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 Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume

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PostSubject: Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume    Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  EmptyMon Dec 17, 2012 10:55 pm

Name: Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume

Nick Name(s) Neya, Ney Ney, Suzu-San

Age: 1417

Gender: female

Squad: Squad 7

Rank: LT (Lieutenant)

Weapon(s): Bladed Tonfa X2, Guan Dao, Katar X2, small Chakram X4

Personality: When she is not alone in her quarters, writing her haiku or practicing her dance forms, She is a cold, ice hearted, distant, silent person. she only speaks when spoken to by her superiors, or, unless she actually needs or wants something. if the situation actually hinges or her words, she will say what needs to be said, and there will be no sugar coating. an example, her and a group of shin igami are lost in hueco mundo for some reason, and 3 out of the 6 are badly injured. when asked if everything will be ok, her answer would be,

"No. there is a high probability that three that are injured will die, and we will not be able to help them. the ones that have no combat experience will die. actually, the probability of us all living is very small. and the probability that i myself may live is low. so, we are most likely going to die in any case. but this does not mean we stop moving."

Physical Appearance: She stands just over 5 feet, 5 and 4/16 inches tall. Unknown is her weight, because most that ask are either ignored, or stonewalled and not told. As for her true outer appearance, she is covered in red scales with black coloration on the tips of the scales, with golden trimming around the outer edges of each scale. on her head, there are two horns that jut upwards, and back. she has a 6 foot long tail, with a spike on the end of it.

She has black, Damascus steel strength claws on her hands and feet. She has wings that stretch out to 5 and half feet, but when folded, they allow her to wear her clothes as a normal shinigami would. her face is reptilian like, but very beautiful. in all forms of appearance, she is a humanoid dragon. (just imagine a minor flat chested super sexy antrho dragon with long black hair with dark purple highlights, and you will get the picture.)

Bio: born in 595 Ad, she was the last born child of her race, the mysterious and dragonic Drakonians. A race born form the conception of a dragon whom took human form and a human female. Now, a dying breed. She was raised in the northernmost islands of japan, with her drakonian parents. She lived to be 1000 years old, before she died in battle fighting against a Russian army. Upon her death, she was accepted into the soul society, and was put into the soul reaper academy.She exceled, at healing kido, and combat. She was standard when it came to hado. And above average with bakudo.

At her graduation, she was not placed with a squad, because for some strange reason, she was unwanted by any of them. So, she lives a solitary lifestyle within the walls of the soul society, doing whatever odd jobs for whatever captain or lt, needs done. This, has led her to become rather severely introverted.

And this is basically how it has been for all this time. Floating around with no real squad. When given orders by a captain, she completes the orders, then, just returns home. This is the solitary life she leads. The only squad she truly ever wished to join, was the 7th squad. And by some strange chance of fate, She was selected, and is now, being considered for this squad. This, has given her hope, at some form of normalcy.

Inner world appearance: Her inner world, is a high mountain lake, surrounded on all sides by a crown of mountains capped with pure whit snow. In the middle of the lake, is an island, that has an orchard of chery trees and a blossom of night blooming orchids, surrounding a deep cavern. And in the sky, is a blue moon, surrounded by halos of glimmering stardust.

The symbolism, is all paramount to her character. The moon with many halos represents her long life. The orchard of trees represents her closeness to her roots, and her nature. The orchids are representative of her purity. The island, is of her isolated emotions. And, the cave represents her own self-discovery. The lake represents her serenity in all situations.


Name: Myūto• suzume o kanashimu

Zanpakutō spirit: A beautiful white and red anthro sparrow, who cannot speak with her voice. She instead, communicates via sign language and telepathy with Neya. She stands at 6 feet tall, and commands a sense of respect. Her beauty rivals that of the mythical Helen of troy, but in a very feral, animalistic way.

Sealed form: Her sealed form is a 4 foot long 2 inch diameter ironwood staff, that is decorated with white and red ribbons on each end.

Call out phrase: Wasure no koe to hāmonī de utau kanashī (sing in sorrowful harmony with the voices of the forgotten)

Shikai description: her shikai, is a Corseques, a type of halberd or pole arm. It is 6 feet long, and has a main blade with two wing blades coming out at the base of the main blade. It is double sided as well. Dangling at the base of each blade, is a white and red ribbon.

Ability: Myūto chie no bukyoku (dances of mute wisdom) this ability, teaches wisdom through pain and suffering, by freezing, and later, burning the enemies. the fire part will come later, after she has grown more.

tōmento no serenade (Serenade of Torment); The first technique of her shikai. This dance, albeit misnamed as a dance (a serenade is a type of song) this very graceful, and flowing. The strikes are precise, and she moves fluidly through combat, seeming to drift to the melodies of battle. With each strike she lands on her target, the spilt blood freezes and breaks, the shards directed by her weapon’s strokes, propelling them into their owner, or their allies.

aika no warutsu(Waltz of Lamentation); Her second technique. This attack, is full of crisp, precise, swift, flurry strikes, with slashes and jabs. This technique freezes the blood of the target, and the limbs on their body, causing extreme pain, as the freezing occurs slowly.

Kyōfu no bappon-tekina buyō (Sweeping Dance of Fear)The third dance. Dancing from one foe to another, striking with heavy, fierce, swift blows, slashing and stabbing and gouging out of her targets grievous wounds, and freezing the blood that flies from the velocity of the blade slicing their flesh, spreads complete chaos by freezing and projecting the splatter of their blood into iceilce bullets, that she has no control over.

Role-play sample: Neavyanya walked alone, gazing up at the peaks of the lofty mountains. A faint wind from the peaks blew down, like a gentle lover, and softly blew against her scaled cheeks, as if to kiss her lovingly. She looked down at the ground, looking at her talon clawed feet, observing the cold earth beneath her. The reprise of an eagle caused her eyes to snap to the sky, and a stream of fire to leave her mouth.
"That was....strange. I’ve never been this way before. Why am i suddenly filled with sorrow and awareness?"
She thought to herself. She shrugged it off, and spread her wings, and launched into the skies. She flew high above the high peaks, until she saw a mountain whose peak was gone, and a hole could be seen. Closing her wings, she dived at 90 degrees and plummeted at breakneck speed into the darkness, her draconic senses taking over, and her eyes adjusting to the darkness. She spread her wings 20 feet above the cave floor, and slowly hovered down. Once she reached the floor of the cave. She landed, and then, she sat down, closed her eyes, and began meditating.
Nestar was slowly circling the skies above his home when he noticed another large being flying into a mountain. He stopped and hovered for a while, glad that the clouds below him kept him hidden from the eyes of any human that was nearby and might see him.

He watched the dragon-like being descend slowly into the mount. He, himself, flew toward the mountainside, looking for the entrance the being had used to get inside. When he sees it he slowly flies down, close to the edge and lands, as quietly as he could.

