Hanatarou Yamada (4th Division Captain)

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 Hanatarou Yamada (4th Division Captain)

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PostSubject: Hanatarou Yamada (4th Division Captain)   Hanatarou Yamada (4th Division Captain) EmptyMon Dec 10, 2012 6:31 am

Name: Hanatarou Yamada


Age: Unknown, Appears about 20 years old.

Gender: Male

Squad: 4th

Rank: Captain

Weapon(s): Zanpakutou, Medical Knowledge

He tended to be clumsy and easily duped. Hanatarō's kind nature and nervousness resulted in him becoming the victim of many bullies and practical jokes. In fact, he states that he was once "the most bullied kid in the world." Hanatarō's birthday is April 1, April Fools' Day. People would spend the whole day tricking him as a result. He has thus far evolved a little past this but is still more or less the same around his fellow captains and even some of the senior lieutenants.

Despite Hanatarō's cowardly exterior, he is shown to be very bold at times. After hearing Rukia Kuchiki's story, he attempts to rescue her, despite her recent criminal record and noble heritage. After meeting Rukia's friend, Ichigo Kurosaki, Hanatarō decides to help Ichigo save Rukia, knowing that if he were to be caught, he would be imprisoned for betrayal. After watching Ichigo fight for what he believes in, Hanatarō decides that he too wants to start playing a more important role rather than watching from the sidelines, and begins to carry his Zanpakutō with him.

Despite faults and bouts of nervous jittering he is still prone to Hanatarou will put his foot down as his captain before him had always done with his patients and with his men. The mission of doing what is right and what is best will always be first and foremost in his mind.

Physical Appearance:
Hanatarō is a short male Shinigami with blue eyes[2] and chin-length black hair, with bangs framing the side of his face. He wears a standard Shihakushō, with the Fourth Division captains haori which is lined with ten's of pockets to carry any medical supplies he might normally have carried in his division bag. He states the reason is that he feels naked without them. According to Kon, he has a "boring but somehow popular with the ladies" look.
Hanatarō first arrives alongside his division to insist in in medical relief, he looses track of them and when attempting to ask some members of the 11th Division where his division has gone. He trips into them and causes them to fall down, in turn he inadvertently meets Ichigo Kurosaki and Ganju Shiba. Much to his dismay they devise a plan to get themselves away from the 11th Division by taking him as a hostage. The 11th Division members simply look on in confusion causing Ichigo and Ganju confusion as well, until Hanatarō explains that he is of the 4th Division while the others are of the 11th Division. The 11th Division members further explain that they are the strongest of the Gotei 13, while the 4th is so weak that all they are good for is medical operations. They are also the division that the 11th Division dislikes the most, therefore they insist Ichigo and Ganju kill him. Feeling bad about the situation the two resolve to simply fight there way out of the situation instead of going along with their original plan of taking Hanatarō hostage. Thanks to a large explosion Ichigo and Ganju decide to use as cover while accidentally taking Hanatarō with them. Hanatarō introduces himself when they find a place to hide, when Ichigo and Ganju use their map to determine the best route to Rukia they decide to leave Hanatarō behind as he is no use them until he reveals that he knows the location of Rukia Kuchiki.

Hanatarō takes Ichigo and Ganju through the sewers as a shortcut to get to Rukia's prison cell. He then explains the reason why he knows his way around the sewers of the Seireitei. When Ichigo asks why he has chosen to help the Gotei 13's enemies, to which Hanatarō explains that he has learned a lot about Ichigo from Rukia and he really hopes that he will save her. Hanatarō explains that before Rukia was transferred to the Senzaikyū she was in a holding cell in the 6th Division offices. It was during that time that he was assigned janitorial duty there that he met her and they became acquaintances. From that point onward he would show up everyday as he enjoyed his time there and he and Rukia would have conversation where she spoke of mostly Ichigo. He further detailed that she has a lot of faith in Ichigo even after only knowing him for 2 months and that if not for her coming into his life it had changed drastically and caused him great pain for which she could never make up to him no matter what she does. Ichigo then further resolves to save Rukia. As the group makes its way out of the sewer Hanatarō gives the all clear and explains that there is no way to go under the tower as the courtyard they are currently in is as close as he can get them. The group is then confronted by a new opponent.

