Battle of the mages. ( Rin and Mugetsu only)

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 Battle of the mages. ( Rin and Mugetsu only)

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Battle of the mages. ( Rin and Mugetsu only) Empty
PostSubject: Battle of the mages. ( Rin and Mugetsu only)   Battle of the mages. ( Rin and Mugetsu only) EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 10:39 pm

Mugetsu Rin~chan
-Leto - Luna
-Gray - Hyoren
- ???
Setting: A large city with tall buildings surrounding the area. The time is night and the weather is clear.
Sidenote: This is just a fight moved over from Mobion between me and Mugetsu. We ask that no one posts here or “ you’ll lose your face.”
Pervious Post:
M: In the dead of night, a lone figure walked the streets. Since it was dark out, nothing about the person stood out; except for the white coat he wore. The rest of his attire was black, as was his spiky hair. After a while he stopped and looked around with a seemingly puzzled expression. Something felt off to him, as if he was being watched, at this very moment. When it once again seemed like nothing was out of the ordinary, he shrugged it off and kept walking, with his hands in his pockets.
R: A small sheepish grin came across a figure that was standing on top of a building. The silver moon light shined down and sparked on the waist length white hair as a small glen could be seen from light blue eyes but held an old solid color look like they was being controlled by another unseen force. Moving forward a small step, that looked down the 6 storey tall building and locked a gaze at the person with a white coat. " Ice dragon roar" a small quiet voice came from the figure as the took in a deep breath then blew it out in the shape of five inches long ice shards down towards the white coated figure like a rain shower of ice.
M: Out of nowhere, Gray got that feeling again, like something was off; not right. Simply out of habit, he looked up, just in time to see a barrage of shiny, sharp object flying towards him from above. Knowing that he would not have time to make something to block the shards with, he jumped back a good ten feet, keeping his eyes trained on the building where the attack had come from. Because of how dark it was, he could not see who it was, but he intended to retaliate. When people sneak attacked him like that, it pissed him off. He balled his left hand into a fist and brought both hands together; a white frosty mist enveloped his hands and the ground around him once he did this. “Ice Make: Lance!” Gray said, extending his arms forward and creating long, curved ice lances, which shoot towards the top of the building at high speed.
R: The figure just stood on top of the building as the spears approached, moving at the last second as the collided with the building causing a cloud of smoke to cover the top of the building. Not soon after a figure came shooting down from the smoke and headed right towards Gray, once they were close enough they held their fist out ready to punch his cheat with tremendous force. The figure could now to be seen as a female as the approached closer to Gray as the white hair girl showed no emotion.
M: Hearing the impact of the ice lances upon the building, Gray knew that he hadn’t hit whoever it was who had been standing there. He stared up into the smoke cloud with narrowed, positive that the attacker would emerge from the smoke any moment. When they did, Gray was shocked by who it was. His eyes widened noticeably and his expression changed from one of anger, to confusion. At the very last second, he sidestepped her punch, staggering slightly. “Hyoren…? What are you doing?” Gray questioned in shock, not making anymore move to attack.
R: The fist by passing Gray, slammed into the found breaking the pavement apart and causing a small crater in the ground. Hyoren was crouched down at first but simply straightened herself up as she turned to face gray with no emotion across her face, her light blue eyes still a solid color. Not answering his question her left arm song towards get back quickly as she pulled out a silver katana and swung it violently towards his lower stomach. Her black jacket flew open from the sudden speed from the sword swing.
M: From the expression on Hyoren’s face, Gray could tell that something was wrong with her. [Is she being controlled by magic?] He wondered, struggling to decide on what he should do. Then he saw her reach behind her back. He knew that she must have been about to pull out a weapon. He was unarmed; that needed to change. “Ice Make: Sword.” He said, causing a fair-sized sword of ice to form in his hand. Although it was made of ice, it was very durable, capable of cutting and parrying other blades as if it were made of metal. With that, he swung the sword up diagonally to deflect Hyoren’s blade or at least trap it up in the air. “Why are you doing this?! Answer me!” Gray said, now in a more forceful tone.
R: With her sword knocked to the side, she took a small side step with it as she moved it back in front of her. The gaze still on Gray, one again not answering him as she song her right hand in his direction sending five ice shards towards him. With that same motion she moved her sword and swung it towards his stomach on a horizontal angle with the game violent force.
M: Gray swung his newly formed sword towards the ice shards. With multiple slashes, he was able to deflect all of them. As he had been distracted by the ice shards, gray barely noticed her slash. Hastily, he stepped back to try and avoid it, but wasn’t quick enough. Although it wasn’t as deep as it would have been if he didn’t step back, Gray received a slash across his torso. As his coat began to get stained red from the blood, he took another step back and raised his icy sword defensively. [My voice isn’t reaching her. Looks like I’ll have to bring her back to her senses.] He thought, waiting for her to make her next move.
R: As the katana slashed across Gray's torso a small but quick grin cane across her face as she pulled her sword back towards her. Hyoren's empty gaze remained focused on Gray as she slid her left foot forward a few inches and bended down a bit as she moved to swing the sword towards Gray but stopped the swing before it reached him. Though, while the swing was in motion she took a deep breath and blew ice shards towards his feet in attempt to freeze his feet to the ground.
M: When Hyoren swung her sword at him again, he raised his own sword once more to parry it, but was surprised when the sword just stopped. Knowing that it was most likely a feint to hide another attack, Gray jumped high up into the air, seeing the ground below him freeze as a result of Hyoren’s secondary attack. While in midair, Gray brought his hands together, up above his head. “Ice Make: Death Scythe!” he said. A large scythe made out of ice formed in his hands, and he let himself fall towards the ground. When he was close enough, he swung the scythe towards Hyoren in a wide arc. Somewhere in the process, he seemed to have lost his shirt and coat, which were now on the ground on the other side of the street.
R: Quickly looking up, Hyoren spot Gray coming down with the scythe like weapon towards her. Taking a few steps back she let the scythe slash across her chest cutting through the jacket, white shirt and left a small gash across her chest. Red blood started to stain her shirt which resulted in her removing her jacket and white shirt, leaving her with a tight black tank top that only covered her chest and half her stomach, and the black shorts that had a white belt hanging loosely on her right hip. Clutching the sword tighter with her left hand, Hyoren swung the sword towards the scythe while twisting her body in such a way she could kick Gray with her right foot at his left hip.
M: Gray winced when he saw that he had actually cut Hyoren. He didn’t actually want to hurt her, but he couldn’t just let her kill him either. He planned to make her fall unconscious; maybe that would bring her back to her senses.