Peering inside, he caught the distinct scent of a female drakonian. He sighed as he wondered if she would resent him for being able to become something of a full dragon. He also wondered if she would hate him for his humanity. Either way, he couldn't help but think of how to approach her. So, instead, he stayed at the mouth of the cave, waiting for her to either say something to him, if she knew he was there, or leave the cave into the sunlight, under which his golden scales glimmered with a brilliant light, though cast none into the cave beside which he was staying.
"I smell you, half-ling. you stink of humans, yet i smell the dragon within you."
Neavyanya looked above her at the entrance to the cave. She adjusted her vision to pinpoint the being whose presence she detected as soon as he had tried to stealthily land on the mountain side. She got a glimpse of his scales, which were a hue of gold.
"Do not just stand there. Someone like you should not be so wary. You carry the blood of the ancient ones within you. I would not dare attack you, unless you first harmed me first. Your blood is too precious to spill."
She peered at him through her white mask with a red sparrow emblazoned on the face of it, her orange eyes scanning over him.
"I take my leave now. You may follow me in, if you wish."
And with that, she turned, and disappeared into the darkness of the cave.
Nestar blinked in surprise. He hadn't expected such a warm reception. He walked into the cave in his dragon form, as that was the only way he could. "Hello, miss," he said. "I am sorry to disturb you." He slowly followed her into the darkness of the cave. As soon as his scales were out of the sunlight they instantly shifted color, shimmering for a moment before settling on magenta, for his calm curiosity.

"If I may ask, who you are," he asked her, moving up to walk beside her as best he could.
Neavyanya slowed her pace, so that he could catch up.
"I am Neavyanya. "
They walked until they came to a passage that was only big enough for someone of her size to fit through.
"You might want to scale down your size. I do not think you could fit through this passage in your current state."
She walked over to a wall and grabbed a torch from it. She twirled it around in her hands, and then raised up her mask just enough to allow her to spout a small jet of fire to light it. She let it burn just long enough to let it reveal the color of Nestar’s scales. She looked at his magenta colored scales. Within her heart she felt something well up inside her. Something that she had never felt before.
"How amazing." she whispered quietly.
Nestar nodded and smiled. "My name is Nestar," he said bowing his head a little, politely. When they got to the passage, he looked at it and sighed. Just before he shifted, he stopped himself.

"Um Neavyanya," he asked. "Would you kindly turn away, please? I am about to shift back into my human form and I will not have any clothing on once I do. I have clothing with me I will just need a moment to get it on after I shift."
"Oh. Yes. I see."
She turned around. She stared at the wall closest to her, studying it. A spider crawled up the wall, into its web. She looked away from the spider, and studied the stone wall. It was composed of mostly granite, with slivers of sand rock within it. She removed one of her gloves, and ran her hand across the wall. The granite was smooth and cold to the touch, while the sand rock was gritty and cold.
She turned around.
"Are you done yet?"
She then saw him naked, fumbling to get his under garments on.
"Oh my!"
She tried to look away, but yet she found herself staring.
Nestar muttered silently about hating the lack of cooperation his clothes were having with him. It was at that moment that he realized she had turned around. He immediately covered his more private of areas and pulled his underwear up. He felt a little bit of anger flare in him and he tried to force it down but failed.

Once he had pulled his underwear up, he looked at her and spoke his tone none too pleased. "Like anything you see," he said, minor irritation interwoven with the normally calm way he spoke. He sighed as he pulled on his pants. "I am sorry... That was rude of me. Normally I have more control over my anger..." He picked up his shirt and threw it on before pulling on his tunic over that.

"So, shall we continue," he said, eager to move past the embarrassing event. He had never let a woman look at him without any clothing on, even a dragon. At least, not when he was in his human form.
She turned, and again, she got a strange feeling. She shrugged it off, and they continued into the darkness of the cave. They walked until they came upon a grand atrium. She looked at the walls, and saw four golden onyx encrusted torches. She again, pulled up her mask, and gently breathed fire unto each of the torches, lighting them. She then looked up, and saw an arch way that had a golden plaque in its center. She removed her mask, and pulled her hood back, revealing her reptilian figure for the first time.
"It says, 'here stands the last city, the proud city, Ilverania, our last hope for peace and life without sorrow. May all who enter this place; know of our triumphs and our failures, our trials and tribulations. Within these walls, we leave our legacy.'
Near choked up as she read aloud the last words, a tear running down her cheek.
"What is this I am feeling? What are these droplets of water running down my face?" she asked aloud, and internally.
Nestar looked at the arch and listened to her speak. When she choked up and started to cry he looked over at her. "You are not used to feeling sorrow or sadness, are you," he asked her softly. "That is the feeling you're getting. That is why you have water, or tears as they are called, running down your face."

He couldn't help it; he walked over and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a hug. "It seems to me that you have suffered a great loss... If there's anything I can do to help you please do not hesitate to let me know." He pulled back and smiled, looking into her eyes.
As she gently sobbed in his embrace, she said quietly,
"no...I have never felt anything i am...the taker of souls at death......i have never felt anything...."
she looked up at him, her bright orange eyes scanning his face. She looked at his soft gaze, and gently laid her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.
"In all of my Four hundred fifty six years of existence.......i have never heard a heartbeat.....for i have always stopped them."
She left his embrace, and wiped away her tears.
"There is something you can help me with. I need you to stay with me while i search for a place within this city."
She reached out and gently grabbed his hand.
"Please, walk with me."
And with that, they both walked past the arch, into the outskirts of the city. Behind them, a noise that sounded like a thousand loud thunders sounding at once shook the cave, and giant stone doors closed behind them, sealing them in the city.
Nestar nodded and followed her, letting her lead the way. He knew she would be alright so long as he was there. Something about her seemed to be attracted to him, for some odd reason. He wanted her to feel comfortable and if it took him being there he would definitely stay with her.

There was something different about her though. Something he hadn't noticed in anyone else before her but he couldn't place his finger on it. Something attracted himself to her... Almost like he wanted to protect her, to hold her, to... Oh no! That is not going to be coming up! He thought to himself. That isn't what I am feeling... Is it?
"Well, it seems that we are now trapped here."
She looked around where they were at. Even in that pitch black darkness, her dragonic senses let her see the towering stone buildings in the distance. She took in a breath of the cold dry air, and smelt only the dust, of past ages.
"Well then, i guess we should get going."
She turned and looked at Nestar. She observed his clothes, and saw he had no weapon.
"You do not seem to have a weapon.........and we do not need a cave in from your dragon form stomping about the cave, knocking down buildings.......hmm......"
she looked around for a time, trying to find a weapon for him, but to no avail.
"I do not like you not being able to defend yourself, but i have no weapon to give you. Just try to be careful."
She looked straight ahead, and saw a path.
"Come on. We have a ways to go." and with that, they began their trek into the abandoned stone city.
Nestar sighed and chuckled. "No do not worry, I can get that open, if the need comes for it," he said. "And I have a weapon. I would just have to call it forth." He took hold of the necklace he always had around his neck and showed her the pendant on it. The pendant itself was in the shape of a sword with what seemed to be a diamond in the center of the cross guard.

