Ashe Silvia [Fullbring]

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 Ashe Silvia [Fullbring]

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PostSubject: Ashe Silvia [Fullbring]   Ashe Silvia [Fullbring] EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 9:22 am


Name: Ashe Silvia
Nickname: Ash.
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Weapon(s): Golden Armor made of an extremely light but strong enough woven gold. The armor has the ability to regenerate itself over time, if damaged. A direct hit can dent it but a stronger than normal hit can break it.
Personality: Icy And Cold (Pun Intended), usually likes solitude, although once someone gets to know her, she becomes more friendly and warm to that person (Pun intended yet again)
Physical Appearance: Standing at 5'9, Ashe is considered very attractive. With lusciously long white hair falling to her waist and a curvy figure, a lot of guys find her very attractive. But they don't dare near her as her icy indifference usually shatters what resolve they could've ever had to approach her.
Bio: As a child, she was born with white hair. But that seemed to increase her beauty because, by the time she was a 2 year old, she was extremely beautiful. Her father, who had died before her birth due to a hollow attack, was a quincy. She had, however, not shown any powers of being a quincy. Soon, when she was 14 years old, her mother had died. Now, being able to interact with spiritual beings as well as being able to see them, She could still be with her mother's spirit.

However, Hollows began to attack. For some reason, they began to attack, wave after wave, to devour her mother. Ashe took up a bow, which she used to attend the archery club in her school, and fended hollows off as best as she could. No soul reaper came to help her. After 6 hours of battle, she was bruised and bleeding, exhausted yet still fighting to protect her mother's spirit. However, after a while, she began to realize that they were not after her mother's spirit... They were after her. Struck with his horrid truth, she begun to flee, making the large horde of hollows come after her in pursuit.

She could not fight anymore. She needed atleast 4-6 arrows to put down one hollow, and she was out of arrows. Having long discarded her weapons, she simply kept running until she could run no more. As the hollows closed in, she clutched at the silver bracelet she wore on her left hand, a keepsake from her father. Suddenly, she felt a surge of power and in a few moments, she held a large glowing bow, the color of Ice. The temperature seemed to drop several degrees, but it didn't affect her. With the adrenaline rush from discovering her new power, she proceeded to kill every single hollow, who turned out to be surprisingly weak once she had unlocked her power.

A few years later, she was walking out from the group of Fullbringers led by Kugo Ginjo after he had tried to force her into obscenities. She overpowered him and simply left the group, her fullbring powers fully awakened and empowered. She was her father's daughter at last. However, her loss-filled life had begun to take a toll on her, and her heart was locked away in a cage of ice as she walked her lonely path alone.


Name: Frost
Item: A Silver Bracelet
Appearance: A large icy-white bow which glows with a bluish light. It is almost as tall as her.
Ability: The Bow affects the temperature around her, causing it to drop to freezing point. She can cause the water molecules in the air to freeze into arrows that she uses. This can be done extremely fast, allowing her to fire off 2-3 arrows per second. Each of these arrows penetrate their victims like regular arrows, but they burn with cold and they can be given a variety of add-on abilities which make them deadly in cases. Her arrow formation is much faster and easier to do in colder environments. She is also extremely resistant to cold at this stage and completely invulnerable to the cold that she makes herself, otherwise she'd freeze herself from just holding her bow.

Anyone who touches the bow begins to instantly freeze from the touching point. This also includes weapons that hit the bow but that freezes slower than flesh does. The bow is also very hard, but can be shattered with a very powerful hit.

She is also able to use Fullbring-Induced High-Speed Movement.

1. Ice Shot: Her arrow, when fired, begins to discharge cold, causing anything it touches to freeze, even the air. As it flies, the air around it turns to mist and frost. When it hits a target or object, the arrow begins to slowly freeze the victim from the point where it hit. Although one arrow doesn't really freeze much other than forming frost on the victim, this ability can be used in rapid succession, causing atleast 5-7 arrows to hit the target and freeze him very quickly.

2. Hawk shot: She can animate a small hawk made of ice to fly up into the air and then explode, causing the temperature in the area to suddenly drop as well as causing it to snow.

3. Crystalline Arrow: She can spend a bit more time to make an arrow, causing it to be harder and stronger than normal. When she fires it, it will also fly faster than her normal arrows and can penetrate armor that her normal arrows cannot. This arrow has been known to even penetrate through an Espada's Hierro.

4. Cristallum Sagitta: Her strongest move, She needs some time to prepare for this. Ashe first forms a Crystalline Arrow and then draws it into her bow. With the string pulled back to the arrow's maximm and the arrow ready to fly, she pulls back on the string and arrow even more, causing the entire bow to shake from the pressure of the arrow, which is near breaking point.

She then lets the arrow fly and at the same time, causes the air around the arrow to completely freeze into ice, making a huge arrow as soon as it is released. The arrow is taller than her and is very big, capable of penetrate through several objects. It also freezes objects near it and when it hits an object it cannot pierce, it explodes in that objects direction, causing a cone like explosion of icy-energy, which usually freezes the object it has hit. Ashe can also cause this explosion manually, but focusing her power on it. The arrow always unleashes it's cone-like explosion towards the direction it was heading.

She cannot use this in succession, having a large cool down before it becomes available again.

Role-play sample: Refer to this profile

Rank/level - ADP-0
Hankou - 3
Reiryoku - 12
Hakudo - 9
Seijuu - 12
Bukijuu - 12
Hoho - 12
Points awarded:
Total points: 60

Ashe Silvia [Fullbring] Tumblr_m301feBjlr1r5kyvmo4_250

One day, Life held up a dying bird and asked Death, "Death, Why do People love me but hate you?"
Death silently took the bird gently into his ice cold hands and said, "Because you are a beautiful lie. And I am a painful truth..."
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PostSubject: Re: Ashe Silvia [Fullbring]   Ashe Silvia [Fullbring] EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 10:23 am

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Ashe Silvia [Fullbring]
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