• Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress°

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 • Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress°

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• Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress° Empty
PostSubject: • Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress°   • Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress° EmptyFri Sep 07, 2012 12:04 pm

幽霊楽団 ~ Phantom Ensemble by UI-70


• Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress° Image4035-1

• Name: Ibiki Sukia
• Titles: The Menacing Devil Girl, The Devil Shinigami, The Horned Beast
• Gender: Female
• Appearance Age: Ibiki appears to be 12-14 years old in terms of outward appearances.
• Age: 500
• Affiliation/Rank: Vice Captain of Squad 11 (If applicable)

Appearance Description

• Body Type: Ibiki proves that kickass things come in small packages. Standing at 5'1 and 90 pounds, Ibiki may not seem like much compared to the other men within Division 11, but you'd be dead wrong if you were to ever doubt her power and take this woman on in a fight. And, despite her rather small frame, Ibiki has quite the fit body as she is constantly doing all sorts of exercises, training programs and fighting her ass off to keep her body in top notch shape. Therefore, if one were to let Ibiki flex her muscles a bit, they'd probably even find they were harder, firmer and stronger then even most men in the internal structure of her body.

• Horns: This is one of Ibiki's major physical traits that sticks out like a sore thumb and thus give her the title "Demon Shinigami". You see, Ibiki has two horns sticking out of her head. They vary in color based on variables such as how much spiritual energy her body is radiating, the general mood of Ibiki and if she is using her powers. Though, for the most part, they fluctate between colors related to black, red and brown. Additionally, they'll also be typically seen with some sort of accessory attached. Rather it be chains, ribbons, bow's or whatever else has you; Ibiki seems to keep this stylized with her attire. And, as for why she has two horns on her head? This is because she had became heavily influenced by her Zanpukto Spirit. Upon learning her Shikai, Ibiki had noticed that she then had this attachment on her head as a gift from Oni Kyōsei. This was due to the fact that they possessed a special property to them that she stated would give Ibiki quite the hellish Shikai to deal with.

• Eyes and Hair: Ibiki's eyes and hairs are pretty prominent features in her overall looks. Firstly, Ibiki has amber iris with a black pupil; making her eyes typically stand out and go alongside her demonic nature. However, whenever her energy flares up, they can sometimes become illuminated and glow either dark orange or yellow in color. Changing gears to her hair, tt's also worth noting that Ibiki has very long hair that is brunette in color, but looks more darker shade of orange to anyone else. This is because her hair has taken on proprieties from her reaitsu and seems to have had a coating of orange to it after spending so much extended time in her Shikai to train. In any case, compared to the average person. She doesn't really bother to cut her hair often, if at all. Therefore, it has extended to the point where now reaches all the way to her ass if she doesn't keep it up with her bow ties or ribbons.

• Attire: For the most part, Ibiki prefers to have her wardrobe heavily coordinated. She has plenty of purple, white and orange outfits to go with her overall appearance. If she is forced to wear the typical Shinigami colors, then she typically just uses her spiritual energy to coat her outfits in their traditional black and white colors. After all, she may be mistaken for an entirely another race if she didn't anyway. Ibiki also has a somewhat conservative view on her most of her clothing as well. It is customary for her to typically wear long skirts in order to prevent much leg skin from showing, though she doesn't have a problem with wearing her sleeveless shirts. Moreover, to go along with her Zanpukto, Ibiki also seems to have all sorts of chains with attachments to other objects to sync with her sword. For instance, she sometimes can be seen with accessories attached to her chains that range from triangles, squares, cubes and so on.


• Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress° Image4036-1


• Challenge: Judging from her infamous title alone, Ibiki seems to be a person who thrives in the line of combat. Rather it's a one on one duel, or she is up against a horde of hollow's; Ibiki is always up to take on whatever challenge comes her way when it comes to the hell's of fighting. This is most likely due to her upbringing as she was subjected to nothing but all sorts of different marital arts, self defense methods and always taught to be on guard in the world in which she grew up with. With a very strengthened core seeded within the roots of her personality, this would eventually fester, grow and morph into something that would transform itself into a coping mechanism for the upbeat fighter. Rather then get anxious, scared or otherwise intimated when it comes to combat; Ibiki simply gets more and more excited to the point where her body feels like it otherwise would if she were satisfying other needs such as sex, hunger, thirst and other needs a person's body typically has. Endorphin's are one hell of a chemical, after all.