"This allows me to call forth the Dragon Sword my dad used," he said. "He was a Dragon Defender... A defender of my mother..." He looked down. He didn't know why he was saying any of this so he stopped.
"I see."
Neavyanya walked ahead, her eyes scanning the buildings and alley ways, searching for what she had come here to find. They wandered the streets and alleys for what seemed like hours, until they came upon a small single floored building, on the western side of the old stone city.
"I’ve found it......after all these centuries........I’ve found my home...." she whispered, her voice breaking as tears started to flow down her face. She slowly walked into the scorched stone building. Once inside, she stopped, almost as if she had been paralyzed. She looked around the first room of the building. There was shattered pottery, broken wooden chairs and tables, and a bouquet of dead cherry blossoms in the floor. As she walked through the rest of the building, memories began to flow from the deep recesses of her mind, like a raging river. They were unlike her other memories. Instead of complete pictures and sounds, they were fragments. The warm touch of a scaly hand, the soft beat oh a heart, a gentle swish of air as a baby was being was then she came to a final room, where she saw a stone in the corner. Using her powers, she saw the enchantment, and broke it, to reveal a small crib, made from weaved river reeds. It was then that she looked to her left, and saw a grave. On it was written
"her she lays, a loving mother, who sacrificed herself to save the last of her kind. May her sacrifice be not in vain and her legacy live on."
At this, she fell to her knees, and began crying.
"Mother.......why?! Why did the humans come? Why did they murder our people? What did we ever do to them?"
She cried more, her body began to be racked by large gasps for air, as she sat there, weeping. Weeping for her mother. Her father. Her home. Her city. Her people.
Nestar followed beside her until they reached the house in question. They walked in and he could tell that she was moved deeply by each thing she saw. When they reached a room with a large stone in it they stopped and she did something to the rock and it disappeared to reveal the crib and grave. After a moment, she collapsed onto the floor, crying her eyes out.

The instant she dropped he crouched down beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "Shh shhh," he said. "It's alright. You aren't alone." The last sentence he said he whispered. "You see, my parents were killed as well. Both by humans and one was a human. My dad was a human, one of the Dragon Defenders, as I said. He fought when the humans came. He took out a lot of them but in the end... He didn't make it..." He sighed and looked down.

"My mother fought them off long enough for me to get out of there. They sacrificed themselves for me...for my safety... But that was 515 years ago... I was 17 at the time... Just a fledgling by dragon years... At times I cannot believe they're gone..."
She sobbed hard. The words he spoke to her made her calm down. But the sorrow wouldn't go away.
"It’s not just the fact that my parents were is the fact that i am the last of my race. The last of my kind. truly alone in this world.....i will never be able to carry on the memory of my people if there are no drakes to take me. I have no people to go to. I cannot restart my race, if i am the last one."
She begins to cry more. She eventually controls it to light sobs.
"Thank you, Nestar, for coming with me here."
She gets up, and hugs him. And for the first time in her life, she feels warmth in her heart that seemed to uplift her.
"Again....i am feeling a strange feeling. Warmth, like none i have ever felt. It is not in the air, but in my heart. What is it?"
Nestar held her close and sighed. "You are alone in race but not alone in being the last of your kind," he said. "I am the last Dragon Defender. And the last Dragon Shifter. I may not be your kind specifically but I think I may be able to master the shift enough to allow me to create a cross between the two. Generally becoming a drake... If you wish that is."

When she explained the emotions she was feeling, he sighed and looked down. "Compassion," he explained. "The emotion you are feeling is compassion... And it may come to the point of becoming love. I am not sure."
She looked at him with a soft gaze, as if she were thinking it over.
"i do not see..........I am.....rather stuck within this choice........i have to uphold my duties as the grim take lives and souls of the dying......if. We.....became as one.....and had children........"
She looked away. She turned towards the grave of her mother, and knelt down beside it.
"mother....what I should do?" she whispered gently.
"You should do what is right." said a rich and ambient voice. She looked up from the grave, and there stood between her and Nestar, the arch angel Azrael, the angel of death.
Nestar blinked when the angel suddenly appeared in front of them. "Excuse me, sir, but I must ask you something," he said. "Who exactly are you?" He was watching the angel, cautiously, and wondering what he would do. Nestar, himself, pulled together some energy in order to be ready in case he had to summon his Dragon Blade.
"I am the archangel Azrael, the angel of death. And as to why i am here, i was wondering where my reaper had gone."
Azrael looked at Neavyanya, his hooded visage shifted towards her.
"What troubles you reaper? You seem to be put off by something."
"She looks at him with a disdainful look.
"You know full well what is troubling me, Azrael." she said in a cutting tone.
"So why bother to ask?"
"Because, i wanted to hear you say it. But you are right. I do know. And i am here to tell you what you should choose."
NO!!I will decide for myself what i will and will not do in this situation, Azrael!! you will not force me to give up my emotions for duty, when i have finally found them, and someone who is willing to be with me, because they care about me!"
she grabs her necklace, and snaps off the scythe charm.
"Sucher der Verräter! Cut with fury, those who oppose us!"
A staff with several notches forms from the scythe. She grabs Azrael and Nestar, and she speaks a phrase in draconian that somehow makes them appear in the middle of the city. She pushes Nestar back.
"Stay back, Nestar. I do not what you hurt."
Nestar growled and called forth his Dragon Blade. "I will not sit idle," he said. "You do not know what I can do. No one does. Not since over five hundred years ago! And why is that?" He turned toward Azrael and glared. "Because you decided that all of my people didn't deserve to live! You decided to kill my parents and nearly kill me! And how do I know this? Because I WATCHED YOU LEADING THE ARMY ADVANCING ON MY HOME!"

With that, he charged toward Azrael, his dragon sword in hand. He knew that the sword itself wouldn't harm the angel but he also knew the secrets hidden inside the sword itself.
"You know not what you speak, young one."
Azrael says in a flat tone. He raises his hand, and throws Nestar back into a building. He then raises a barrier, one that cannot be harmed by sword or fang, claw or flame.
"And, you are mistaken. I was not there."
Speaking in the language of heaven, Azrael causes a flash of light,. Then, from the shadows, the sounds of clattering armor and weapons worn by warriors from ages past sound within the cavern. Instead of skeletons though, there are angels, all with wings of black, wearing armor of hardened silver.
"My soldiers will keep you further entertained, whilst I and the reaper finish our business."
"You go too far Azrael!" Neavyanya yells. Surging energy into the staff, she forms dual naginata blades to each end, and she spins them in a dervish strike at Azrael.
Azrael draws his sword, and deflects the strike. They then begin what looks to be a dance of shining blades and sparks, both of them moving as fast as the current of a flooded river. Nestar growled and roared in the ancient language of the dragons. "YOU SHALL NOT HOLD ME ANGEL," he called out, breaking through the barrier and blasting all the soldiers onto their backs. "YOU THINK I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING AND YET YOU DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT MY FACE WHEN YOU SAY SO!!!! MEET ME FALSE ANGEL AND THEN YOU WILL SEE WHAT I SPEAK OF!"