As Ichigo and Renji converse, Ganju asks who he is as his reiatsu is different then any of the guys they have previously encountered. He then notices Hanatarō is noticeably shaken by the arrival of this new Shinigami. Hanatarō explains that the person in front of them is the lieutenant of the 6th Division, Renji Abarai. Ichigo and Renji begin to fight as Hanatarō and Ganju watch. Ganju questions whether Ichigo can defeat such an opponent but Hanatarō assures him that Ichigo has a chance as Ichigo has put Renji on the defensive in a short amount of time. Renji eventually gets the upper hand sending Ichigo through nearby buildings and causing Hanatarō and Ganji to panic. After Ichigo has put Renji through a wall a surprised Ganju and Hanatarō look on, prompting Hanatarō to state that its amazing that Ichigo can take a direct hit form Renji's Zabimaru and still stand. The two continue the fight with Ichigo gaining the upper hand much to Hanatarō's surprise. After Ichigo wins the battle he falls down from his wounds. Hanatarō and Ganju run to his side, he marvels that Ichigo could defeat a lieutenant and wonders what kind of super-being he is. He then sees a group of people coming in the distance, Ganju determines that they can't handle anymore fights as he picks up Ichigo. He then suggests to Hanatarō that they get somewhere deserted quick. The group retreats back into the sewers where Hanatarō explains to Ganju the power of healing the 4th Division excels at as he attempts to heal Ichigo's injuries, stating he only needs one night and he will have healed him completely.

Ichigo wakes up as Hanatarō is healing him in the sewer. Hanatarō tells him not to get up since his wounds aren't healed yet. Ichigo remembers that he was fighting Renji, he gets right up and tells Hanatarō that he's okay, despite Hanatarō's protest. But just when he is about to leave, Ganju knocks him out with a punch, saying if Ichigo can't take a punch like that then he's not okay and he'd better lay down like a good boy until he's healed. Hanatarō comes take Ichigo away and complains that now he has another injury and Ganju is so brutal. Ganju says that how he does things and at least he stopped Ichigo. Hanatarō is wondering why the wound on Ichigo's left torso is so shallow, it's should have been a fatal wound. It was the mask that hidden inside his robe that saved him. Hanatarō wonders what that mask is made of because it blocked an attack from Renji. But more importantly, why does that mask looks so much like a Hollow's mask. Later Ganju wakes up to find Hanatarō drooling on him. He pushes Hanatarō away, who continues to sleep. Ichigo informs Ganju that Hanatarō is so exhausted because he healed Ganju after he was done healing Ichigo.

Hanatarō takes a pill to revitalize him and although he claims that it is working, Ichigo and Ganju are not convinced. Regardless, they return to the surface and find it strange that no guards had been posted. However, Hanatarō suggests that they most likely did not think they could return so soon after yesterday. Ganju wonders if the others are alright. Ichigo replies that they are, saying Orihime and Ishida are a thousand times smarter than them and as such would never pick fights with people they could not defeat. When Ganju asks about Chad, Ichigo replies that he is even less of a worry as not only has Ichigo been feelings Chad's reiatsu since coming to Soul Society, but that Ichigo can't even imagine Chad losing. Ichigo, Ganju and Hanatarō run up the many steps leading to the Senzaikyū. When they get to the top, Ichigo comments on how lax security is when they suddenly feel a massive amount of reiatsu. They try to run from the reiatsu but fall short of doing so as Hanatarō collapses, prompting Ganju to carry him.