• Determined: From her strict discipline, tough upbringing and trials throughout her life; Ibiki has a strong sense of perseverance about her personality. Whenever she sets her mind to do something, she'll usually do anything within her power to obtain that goal...or die trying. For example, if she desired to train for some sort of new fighting styles, Ibiki would train day after day, night after night; until she would finally unlock whatever it is she desired through sweat, blood, tears and a whole lot of moxy to spare. Therefore, judging from this trait within her character, Ibiki is quite the tough cookie to try and break. Put her into any situation and she'll do her damn best to endure it, thrive in it and come out on top.

• Relaxed: When Ibiki isn't fighting, bashing heads in, training or taking care of any other duties; Ibiki is typically seen just relaxing. Once all the work is done, at the end of the day she simply prefers to relax. This can be anything from laying about the sun, taking leisurely scrolls throughout different villages, taking long naps or just shooting the shit with other people. This aspect of her personality is actually pretty prevalent despite her disciplined nature. In her worldview, Ibiki prefers to have a very trained mind, but it does not mean she has to put on the facade of being serious 24/7 like others who have obtained similar powers, underwent similar training or had childhood's like hers. So, it's simply easier just to take it easy throughout the pathways of life and just let each day come as it is; for better or worse.

• Drunk: Ibiki is a woman who knows how to hold her liquor with the big dogs. After all, despite her small size, she's had nearly five hundred years in the Soul Society to improve her tolerance to booze. It started off as something to take the edge off upon first arriving in the Rukongai. For one to live in a place like that, specially in the lower numbered districts, a person needs some kind of release to keep them from bouncing off the walls. For Suika? This was hootch. Thus, during her early days as a drinker, alcohol was often a drug meant to calm Ibiki and keep her stable as she paved out a new life for herself through fierce training. Eventually, as time went on, it progressively transitioned from such a negative drug, into something meant to perk her mood up. Meaning that by the time she had entered the Thirteen Court Squads, there were many positive events occurring in her life to celebrate with booze. Transforming it from a crutch, into something just meant to kick back. Thus, Whenever she gets called into a social gathering in the Gotei 13? She can often be the life of the party once the alcohol gets into her system.


• Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress° Image4039-1

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Oni Kyōsei!

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

• Inner World: Ibiki's Inner World is quite the place to behold. Upon first entering it? She amply named it 'The Land of Fantasy". Thus, it can sometimes be refereed to as "Fantajī Sekai " in her native Japanese tongue; simply meaning fantasy world. And, on that note, it's worth remembering that Fataji Sekai vaguely resembles a massive version of feudal Japan. As this land mass is roughly the same size as a nation similar to Japan. Moving onward, there are many sorts of desolate regions to find within this land, as only Suika and Oni Kyōsei inhabit this land. However, once one is able to reach the central range of Ibiki's Inner World? It turns into a place called "Gensokyo" that is landlocked within a two hundred mile radius. Inside of this vicinity there are many sorts of geographical features to behold such as various mountains that appear to have communities of kappa towards the top of its base. While, as you descend further, there are often tengu-like communities near peaks of these mounds.

As you discover more of this fantasyland, you'll begin to take notice of many varieties of forest within it's depths. One of the more prominent forestland's is a location that is dubbed "The Bamboo Forest". It, as the name describes, is a woodland mostly comprised out of bamboo's. Though, one of it's key spots seems to be a very large, ancient Japanese mansion which seems to be hidden deep within the Bamboo Forest. It also appears to have hallways that lead out into the far reaches of the sky. Leading Ibiki to assume this is how her Zanapukto Spirit is able to materialize into the material world. In any case, as you venture further out of the Bamboo Forest, you'll eventually be placed another dubbed "The Forest Of The Lost". One of it's outstanding features is that she's observed a strange shop of oddities; which includes many types of objects found in the realm of the living, perish items from her childhood and even various weapons. Outside of that, though, there doesn't seem to be anything too unusually about, but Suika has recalled "evil", "ominous" and "horrid" sensations within the recesses her mind from being in this area too much.