His voice alone was powerful enough that the soldiers seemed to back off for a moment. Though they instantly charged back at him but with a sweep of his each wave of soldiers was blown back. Nestar's eyes were, quite literally, on fire and it seemed that he was the one in control anymore. The anger that radiated from him seemed to be originating from something much older and much more powerful.

"You, how dare you speak of my children as if they are your underlings," a voice growled in the language of the angels using Nestar's body. "You know not who you are crossing by doing so. They deserve a chance to live in peace the way they wish to live. Not as some puppet to a weakling like yourself!" "I see you are here, creator of dragon kind. Your blasphemous and heathen taunts will not sway my anger."
Azrael then turned his attention back to Neavyanya. She struck at his neck with a twisting spear strike. He deflected the blow with his hauberk, then sliced her across the hip, and up to the right shoulder.
"No!" she shouted, as she fell to the ground. Her staff fell beside her, and turned back into a necklace charm. She reached out to Nestar.
"Do you are not let me die......."
Nestar's body growled and reached out toward Neavyanya. After a few seconds she was surrounded by a white light that prevented her from being damaged more, even by Azrael. "You know not what you truly are dealing with, do you Azrael, angel of death?"

Akatosh, the Dragon Divine of Time, had fully channeled himself through the body of one of his children, Nestar. This made many more things possible. "Do you realize who you're dealing with? I tell you when it is my children's time to finally leave this world. Do you truly think that I will let you fully wipe out my children permanently as if they were a menace? You do not understand their pain, Angel of Death!"

Akatosh advanced on the angel standing before him. "You think you're so mighty that you are above the Divines and the Gods, do you not?"
At that very moment, a great owl, the size of 4 men, descended from above them, and a great hawk, the size of 6 men, circled above. They both dove between Azrael and Akatosh, and seemed to dissipate like mist around Neavyanya. It was then that her wound healed almost instantly. She rose, and her eyes opened. In place of her orange eyes, were eyes that were as steel and lavender at once. She opened her mouth to speak, but not only her voice, but two others spoke her words.
"Behold, the powers of old."
She stepped towards Akatosh/Nestar. Adjusting her gaze, she looks at him, their eyes locking.
"Do not worry yourself over this vessel, old one. She is under our control now.
Neavyanya turned towards Azrael, and looked into his hooded visage. It was then that Azrael realized fully what he was dealing with.

"I see that i am outmatched..... I apologize, to you, elder one. I am not higher than any of you, least of all you, Akatosh. But you must realize that she is my scion. My reaper. She must do my will. However, i understand your rage and anger."
Akatosh paused when he saw the owl and hawk land between him and Azrael. Then he watched as they took possession of Neavyanya. He waited and listened as everyone spoke. "She may be your scion but she is no puppet of your own. She is one of my children, being that she has, in part, dragon DNA in her body."
"That may be, elder one, as you also know that all things mortal must meet death in the end. It is ordered by the balance, by all forces, that all things, great and small meet me. You, greatest of all should know the power of the balance is absolute, and must not be trifled with, else all will pass into an abyssal Oblivion of destruction and chaos. And neither of us wants that."
Azrael looked over at Neavyanya, studying her with a fascination like that of a child who discovered a grand church in the woods.
"I now know who inhabits the body i see before me. The great huntress, Athena, and the great lunar scribe, Obbadin. I have naught to do with either of you. And seeing as now that further continuation on my part is mere fool's folly, i shall leave this place."
Azrael looked once more into Neavyanya's eyes, and saw a glimmer of her soul. Within that one instant, Azrael felt two emotions that had forever escaped him; Pride, and Relief, after what he next spoke.
"Neayavanaeya Suzie, i, as the Arch angel Azrael, release you from you bindings as my scion. However, you shall remain the reaper, until such time you release yourself in the ways mentioned you when you began. You no longer take my orders. You are free to decide your own fate, hither-though and henceforth.
Azrael then vanished, just as he had appeared, and his army with him. Only those that had entered the city, and the deities with them remained.
As soon as Azrael disappeared, Akatosh turned toward Neavyanya and nodded. "Athena and Obbadin, I thank you for your assistance in regaining my child from the clutches of death. I have been searching for her for a very long time, keeping my son in the shadows in order to protect him. After today he will have the knowledge and ability to repopulate the world with my children. No they will not destroy the other races I will teach my children the values of life. And now, I must return from whence I came. Fare thee well, Neavyanya, Athena, and Obbadin."

With that Akatosh left, leaving Nestar to fall to his knees. After a moment he held up his hand to say that he was alright. "That was surprising... I didn't expect Father Akatosh to show himself."
Neayavanaeya and the deities within her looked at Nestar, their eyes looking over him, scanning him, as if considering a great decision. When she spoke, it was not Neyvanaeya's voice, but a stricter, colder voice, that was still feminine.
" I am the Goddess, Athena. The warrior-Goddess, Goddess of the arts of peace and Goddess of prudent intelligence. I protect women, especially those whom i deem fit to host me. You must now swear to me, an oath that you will never harm her of rightful mind, or soul, and that you will always give her the respect that i demand for all women. Tis not often that i allow women within my ring to be permitted to break their purity, but in this instance, i shall allow it."
The persona of Athena left Neayavanaeya, it was then that a great owl appeared as if from nowhere, and perched atop a window sill of a nearby building. Neayavanaeya shifted to the left, and again spoke. Only now, it was a deep and foreboding voice, that sounded like it belonged to a great orator, deep, yet soothing.
" I am Obbadin, the Moon Guardian, and Keeper of Wisdom and Truth. I too, have an oath for you to swear. That you will dedicate yourself to learn all that you can of this woman, of her past, and to help heal the wounds thence. Also, you must swear that you will not squander your life away with trifling things. Instead enrich your life with her, and learn with her, the lessons all that Gaia and we of her ilk have to teach."
After hat, Obbadin left her body, and a great hawk appeared opposite of the owl. Neayavanaeya seemed to shake and wake up, almost as if from a sleeping state. She looked around, and saw Nestar. She ran to him, and wrapped her arms around him.
"Nestar! Thank the heavens you are all right!!!" she hugged him tightly, lifting off the ground, and squeezing him with all her strength.
She looked up, and saw the two large birds. They swooped down, and landed behind Nestar.
"Who are they? And what happened to Azrael?"
She placed her hand over her hip, where Azrael had sliced her.
"And how am i not dead, or scarred? Nestar, what is going on here? That blow should have killed me."
Nestar smiled and hugged her back, blinking a moment when he was lifted up, though it didn't seem to affect him when he was squeezed so hard that a normal human's ribs would have broken. Either way once she had set him back down and spoken him smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I will explain in a few moments what happened, first I have something to do," he said to her before turning to the Hawk and the Owl.

