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 Suzuzaki Kenpachi (WIP)

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Name: Suzuzaki Kenpachi (Last, First)
Nickname: Often called Suzu or Suzuza by his Division.
Age: Appears about 31, real age is about 330.
Gender: Male
Squad: Eleven
Rank: Captain
Weapon(s): N/A, unless his bare hands count.

Personality: For being the Captain of the Eleventh Division, it comes as a large and unexpected surprise that Suzuzaki isn't exactly bloodthirsty. It's not to say he doesn't love a good fight and to test his limits (his primary reason for fighting other than to do the right thing) but he doesn't actively seek out a fight like previous Eleventh Captains before him. He is typically somewhat quiet but also not afraid to talk. It isn't out of the ordinary to find him talking to anyone, yet this is only because the first word was often spoken to him (unless it comes to ordering around his Division). He's the sort of man who can be friendly and has the capability, but doesn't actively seek friendship for one and for two he comes off as way too stern and serious to have a good time; a fact which he generally dislikes, but seemingly can't shake off. He's very humble and loves training others, and it is very common to find him at the Eleventh training grounds taking on heaps of his own squad-mates to whip them into shape.

There's also a second side of his personality which surfaces when he consumes a fair amount of alcohol (which his Zanpakuto's spirit usually eggs him on and on to do, as it's one of the only times Suzuzaki can appear to be relaxed and laidback). This side of him is usually somewhat silly and courageous, and treats nearly everyone like a best friend. Mainly due in part to this side of his personality, the Eleventh Division has been responsible for pranks around Seireitei, mainly at other Division HQ's, as a result of his hosted parties. Upon waking up in the morning he'll often send the many unseated members of his Division to do the clean-up since they're almost always caught, somehow convincing them ''it's good training''. He's always very welcoming of guests at the Eleventh HQ, and the more the merrier. He loves company, drunk or not, and takes a great interest in hearing about the lives and stories of other Captains like himself and how they got to be where they are.

Strangely enough, he's also a bit of a bookworm. When he's not napping, drinking, training, or fighting he can usually be found in his personal study at the Eleventh HQ. In this study he's moved in several large bookcases and a fancy desk with a comfortable chair to sit in, and he'll often read to pass the time. A few years after making this addition, he also wrote a few books himself. These books are mainly on the four styles of Shinigami combat with the exception of kido; he's not exactly a fan of distance fighting, and admits he knows really next to nothing about the subject of Kido. A few of these books can be found at the training academy for students to study with in order to give them pointers and help them improve, and he's very proud of that. Along with alcohol, he really does enjoy almost any type of tea, and when the Eleventh HQ isn't filled with the smell of alcohol it will almost always be tea. He also takes a great amount of affection in caring for his squad, even going as far to have an additional wing constructed (approved through paperwork and by the Division's own hands while he sat back and sipped tea, of course) as a resting area for bruises and injuries from training.

Physical Appearance:

Suzuzaki Kenpachi (WIP) HajimeSaitou

Suzuzaki is a man with a very proud walk. He stands at his intimidating six feet and an inch, and carries an air of authority, especially around his men. Starting with his face, it is finely chiseled and a bit rugged but kept free from facial hair (he feels he looks ridiculous with it, no matter the amount). His overall body structure is enough to suggest he favors raw power over dexterity and fancy acrobatics, yet has the capacity to be agile down to basic movements if he tried. He's trained rigorously and it certainly shows; every muscle of his upper body is finely toned and has a good degree of size, yet he's payed less attention to his lower body though it is still in good shape as well. His hair is black and usually slicked back with oil or light grease to keep it out of his eyes. He has his complaints about it bothering him, but can't seem to cut it; when he's too lazy to grease it away he'll often sloppily tie it down or back.

His eyes carry with them as aggressive slant with thin eyebrows, and he's almost always squinting at something (not from lack of vision, but more as a habit of being stern with his subordinates). He wears no piercings, but his upper body more than any other area carries tattoos of red ink and varying tribal design; anyone who knew of his weapon's spirit would know this was most likely done as some sort of bonding ritual between the two.

