Alice Scarlett

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 Alice Scarlett

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Title : Pride Incarnate
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PostSubject: Alice Scarlett   Alice Scarlett EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 1:50 pm

Alice Scarlett Sniper_Schoolgirl_Wallpaper_02_by_PimplyPete
Name: Alice Scarlett
Nickname: Alice, Arisu, Scar.
Theme Song: Here
Age: 17 in human life time, 2 years in Soul Society, Appears 21
Gender: Female
Squad: 1
Rank: Lieutenant
Weapon(s): A handgun to dispose of lower hollows and humans.
Personality: Cold, Calm, Calculated, Focused.
Physical Appearance: Alice is 5’9 in height and weighs about 120 lbs. She has light blue eyes that seem icy and cold, while her hairs is black and lusciously long, down to her waist. She is curvy for a 17 year old, but she is also extremely hateful of womanizers.
Bio: It might be extremely surprising to find out that a girl as young as Alice has already killed so many people. Well, Her story begins during her teen life, when she was 14. She suffered the loss of her parents at the hands of some Rebel Punks which served as quite a devastating blow to her. However, instead of breaking down, she steeled her resolve to never suffer such a loss again and soon, she was one of the best snipers in the world.

However, even the bests have their slips. She could not do it alone, as she found out numerous times when she almost died. Finally, One day, her death caught up with her and she was sent to the Soul Society. Every person she had killed was evil or corrupt, so she was not sent to hell for those acts, as they were in the name of justice.

She spent 1 and a half year in the academy, not being very good at hand to hand. But she completely decimated everyone in long range combat, being able to hit the bulls eye of a fast moving target…. Twice In the same run. Soon, she achieved a Constant Shikai, while in the squad, unseated. She was then promoted to Lieutenant.

During one of her assignments in the human world, she had crossed swords with an Arrancar named Wenceslas. Well, technically, not crossed swords. More like they met gun against sword and she landed a moon-cracking slap on him that most likely shattered his pride.
Inner world appearance: The inner world is a deserted City filled with Sky Scrapers. Everything is colored black and white, other than Alice and her zanpakutou spirit or anyone who comes in.
Sometimes, Alice enters a limbo into this area, living until she can get back into her real body.


Name: Francotirador [Sniper]
Zanpakutō spirit: Alice Scarlett Going_dark_by_leonwoon-d4kwwts

His Face:
Alice Scarlett Mr_Melodramatic_by_Imadlak
A usually silent man, Only Alice knows how he looks like and what his true personality is. Both of them share a very close relationship, although it’s non-romantic, and He seems to care deeply about Alice. She loves him so much probably because of his striking resemblance to her older brother, who had died in the human world while working as a Sniper in the military.
Sealed form: It was a small combat knife in it’s unsealed state.

Constant Shikai

Shikai description: The zanpakutou takes the form of a black Barrett M82 50. Sniper Rifle, complete with the scopes and the mechanics of the human sniper rifle. It fires bullets, but these bullets are able to affect spiritual beings as well. Also, her ammo is made from her own reiatsu, so it won’t run out unless she runs out of reiatsu. Since it is Semi Automatic, she can’t fire it in an endless stream. Also, firing consecutively 5 or more shots will overheat the barrel, causing her to cease using it for some time to let it cool.

Each Round is very powerful, but each shot requires her to manually pull the bolt back to chamber another round. This means there is an average of 1 second after every shot in which she chambers the round and is open for attack.

Since it is heavy, It is impossible to fire it using only one hand. It is possible if some steps are taken, but very ineffective.

Call out phrase: Nil
Ability: The Sniper Rifle automatically aims for Alice once she visualizes someone as her target. After that, even if the target is moving at high speeds, the sniper will automatically aim in such a way that the bullet will hit if the target does not take evasive actions. This ability is very helpful as it allows her to even aim behind her, the sniper guiding her hands. She still has to pull the trigger though.
Also allows her to have night vision in her eyes.
1. Heaven Piercer : Fires off an extremely powerful bullet that glows light blue. The bullet has an extremely high rate of penetration, so it is able to pierce through almost anything. If paired with the shikai’s main ability, it proves to be completely fatal, being aiming at opponents through buildings. The bullet, however, is not absolute in it’s penetration abilities and will stop once it goes through enough layers, depending on the material.