As the source of the reiatsu reveals itself to be the captain of the 11th Division, Kenpachi Zaraki, Hanatarō and Ganju begin suffocating due to the massive pressure. Ganju tells Ichigo not to worry and to focus on the fight. Suddenly lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi jumps out of Kenpachi's back and steps on Ichigo's shoulder to look at Hanatarō, making Ichigo furiously chases her off. Yachiru says he's angry and Kenpachi tells her it's her fault. Ichigo tells Ganju to take Hanatarō to go rescue Rukia first while he stay here to stop Kenpachi. Ganju doesn't agree at first but he knows he can't do anything so he takes Hanatarō and runs off. Hanatarō wakes up while still being carried by Ganju. He asks where Ichigo is and Ganju says he's still back there. Hanatarō says they have to go back. Because no matter how strong Ichigo is, he can't win. Because that man is the 11th division captain, Kenpachi Zaraki. Kenpachi is the nickname given to the man who has slain the most enemies and won the most battles. The name means "no matter how many times you cut him, he will never fall". Hanatarō wakes-up to find himself being taken away from the fight between Ichigo and Kenpachi by Ganju. Hanatarō tells Ganju to let him go, saying that if they don't help Ichigo, he will die. Ganju reminds him that they were paralyzed just from Zaraki's reiatsu, therefore they cannot in reality do anything to help Ichigo. Ganju goes on to say that Ichigo has the best chance of beating Zaraki out of the three of them and that they have a job of their own, as Ichigo entrusted them to save Rukia. Motivated, Hanatarō heads towards Rukia's cells with Ganju.

Hanatarō and Ganju arrive near the Senzaikyū. Hanatarō notices that the noise has stopped and wonders if Ichigo is okay. Ganju says that they are all the way here, all they can do is hope that he is. They have no time to worry for him, they have to focus on here. Then he tells Hanatarō to ready to jump. The guards outside Rukia's cell comment on how the whole eastern half of the Senzaikyū has been destroyed. Suddenly, one of them falls unconscious. As the other looks the other Shinigami is distracted by the movement on the roof, Ganju sneaks-up behinds him and knocks him unconscious. Hanatarō tells Ganju he was too rough but Ganju dismisses it and wonders what Hanatarō used. Hanatarō explains that he used Shinten, a kind of tranquilizer. They then make it to the cell and Hanatarō presents a key. Explaining that he stole is last night after resolving to do whatever he could, following Ichigo's example, even if he is punished later. He, however, states that he thinks he is useless because all he managed was to do was steal a key. Ganju comments that he has done enough.

The cell doors start to open and Ganju eagerly goes inside to have a look at the Shinigami over whom everybody is fighting but suddenly stops dead in his track. Rukia asks him if he is with Ichigo as Hanatarō appears from behind Ganju and starts to drag Rukia away. Hanatarō then notices Ganju's standing stock still and wonders what's wrong. Rukia then notices the pattern on Ganju's pants and asks him he is from the Shiba family. Hanatarō asks Ganju if he knows her. Ganju says that he does and that she's the Shinigami who killed his brother. As Hanatarō tries to say that there has been a mistake, Ganju insists that it is the truth. Rukia confirms Ganju's statement and says that if Ganju is of the Shiba family then his older brother, Kaien Shiba was killed by her. Ganju collars her, prompting Rukia to calmly wonder what he is planning to do. Saying that she won't try to stop him if he kills her. Hanatarō tells Ganju to stop, reminding him that Ichigo entrusted them with rescuing Rukia. Suddenly they feel an enormous reiatsu behind them has arrived on the scene.

Hanatarō says that is captain of the 6th Division, Byakuya Kuchiki. Ganju says he knows him, because the Kuchiki family is the head of the four noble families, and Byakuya is said to be the strongest master in the family's entire history, he is also the most famous captain of the Gotei 13. Ganju says it's bad that he appears at a time like this. He says that they have no chance of winning and they should just beg him to spare their lives. Hanatarō says that they should just run away and take Rukia with them. Ganju says there's no way to run to since the bridge is the only way out. He asks if Hanatarō wants him to defeats Byakuya and run, throwing his life away in the process. He ask if Hanatarō wants him throw away his life for Rukia. Ganju says that Rukia killed his brother, there's no way he would give up his life for her. Hanatarō then say that he understands that it can't be help since there was never any reason for Ganju to rescue Rukia, he has no right to force Ganju to do it, but at least Ganju can take Rukia with him when he runs away. Hanatarō says that he will stay and tries to hold Byakuya here.

