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 Felix Cruikshank (WIP)

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Title : Rex Draconis, Bringer of divine fury, Technomancer of Cascades, Aetheromancer, Master of the Eldritch, Invincible Cleric, Plaugelord, Tantibunecromancer, Lord of Prohibition, & Mayor of a little village up the coast.
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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Felix Cruikshank (WIP)   Felix Cruikshank (WIP) EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 11:12 pm

Name: Felix Cruikshank

Nickname: Shank, Crucks, Dolus, etc.

Age: 20

Gender: male

Weapon(s): Apart from his fullbring, he carries roughly 5-6 hollowed out egg shells filled with ashes, ground-up pepper, mud, flour, dirt, and fine-ground glass (Metsubushi), which he reffers to as his "black eggs" due to their color. If he is wearing a hat, he will also throw it at the opponent given it will have a good effect; it it not actually dangerous, but is merely a method of distracting his opponent.

Personality: Friendly, kind, although somewhat over enthusiastic, Felix is a person of interest which is often wisely disregarded. He has has a strange magnetism about his personality; it's one part a general pleasantness to be around him while also being a great source of entertainment to see what he might do next. At the same time however, He repels people people with his odd tendency to stare at nothing, his obsession with laying elaborate traps with the intent to mess with people's heads (with reasonable success; he usually manages to do this while his target is in the room, without the target realizing what is happening), and moments where he inexplicably forces people to run away from him as fast as they can, occasionally with violence involved. the more spiritually are inclined realize the first and last are due to his ability to see spirits; with the former being for soul reapers and other non hostile beings, while the latter occurs when a hollow (or worse) shows up. unfortunately, due to his ability to deal with supernatural threats, he has a bad tendency to get angry rather than scared when one shows up, leaving people to believe he suffers from explosive fits of rage. after they've gone however, they don't see that he too runs away, and will only fight a pursuer if left with no other option. Finally, he loves to play games. specifically card games such as poker. he is a master of them.

Physical Appearance: Roughly 6 feet tall, he has black hair and bright green eyes. despite his height, he has a relatively normal build; due to lack of exercise however, he can be seen as slightly over weight, although it is hardly noticeable through his clothes. His usual attire is a slightly rumpled suit comprised of a white jacket, shoes, and pants, dark red undershirt and gloves, and black shoes. he also occasionally wears a white wide brim hat. This being said, his attire may vary. Concealed by his gloves is the fact that his right hand is heavily disfigured due to burns, causing it to have a red and flesh like appearance.


Felix grew up on his own


Name: House always wins

Item: Two boxes, each meant for a deck of cards.

Appearance: Once active the cards become black with white symbols, numbers, and letters.

Ability: The boxes each house a deck of cards, and when the box is emptied it refills itself with a new deck. The cards have the ability to, by interacting with each other, raise and lower temperature and create barriers. they also have a passive static cling, allowing them to easily stick to objects. in addition, the properties of these abilities (heat, cold, hardness) may be applied to individual cards, though while active, the card cannot be bonded with other cards.
  • This process requires at least 2 cards (or pieces of a card, though the strength greatly diminishes) and the affected area is a line between the cards.
  • If a polygon of any type is formed by these lines, then the area of the polygon will become affected. if a 3 dimensional shape is formed, than Felix may choose on whether the effect will cover it's volume or it's surface area. multiple bonds of either type can be formed at the same time, but a single card cannot be used for multiple types of bonds.
  • The strength of the effect depends on the size of the affected area and the amount and proximity of the cards in the bond (e.g.: a cubed meter with eight cards (one per corner) would raise the temperature somewhat slowly, whereas if there was a card every 10 centimers along the entire of all faces of the cube, the temperature would raise quickly. this applies to barrier strength as well) as such, the fewer dimensions a bond has, the stronger it will be with a minimum amount of cards(e.g.: a one dimensional barrier with two cards would be much stronger than a three dimensional barrier with similar spacing with 4).
  • Barriers are created in the following manner: one dimensional barriers come first; the barrier starts at both ends and extends towards the other card at equal speed. two dimensional barriers must first have edges defined by one dimensional barriers, then one dimensional barriers on all sides extend along edge towards center (90*from one dimensional line in cases of asymmetrical shapes), not crossing edges, until area is filled. 3 dimensional barriers (solid) require all sides to have complete two dimensional barriers, and a similar process to 2 dimensional barriers follows.
  • when opponent is caught inside of forming barrier, their Hankou is checked against the Felix's Reiryoku and Seijuu along with the barrier's strength. Assuming the barrier is of moderate strength, if they are stronger/the same strength as Felix, they may be pushed (with varying amounts of force), trapped, slowed down, or break the barrier (much stronger). if they are weaker, they may be pierced, cut/dismembered, or crushed (these depend on type of barrier).
  • The cards can sick to any material, including barriers
  • When a barrier is formed the card becomes fixed in place by the barrier. if the barrier is dismissed, the card is no longer fixed in place and becomes affected by physics.
  • barriers also act as insulation, and prevent heat from passing through.
  • The sharpness of barrier edges depends on the opponent's Hankou and Felix's Reiryoku and Seijuu along with the barrier's strength.
  • barrier strength is decreased when the barrier is being created.
  • For temperature effects, the rate the temperature changes is directly proportional to the strength of the bond. in addition, the temperature changes are effected by the matter for which the temperature is changing: Air changes fastest, but also disperses quickly without insulation, as an example.
  • Unbonded cards with a barrier affect are not fixed in place, and behave as though the card itself is a strong barrier with extra sharp edges (see barrier bullets for explanation on edges)
  • Unbonded cards with a temperature effect are charged to a specific temperature (with a maximum of 200*C in either direction of 0*C), and act as an ordinary object with that temperature in a solid state.
  • Cards in a bond have the same effect as the bond the're in, and of the same strength.
  • Barriers prevent reitsu from passing through them.


Know when to hold 'em:
Spreads a deck of cards across one another to for either a sword or shield. these are held together using the cards' ability to cling to surfaces, and each one is individually powered with barrier (unbonded). by bonding the cards in the sword or shield together, felix is able to block attacks that would be impossible with his physical strength; barriers bonds are fixed in place, and an entire deck being used in a single barrier where the cards all overlap several time makes the barrier ridiculously strong. the downside for this ability is that it is rather weak on offence; the blade is strongest and sharpest when stationary, and the nature of the cling causes the blade to be prone to breaking on offence. as such, it is a reactive weapon.

Card fountain:
Felix bends a deck in such a way that the cards fly out in a fountain shape (like a very innacurate machinegun which fires bullets which have card physics). from there, he can use the cards in abilities or other techniques.

Role-play sample:

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Felix Cruikshank (WIP)
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