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PostSubject: Secchan's OC Inspirations   Secchan's OC Inspirations EmptyTue Dec 25, 2012 1:44 pm

Right, so I figured some people might be interested in how my characters are born, considering some (read: all) are just straight up unusual.

1. Ophelia

Inspiration: Originally, a test bed character with little real initial effort, whose baser inspiration could be traced back to the .hack series of games. Ophelia herself was inspired largely from Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its concept of Witches and the horrors they are responsible for. This can be seen in her face claims; she uses the likeness of my favorite tragic heroine from the anime. Saying or linking anything more would be an injustice to the art of Madoka, so I'll let any readers do their own digging.

History: Ophelia started out pretty humble. Her very first incarnation was a baby boy Hollow created back when I was just starting to get back into RPing a few years ago. That little baby had a rough climb and a lot of stumbles (mostly involving developing RP skills and deciding on a power that worked how I wanted it), many of which are a result of Fen's bashing of the character today >_>. Short of it is, Ophelia's first incarnation was an RP petri dish as I really began to come into my own as an RPer.

From day 1, Ophelia has always been about one thing, and one thing only: high octane nightmare fuel. Originally, this was accomplished with illusion and telepathic powers, as well as a few unconventional (some downright broken) abilities. At some point or another, at my insistence on saving a single NPC girl whose only purpose was a plot device to trigger a long story arc that ended in the slow death of the site, Azuki (Ophelia's core personality) came into being.

Eventually I moved on to a new site and wanted to do something way new, cleaning up the old Hollow and incorporating Azuki in some way. I decided to fuse them into a single character, initiating the concept of Ophelia. Most of this can be seen in her Bio still, and most events within were RPed at one point or another.

Powers: Again, Ophelia was, at all times, intended to inspire emotional turmoil in her foes. This was accomplished originally with illusions and telepathy, but has since evolved to include themes derived from Madoka, resulting in her current incarnation of powers. Ultimately, they currently revolve around forcing her opponents to face their most negative emotions head on, and suffering through them. If they should fail in this, they're at great risk of being destroyed. In a way, trying to ignore negative life moments results in the victim's downfall. Note that those who have closure and are at peace with their histories tend to come out of this relatively unscathed.

2. Izanami

Inspiration: The first in a line of many characters whose power set was inspired by actual content in World of Warcraft. Izanami in particular took a great deal of her first abilities from the Paladin class. As for her personality, this was the first of many attempts to sneak crap past the radar in a PG-13 RP. Both her hobbies and fetishes are largely derived from my own.

History: Izanami has a pretty colorful history, having been a Shinigami, a Hollow, and now a Quincy during RP, as opposed to Ophelia whose track record mostly has her as a Hollow or Arrancar (except for un-RP'd backstory). She was a character built for longevity with a purpose, and initially driven to protect her loved ones. Her vices were illicit activity, among which included scandalous encounters with our very own Ullster's character who was made around the same time. She did not see much character development past her romantic involvements as a Shinigami, but she was always quite zealous when dealing with Hollows. When imported to another RP site, she radically changed, her vices becoming her downfall and turning her into a Hollow. All that was really removed to start with were her inhibitions, and the rest of her personality blossomed from there. She grew from being a devoted protector to a genocidal fanatic. This paved the way for her current incarnation as a Quincy; she is now in the position to carry out her radical ideals with little moral conflict.

Powers: Izanami's powers have always been some form of holy and/or light based abilities. This remained true even as a Hollow, and has really hit its stride in her current incarnation as a Quincy. As a rule since her turn into an antagonist, I try to follow a Light is Not Good motif with her.

3. Yukiko Shimizu

Inspiration: Yukiko was one of my first attempts to create a character whose development largely centered around her history rather than personality or powers. As such, a lot of shock value went into her history to make it a big part of who she was throughout her life. Much of this was inspired by the things we've seen of the Rukon district, and in some small part, she was originally a Zaraki Distaff Counterpart. Fun fact: her family name is taken from a favorite director of mine. Like Izanami, she has powers derived from World of Warcraft, in this case, the Lich King Arthas whose powers have largely manifested as deathly cold.

The Lich King and Frostmourne, Yukiko's power inspiration

History: Yukiko has remained largely unchanged since her introduction. She has always been somewhat of a lone wolf, extremely distrustful of others, and prone to betraying the ones around her. Most of her RP antics have included this in some way or another, though her more recent adventure may be changing her now that she's not falling in with the wrong crowd. As such, there is not much to say of her history yet, but she may have the most development of any of my characters here.

Powers: Yukiko's powers have always been for a Shinigami, intended to be based around an ice sword that isn't exactly meant to be pretty. Much of this is because her powers were inspired by the Lich King, who wielded a particularly evil blade called Frostmourne. This has influenced her powers to resemble those of a Hollow, and eventually, she became a Visored as well. They largely revolve around making ice and cold temperatures as dangerous as they actually are. Harmless Freezing is definitely not in play with her.

4. Fabiola Cajallie

Inspiration: In large part, Fabiola's inspiration came from This Video. Basically, she is intended to be an insurmountable force of destruction, like a living volcano. She is by far my most undeveloped character, and the one I look forward to having fun with.

History: Fabiola started when I wanted to use the powers I derived from the aforementioned video and its referenced content. As such, her powers were always more central to her than her personality or history. Unfortunately, she was initially created at the end of one site's lifespan, and never got off the ground on the next. Bleach Oblivion is her first real debut, and she hopes to live up to her inspiration.

Powers: Fire. Just fire everything. But in all seriousness, her powers have changed very little since their initial incarnation. She was always intended to be a highly destructive fire-based shapeshifter, mostly taking all of the concepts of the content referenced in the aforementioned video.

"All of my characters are either: Underage, on fire, imprisoned in the depths of Las Noches, eating lunch half naked, locked in a battle of epic proportion, or a combination of those."

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