Both Ganju and Rukia is surprised by that. Ganju asks if Hanatarō knows what's going on. Hanatarō says that he believes he knows, how Ganju feels, he wouldn't give up his life to save someone he hates, he would do the same if he was in Ganju's shoes. Ganju says that's not what he's talking about, this guy's reiatsu is as strong, or even stronger than Zaraki. How could someone like them possibly beat him. Hanatarō says he knows that, but he came here to rescue Rukia, so he can't just run away without doing anything. He thanks Ganju and says goodbye. Then he heads out to the bridge. Rukia tries to run after him but Ganju stops her. Ganju then thinks that Hanatarō is an idiot, what can he do if he doesn't even have his Zanpakutō. He's still shaking, he must be scared to death, why is he bluffing so much when he's so obviously weak. Then Ganju lets go of Rukia, goes to the wall, shouts really loud and beat his head against the wall. The shout scared Hanatarō, he turns back and Ganju is behind him, telling him to move. Then Ganju kicks him aside, confronts Byakuya himself.

Byakuya easily defeats Ganju and then attempts to finish him but is stopped by the arrival of Jūshirō Ukitake, captain of the 13th Division. Soon after Ichigo arrives to confront Byakuya himself but is stopped by the arrival of Yoruichi Shihōin, who attacks Ichigo and makes off with his unconscious body. Ukitake calls for his 3rd seats, Sentarō Kotsubaki and Kiyone Kotetsu. They jump out from under the bridge, which makes Hanatarō thinks that there are more enemies. Hanatarō looks at Ukitake, trying to say something. Ukitake asks if he's trying to ask why is he helping them. Then he says that of course he'd help, since they are the prime suspects of Aizen's murder, they can't let them die. And more important, although extremely clumsy, they were trying to save a member of his division, so he can't just stand there and watch them die.
Hanatarō heals Renji

Sentarō and Kiyone bring Hanatarō before 4th Division captain Retsu Unohana and read out the report of Ukitake, who arrested Hanatarō. Ukitake begs lenience from Unohana on the grounds that Hanatarō was mentally and physically coerced. However, Unohana is unswayed and says that given Hanatarō's position and the damage the Ryoka have done, she cannot overlook Hanatarō's actions. Sometime later Rikichi breaks Hanatarō out of the 4th division cell so that he could heal Renji. Rikichi tells Renji that he wants Renji to survive, no matter what happens, he wants Renji to fight and be cool, however Renji wants. He also brings clothes for Renji and tells him to put them on. Hanatarō says that he can't save Rukia no matter how hard he tries so he asks Renji to save her. Renji says yes.

Hanatarō accompanies Captain Byakuya Kuchiki to Hueco Mundo and is annoyed when Byakuya uses Shunpo to go on ahead, a skill Hanatarō is unable to use. Hanatarō finally catches up, complaining to Byakuya about leaving him behind but is then shocked to see that his leg is injured and that Rukia is unconscious. Byakuya tells Hanatarō to stand back since there is no guarantee he won't kill him by mistake.

7th Espada Zommari Rureaux tells Byakuya that each of his eyes can take control of one thing and that when he went to protect Rukia he had activated two of his eyes and took control over Rukia as well. Rukia then gets up and slashes across Hanatarō's body causing him to fall to the ground. However, after the battle, he is healed by Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu who heals Rukia shortly afterwards.

Feeling useless after this Hanatarou asked for a leave of absence from the 4th divisions duties and left on a long term mission to earth to train himself to be better. His timid nature was forced to harden, if only slightly, as he faced hollows in this role and learned to master his fear in combat. Several years of being alone without aid and nobody to rely on forced him to mature in attitude and power level until he could finally summon his bankai spirit out to fight him. The battle was difficult and also very monotonous due to the constant healing and re-damaging both sides had to cycle through. Finally his spirit yielded and he attained usage of a far improved form of his Zanpakutou that would allow him to heal far more people and likewise assist in combat if his hand was ever forced.

He returned a year following this event after hearing of the disappearance of the current 4th squad commander and is currently holding Captaincy of the 4th division so as to keep it in order for the battles to surely come. He was asked why he thought this but then simply stated this. "When captains leave in bloody trails, then war will be coming soon after."

He follows a more Unohana style mandate of non-combat for his squadron, insisting they must take the burden of cowardicew for the betterment of Soul Society. His resolve on the matter will soon be tested.

Inner world appearance:
Hanatarou's Inner World takes shape as a medical ward from Doctor Seuss's vomit. Colorful and child-like with whimsical designs dotting it everywhere and painters pallete shaped beds. His spirit wanders through it tending to stuffed animal patients with poor stitching or stained false fur.