When done exploring this timberland, near the edge of this cluster of trees lays a village that roughly encompasses a ten mile radius. From what Ibiki has been able to view with her own two eyes, this part of her Inner World is actually inhabited by other beings. She's taken observations of different humans, oni-type creatures and Shinigami simply roaming about the town center. They seem to be very sentient, as all the different citizens whom call this place own have varying personalities, life stories and experiences. This baffles Ibiki, but she simply tends to roll with it; having a sneaking suspicion that perhaps her Zanpukto Spirit had the capacity to create familiars and thus filled the varying places within Gensokyo to avoid being miserably alone. In any case, this village appears to have many sorts of food stands, medicine carts, houses and all sorts of other commodities. There has also been a slight expansion near the edge of this crossroads. For some reason or another, over the past few decades, a Buddhist temple had steadily began to take shape and grow until it had been completed; proceeding with a large gathering of followers shortly after it's creation.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :

• Reiatsu Color: For the most part, Ibiki's reaitsu color stays primarily between the colors of orange or dark yellow. This is because both Ibiki and her Zanputko Spirit agree that these are the colors of pure spirit, pure drive and total flare and energy. Therefore, they prefer bright colors to show their passion for fighting. However, if they ever enter a serious, critical or otherwise intense fight that draws out some emotion; it's not uncommon for this to change from orange/yellow to dark red or even jet black if she is angry enough. This is also the period she even seems to get a bit more fierce and stronger as she is a person that fights her best when emotions are pushed to their breaking point. Thus, if one ever sees this side of Ibiki, you'd better strap yourselves in for one hell of a ride as you'll be getting the full force of Ibiki's primal rage.

Natural Attributes

• Strength: Ibiki posses an immense amount of raw strength, even while in her sealed state. By focusing apart of her training regime on applying her spiritual energy to be infused together with her muscles, she has obtained a phenomenal state of physical performance. This ultimately translates in Ibiki being able to obtain Class Two strength while in most states of being. What does mean? Well, Suika is capable of being able to lift extremely massive structures similar to buildings, large boulders and even entire battleships if the situation calls for it. However, when she gets more serious, Class Three Strength begins to kick in and it appears she is able to throw entire structures equal to skyscrapers towards opponents and even having the capacity to decimate an entire mountainside with her raw physical prowess. Therefore, to engage Ibiki in physical combat is to do battle with quite the monster. After all, she didn't get her title as "Menacing Devil Girl" just because of the horns that spouted on her head.

Even more then that, when transcending into her Shikai or Bankai States, Suika also holds the ability to smash straight through various attacks with her otherworldly strength. For instance, if she summoned enough physical energy in one of her blows, she would be able to destroy entire kido based attacks with her bare hands. This is done by channeling her spiritual energy and raw strength together as a destructive force capable of destroying targets, threats or other variables that happen to enter Ibiki's path on a physical level, spiritual frequency and even on blazing straight through the metaphysical. Making it seem as if even if she is disarmed, stripped her power or otherwise has the odds stacked against her; she typically tries to relay on her strength in order to carry her through the storm and smash her way into victory through very brute measures. Thus, it's ultimately never wise to underestimate Ibiki as another run of the mill strength user when it comes to fighting.

However, with all of that said, no system like this is perfect. There are limitations, drawbacks and cooldowns to everything in this world; meaning that Ibiki is no exception to the rules. One of the first limitations of this strength is that she is still limited by her stamina and endurance. To make a point: Ibiki is similar to a human in peak physical condition. While athlete's, bodybuilders and other Olympic types may hold great ability for their race; they are still prone to being worn out, needing time to recover and eventually being drained or exhausted from their feats. In Ibiki's case? She's simply an extremely more advanced case of that; being a Super Shinigami of sorts. She holds all of this strength and might, but can and will still get tired after throwing her strength around too much. For instance, Ibiki is perfectly fine with blowing her way through a plethora of obstacles that get in her away, but eventually she will feel out of breath, sweaty and need a moment to rebuild herself; such as a runner would feel after running roughly three times, needing a minute or so to cool off and then start up the run once again.