With Armor
Alice Scarlett Shinzugen_7_by_k_o_m_a
Without Armor [Black Hair]
Alice Scarlett Warfare_by_miasus-d4s512g-1

Callout Phrase: Derribarlos, Tirador [That is not the spirit’s name and therefore, causes it to be moody when it releases. Thus, Alice’s Armor is not summoned when she uses this phrase. (Means “Shoot em down, Shooter.”)

Actual Phrase: Derribarlos, Tirador Escondido [Results in full Bankai] (Means “Shoot em down, Sniper.”)

Bankai name: Tirador Escondido.
Bankai description: When Alice speaks the phrase, Her sniper rifle begins to glow white. When her phrase is finished, the sniper rifle explodes in white light, blinding almost everyone from seeing her.

If the fake Phrase is spoken, Alice appears in her unarmored suit. Although this body suit seems thin, it is actually a bit armored, allowing her to take some heavy hits which she would not be able to without the suit. It’s built more for speed and camouflage, as it has an Active Camouflage ability.
If the full phrase is spoken, Alice appears in full armor. 8 ft tall, she is anything but stealthy in this form, which is why she does not like it very much. In this form, she is very hunkered down and heavily armored, with an armored Sniper Rifle attached to one arm and a Heavy shield attached to the other. There is very little chinks in the armor, but as intimidating as it looks, it isn’t that hard to destroy. Hard hits will crumple the armor and a well-struck slash will even cut through. The shield and the Sniper are the hardest parts of the armor, as well as the heaviest. Alice can shed her armor whenever she feels like it, causing it to disintegrate away from her, falling to the ground before evaporating. There are also a number of jets on her back to help her move quickly while in the armor.
Her Sniper rifle can now fire without needing her to manually chamber the round.
Ability: Other than the heavy armor, it’s main ability is to always keep an eye on it’s target. Alice is able to always sense targets around herself, even if they are concealed in the best possible way. Like her shikai, the sniper rifle is able to aim by itself. The biggest difference is that she can detect her targets in a variety of ways. She can see their heat, hear their heart beats, feel the vibrations in the ground and air as they move and even sense their presence. Her bullets now aim even truer, being able to actually bend in midflight. This does not mean it will follow the target wherever he moves. The bullet can simply bend around corners and around innocents/friendlies/obstacles to hit their targets. The bend is decided pre-shot and cannot be changed after it has been fired.
1. Aim True: Alice takes a deep breath before firing an extremely powerful shot that glows blue. The shot is nerverackingly fast (7.8 mach) and basically melts anything it comes near to. It leaves behind a trail of blue, superheated air which will burn if passed through. The power of this ability is so much, that the recoil actually hurts Alice as well, having the possibility to break her armor or even her bones if used the wrong way. This is the only ability where she must turn off her auto-aiming ability and after the attack, the zanpakutou sniper will be smoking in an overheated state, so she is unable to fire any more until it cools down. It cannot bend either, but penetrates through almost everything.

Inner Hollow

Name of inner hollow: Crimson
Personality: Torturous, Sadistic, Evil, Malicious.
Appearance: Image.
Indescribably Horrifying. A Sight that would cause even the strongest men to scream in fear. Alice's Inner hollow reflects her inner most fear; Nightmares and Fear itself.
Hollow mask: Alice Scarlett Nightmare_head_by_Crippler_struggler
A helmet-like mask that surrounds her head, it looks like a demonic Knight-helm. Her head is completely covered, with her hair flowing from under the helmet, while her eyes glow red in the black shadows. Just like it seems, it is harder than normal to crack.

She cannot use it while inside her Bankai Armor.

Role-play sample:
Please refer to this profile

Rank/level - ADV-3
Hankou - 10
Reiryoku - 10
Hakudo - 5 + 3
Seijuu - 10
Bukijuu - 16
Hoho - 14
Points awarded:
Total points: 65

Alice Scarlett Tumblr_m301feBjlr1r5kyvmo4_250

One day, Life held up a dying bird and asked Death, "Death, Why do People love me but hate you?"
Death silently took the bird gently into his ice cold hands and said, "Because you are a beautiful lie. And I am a painful truth..."

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Character sheet

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Approved for ADV-3 with 65 points. Once your stats are applied, this topic will be moved to approved.

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Alice Scarlett
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