Fero Benson (Obelisk of Temperance)

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 Fero Benson (Obelisk of Temperance)

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PostSubject: Fero Benson (Obelisk of Temperance)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:52 am

Name: Fero Benson

Nickname: Tempered Messenger

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): He carries a staff, Wood of Acacia, Gold of incredible durability caps the top with a single rounded ball inscribed with scripture.


Fero is personified faith in the greater powers that be, and against the norm he embraces even the oldest versions of the faith he defends. A man of silent calm action, he does not waste time with debate and strikes out wholeheartedly on his holy tasks to prevent the spread of Sin's horrid ways. He remains adamant against their growing threat and will typically be the one speaking out the most against anything to do with them.

He lives a minimalistic life-style, his rooms seemingly bare but for the bedding and a shelf of books. A fitting way of life for the virtue of Temperance. Caring for the less fortunate he is most often hunted down when late for gatherings in the midst of the local orphanages supporting children with the love so hard to give to all by typically over-worked staffers.

He holds prayer school every Sunday morning.

Physical Appearance:

He has kind, intelligent eyes that speak of true peace met in life so filled with purpose. His hair runs the length of his back in a loose pony-tail and his robes are kept simple in a traditional cardinal red. Long and flowing with only small amounts of golden thread to hold buttons and line the collar.

He is tall, standing at 6'1", but seems relatively weak in physical strength preferring instead to remain limber and lithe. He carries himself with even steps and his arms before him tucked into the opposing arms sleeve much to the irk of several Cardinals for disrespecting the faith by mimicking the Buddhists in this fashion. He simply ignores it as he knows he does this only for the comfort and the vision of harmlessness it portrays to others giving him an even softer appearance.

He was left in front of an orphanage at a highly young age, barely even old enough to crawl, and taken in by the orphanage as was their solemn duty. In that orphanage he grew up to love the word of god and to always bow his head in prayer at supper, to always pray before bed, to always help those in need, whether they be, to use the extreme word his caretakers used, heathens, or likewise god-fearing christians.

Fero never really agreed with the word heathen, but as a child he could not argue against his elders for they as far as he had been taught, spoke the word of god whom they spoke to every night before bed as he did.

He led a very normal, if somewhat sad life as an orphan, but he never felt sad himself, it seemed more so it was others who felt sad for him. For as his friends were all adopted or left him at the proper age he was always left behind in every line-up. Always considered a worse choice then one other child or another. His caretakers began to fear his cheerful smiles were a way of hiding his hurt and once spoke to him. They asked if he was truly okay with never being taken, not even by the families who asked to see him alone in the room where they could get to know the children on an individual basis rather then in the line-up outside. Typically when brought in there you would leave with that family but the families asking about him always left him and took another one of his friends away.

His answer shocked many of them, and would reach the ears of a traveling priest of the Vatican in later years of his life.

"Every night when I talk to god, I ask him what it means to be truly righteous. I never hear him speak back to me with words, but in my mind I see the faces of all my friends, smiling when we play, or sad when they see other children leave. In my heart I know god is telling me that to be righteous is to give them what I may have but cannot have so that they may. I give them a family so that they can be smiling, and in each one I see leave I feel no sadness for they have received a blessing from god. That which cannot be bought, stolen, or ever truly taken. Love."

The caretakers of the orphanage, awed by so self-less a child, several of the nuns having actually come to tears asked him then why he did not wish for this love he so easily gave away.

"I do not give away love, for those that leave, my friends will always hold me in their hearts and prayers, as will the mother and father who wished me to be with them. I have the love of so many that I cannot so truly claim it for myself, I must give of myself to my brothers. As the Lord has done for his."

They questioned him no further, truly admiring the greatness of his heart and every day assuring him he was destined for the greatest glories in heaven. And so his life would continue until one fateful day when a man in black robes came to their door grievously wounded. He spoke of demons as they brought him inside.

Fero, now a man of 17 years assisted with attending to the mans wounds, having spent so long at the orphanage as to become a member of it's staffers by right if not title. He was always with the younger children pushing them along to new parents with a nudge and kind word on their behalf. He had taken a bit of skill on in the department of first aid and helped with the mans wounds. The man shrieked only once during all the time he was treated. However he seemed more urgent about a strange stone he carried. It had glyphs covering its surface and he insisted it flowed with a holy power. None of the other nuns or priests could feel this holy spirit, but Fero felt the barest tingle.

The man demanded of them to be sure it make it's way to the Vatican, and be given to the popes hand and no others on the entire trip. when told it could wait he roared at them, claiming rank of an unknown section of the Vaticans faith hierarchy. Not a cardinal nor a father, nor even an alter boy, but an Obelisk. The priests and nuns thought him only temporarily insane, first speaking of a holy stone and then this non-sense and administered morphine to put him to sleep. Fero however was sure that this man was not insane, for those wounds had not been left my mortal hands, they were of a dark nature. One Fero would not let near a stone of such purity as this if the man wished it.