He knelt down before both of them and addressed them both. "By the power granted to me at birth from my Lord Father Akatosh, I swear to you that no harm will come to her, that no man, including myself, shall touch her in a way that intentionally harms her, that I shall protect her with my life, my heart, and my soul to the best of my abilities. That I shall learn all I can from her, and with her, and that not a single solitary moment will go by that I waste on the things that mean little." Then he adjusted slightly to address the Owl. "This I swear to you, Athena, Warrior-goddess of peace, the arts, and prudent intelligence." He then turned and addressed the Hawk. "This I swear to you, Obbadin, Moon Guardian, and Keeper of Wisdom and Truth."

He adjusted himself one last time and addressed them both in the end. "This is my oath to you both and with the drawing of my blood not only do I sacrifice part of myself to seal the oath but I offer a bit of the knowledge of my own people to satisfy your needs." With that he cut into his palm, using his Dragon Blade. Then he held his bleeding palm up as an offering to them.
The two Great birds fixed their gaze on his bleeding palm. The blood flowed out like a small river, coating his entire palm in blood. Then, the blood began to pull towards them, forming a perfect sphere of pulsating blood, which glowed with a scarlet ambiance that was both beautiful yet terrifying.
"We, as gods of old, accept your tribute, son of Akatosh. Know now that you are bound to us by blood, and by us to her. Your fates are now, intertwined as one. Do not forget your oath. Or you shall suffer our wrath.", said two resonating voices inside of Nestar's mind.
The great birds turned their attention to Neya, and gazed at her, as if looking into her very soul. Then, two voices resounded in her mind.
"Neayavanaeya Suzume, last of the Drakonians, Reaper of souls, be still, and hear us. We have come forth, and chosen you to do our will. You called out to gods, not to god, nor to Azrael, or any of his brethren."
The two voices said in unison. one of the voices then stopped speaking, and a calm yet stern voice then spoke alone, with conviction and beauty alike.
"You stood before Azrael, and rose against him. You struck at him with not only your blades, but with your heart. You sought not only to obtain retribution on him, but to protect the one dear to you. You fought him to uphold the honor and memory of your people. You have shown yourself as having the spirit of a true warrior. That is why, I, Athena, the warrior goddess, have chosen you to be my scion, closest to me. I will not bind you to me, as Azrael had, without giving you an alternate decision. I offer you the choice of joining me, or abstaining, and remaining unbound to any deity."
Neayavanaeya bowed her head, deep in thought.
She did come to my did would be disgraceful to me and my people if i refuse any offer they give me.
She looked up at the great owl, and locked eyes with it.
"Athena, the warrior goddess, i accept your offer. I give myself up to you. And accept any gift or retribution you bestow on me. My blade is now in your service." she said with great conviction.
"Very well, Scion. I now, bind you to me." and with that, the voice of Athena receded from her mind.
Neayavanaeya felt a cool feeling rush over body and soul, as if she were standing beneath a gentle water fall of cold mountain spring water. She gasped loudly, as if trying to get a breath after diving into deep water, then stood up straight. A new feeling of serenity and calmness filled her. She turned to the falcon, and looked at it. She stared into its deep purple eyes.
"I take it you are Obbadin."
The great falcon shifted its massive body forward, and rose up.
"That i am, Drakonian i am Obbadin, The keeper of knowledge. I have chosen you as a promising being that shall be my scion for one property in you that i deem as worthy. And that, is your thirst for knowledge. The need you have to learn everything you can. Your insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge is a quality i hold highly. I stand here before you, and make you an offer. Join me. Become my keeper of knowledge. With me, you will be able to obtain more knowledge than you can obtain in one thousand life times."
"I accept your offer, Obbadin. I never had any intention of not accepting. I am now free from my ties to Azrael and the arch angels. I want to learn so much more than i have been taught."
Neayavanaeya bowed down before the two great birds. She held her wrist in front of her face, and bit it with her razor edged teeth. She extended her wrist outwards toward them.
"I offer my blood to you both, as a tribute and sealer to my oath."
Both birds again focused on the blood. As before, the blood turned spherical, and shimmered.
"We accept your tribute."
the two great birds then spread their wings and flew towards the cave ceiling, then vanished in a mist.
Nestar straightened and watched the exchange between the great birds and his new charge. He waited for everything to finish before walking over to her. "Our Lord Father, Akatosh, has given me a few new abilities," he said. "Magic’s that I didn't have previously."

"Thank you Nestar. For healing me, for staying with me, for swearing oaths for have taught me to feel. To cry. To laugh. To love. You have shown me kindness that i have never received before. For that, i thank you."
She hugged him softly, and kissed his cheek.
"You are an amazing person, Nestar. And i want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want us to travel the world together, and be inseparable."
She gently stepped back.
"But i want you to stay just the way you are. Until you feel that it is our time to have children. Then, you can become like me. But until then, i want you just the way you are."
She stepped closer to him, pressing her head against chest. She looked up at him, and stared into his deep eyes.
"Nestar.. Will you be my life mate?"

Nestar smiled when she thanked him and hugged her back. Then he listened to her and smiled. At her question of him being her life mate he blinked and smiled even brighter. "Of course I will," he said softly. "I have sworn oaths to the goddess Athena and the god Obbadin and now I swear one to you."

With that, he knelt down on known knee and took her hands, looking into her eyes. "Neavyanya, I swear to you, by my father's sword, that I shall protect you and remain at your side for the rest of our long lives. I swear that, should you fall under danger, I will protect you with my life. As a Dragon Guardian I offer you my Blade, which was my father are before me, and my heart, as it will, henceforth, belong to you and you alone. Will you accept my Blade and my heart?"

He kept kneeling there, looking into her eyes, almost afraid she wouldn't accept it. For a human who had come to love dragons, it was the highest honor to become one of the Dragon Guardians. However, it must also be that the dragon and the human are in love. Normally, the ritual would be sealed by mating but Nestar sensed that Akatosh, who oversaw all the Guardian Oaths, would accept them just kissing for the moment. When the time was right Akatosh would send him a sign telling him as much.
"Of course i will." she said.
She knelt down in front of him, and looked into his eyes. Her stealth fully moved her tail behind him, and pushed him forward with it. As he fell, she caught him, and gave him a kiss.
Nestar smiled as he felt her tail push him into her arms. He wrapped his own arms around her as he kissed back, sealing the oath. He was now bound to her forever and would love every minute of it. He loved her and he knew she loved him. He smiled softly as he broke the kiss.