He wears the standard black and white shinigami outfit with black pants and wooden sandals, though often wears it a bit differently than most. Whereas most Shinigami go for the standard wear, he often has the top half of the outfit off of his shoulders and tied around his waist to allow freedom of movement and to intimidate his men when they act up or can't seem to remember orders. It's just about the only outfit he's actually seen in, and he keeps several copies of it tucked away in his closet. His other features are a fine network of scars mainly mapping across his upper body that range in size and form and varying degrees of severity. He wears each one like a trophy, and shows them proudly just about anywhere he goes.


Inner world appearance: The spirit's inner world takes the form of a lush green forest with no signs of civilization anywhere near. It is filled with visions of animals that aren't quite real, but are real enough to the eye. The spirit often resides at the center of this forest near a small waterfall leading into an impressive river. Birds fly in swarms above the trees and their calls echo everywhere, and there's a constant feel of being prey to some danger of the forest.


Name: Tetsu Kuma (Iron Bear)
Zanpakutō spirit:

Tetsu Kuma's spiritual appearance takes the form of a barbaric-looking man sporting a bear mask as a helmet and wearing a rugged and torn fur cloak with the back in ripped and shredded tatters. He has dull red primal eyes and small fangs. He wears a necklace of beast teeth and wears two large artificial bear paws as more of a weapon of intimidation, but when Suzuzaki and the spirit have sparred, he's found them to be deadly weapons. As for bottom coverage he wears a barbaric sort of long kilt and wooden double-knotted sandals, and most of his body is covered in red war paint. He's a very large being as well, easily standing at seven feet tall.

Tetsu Kuma is an extremely hot blooded spirit, making him somewhat conflict with Suzuzaki on a few levels. It constantly seeks battle and even more-so when it is not readily available will push his master to train and keep himself at his prime. There's nothing that makes the spirit happier than conquering an enemy or simply crossing blades with a worthy foe. In his downtime outside of this euphoria, he's often wrestling animals or punching trees or some other such thing. He is very honorable, even with his barbaric appearance; he will berate and insult Suzuaki when he does anything dishonorable such as striking down an unarmed opponent.

Outside of his conflict tendencies, he gets along well with his master. He enjoys relaxation just as much as battle, and when he's had his battle thirst sated, he will usually nag Suzuzaki to take a much-needed break and to knock back a few drinks with his subordinates. Most drunken nights that the Shinigami can't remember are because of constant nagging from the spirit.

Sealed form: In his sealed form, Tetsu Kuma takes on the appearance of a nodachi with a toothy-like serrated blade. A pattern much like spotty granules of dust runs along his long blade which leads down to the guard, which takes the shape of a large piece of metal the blade runs directly through the center of. It slightly resembles the open paw of a bear. While it seems unwieldy, it's actually a fair choice to parry or deflect an attack from an opponent. The grip is made of rugged brown leather, the pommel being steel color with a short black tassel hanging from the end.


Once the command is uttered, Tetsu Kuma will glow white for a few moments as much of the blade hardens into a pole and fuses with the guard and pommel. It will thicken, and a large structure will sprout out from the tip, forming a large powerful hammer head. At the top of the hammer's head, a long wicked spike juts out. On the back of the hammer's head, three long and jagged claw-like blades smoothly take shape. The tassel that once hung from the pommel is now much longer and has taken the shape of a very sturdy chain. Suzuzaki is incredibly proud of this weapon, self-proclaiming it to be the ''ultimate melee-type Zanpakuto''. Of course, this is up to debate and not a proven fact; he's simply proud of his blade.

Call out phrase: Kireme! (Break!)
Ability: Tetsu Kuma's main power is the ability to store and release resonant (vibrational) energy. As the weapon receives impacts or makes an impact on a solid surface (even if it destroys the surface) it will store the resulting vibrations in the head of the hammer. These vibrations can come from blocking attacks but not from striking organic matter unless it is a sufficiently honed Hierro of an Arrancar, for example. He can strike walls, floors, or even use the chain of the weapon to fling it at a nearby surface to absorb the energy into his Zanpakuto from the resulting vibration.


