A New Dawn (Story)

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 A New Dawn (Story)

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(The story below is filler content for my Character Major L'sae fulthamee on a Halo site I used to rp at. It is heavely inspired by the book Dawn by Elie Wiesel. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I wrote this up. Feel free to comment on it via reply or even pm. Your comments, good or bad, will help me later on when I write other stories like this one. Enjoy)

A New Dawn

"The Covenant: an affiliation of multiple alien lifeforms. Humph, what a word. Affiliation. How untrue this word was. The truth was that we were all slaves to the Prophets, and the collar used to keep this slavery was this... pitiful religion. It made no sense. The Prophets claimed to know the path to salvation, but this salvation has cost so many lives it is hard to imagine anything glorious at the end. A heretic faction has entered this 'Holy' war against the humans. I assume that is the difference between my race and those... inferior races that make up the covenant. We Sangheili actually have enough brain matter to think for ourselves unlike the unngoy and kig-yar. Perhaps the heretics have found the truth amongst the somewhat lies of the Covenant. I admire their valor for truth and justice... but now isn't the time to rebel. The Covenant are too strong right now, and their numbers are too few. The Humans can barely put up a fight, meaning the chances of this heretic revolution are slim. Perhaps this is the reason I haven't joined the rebels myself. Over time, however, the Covenant might weaken. When or if this happen... I might take up arms against this... 'Most Holy Covenant', but until then... my allegiance will stay where it began. I will have to keep a watchful eye."

With this holo journal entry complete, L'Sae shut down the terminal, and removed his journal chip just in time for one of his lance to enter his chamber. By the sound of the footsteps, it was no doubt Seren 'Vrotalee. Seren was bigger and stronger than most of his race... but he was still a child. L'Sae knew that he overheard everything L'Sae said, but he knew Seren would not say a word to anybody. Seren was too loyal, but even so L'Sae must discipline him, even if it was slight. "Seren... are you my Keeper or Mother that I must be kept under close eye? Remember your place Minor, Learner. You will one day have my position, and I want you ready... unlike me. I wasn't ready for this promotion, and the position changed me. I want you to change willingly Seren." L'Sae turned around to face the Minor. Seren's harness was without blemish and shined with a light blue hue. It reminded him of when L'Sae was Minor under Til's teaching. He missed the Teacher much, but he had his duty, and L'Sae has his. He walked forward to exit his chamber but stopped in front of him, looking up into the young ones eyes. He would press the matter no further and switched topics. He had received reports earlier of a captured officer. L'Sae had sympathy for humans where he had room to... but this wasn't the case. He had ordered the human to be kept in the Phantom they usually used to be tortured. So far they had extracted some valuable information from the insect, but it was only fleet locations. Eventually they could not gain any more useful information, and would have execute and remove the human from the ship before the higher-ups found out. "Tell me... what of the human?"

Seren seemed to gaze off into space as if to take in what he had just said, but L'Sae's words brought him back. Seren tilted his head and paused as if to search his mind manually for the right words, but he eventually got it. "The human.... it is broken down. He has lost all hope and realized his inevitable fate."

L'Sae nodded and went around the Minor to exit the chamber. He took his time getting to the hanger. Maybe this was because he was terrorizing Unngoy that got in his way. But when he did, he saw that another one of his Minors were guarding the Phantom,keeping others away until they were done with the human. Her name was Zera 'Taralumee. L'Sae was surprised to see a female being put under his teaching, but it did not matter any more. She fought well and maybe just as good as L'Sae. There was something in her that reminded him of Til. Maybe it was her ferocity. Maybe it was her wisdom. Either way, she would go far. He approached her and asked her to report on the human.

Her answer intrigued him much, "He told me stories Major"


"Just Stories" With that she made her way back to her original guard post. L'Sae had not seen females serving in the covenant army before, but then again those who did were shamed and looked down upon. L'Sae didn't mind at all, for anyone had the right to fight for what they believed in his eyes, even if it was a female. He nodded toward her and made his way to the phantom, and entered it.

He always found the feeling of being weightless amusing. It always set him in a good mood or reduce some of his stress, which has proved useful in battle more than once. This wonderful feeling did not last long however, as he was now inside the dim interior of the Phantom. It was empty save for a lone human, bound by energy cuffs at the far end of the vessel. He looked exhausted, tired, and beat up. His face was bloodied and bruised while his left arm was broken in several places or so it seemed. L'Sae knew the human would not try to resist now so he approached the human and deactivated his cuffs.

The human just looked up at him in utter confusion but L'Sae reassured him, "You are no threat to me human, so why should you be bound?"

The human reluctantly stood and cradled his arm. The human was terrified, shown by the fact that he kept backing from L'Sae. L'Sae simply crossed his arms and said to the human. "Tell me a story human. Amuse me. Make me laugh."

The human was indeed shocked at this and reluctantly questioned this. "W-Why? I'm going to die anyway.."

L'Sae shook his head and looked at him. The human just didn't get it did he? Perhaps L'Sae would have to explain it, "Being forgotten is a second death, so make me remember. Tell me a story. I'll give you one of your hours before you die."

It took the human a couple of minutes to collect himself but he eventually began talking. He began with his early childhood, speaking about how he got his name and his first birthday. L'Sae found it ironic that his first name was also Seren, just like L'Sae's learner. The human spoke of his mother, father, and three brothers. According to the human they were all killed at the world they dubbed "Arcadia". The human was the biggest and strongest of his siblings and joined the military to protect him. What he really did however was save himself from the wrath of the covenant that swept down upon the planet, crushing and destroying everything. The human told L'Sae about his sorrow for years to come, and the heavy guilt for what he did. L'Sae understood, but he knew it wasn't his fault. He told L'Sae of his defeats and victories at other battles that would eventually place him as captain. In fact... he was captured not long after he obtained his rank. This amused L'Sae.

1 minute left. L'Sae spoke up after the... "Stories" were over. "I admit I am very amused. It seems as if there are more to humans than we see. Its a shame that we will never speak to each other again." At this L'Sae brought his plasma pistol into his hands.

The human became anxious and tried to negotiate more time. "Wait!" Thirty seconds "I-I want to tell you another story" Ten seconds. "Please-" A shot from his plasma pistol silenced him as the human slumped to the ground with a smoking hole coming from the center of his chest. The word please was still hot on his lips.
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A New Dawn (Story)
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