"I have a small question for you, my dear," he said softly. "Would you like to assist me in quickly rebuilding this place so that we at least have something to return to?" He had a playful smirk on his face as he looked at her.
"Of course love. I want to restore this place to its former glory, as my ancestors built it eons ago."
She rose up, and broke the talisman off her necklace.
"invert:Doragontatoru no keiken'na shirudo"
a barrier then formed around the entire cave, and began glow with a faint pink light.
"We have to expend energy in order for this to work. This barrier would usually just form a dome around me and the ground I am standing on. I inverted it to contain everything outside of the spot I am standing on, and myself. So, not only will the barrier heal you, it will repair everything here."
Nestar smiled and nodded. "Though I have no need to be healed I can actually help you a little with this," he said. Then he turned toward the window and started speaking in the ancient tongue of the dragons. Once he said it, the energy needed to restore the place reduced by quite a bit.

"There," he said looking around. "That way the energy needed to finish it off is drawn from both of us as well as the remnants of the buildings themselves!" He turned toward her and smiled. "We will rebuild and we will, eventually, repopulate."
Her red scaled cheeks turned orange with embarrassment.
"Yes, we will."
She walked towards a wall, and began hitting, kicking, and breathing fire on it. As she expended energy on it, the surrounding buildings started to rebuild. She continued to attack the building, until she stopped, tired from her efforts.
Nestar smiled and turned toward another building. He pulled in a deep breath and mustered up the small amount of dragon magic he could and blasted it all out at the building. The resulting shout would have knocked down the building, however, in this case the building was repaired completely with very little time or energy consumed.

Nestar turned toward her again and smiled. "There is an easier way to rebuild, you know," he said. "Let me teach you something that my mother and father taught me. Take a deep breath but as you do focus your magic into the air you're breathing in. Then, when you've filled your lungs to full capacity, let it out, magic and all, toward a building."
She did as he instructed,. But instead of only a blast of magic, a tornado of flames and ice engulfed the barrier. Using the same technique again, she spread the ice and fire across the city, in one blast. She then snapped her finger, while saying
"that was easy."
It was then that the fire exploded and the ice shattered and then exploding, covering the cave in a bright flash.
"What was that, Nestar?"
Nestar blinked at what he witnessed in complete confusion. "I cannot tell you that as I have no idea what that was," he said. "Whatever it was, it was powerful and could potentially be useful. However, I fear that it has a limit on how many times it can be performed. I would not use it that often fore it may weaken you quite a bit."
Neayavanaeya stumbled and grabbed onto a door frame as she fell.
"I think you are right, love. I am felling rather weak now...."
she turned and sat down against a wall, and took a deep breath.
"That was very tiring. But look! The city is restored almost fully!"
She said, as she pointed at the restored buildings. Somewhere made of granite. Others of lime stone and others of sand rock. Great torches hung above the city, large as ten oxen across in all directions, and forged of silver. There were lamps that were made from iron, which had gemstones in place of glass.
"It’s so"
She sighed gently as she looked at the splendor of the city.
"To think i was born this wondrous place so many centuries ago."
She rose from the floor, and tried to walk. She tripped and fell, and scraped her arm.
"Oh! How clumsy of me....the barrier is draining from me. I have to revert it."
Using the power of her mind, she reverted the barrier to encompass her and Nestar.
Then, a strange moan was heard, like that of a man in pain from a grievous wound.
"Oh no....i should’ve known....the barrier has restored the life energy of some of the dead within this place that weren’t buried by Azrael.....and that means that they are human corpses....."
She quivered as she got up from the ground and staggered to Nestar’s side.
"that's why I am so drained....the barrier was storing up the residual life force from you and me, and restoring what little energy was left in the corpses. And since how it is relatively cool in this cave, they have barely rotted."
She slumped in Nestar’s arms.
"I cannot believe i was so stupid......."
and with that, she fainted.
Nestar stepped toward her and caught hold of her. Then he heard the moans and sighed. When she'd fainted in his arms he blinked and quickly laid her down by the door. "You just rest now," he whispered softly. "I will protect you." With that he pulled out his sword and waited. He wasn't sure if protection would actually be needed but he knew he could handle it if it was.
The shambling corpses from ages past slowly lurched their way into the open, their numbers in the thousands. They were all wearing different types of armor and wielding different types of weapons. There were samurai, European knights of Germany and Britain and France, Chinese soldiers, moguls, and even immortals and Rajput warriors from India and Persia. The sound of creaking wood could be heard, and a black storm of arrows began to fall upon Nestar and Neya.
Nestar blinked when he saw the arrows and his eyes widened. He quickly summoned up one of the powers Akatosh had given him: the Shield of Dragons. This cast a bright white shield around them to protect them from arrows. After that he took a deep breath, drawing in his fire energy, and unleashed it against the bodies trying to get through the door. The building itself sustained no damage but the bodies closest to the place were disintegrated within a few seconds.

Then, after making sure the Shield of Dragons was around the one he loved, he stepped out and drew his Dragon Blade. He glared at all of the warriors around him. As he glared at them he began to say something in the ancient language of the dragons. When he had finished he raised his blade to the sky and there was a bright flash around him as the Dragon Defender's Armor that his father had used in his final moments, appeared on him.

Once he had his armor on, he charged into the sea of dead and immediately started to desecrate them, cutting several in half with one swing of his Blade. He was definitely a sight to behold as he fought. The Dragon Defender was definitely angered by the fact that these undead beings would dare even try to harm his charge. It had been a similar situation when his father had fought against the humans. There was just one difference: about 500 years of experience.
As the soldiers of the undead horde were felled by Nestar, it seemed that more and more came forth from the outskirts of the city. Somewhere covered in burns on their bodies, whilst others were missing arms and other body parts. And even some still had flesh upon their bones. Among them, there was one who stood out, who seemed to be controlling them all.
"I see you, dragon defender. And i see your lover there, in your arms."
She cast a spell, which caused fire to rain down upon the undead in front of her. She walked through the flames, which seemed to do nothing to her, but wreathe her in flame, only without harming her.
"You have poisoned her mind, with your sickening human emotions. And i intend to make her realize that she is better off being with me, and others like her, that is age less."
She drew out a dagger made of dragon bone.
"It is ironic. You sent away Azrael, because you believed he was the one who attacked your parents.....when in fact... it was me!!""
She let out a cackle that would have scared even the greatest warrior.
"I am guessing you want my name? It is....."
At that instant, Neya awoke, coming from her dazed state.
Nestar glared at Szyrai and held his blade aloft. "By the power of Akatosh I shall not move from my spot," he said. "Know this, I have sworn an oath to three gods and her today. I shall not break them!" He pooled together the remaining strength he had left, dis-summoned his sword and armor and shifted into his dragon form. It was obvious that he was not affected by the creepy cackle.