That night he spoke with the man, Obelisks he claimed, and learned of the mission that must be completed for the sake of the Vatican itself. Demons of hell were planning to assault the Vatican, this stone was one of many that had been created to prevent such a thing. A stone of warding that would eradicate any presence of demon within miles of it. However it must be completed first, and only the pope had the holy power great enough to mold the stones vast energy into such a task. As it was now it attracted all nearby demons with a frenzy.

Fero left that night, garbed in the mans robes which somehow no longer showed a sign of the gash that had been there the night before. He would make his way east towards the Vatican city, merely an oceans crossing, but the man had forbade him such travel and told hi to remain on foot where he would leave nobody around to be harmed by such an attack as he had received. Fero would follow those orders, regardless of how much more treacherous his journey could become because of it.

He stuck near the coasts, day and night going and resting in due course so as to make the best of his legs ability to keep going with mere catnaps to power them. It took nearly a fortnight, but he soon entered the Vatican city. With his entrance came a sense of foreboding, one he would not understand until the impact from behind crashed him literally through a wall. He grogily looked back out from the place he had come to rest, a grocers shop with the grocer looking down at him in confusion, and then horror. He did not understand reasons behind this until the demons face, bone white and devilish loomed into his view. He made to push himself up, but could not. For the hunk of wooden plank stabbed through his right chest held him fast.

The rest of his memory was for the time a blur, he clutched for the holy stone held within his pocket, grabbing it as if it could somehow save him, and then felt his body surge, and saw the wood stabbed through himself. In this blurred memory he remembered fire, but one that felt of the power held within the stone. The power of the Holy Father. The Demons scream, that too was remembered. And then the blacking out as a man in robes like those he now wore stalked towards him and then came at a run to catch him before he fell to the ground completely.

He awoke later, finding himself in a bed so plush that he had a moment of struggle to lift himself up into a sitting position. As he glanced about the room his eyes cam to rest on a man bent in a chair not to far away, the back of the chair not reaching even past the small of his back. His back was to Fero as he spoke out.

"What is your name? Young man?"

"My name? My name is Fero Benson. Or so is my Given name, for I did not know the parents with whom the true one may rest."

The mans shoulder bounced once or twice before he asked another question.

"Why is it Fero Benson that you do not know of your true name, and that you cannot ask it of parents who must surely love one so righteous?"

"I do not know my true name for I am an orphan left to the care of priests and nuns. I was raised and helped many find homes so that they may know love, for I have all love from them and others I need, and they must recieve gods greatest blessing as well."

"Gods blessing? You mean the love of a family? How is it you have no family yet say you have love such as that that you give to others it so freely?"

Fero paused for a moment, wondering what this conversation was about, and who this man was.

"For those I give such blessing on the lords behalf are my family, brothers and sisters all sons and daughters of the lord flesh. I have their love of me. I need no more then that, but will give them more then I ever could need because I love them as well."

"Fero Benson, then if such is true, your family is those whom you give love of others to. For their love is one of family, as is the love you give them. For such to be true then the name they know for you of Fero Benson is indeed your true name, given to you through different means then others, but surely by the Lord for he allows you such blessing. Your true name is Fero Benson, and from here after you shall know it as such."

Fero seemed perplexed, wondering now even more who this man could be to so easily say that such was gods decree. Fero for true did say he gave blessings of the lord, but never said he spoke for god so directly as this man. He was about to protest the mans forwardness before the stone he had carried was held out, to him now seeming lifeless and devoid of holy power.

"This stone was sent for with the promise of Obelisk Maxim to bring it home, when he was reported dead, slain by demons, we feared the worst. Now we do not fear the worst for it for it no longer is something to be feared nor protected. Gods holy power has left this stone and entered into you so as to save you from that demon in the market. Do you know why that is Fero Benson? Why holy power would so readily control itself and become part of your own inner divinity?"

"No sir, I am afraid I do not, and you should know that no one can speak so easily in place of the Lord. For only the pope himself can ever think something such as that truth, for he speaks directly with the Lord daily on the behalf of all."

The man ignored him for the moment and spoke on.

"God saved you for you are meant to serve him longer then you would have if not. This stones power gave you second life and you must not waste it. You shall serve under the highest authority of the lord on earth and honor the loss of Obelisk Maxim. You will be trained to wield your gods divine gift and recognize it's holy importance."

The man turned, and just as Fero had finally made his way out of the bed, moments from snatching the man from the chair for the affront of thinking himself on level with the pope himself, and stopped Fero in his tracks. There sat the pope, wizened eyes watching him and his look of astonishment and then apology as he dropped to his knees with his head bowed.

"Forgive me father, for I was not worthy enough to say such things. I will remove myse-" He stopped as a hand rested atop the back of his bowed head.

"If that is your wish, but by my decree you will follow the gentlemen outside and they will show you to your new life under Gods gift. As a member of the Consecro of the Vatican. you shall protect the world with Gods gift."

Fero did not raise his head until he left the room and was met by two men in black robes. They took him to the headquarters within the Vatican city to be trained in his power. His peaceful heart attuning him more to learning and historic cataloguing, he was assigned to what they called the scripture sphere, and from there would go on to become a very successful partner for many missionary journeys as they were called across the world. 17 years later he would still be so kindhearted, and still could not raise his eyes to see even the feet of the pope when if ever they might cross each others paths. An Obelisk, Tempered and faithful towards his God and his Faith, he awaits but the word to bring the holy power he was gifted with to the world.