Iron Paw: Upon Suzuzaki's will, he can release this stored up energy in one powerful blow that will essentially use the enemy's skeletal structure as a tuning fork. Upon a direct hit, there is a very high chance of the bone receiving a serious fracture that took the hit. If it hits a more vital area, like the sternum, the vibrations can travel through the chest cavity to the heart. After he has used that one blow, however, he will need to repeat the storing process. At full ''charge'', this blow can absolutely decimate a building several stories tall. With repeated use against solid objects (if he misses an opponent and hits something very solid for example) he will take the vibration to his wrists and hands, often disabling him from fighting effectively for a few seconds.

Wrecking Ball: A technique that utilizes the vibrational force stored in the weapon as well, though in a different manner. By striking the ground beneath or around him, he can let loose the vibrational energy in a sort of energy field. If an opponent comes into contact with this field, it will rattle them down to the bone but deal no real damage. The real effect of this is to disable fast moving opponents or multiple enemies at once for a few seconds; if they try to jerk out of or away from this effect once it hits, it can cause a fracture; mainly to the legs of the opponent if they attempt something like a Flash Step or Sonido that requires sufficient leg strength. Speed is not his strong suit, so he developed this ability with Tetsu Kuma to even the odds against opponents with superior speed.


Bankai name: Yuurin Ousama Hagane Kuma (Deep Forest King Steel Bear)
Bankai description: Upon the Bankai's activation, the sound of screeching metal will resound loudly throughout the area as dust and dirt kick up fiercely. The chain at the end of the weapon will split into four, and the weapon itself will lose its pole and spear-tip. Instead, at the end of each chain, a heavy steel hammer-head sort of structure will form with the same claw blades sticking out of either side of each hammer head. Holding the central focus in his hands, a large steel ring, the weapon now becomes a severe mid-distance threat as well as a close range one; while primarily a mid range weapon used by swinging all four weapons by the central focus chain, he can also grip two of these, one per hand (not all four at once, he only has two hands!) right where the chain meets the hammer head to use them in melee combat as somewhat of dual war-hammers.

He claims to hate using Bankai due to his affectionate love for melee combat and its barbaric appearance, but will use this when he has to. In addition, his outfit changes; he now wears a bear mask over his head with rugged brown leather shoulder armor, as well as the same tattered cloak the spirit of his Zanpakuto wears. His face is also covered in red war paint, as well as most of his upper body.

Ability: The Bankai retains the same ability as the Shikai, only far increased in potential. Whereas only one hammer head existed before, now there are four, and each one can use the vibrational energy stored within each either collectively or separately. The amount they can store is increased from the single hammer-head, allowing each individual head to store more than it could. The chain, when used to block, will transfer energy to the respective head of the weapon.


Earth Shock: The upgraded form of Iron Paw, Earth Shock simply refers to the added amount of force to the ability. This makes it even more dangerous and even more likely to shatter bones than ever before, and the threat of being struck also increases with the four points of attack available.

Earth Breaker: The upgraded form of Wrecking Ball. The overall area coverage of the attack has increased, as well as its severity; it can now cause severe headaches and dizziness and even nausea, causing opponents to most likely stumble and lose depth perception. These effects will only last for one post, but are definitely felt.

Beast Hammer: The ultimate attack of the Bankai, it requires Suzuzaki to actually exceed the limits of the weapon's storage of vibrational energy in each individual head, then combine all that force into one along with a hefty amount of spiritual energy. When he does this, the four heads will combine into one giant one, which he heaves down with all of his strength on top of the opponent releasing it all at once. This attack has the vibrational force to open a fissure in the ground and cause a small localized earthquake, making it absolutely detrimental to an enemy. The trade-off is his weapon will become very brittle for the next three posts, and he is exhausted for three as well. At the end of the attack, the hammers split again; the chains remain fully able to block, but the heads of the weapon will become very fragile. He can only use this once per battle.

Role-play sample:
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Suzuzaki Kenpachi (WIP)
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