He glared at the dragon bone dagger as he felt his energy, very quickly, regain its composure. "I see you have killed my kindred," he said softly, his voice holding a dangerous undertone. "Do you believe yourself so mighty as to be able to kill anything that stands in your way?"
"Might is but an illusion of power that precedes pride. So, no."
She chuckled lightly.
"You know....this knife was fun to make.......i pried it from your mother's breast, this rib. The struggling and writhing of her body and her shrieks of pain where quite enjoyable."
She raised the blade up to her face, and licked it.
"The suffering and anguish within this blade is delicious......her misery was so delectable."
Nestar shook his head and sighed. "You really do think you are so powerful, so evil, that you can simply kill my immediate family without repercussions," he said softly. "Well let me say this, you shall never see me crack under the pressure. As I said, I made an oath today to three gods and this young lady. One of these oaths was to my Lord Father Akatosh who has named me as his scion! I am his voice in this plain and by his endurance and invincibility I shall not move! It takes quite a bit to kill a dragon and even more to kill one that has been named the scion of the Dragon Divine of Time!
Neya struggled to stand up, and supported herself on Nestar’s shoulder.
"Szyrai, what are you doing here, of all places? How did you find this place?"
Neya asked in a desperate and pained voice.
Szyrai looked at Neya, disgust apparent on her face. She scanned Neya as she slumped on Nestar, rage building inside her, as she realized that Neya was truly in love with such a disgusting being.
"Neayavanaeya, you have betrayed me. You have broken our friendship, by loving this disgusting, lower breed, barbaric, clout." Szyrai said, with hate in every word.
"And as for why i am here, i cam to collect that which is rightfully mine."
Neya shifted her weight off of Nestar’s shoulder, and tried to stand on her own. She almost fell, so she held onto his shoulder with her hand.
"What do you mean, right fully yours? What could possibly be yours that is here?"
Szyrai cackled with such force, that left arm fell off. She picked it up, and put it back on.
"Why, i came to get your mother's body, dearie. I came to collect the dagger blade that pierced heart, and slit her throat, and cut her groin! I am here to retrieve the blade that robbed you of your childhood, and to possibly make a new necklace from her teeth, or a helm from her skull!"
Szyrai laughed after she spoke these vile words.
"You see dearie, I was the one who caused this place to be attacked. I kidnapped that farmer's daughter. I made the whole for him to trip into. And I am the one who planted the fear and hatred into the human's hearts! In fact, i was the one who lit this place ablaze! Hahaah!!!!"
Neya staggered back as she gasped for breath after she learned the truth. Within her, a fury unlike anything she had ever felt welled up inside her. She left Nestar’s side, and began to walk towards Szyrai.
"You....evil did all of this.....and yet...had the gall to befriend me...and now betray me?"
Her words were labored as she walked towards Szyrai, her rage giving her energy.
"You engineered my mother’s had my entire race burned my a monster....that has to be destroyed....."
As she neared Szyrai, Neya broke the charm off of the necklace, and prepared to give it energy and form, when it started to glow an olive color. The small charm grew into a full size scythe that had engraved on it in Greek "this is my wrath, the culler of warriors. In it, I, Athena, Put my strength and rage."
Neya walked closer to Szyrai, who had been standing there, watching her.
Neya raised the scythe back, preparing to strike, when Szyrai moved in close, faster than a lightning bolt.
"And this is where i cut your heart out." said Szyrai, as she plunged her dagger at nay’s heart.
Instead of nay’s heart that was hit she found a clawed hand that was stronger than the blade could pierce. "I told you I made an oath," growled a voice from above them both. "And now you get to see the true strength of our Lord Father! Have fun in Oblivion, you wench!" With that, Nestar took a deep breath and blew fire out onto the smaller creature. However, the flame was a bit different than a normal dragon's fire. It was the Flame of Akatosh.

The flame instantly called forth a miniature portal to Oblivion and any that had the flame touch them would be sucked in. Nestar made sure that Neya was protected from the flame as Szyrai was blown into Oblivion. When Nestar stopped the portal instantly closed. "May Mehrunes Dagon, Daedra Prince of Destruction, take you and do as he wishes. I have no care for you to return."
Nestar....that will not stop her......" Neya says, in an exhausted voice. She set the round end of Athena’s wrath on the ground, using it to support her weight.
"That wasn’t even really her......that was an illusion that she uses that has earthly form." Neya fell to the ground, and started coughing. She coughed hard, until blood trickled out of her mouth.
"Damn her......i knows where she is....." she coughs up more blood, and she begins to shake.
"she the house....breaking the spells on my mother's grave.....i bound them to me, so i would know if anyone was trying to mess with them......i didn’t...anticipate this...." she shakes harder, as more coughs rack her body. She coughs up more blood.
"This one could be an illusion too......and there are other areas that she would be interested in. Nestar, we have to split up....." she says.
She gets up, and supports herself on his shoulder, looking into his eyes.
"I will go to the house. And you go east, to the archives."
She kisses him, then turns around.
"Meet me back here in 4 hours." she coughs up more blood, and begins to walk. The undead soldiers try to attack her, but using Athena’s wrath, she slices them into pieces.
Nestar started toward her but stopped. "Neya you go now with Akatosh divine blessing," he says quietly. "May his endurance strengthen you." As she walked away, a light surrounded her for a moment and a small amount of strength was given to her to help her keep pushing on.