Another drawback that Ibiki appears to have is that she sometimes needs to focus her destructive force in order to channel it's peak potential. As smashing through supernatural powers is no easy feat, when referring to her metaphysical strength, she may need to be a good mental state in order to direct the type of damage she wants to inflict on her opponent, the vicinity around her or conjure up a counterattack against her foe. In any case, she needs to determine how much power she is going to put behind any ol' punch, kick or headbutt to avoid tiring herself out, making sure that she does not injure herself or to avoid accidently causing collateral damage to innocents, allies or the area she happens to be in. Failure to do so can, as stated previously, inflict damage upon herself in worse case scenario. This can result in broken bones, torn muscles and other internal injuries; possibly even rupturing entire organs.

Therefore, it is very important for Ibiki to watch herself when doing combat. While she may hold the might needed to change entire landscapes with her fist, it's not a certainty all the time. One false move and she'll be sitting on the sidelines until she can recover her health. So, as a certain man once said: "With great strength, comes great responsibility."

Immense Durability: Such as her impressive strength, Ibiki posses a very high level of endurance. She is capable of having high resistance against physical based attacks, as she had adapted quite well to them based on it being her primary fighting style. That means she is able to even take blows to the gut that would be equivalent to the destructive force of a carpet bomb going off in a small area, being able to withstand many sword strikes to her body before they pierce through her skin and taking on entire cero, sometimes even, grand ray cero's with her barehands. Though, it's worth noting in the classifications listed above, she'll typical still take some amount damage. The thing with her, though? It's highly reduced to where she can keep fighting as usual, or she simply tries to tune it out with her immense willpower and very high pain endurance. So, if someone assaulted her with said physical attack that rivaled the force of a carpet bombing, she would still feel the pain and damage, but would be able to keep fighting despite the pain, while having reduced injury done to her herself.

Even more so, she even seems to have a fast recovery time. Being able to jump back on her fight sometimes in under a half day if she was knocked senseless by an opponent. So that translates into her even being able to have a faster rate of time in which she can restore her overall energy reserves when compared to the average Shinigami. And, the kicker? It's all rather easy to explain and Ibiki can teach any high powered Shinigami to be able to perform it. By watching how Arrancar are able to create thick layers of skin through their reiryoku, Ibiki realized that it was entirely possible for her to mimic this technique to her defensive measures. So, similar to how she used her spiritual energy to dramatically augment her strength, Suika was able to perform this same technique to herself and rise her overall durability by using her spiritual power intermixed with her raw physical strength to have a high endurance. Eventually making it to where, after being conditioned so long, her body had adapted and reached near "Super Shinigami", as some put it, when it comes to her attributes. Meaning, that through her constant training of applying spiritual energy to the body, Suika reached a state where it was able to perform at these level's regardless of rather or not she focused on it. Making it to where, when she reached heightened states of spiritual pressure, Ibiki's durability would rise further. Similar to how constant weight training shows new gains for bodybuilders, or someone wearing weighted clothes to increase their speed + stamina.

Thus, in these states of being, Ibiki holds the same capacity her strength holds against the physical, supernatural and spiritual. An example of how to display this trait, when released or flowing with spiritual energy, Suika holds the potential to dramatically lower the effectiveness of magic based powers on her by applying her defense on a metaphysical level. This makes it harder to attack her when she begins to get serious with an opponent. As, this trait isn't constantly active, only being summoned when more quantities of spiritual pressure are summoned. And, on that note, Ibiki has even trained herself to become highly resistant against those who may happen to be more powerful then her because of this. While most typically fall to their knees under the weight of a vastly more powerful being then themselves based on their spiritual pressure, Suika is able to stand-tall and endure it because of her constant training and defense being applied to a spiritual level to help her better fair against people who might have larger energy supplies then herself.

Now, with all of that said, there are obvious limitations. One of the first being is that her defense can be brought down if she begins to tire herself out. An instance of this occurring would be if she was constantly brawling through opponent after opponent; each steadily making their marks on her body through her stacks. The injuries start to pile-up, sooner or later, and she begins to feel their effects taking hold on her body. This is intensified if she begins to deplete in Reiryoku, exhaust herself physically and ultimately when she seems to be drained after a grueling battle. Meaning that some opponents may have to tire Ibiki out and then strike her relentlessly in some cases. So the key to combating her defense would simply be to keep fighting as you normally would.