He let himself fall the rest of the way to the ground, landing on his feet before he dipped the blade of the scythe down underneath Hyoren’s blade as she swung it and then threw the scythe up in the air with obscene force. With this action, he hoped to hook her sword out of her hands and throw it up in the air, along with his own weapon. After this, he attempted to grab her foot as she kicked toward him. If he made contact, ice would spread from his hands up her leg as he attempted to freeze her.
R: Her blue eyes watched her sword he flung up into the air then moved her gaze back down to Gray. When he grabbed her foot she mumbled quietly to herself as ice grazed over her right hand in the shaped of a claw. Not wasting a moment as the ice was half way up to her knee; Hyoren moved her hand at a quick pace and aimed to slash him with her claw hand in attempt to cut his arm and upper chest.
While she was attacking she spoke in a quiet but small voice "Why did you........ Hurt me? Do you hate me?" Her tone was a mix of hers and another's. Hyoren's gaze never left Gray as the red blood from her wound hand made a small trail down her stomach.
M: Gray looked up in time to see Hyoren forming icy claws over her right hand. He was about to let go of her foot and distance himself from her, until he heard what she had said. He froze up for a moment, and his expression became conflicted. This moment of hesitation left him wide open and he took the slash right across his chest and arm. With a pained gasp, Gray stumbled backwards as a copious amount of blood dripped to the ground. He then looked up with an angry expression, remembering the odd tone to Hyoren’s voice when she had spoken. “Who’s doing this?!” He yelled, looking wildly around the area.
R: Silence floated through the air as Hyoren moved right close to Gray as she whispered in his ear in that same odd time "What do you mean? There is only you and me here" There was a small chuckle of a laugh as the girls eyes remained empty looking. With her leg half frozen she still took a step back as she crouched down, clenching her ice claw close and she forced her gist forward in attempt to punch gray in the center of his rib cage
M: As soon as Hyoren moved close to Gray, he took a few steps back, positive that she was going to try something. His suspicions proved to be correct. He prepared to use another ice make spell, and his hands became shrouded in a frosty white aura once more. He figured now that Hyoren, or whoever it was that was controlling her, was talking, so he should be able to get some information out of them. “Why are you doing this?” He demanded, staying where he was for the moment.
R: "Why not?" Was all the off voice from Hyoren said as the white haired girl stood straight up for a moment before moving her body into a defensive position. The empty looking blue eyes lingered on Gray waiting to see what his next move was going to be. Her right hand still cased over in ice in the form of a claw and her right leg covered partially covered by the shuttles males’ ice. Silence drifted through the town before the ice dragon slayer spoke one again in the odd tone "Why don't you come at me? You know you want to strike me down." The empty gaze from the girl suddenly became dark and evil as the real Hyoren had no control with what her body was doing.
M: “That’s not true. I’m going to bring you back to your senses, Hyoren. Don’t worry. And then I’m going to beat the crap out of whoever is controlling you.” Gray said in a firm tone before he dropped into a crouch, touching the ground with both of his hands. “Ice Make: Floor.” He said, causing the ground under the two to become coated in ice, making it very slippery. As a follow up, he jumped up into the air, bringing his hands together again. “Ice Make: Hammer!” He yelled, creating a large hammer of ice and letting it fall down towards Hyoren as she would most likely be unbalanced by the ice.
R: Who ever had gained control of Hyoren, looked as if she had complete control now as a laugh came from the girl. "Go ahead and hit me. Do you think I really care what happens to this body" the evil like grin remained as they turned around and purposely fell on the ground letting the hammer head for the ice covered leg. As soon as the hammer hit the leg it broke away the ice but also did some damage to her leg as well. Hyoren slowly got to her feet as blood could be seen around calf but did not seem to faze her. Taking in a deep breath the girl let it out shooting a large amount of ice shards towards Gray