Sigil Name: Wings Of Heaven

Sigil Description: His sigil's take the form of Strange orange metal pulled from the stone he carried to the Vatican as a child. Implanted onto his spinal column in a total of 6 different places and running along all his ribs they form the stubs of wings that would seemingly have been ripped off. His sigil is one of few that would seem to activate as they form from the stubs and fly out to form massive 7 foot wings of flame metal, Fire that is solid and when removed from the wings becomes a lump of strange orange alloy.

Sigil Ability: He is able to form any of the Wings of Heaven in any amount he chooses. He could simply form one or all six if he so chose.. The wings of Metal Fire are able to mold off themselves weapons of holy Flame Metal of anything the user can imagine. Each wing however only holds a certain Unit of the metal before it would need re-collecting. Each wing contains 85 Units of the metal.

Sigil Techniques:

Gabriels Metal: The flames when they are removed from the main wing solidify into an orange metal, when they drip it is a pointless lump, however as it is used by the user, they can mold it before it hardens into a plethora of weapons such as a set of small throwing knives, to even full length blades as long as the user pulls enough flame away. It uses portions of the wing to form each weapon and the wing will deplete over time and need to be reformed to keep at full mass.

This form allows it to form a multitude of different sized weapons meaning no two types deplete the wings as much. I'll show through a unit system. The Wing itself has a total of 50 units, each weapon it forms minus a certain amount of units.

Buster Sword, 50 units

Spear, 30 units

Sword 10 units

Gauntlet, 1 Unit Per

Kunai/Knife, 1 Unit per

Buckler, 25 Units

Large shield, 50 Units

Raphaels Pause components, 1 unit per

Arrow, 3 units

Bow, 10 Unit

Rapheals Pause: The user can cause the wing to deliberately drop pieces of it's flame, however instead of instantly solidfying they will remain as a flame. They can hold the form for 2 posts by the user before they must solidify. When solidified they can be formed by the users will.

Uriels Barrage: Fero will hold the wing in a desired direction and a salvo of metal solid arrows will begin to fire from it slowly depleting the wings mass and shooting into anything in their path. As is obvious, this attack uses all the wing material and lasts a duration of 1-2 posts by the user. Afterwards the winds are gone as the fire has all been depleted.

Power of Virtue:

Blood Of Christ - His heart, repaired by the holy power of the stone from when He was young produces blood of amazing healing properties, it has no true blood-type and his blood is compatible with all who would receive it. Deadly poisons are weakened severely on their effects within minutes of entering his body and if applied to others wounds it can speed up the healing process by almost 12 times the norm. Likewise his body is able to keep together far longer then most and repairs itself rather quickly. (not healing in battle)

Parting the Sea - The staff he Carris holds a small piece of the stone of his child-hood, an earth based form of Seki Seki it disperses reiryoku into the area around him, though not as fully as true Seki Seki. This in effect causes energy based assaults on him to lose cohesiveness when they attack him making him seem more resilient then he truly is by actually weakening the attack's destructive focus. They do not entirely disperse, merely lower in intensity.

Miracles of Earth - Stamping his staff into the ground Fero imbues his might into the very earth causing plant-life to grow where none before existed. Flowers and Ferns sprout from atop cement or buried within dirt so as not to destroy the world around him. These flowers absorb ambient Reishi within over a mile's radius in a matter of minutes reducing fliers to only quincy, true masters of condensing Reishi to their will. He in essence forces all other enemies to ground based combat. the patch of life measures 10x10 where-ever he calls it forth and most often nobody will suspect it for what it is.

You Print the Bible on Them - Taking a bible Fero mutters a passage from within it's pages dependent on several factors like How many targets, What Race of Target, Target Size, and range of the spells effect, before throwing it bodily at said target or into the air where it will burst into all it's pages then shoot down to combine and restrain the target/s Each page carries the holy weight of god upon it by Fero's faith and thus binds the opponent if even one page sticks to them. Multiple pages hold one for much longer however.

Rank/level - ADV=1
Hankou - 10
Reiryoku - 13
Hakudo - 11
Seijuu - 15
Bukijuu - 14
Hoho - 12
Total points: 75

Role-play sample: See Fensake - http://bleachoblivion.canadian-forum.com/t966-fensake-kakuheki-done (just noticed it was approved and not moved hahaha)

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PostSubject: Re: Fero Benson (Obelisk of Temperance)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 4:22 pm

You can't have immunity to all poisons. Maybe weak poisons, but that's about it.

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PostSubject: Re: Fero Benson (Obelisk of Temperance)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:40 pm

changed it to weakening their effects, i kinda meant for it to just help him get over poison effects faster while still feeling them anyways.

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PostSubject: Re: Fero Benson (Obelisk of Temperance)   Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:44 pm

All right, good.

Approving this for ADV-1 and moving it to accepted~

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PostSubject: Re: Fero Benson (Obelisk of Temperance)   

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Fero Benson (Obelisk of Temperance)
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