The Shikai Of The Demon:

• Shikai Release: "Smash 'em up, Oni Kyōsei!"

• Shikai Ability:

Resolve Force: Ibiki's Shikai is quite the power to tamper with. She essentially has the ability to transform her resolve into a tangible force that she uses alongside her brute fighting style to overwhelm her opponents. Therefore, she has given this power the name "Resolve Force" as a result of her findings. From what she is able to perceive of it, Resolve Force is a supernatural construct that allows her to use this special energy in order to effect things where her physical prowess may fail her. An instance of Resolve Force coming into play would be if Ibiki had found herself fighting against an opponent who had the ability to fire off rays of energy at her. In this scenario, Ibiki would charge wildly at the attack and envision bypassing within her head. When this request is registered to the Resolve Force, it will then attempt to scan the opponents energy frequency coming from the output of the attack.

Once this information is taken in, Resolve Force will then tax Ibiki by causing physical strain on her body in addition to taking out certain amounts of energy depending on the task she is trying to do. When this sacrifice is made, Resolve Force will then be able to allow Ibiki not to avoid the attack, but simply bypass the damaging effects by Resolve Force masking her body to be similar to the opponents attack frequency and thus evade taking injury for the time being. In this method, this is similar to a person blending into an enemy territory by wearing their colors, talking their lingo and eventually seeping into the background undetected as they'd consider that person one of them.

Another instance of Ibiki using Resolve Force is in order to use her willpower in order to envision some sort of physical augmentation to her. Therefore, by tapping into this resolve force and sacrificing her spiritual energy, Ibiki is able to increase most of her physical attributes to a certain extent. On average, she is at least able to increase her strength, reaction time, speed, stamina and endurance by five times. The maximum amount for this has not been set, but Ibiki doesn't seek to push it too far as she knows it taxes the body like any other sort of technique of this caliber.

In any case, judging from these two examples, one should have a good idea of how the concept of Resolve Force works. It materializes the person's will power, turns it into a tangible resource at the cost of their spiritual energy and it's up to how strong Ibiki's resolve is, the difference in power between her and her opponent, how crafty she become with this power and how much her body can withstand to see the limits of Resolve Force.

Shikai Drawback

• Drawbacks: For beginnners, it's worth noting that each and every function of her Resolve Force steadily drains Ibiki from her power. While she may be able to call upon a secondary source of energy from it, even that can be drained as well. So, for instance, if she were to use Resolve Force in order to make an attempt at smashing through a barrier by transforming Resolve Force into a concept that decayed a shield; that nifty move would be taken out of Ibiki in the form of her spiritual energy taking a hit from that technique. In addition to that, she would also feel fatigue in a similar fashion as to how a runner feels when jogging.

In this conception of of Resolve Force, Ibiki needs to make sure her body is up to par to deal with the harsh run's she receives from using RF. There is a need to pace how much she uses in one term, making sure her body has enough muscle mass internally to lower symptoms of exhaustion and make sure not to use it all in one run; as much novice runners easily. It's all about taking it a level where Ibiki can strike fast, but her body can endure it as well. Finding a steady middle ground between fast and slow to ensure a constant flow.

So, with a basic understanding of how her drawbacks work, it's safe to assume what happens to her when this power burns through her reserves, correct? Once she hits zero, Ibiki will either be forced to go back into her base state OR into a Life or Death mode where she is still able to use her powers, but it WILL kill her if she does not descend within a period of 2-4 post. Therefore, during this overdrive state, Resolve Force actually reaches it's peaks; but she becomes heavily taxed afterward. In many instances she'll either end up unconscious, suffer extreme fatigue or, in the worse scenario, just plain die. Thus, it's not recommended that she continue fighting for too long after she has burned through her resources as it will just eat at her life energy until it ultimately kills her.

And with that, Resolve Force is an extremely capable Shikai Power; but it must be managed with great care in order to avoid misuse, find the current balance and avoid dying.