After he had seen that, Nestar turned and quickly moved off toward the archives. When he found it he did what he was supposed to and wet back to where he was supposed to meet her.
Her strength being renewed by the durance of Akatosh, Neya pushed on. As she ran through the streets of the city, undead confronted her, and no matter how many there were, she cut them down with Athena's wrath. She finally arrived at the house, where she came across two large demons guarding the entrance.
"Move away from there, demons!! Else i will destroy you!" she snarled. The two demons seemed to be deaf, because they did not hear her. When she approached though, they attacked her, their great glaives spinning and slashing at her. She was able to dodge their strikes, and using Athena's wrath, she beheaded both in one swing. The demons fall down lifeless. Then, something strange happens. Their bodies become as flint and crumble, whilst their souls are absorbed into the scythe.
"As you defeat enemies with this weapon, you can call upon them to aid you in battle. You can either summon them, or draw on them. Be warned though, if you draw on them, their strength is yours, but so is their weakness. And you also gain their memories." the voice of Athena sounded in Neya’s head. She walked into the house, and found the real Szyrai, standing there, breaking the spells on the crib and grave.
"Szyrai! Stop this at once! “Neya yelled.
Szyrai turned, and looked at Neya.
"Well, well, if it isn't the newly is your new beau? Alive and disgustingly well i suppose?" she called. "I saw what he did to my doppelganger. That wasn't very nice. Ah well." she drew the dagger made from Nestar’s mother, and slashed at Neya. Since they were in close quarters, Neya couldn’t use the scythe to attack. She then realized that she had another option. Searching with herself, she found the energy she needed. Using the energy she gathered up, she created a short sword from her own aura. As she did this, a second object began to form on her opposite arm, in the shape of a shield.
"Take this, the Aegis shield. It will protect you and your loved ones always."
Neya used the aegis to push Szyrai back. Using the aura sword, she slashed at Szyrai, and caught her shoulder, cleaving off her arm. Szyrai tried to use a reattaching spell, but the arm wouldn’t respond.
"It will not work, Szyrai. I’ve cut your arm off with the aura of a reaper. It can never be reattached, because the aura, auma, arcana, and fraction of your in it, are now in my possession. and with those, i now have some of your powers." brandishing her sword, Neya cast a spell of inferno on her blade.
"Now, all this blade touches on you will turn to ash, so long as it is flesh." Neya swung at Szyrai, and cut her arm off at the elbow.
"now, i cast a spell upon this blade, that any flesh it cuts of yours, will be cursed with the wrath of my ancestors." she stabbed Szyrai thought he left lung.
"And now, traitor, i cast a spell on you. if you ever come here again, the very wraiths and demons you control, will eat your flesh, and crush your soul." she whispered into Syria’s ear.
"goodbye, Szyrai." and with those words spoken, Neya slashed the sword upward, and cut Szyrai from her left lung, to her right shoulder.
"ILL KILLS YOU BOTH SOMEDAY! AND YOU PUTRID FUCKING UNBORN CHILDREN!! ILL KILLS YOU!!" Szyrai shouted, as a black portal opened, and she fell back into it. Outside the house, the undead stopped coming towards the house, and instead, began wandering aimlessly.
"Nestar......I am sorry.......i will able to meet time......." as Neya began to fade, she noticed a change in her aura.
"I am.....quickening......we....are going to be parents.....after....we consummate......" and with that, Neya passed out on the ground, the Aeigs still on her arm, the aura sword gone, and the wrath of Athena on her hand.
Nestar felt the pull of Akatosh and looked toward the house. "Neya," he muttered then he quickly ran toward the house, having changed into his human form, and burst through the door. He quickly reached her and saw that she was weak. He knew that Akatosh would not be able to help him at this time and, instead, he chose someone else.

"Obbadin, Athena," he said softly. "I ask that you give me the strength I need. I swore an oath to each of you and I fully intend to fulfill them. Please, lend me strength and knowledge. Should I abuse it, I offer you my life should it suffice." Then he waited, hoping his prayers would be answered.
"I, Obbadin, The keeper of knowledge, Grant you what you need, Nestar, son of Akatosh. And know, no oath is needed."
"And I, Athena, the warrior goddess, grant you mine. As said by Obbadin, no oath by you is needed." both said within his mind. They both granted huge amounts of energy.
When the surge of energy filled him, Nestar called upon the dragon blood within him and pooled together a lot of the energy. After a few moments his hands began to glow with a bright light. Finally, when he had enough, he placed one hand on Neya's forehead and the other on her heart and muttered quietly.

"Vulnera et confirma corpus," he muttered. The spell he cast quickly spread throughout her entire body, healing the wounds she had, both internal and external. The spell also added energy and strength into her body to keep her alive, if not wake her up.
She stirred slightly, and looked up to see Nestar above her. She looked around her, then looked back at Nestar.
"Oh! Nestar! Thank the gods! You are unhurt!" she hugged him tightly. She stood up, and the Aegis and wrath vanished. She hugged him close.
"Nestar.....i have a secret for you......" she said gently.
She leaned in, and whispered in his ear.
"I am quickening. Do you know what that means?" she gently hugged him a bit tighter, then let go and kissed him deeply.
"That means, that when we consummate our will become a father. Nestar.....we are going to be parents."
She stood back, and looked at him. Then, as if by some kind of magic, she looked as if she had a radiant glow to her.
Nestar smiled and hugged her close. When she asked if he knew what it meant for her to be "quickening" he shook his head then kissed her back before she explained. He smiled broadly and felt himself elated.

Neya walked into the hall of the house, and saw a closed door. She gently opened it, and saw for the first time, what was to be her room. There were complicated toys made of wood and gems, a larger cradle, with baby blankets and pillows of silk in it. And on the wall, there was a faith of her, her mother, and her father. Her mother was holding her. Her father had scales of the deepest onyx color, hat seemed to shimmer also with the hues of ten thousand sapphires. Her mother's scales were the bright color of amber, and looked as if they were on fire with hues of red. She looked closely at her father's face. She had his eyes.

Nestar smiled and looked over at her as she walked out. He then followed her and blinked when she walked into the room that would have been hers. Upon seeing the faith, he stopped and looked at her. "These are your parents aren't they," he asked her softly.

"Yes....they are......their names...were Ryszjiet, and Surielia Suzume. Ryszjiet was my father, and Surielia was my mother. She was so beautiful. And he looks so noble. Almost as if they were royalty...."

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Title : Ninja Mod
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Character sheet

Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume    Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 12:07 pm

If this is done, go ahead and remove the WIP from the title. Otherwise, the ability section will have to be expanded on to explain in general what its power is (I have some idea through the techniques, but those are only specific examples; the ability itself still needs to be detailed). Also if you could add even a small bit to her bio regarding her at least entering Squad 7, that would be appreciated (unless you had plans to rp that out or something, which would be fine). Once those are addressed, I can get to grading the rp sample.
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Title : Ninja Mod
Posts : 406
Soul Cash : 3105
Male Age : 34
Location : Around and about

Character sheet

Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume    Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 2:43 pm

Approved for ADV-3 with 65 points, meaning you can add a bankai if you wish (or otherwise add it later through a modification thread). Once the stats are added and checked, I'll move this to accepted.
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Lost Soul

Title : The Bleeding Heart of Sorrow
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PostSubject: Re: Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume    Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 3:04 pm

Rank/level - Adv-3
(defense/Hp) Hankou - 15
(energy) Reiryoku - 10
(non weapon combat) Hakudo - 7
(energy control/kido/cero/ spirit attack) Seijuu - 11
(weapon control) Bukijuu - 12
(speed/ flashstep/sonido)Hoho - 10
Total points: 65
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Title : Ninja Mod
Posts : 406
Soul Cash : 3105
Male Age : 34
Location : Around and about

Character sheet

Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume    Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 3:05 pm

Moving to accepted
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Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume    Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume  Empty

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Neyavaenya Kruzchevek Natalyia Uruma Suzume
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