Icarus [Obelisk of Patience]

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 Icarus [Obelisk of Patience]

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PostSubject: Icarus [Obelisk of Patience]   Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:34 pm

Name: Icarus

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: A very calm, cool, and collected individual. He is rarely ever angered, and will always wait for the perfect moment before he does anything. He hates seeing anyone act out of rationality, and hates beings fueled by their instincts. He believes the first strike is the most important, and will always decide the victor.

Physical Appearance: A tall man of 6'3", 170lbs. His body is average, not being overly fit, nor unhealthy. He wears glasses, and has soft, violet eyes. He has blue hair, coming to rest at his shoulders. The front of his hair stops below his eyes, separated into spikes. On the left side of his face, his bangs are styled away from his face in three spikes.

He wears a blue overcoat, with the standard white uniform of the Consecro underneath. His coat is open in the center, giving it a deep V feeling. On the corners of the V, he has a golden button on the tip. Along with three going down the side of his jacket, stopping just before the belt. Along with black boots. He holds his Quincy Cross on his left hand.


Bio: Icarus was born into a middle class family. He knew the plights of both the rich, and the poor. There where times when his family would feast, living in luxury and having all the best meals and entertainment. Other times, he would go without food for days. It was all in the water, his father said.

he grew up the son of a fisherman. But, his father was not just any fisherman, he was the lead of a whole expedition of fisherman. There where times when his father would leave for weeks on end, coming back with the most exotic, and best tasting fish anyone in the village has had. Other times, his father would be out for a day, and return with nothing more than a loaf of bread. Icarus started to notice the ebbs and flows of his life style, being poor one moment, then filthy rich the next.

It was in him from the start, to be patient. If you were patient, the bad times became beyond good, and the bad times still had something worth while in them. he was always level headed, even as a child and through his teen years. He was a saint among the village, sharing when his family hit a spot of wealth, and helping when they where not. He was always helping, it felt to be the best thing to do. Even if it was just consoling and talking with the people that needed it.

All was good, until a Togabito attacked the village. All Icarus could do was watch from where he was safe as others died. He knew he could not help them. However, his father had a different plan. He saw the Togabito kill his father, and sometihng in him snapped. A huge burst of rage filled inside of him, just as a troop of Quincys came to stop the Togabito. he shoved himself out of his hiding spot, running towards the Togabito as a volley of arrows went just over his head. He stopped, to turn around to look at the people trying to vanquish the beast.

The Togabito fought back, but was no match for the five Quincys. They simply out numbered the beast, and it was returned to Hell. However, Icarus was the only one in his village left a live. An older Quincy examined him, and released that Icarus has the powers of a Quincy inside of him. This was when he was 16.

After training with the Quincys for 6 years, reaching the level of master faster than anyone else his age, he still remembered that night. It was then when he heard of the Vatican, leaving his Quincy brothers and sisters to go gain retribution, to simply wait for the moment to strike. That is how he became the Virtue of Patience, living by the saying "one shot, one kill"

Spirit Weapon: A long bow made out of pure Reishi. The grip is a sapphire color, while the rest of the bow is an icy color. The string is cool to the touch, and the Reishi in the bow seems to flow like water, giving it an appearance of constant movement.

Quincy cross description: Icarus' cross seems to be transparent, with a hue of blue. It is a circle with a 1 1/2" radius. On the inside is a small orb, 1/2" in radius, that is as blue as the ocean. Four prongs hold the orb in place.

Quincy items:

Beruhigende Wellen: Two Ginto are tossed out in front of Icarus, creating a square roughly 10 feet wide. This square acts as a dampening field, lowering the output of energy attacks that pass through it.

Triangle Weckdienst: Three Ginto are tossed onto the ground in a triangle pattern. Once all three land and form the pattern, a large surge of Reishi comes from the ground. The damage is very concentrated, making a small explosion within the boundaries.

]Quincy Vollstandig: Asmodel The new transformation of the Quincy, an evolved form of Letzt Stil that increases the Qunicy's powers similar to that of a Bankai. In this state, Icarus gains Two wings made of Reitsu on his back, along with two wings that come out of both of his writs on the outside, running the length of his forearm. His eyesight also becomes perfect, allowing him to see through dust/smoke, and up to 1km away.

1. Infrigidando Typhoon: Five arrows are shot in a horizontal pattern, each one imbued with holy water. There is a thin net between all five of the arrows, doing a lesser version of the arrows work. They quench fires, and cause searing pain to anything deemed unholy by the Vatican.

2. Glacialem Torrens: A single arrow is shot at the ground, creating a torrent of frozen Reishi. Once hit by something, the torrent will shatter, releasing the blessed water inside to flood out in all directions. The water has the same attributes as before, quenching fires and burning unholy beings.

3. Mitigandae Amplectere: Two arrows are shot at the target. If hit by one, or if their body is between the two, the effect activates. A rush of water will come out from the point of impact, or the exact mid point between the two arrows. This water will try to encase the target, putting massive amounts of pressure on any place the water touches. If fully encased, the water will freeze over. There is only enough water to overlap the targets body two times (the water acts as normal, it can be vaporized, along with some of it being able hit off)

4. Mulcentem Pluvia: A volley of arrows is shot directly upwards. After a turn, the arrows will fall. All of the arrows fall at once, and once reaching 30 meters above Icarus, they will turn into water. Large qualities of water will fall in a 40 foot diameter. Once the water hits the ground, it will flow back towards Icarus, until released as a tsunami in the direction of his choice, going about 20 meters in that direction. This ability will exhaust him, and is only to be used at dire times.

Role-play sample:

[center]Rank - ADV-0
Hankou - 10
Reiryoku - 14
Hakudo - 14
Seijuu - 10
Bukijuu - 16
Hoho - 16
Points awarded - N/A
Total points - 80

We're here to live, might as well live.

Dat Character list

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PostSubject: Re: Icarus [Obelisk of Patience]   Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:47 pm

Approved for ADV-0 with 80 points.

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PostSubject: Re: Icarus [Obelisk of Patience]   Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:12 pm

stats applied.

We're here to live, might as well live.

Dat Character list
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PostSubject: Re: Icarus [Obelisk of Patience]   Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:20 pm

~Moving to accepted~

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PostSubject: Re: Icarus [Obelisk of Patience]   

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Icarus [Obelisk of Patience]
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