Shikai Techniques

Zanpakutō Materialization: This does not take much energy in order to summon. By simply tapping into her willpower, Ibiki is able to summon her Zanpakutō to the battlefield. When this is done, it acts as a familiar of sorts. When Oni Kyōsei is morphed into her physical body, it is possible for her to act as an entirely separate entity from Suika. This means that Oni Kyōsei, or Kyosei for short, is able to call upon her own energy resources in order to lessen the strain on Suika's end. This is made possible because. as all Shinigami know, they gain a good deal of their released powers from their Zanpakutō Spirit. So, by that logic, all Ibiki is doing is releasing that spirit and granting a physical form in order to have an extra person combat the opponent when needed. This technique is often used as a means to have a deeper bond with her Zanpakutō, experience the thrills of combat alongside her and know that she will never be alone when faced in the pits of combat. It's quite a rarity to see such a close bond amongst Shinigami and Zanpakutō, after all.

Augmentation Boost: Thanks to the nature of her release and willpower alone, Suika is able to experience a three time augmented boost to all of her attributes. This refers to her racial traits such as Kido, Hakuda, Shunpo and Zanjutsu. It also increases her general attributes such as stamina, durability, offense, speed, sight, sound and even perception. All of these area's are taken along for the enhancement. This type of intensification is even applied to Ibiki's mental state. It improves her reaction time greatly, clears her mind of any doubts she may have had before, sharpens her warrior instincts and appears to even increase her creative side as she is able to conjure more fluent ways to fight someone then previously. Lastly, the final area which will see an enrichment in her energy. This will allow for the restoration of up to twenty to thirity percent of energy if she exhausted it. (I.E. she was at 60% of her overall fuel, but boosted back up to 90% upon releasing Shikai) It will also increase the volume, mass and overall potency of it in order to become more effective with her powers.

Phase Blast: This is a rather simple, but very deadly trick that Ibiki is capable of doing. By associating her destiny manipulation together with Resolve Force, she is capable of damaging or distorting various objects & attacks by phasing parts of her body or attack's and then unphasing said parts to simply phasing through it with a temporary form of Intangibility through RF. An instance of this would be if she applied Phase Blast to a sphere of light conjured up with her energy, Ibiki would make a pass at trying to direct towards an attack. Should this prove successful? The main intent would be to disrupt both tangible and intangible matter by phasing through it and then unphasing.

Thus, with the highly destructive capacity this attack has, she is limited to one to two uses of it per post; with a total of five to six uses before a five to eight post cooldown into effect before she can use it again. In addition to that, in order to effect living beings? Ibiki may need to have herself or the object of her choice lock on the opponent and stay on or near their position for a one to two post duration. If that occurs? Then she can possibly have fatal effects if this disruption occurs on the one spot where it was attached to the most. Meaning that the opponent would have time to sense it, see it coming and choose to counter or move away depending on the type of method used. Kido also appears to work quite nicely with this attack in terms of sealing or stopping it.

Envision Force: Thanks to being able to utilize her will as extension of herself through spiritual energy or Resolve Force's energy, Ibiki is able to control to certain tangible concepts within a maximum of one thousand meters at best. Typically she sticks to a five hundred range, and so, on average, often begins to bend the world caught inside of this radius to her whim...within reason. So, for a illustration of this technique, if Rose happened to be in the pathway of river of lava heading towards her way? Envision Force could activate in order to make sure the needed alterations were successfully processed through her spiritual energy, Resolve Force and willpower. Leaving only what Ibiki desired this molten magma to be. And thus, in this circumstance? She would have to think very quickly, summon enough power and then proceed to morph the ashes form; ultimately changing it to a wave of harmless water to evade taking damage from the basalt might of volcanic matter. Emerging safe and sound on the opposite side of the lava.

Another way this could be applied to her surroundings is if she used Envision Force in order to increase the temperatures in a one hundred radius to burn an opponent. There would be a surge of spiritual pressure sensed in the area. Then, in one post time, an extreme explosion of heat should engulf this area and expand, similar to an explosion, around a two hundred meter vicinity. Other ways that Envision could be used is in the form of force fields. By controlling the physics on a physical and metaphysical level within an area that related to mass, vectors, kinetics and spiritual energy; Ibiki could begin to transform her Reiryoku into a solid force that could block an attack, harness the power of kinetic energy to enhance it strength and then utilize vectors to reflect the strike back at the target if it was something direct; such as a cero, wave of fire and things of this nature that are tangible constructs. Though, it is possible to repel the intangible, this requires a bit more focus on Ibiki's end and the ability to perceive it.