Name: Hisogomaru

Zanpakutō spirit:
Hisagomaru is a small spirit that takes the form of a simple toy robot about as tall as a three-year-old child. He has a cylindrical body with two arms and two legs, with flat plates for hands and feet. Hisagomaru's head is perfectly round with one normal eye and the other being replaced with a gauge that will fill as he heals people, much like the one on his sword form. His chest can open up to reveal an enormous cannon.

Sealed form:
Katana with a blue handle and a circular guard with a brown sphere or bag attached to it. Along the length of the blade is a gauge.


Call out phrase: Fulfill,

Shikai description:
When the gauge is full, Hisagomaru automatically initiates its Shikai and transforms into Akeiro Hisagomaru Crimson-Colored Gourd). In this form, it takes the shape of a scalpel.
Hisagomaru unlike common Zanpakutō does not inflict damage when the blade hits a target, but rather heals the wounds of anyone it touches. Upon contact with a target a red smoke is emitted from the wound as it heals. The red smoke then enters the blade causing its gauge to fill up with a red light consistent with the level of the injury. Smaller wounds will barely fill the gauge at all, while Encroachment is great enough to instantly fill the gauge.

Akeiro Hisagomaru concentrates every wound it has absorbed into one massive attack that is usually initiated with a slashing movement that generates a stream of red energy somewhat similar to a Cero, powerful enough to deal a near-fatal wound to a Gillian-class Menos back when he was a 7th seat. Subsequent attacks also have the healing restriction lifted, allowing Hanatarō to attack normally after the transformation, though Akeiro Hisagomaru's form makes that difficult.

Corking the Gourd - Hanatarou has found a way to quickly reseal and redraw his normal sword size zanpakutou after using the energy attack. He cannot absorb wounds for 3 posts after doing so but once this limit is up it heals any of the damage dealt during the time thus allowing him to quickly fill the gauge and repeat the process if need be. Likewise in many situations the 3 posts limit allows him to finish a wounded enemy.


Bankai name: Ever-flowing Akeiro Hisagomaru

Bankai description:
The Shape of Hanatarou's bankai is relatively simple and is a slightly condensed bankai form compared to most. If he happens to have been in Akeiro form shikai when summoning it the Scalpel forms back into a sword minus the gauge embedded into the side and sprouts a chain from the bottom that leads to a fan held in his opposing hand with individual gauges dotting the sides of each of the fans blades. The fan is closed and opens one blade at a time as he absorbs wounds by attacking with either it or the sword attached to it. The sword itself now takes on a tai chi styling with small gourd shaped gems on either side of the hilt where it meets the blade that are red in color.

Healing: Absorbing any damages of an opponent or ally just as his shikai does it channels the energy into the fan blade gauges making it open. The fan gauges seem to fill forever and can go as far as up to make an entire circle of fan blades open before he cannot take in any more damage and must release some of it. In bankai his weapon deals damage but it simply heals immediately after he has dealt it. If the gauges happen to be full however his attack damages do not disappear, or if the fan is seperated from the sword by cutting the chain.
Wound Kidou - Combing a swipe of the fan and kidou allows Hanatarou to drastically increase the power of both assaults, he can combine the energy of the two attacks easily and in doing so allows his opponent to increasingly take more damage only to have him recycle it back into the fan and make the attacks progressively get bigger the more times his enemy foolishly let's him repeat the process. It is unknown if he can combine this with healing kidou for any adverse effects at this time.

Role-play sample: http://bleachoblivion.canadian-forum.com/t792-asao-asakobi-done

Rank/level - Adv-3
Hankou - 6
Reiryoku - 12
Hakudo - 4
Seijuu - 16
Bukijuu - 13
Hoho - 14
Points awarded:
Total points: 65

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PostSubject: Re: Hanatarou Yamada (4th Division Captain)   Hanatarou Yamada (4th Division Captain) EmptyMon Dec 10, 2012 1:06 pm

Since Hanatarou is a canon, the name of his Bankai should be in Japanese.

Other than that, I see no problems, so this is approved for ADV-3 with 65 points.

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Moving to accepted
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