Takahara Tenshu (Micans Nitore)

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 Takahara Tenshu (Micans Nitore)

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PostSubject: Takahara Tenshu (Micans Nitore)   Takahara Tenshu (Micans Nitore) EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 5:51 pm

Name: Takahara Tenshu
Nickname: Taka, Holy Lord
Age: 79
Gender: Male
Rank: Micans Nitore of the Vatican

Personality: Intelligent while casual, firm while caring... such are, to Takahara, the required aspects of personality for one who stands at the top, and he by all means possesses them. Knowledge gained from the years spent in development and listening to the people around him guides his actions while he retains an understanding that everyone potentially has something to offer, however small it may be, and thereby deserves respect so long as they are willing to give it. Naturally, a firm hand is required at times lest one think they can casually defy the teachings or tenets of the church while stating themselves a part of it, but within this lies a fair capacity for forgiveness. Overall, the man is openly kind-hearted, while remaining stoic and thoughtful, even commanding, when necessary.

In his more youthful form, however, he comes off as a bit more cheerful and open, seemingly more than willing to hear out anything anyone may have to say; such is simply how he interacts with the people in a subtle and casual manner, without them feeling the pressure of potentially saying something wrong in front of the Micans. Even then, there is a certain stubborn side to his personality, perhaps an effect of the youth itself, but he doesn't generally allow it much sway over his inherently intelligent and thoughtful nature; rather, they often exist in tandem.

Physical Appearance:
Young & Old:
In the appearance which those close know him as the Micans Nitore, Takahara appears quite his age, though still in fairly good shape. Grey hair crowns his head and composes a short beard around his chin and jaw, reaching a little past his shoulders in the back. Calm, pale blue eyes are often kept behind thin, clear glasses, while on his left brow one would easily enough notice a small scar; a minor relic of the past. Otherwise he stands fairly tall at 6'3", a fairly commanding presence generally garbed in robes of white with gold trim that befit his position.

In his youthful form, however, is such a radical difference that one would likely never come to the conclusion that they are one and the same. Red hair crowns his head, occasionally tied into a short tail in the back, and the one eye one would likely ever see is green; both a stark contrast to the grey or pale blue. He stands shorter at 5'10", appearing as a boy of around 16 to 18, with a thin but somewhat athletic build. In this appearance he generally wears a more casual white uniform comprised of a white, short-sleeved jacket over a light gray sleeveless shirt, similarly white pants, and even a black eyepatch dropping down from a light blue headband.

Bio: Interestingly enough, at one time Takahara slightly resented the church. His parents always went, to the point of forcing the boy even from a young age to come along with them even if he wanted to do something else, such as sleep. The religious teachings were, at times, so much as beaten into him... but then, those were days when such a thing was more acceptable. Certainly his parents had little issue with it.

That he would eventually run into a hollow after slowly developing a spiritual awareness was just a matter of course; as would be his attempt at 'exorcism chants' after so much religious teaching was beaten in. Suffice it to say, the creature merely scoffed at him before attacking, leaving a small scar above one eye before the boy, then 17, was able to quickly run off. What came of the creature afterward, he wasn't certain, but he never saw it again. Such was simply his first encounter with 'evil,' of which he'd learn later was only one of a few, and not nearly the most prominent.

Having nowhere else to turn, the boy enlisted directly in the church his parents had so often had to drag him to. Whatever he was expecting there, he found something rather different, and perhaps... disappointing. 'Twas only in its early stages, however, that the church itself was beginning to put their spiritual energy toward development, toward tools for the religious order that would be more efficient than the holy water of myths. And there, eventually, he met 'God,' or an avatar thereof; such was the talk, at least. Yet another recruit to the holy order, but with a certain degree of ambition, and some smarts and charisma to back it up.

Like this he proceeded, steadily through the order and through the development process, until the latter was well near complete; the formation of tools that could utilize the surrounding reishi itself, rather than needing to draw on one's own spiritual power that had been a previous issue. As well, he came to stand on the top, though the fact was a guarded secret; if anyone suspected during his remaining time in the open, they never showed it. After all, his spiritual powers had developed to a point where few around him could keep up. Thus after such an amount of time and effort put in, he stood as the Micans Nitore; though from his ability to regain a youthful appearance, certainly none had to know.


Name: Heavenly Blade

Item: Angel-shaped, white pendant.

Appearance: In his elder form, where the fullbring is at its fullest maturity, angelic wings of white appear on Takahara's back, while a long, wide sword of pure white is formed in his hand. In his more youthful form, a younger version of his fullbring is manifested, appearing as a simple longsword of white.

Ability: In both forms, the blade is very sharp, able to cut through quite a bit. In his elder form, however, not only is he granted flight via the wings, but the blade can pass harmlessly through items not specifically infused with spiritual energy if he so desires.


Eternal Youth- While it may not entirely confer the immortality the Micans is presumed to have, he is nonetheless able to control the spiritual energy coursing through his body to such an extent that he can reverse-age it. In this way, he is able to keep up a youthful appearance when so desired, while similarly returning to his elder appearance when desired. By this same general application, he can recover from injuries during such a change, provided he has enough energy remaining to do so; given that it takes a little time, however, the change is by no means practical in combat situations.

Cast Seal- The best way anyone would be able to describe this ability is that the surrounding reishi becomes outright heavier. In such a way, it makes special powers more difficult to utilize effectively besides, presumably, the Micans himself (though in reality, he is simply proficient at combat without using spiritual power). Within the Vatican HQ, the effect is increased quite noticeably due to the reiryoku-infused sigils spread out within. Overall, the effect extends in a relatively wide area around him.

Farseer- This ability uses similar sigils as his Cast Seal, and when he uses it, one could easily mistake him for participating in prayer as it necessitates him to close his eyes. Through this ability, he can see through hidden, nigh undetectable gatherings of reishi at specific points in a wide area, allowing him to see, though not hear, things occurring elsewhere at the time of use.

Penance- A final resort, of sorts; usable only at such times as Takahara is in a weak state, his power and the surrounding reishi alike suddenly flare up. The worse shape he is in at a given time, the greater the flare, blazing through spiritual matter with little impunity; thus a part of the reason why it is rarely used, though with enough concentration it can leave some spaces relatively untouched. Those within its effective range of up to 30 feet on each side, depending on his state, will have to be fairly strong in order to survive it for very long.

Role-play sample:

Rank/level - MST-2
Hankou - 13
Reiryoku - 15
Hakudo - 17
Seijuu - 17
Bukijuu - 16
Hoho - 17
Points awarded:
Total points: 95

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Takahara Tenshu (Micans Nitore)   Takahara Tenshu (Micans Nitore) EmptyWed Dec 12, 2012 5:59 pm

Looks fine, you can apply the stats for MST-2.

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Takahara Tenshu (Micans Nitore)
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