With the benefits concluded, there are defects and other limitations associated with this technique. As stated in the main drawback of Resolve Force, and Envision Force, is that each and every function of this attribute of RF will steadily drain Ibiki of her energy resources if she overuses it, tries to make too many functions with it combines a plethora of attacks in one post. She is often only limited to three to six alterations in a post; meaning she can conjure up that set of numbers when it comes to modifications in the vicinity around her with Envision Force. However, as an additional drawback, Ibiki is temporarily locked from using other techniques, outside of her augmentative boost or Zanpukto Materialization, after she begins harnessing Envision Force. The exception is if she had something previously activated; such as shifting her body's height to rival a small building from her Size Me Up technique and THEN activating Envision Force. This translates into the fact that she may only make use of EF for that entire post until she is able to use other techniques again.

Size Me Up: This is one of the primary ways that she utilizes her Zanpukto's power. Through her sheer will, Ibiki has crafted a remarkable technique where she is able to control the density, mass and solidity of her body in addition to other objects, attack or other variables in a five hundred meter vicinity. With her mastery over it she can easily increase or decrease any of these values as she desires. By using her energy as an extension of herself, she usually begins to apply this effect to herself. So, for example, when she enters into Shikai? One of the first things that she usually tries to do is produce a form of body manipulation to toughen her overall condition. Thus, at the cost of small amount of her energy in regards to EACH alterations she makes, she can greatly increase the durability of herself by having the skin, bones, tissue and even muscles become heavily more dense. This will allow her even further ability to withstand strains on the body, gravity alterations, devastating impacts and other changes in pressure or even temperature.

Another modification Ibiki can make is, of course, her total height. By visualizing this change in herself by Resolve Force, Suika is able to increase the size of herself to become a true beast as her physical capabilities grow even further advanced; such as her strength, durability and endurance picking up greatly when she goes into her giant form. Though, this part of Size Me Up isn't very wise to use in areas where collateral damage and destruction can cause more trouble then it is worth. Though, of course, she can also do the total opposite of this and shrink the size of herself while maintaining proportion. This helps in being able to evade certain attacks, hide under small places or just plain surprise somebody by morphing to the size of an ant and then reforming herself to regular size behind an opponent. It really makes the growth feature of this power very useful and gives her the ability to craft nifty maneuvers in combat.

Lastly, in terms of effecting other objects in her range of five hundred meters? This is often used in order to counter, dodge or otherwise get the edge on the opponent. So, for a perfect case of this power being demonstrated properly, say if someone shot some sort of cero towards Ibiki's direction? Well, by exploiting the property of this technique to use her energy as an expansion of herself, she could very easily increase the mass of a nearby rock in order tower roughly one hundred feet; while increasing the density of it in order to decrease the case of the cero phasing through it. Giving her enough time to move out of the way with flash step and possibly get one additional attack in from another function of Resolve Force. If she is really pressed for time, and has energy spare, she can even apply the same to attacks that come within her domain. Thus, if she has no other way to particularly counter something once it gets too close to her, she may use Size Me Up in order to make an attempt at shrinking something like a cero the the size of a nickel and then redirecting it by making it extremely light and then simply blowing it back in the opponents direction.

These are some of the most intense examples of how Size Me Up. So, it's worth noting that there are limitations to this. One of the first is that she is limited often down to two to four alterations to herself or the five hundred radius around her. If she reaches the two action limit, then she'll often have a one post cool down before needing to be able to utilize the technique again. Meaning she often saves the multi-usage function for this if she decides to go really hard on an opponent. In addition to that, some of her adjustments are not always long-term or permanent. To make a point, going back to the rock she used as a shield? That would most likely only last one to two post before it was restored back to it's original size. Really, only herself or things that she own can really have long-term changes. And even then, it's mostly just equipment. Lastly, as if it weren't made obvious enough, too much abuse of this can often lead to fatigue, exhaustion and mental stress as it's heavily related to her willpower; not even mentioning the fact that there is a small energy usage fee for each modifications she makes.

Bankai Abilities:

• Bankai Description:

• Bankai Abilities:

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• Ibiki Suika ─ The Menacing Devil Girl • °Work In Progress° Image4040-1-1

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