confident she could defend a direct barrage alone, but was forced to maintain the bluff if only to keep her guessing.

Her mind was so rattled by the realization that her enemy was possibly in complete control of the battle despite being completely outmatched, and yet, so willing to back off of her own accord, that Yukiko failed to respond to anything Lilly said to her. After she left for Hueco Mundo, the Visored girl shook off the confusion and moved to follow after the man who had assisted her. Her footsteps were heavy with the weight of fatigue and frozen over blood, but she could not feel it. Her ribs were crying from the torment they received as she moved, but she would not acknowledge it.

As if it were the burden slowing her down, Yukiko disengaged her Bankai, sealing her sword up into its normal state and sheathing it back into its scabbard. All of the frozen chunks of blood fell to the ground, shattering into pieces before disintegrating. She began to run up to him, attempting to answer his questions. "I did come from Hueco Mundo, but I was hoping to stay here. I never did get your name. Mine's...Yukiko..." As she voluntarily allowed her mask to disperse, she also ended up removing the support that kept her body fighting against Lilly. Without her mask, the exertion from the battle and the critical injury she had taken wracked her senses, causing her vision to fade, and her mind to sleep. "...I..." Any further words would not be heard as she fell to the ground unconscious.

It became all too clear that Yukiko needed medical attention after that battle. Were she perhaps more prepared, or gleaned more knowledge about her capabilities from the man in the hat and cloak, she might not have taken such a grievous blow. As it was, her desire to protect the innocent people being caught up in the Arrancar's rampage exacted its price from her.

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The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 Sayaka_transformation_witch
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The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite]   The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 16, 2012 8:51 pm

Urahara nodded as Lilly walked off. He decided not to bother telling her, considering that would require a rather in-depth explanation, and she more than likely wouldn't understand, anyway. Kido was a confusing subject, too confusing to be explained in a matter of minutes. That would require Lilly to actually come a few times over the course of days to fully explain it. And that was something Urahara wasn't really willing to do. Too much talking, to little sleeping. He watched as she aimed her launcher up, shooting in the air, a large explosion being created. So she had meant to fire it into the air? This was news to Urahara. Perhaps he was getting rusty, to not have noticed it. For all the girl's lack of common sense, it seemed she had been somewhat in control throughout the whole thing.

It would have been rather terrific, actually. Urahara loathed using his bankai, but it would have provided more experience for him. As it was, while Urahara was rather renown for his fighting ability, he hadn't had that much experience outside of The Maggot's Nest. Fighting Hollow's, sure, but fighting Arrancar, exceptional Arrancar at that, was much more gratifying than fighting Hollow's. It would have provided him with more wisdom for future fights. But alas, he was letting her leave, because he hated killing children-like beings. It didn't mean he wouldn't, just that he wouldn't enjoy it. At least, not like he would enjoy a normal fight. This is to say, if he ever enjoyed a fight. Urahara enjoyed learning to fight better, but he did not like fighting itself.

He heard Lilly asking about the Garganta, causing him to gain that same, knowing smile he always wore. "Magic, you could say." He said, shrugging. He listened to her describe her wanton to eat the Espada. He shrugged his shoulders at that. What could it hurt? It would likely just be a vicious cycle of killing and being killed, but hey, why not let the kid have her dreams? After all, if she did that, it would mean she was too preoccupied to come to the World of the Living and cause chaos here.

He froze, somewhat surprised when Lilly kissed him on the cheek. What was that for? For helping her train? Not to say he didn't really enjoy it. He didn't enjoy it in the sense one might from a beautiful woman, but he appreciated the act of kindness and show that there was no harsh feeling's. Now that he thought about it, the feeling's didn't really matter, seeing as if she came back and started wrecking the place, he would have to finish the job. But hopefully it wouldn't come to that. He'd have to create another space though, to prevent Karakura from getting obliterated, like she had done earlier.

Urahara watched as she walked through the Garganta, before walking over and grabbing the box, the Garganta having disappeared inside of it. He turned to Yukiko, curious as to what to do next. He figured he should start by introducing himself.

Only...she beat him to the punch. Hearing her introduce himself, Urhara nodded. "Mine's Kisuke..." THUMP. With that, Yukiko fainted on him, having dispersed her mask. He figured that was what was keeping her going, given her grievous injuries. Her dispersing it was only the icing on the cake. He walked over casually to the tall Visored who was lying on the ground. "Well now, can't have you sleeping on the job. I had better patch you up. Doctor Urahara, at your service!" Urahara said, as if Yukiko were conscious and could hear him. He kneeled near her, before covering her in his cloak, ignoring the blood that would get on it. He tightened it around her body, helping to prevent the blood flow on her upper body.

Urahara then grabbed Yukiko around her back, placing his hands gently on her spine, before pulling her on top of his shoulder. He stood up as if it were nothing, before he began walking. Luckily he had discarded his Gigai, and could not be seen by human's. Because after all, it'd be weird to see a man miming carrying something. But they did it in France, so why not Karakura? Bah, whatever. It didn't matter, seeing as he was invisible to any who did not have spiritual power.

Urahara jumped his way to the roof of a building, overlooking the city. "I'm like Superman, now that I think about it. But much cooler." He said, chuckling, as he used shunpo to go quickly to the Urahara Shoten, where he fixed Yukiko up, and put her in a room to rest.


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The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite]   The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite] - Page 2 Empty

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The Espada Are Next!! (Training, Lilly) [Invite]
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