M: Still conflicted about having to hurt Hyoren, Gray dove to the side to avid the ice shards. Shortly after, he got back to his feet and faced Hyoren. “Why don’t you fight me yourself, coward!” He said, knowing that his words would reach the impostor. To avoid hurting her too badly, he decided to try and overwhelm her with hand-to-hand combat. He ran towards her, raising his right arm and curling his hand into a fist. Once he was close enough, he attempted to punch Hyoren in the side of the head in the hopes of knocking her out.
R: " But I am fighting you. Just using this pitiful girls body to do so." A sly track came from Hyoren as she ducked down just in time to miss his punch and turned slightly in attempt to grab his arm and throw him over get shoulder and slam him into the ground with brutal force.
While this fight was going Hyoren's conscious was in a sleep like state unable to see what was really going on.
M: “That’s--“ Gray had been about to say something, but was cut off when Hyoren grabbed his arm. He gasped as he had the breath knocked out of him by the impact with the ground. A couple seconds later, he raised his head from the ground, staring at Hyoren’s feet. Since she had him by his right arm, he couldn’t use any large-scale Ice make techniques. Instead, he reached forward with his left hand while still on the ground and froze the ground towards her feet. With this, he attempted to freeze her feet. Ultimately, the ice would keeping crawling upwards if he wasn’t stopped somehow.
R:" you know I could just stand here and force you to freeze this body completely but lucky I won't let you do that yet." With that spoken the girl did a flip to avoid the ice still holding Gray's wrist as she landed on the male lightly. " And so you know I am not feeling this pain your infecting to this child. It's still hurting her." There was a small grin as she released on his wrist and jumped off him and flipped back a bit more. Retaining her stance as she almost slipped on the icy ground. Ice shards appeared in her hand as she sipped them towards Gray's arms.
" The pain..... It hurts." Hyoren's voice came through for a moment as the pain started to build a lot which was forcing her to come to.
M:"Damn you..." Gray said in response to what the person controlling Hyoren had said. Once she jumped off of him, he got to his hands and knees and looked back at her, only to see that she was sending more ice shards towards him. "Fuck!" He said, rolling out of the way in the nick of time, before he got to his feet. He ran towards Hyoren again, his hands glowing with a white aura again as he prepared to use a different spell when he got closer to her. "Snap out of it, Hyoren!" He yelled, with a frustrated expression.
R: Hyoren just stood there looking at Gray as her eyes went back to the normal blue. " Huh...... Gray-san" the soft tone belonging to Hyoren before her eyes went back to the empty looking shells. " that's enough of that" the odd tone replaced Hyoren as she jumped high into the air going above gray and landing on the ground behind him. Swinging her right ice hand towards his back with enough force to leave a decent sized gash on his back and before he had any chance to grab her wrist she flipped backwards a few times, landing next to the sword. Pulling it out of the ground she held it in front of her.

In the meantime the real Hyoren was screaming in pain on the inside from all the force full lands on her leg.
Off in the distant was a hooded figure cloaked by the shadows of the nights air. The figures complete presence was hidden as all could be seen was a sly grin.
M: Gray stopped and stared at Hyoren with a dumbfounded expression when he heard her speak in her normal voice. [This isn’t going to do… I need to find whoever is controlling her.] Once she jumped up in the air, he simply ran forward, avoiding her slash that way. He continued to run down the street away from Hyoren, taking in the visual aspects of everything around him. Oddly enough, he couldn’t see any people at all, let alone the assailant.
R: Moving at a swift pace, Hyoren lunged towards Gray stopping directly in front of him. Being only inches away from him and her left hand held tightly in get sword as she began to speak " Don't bother looking" With that said she moved her one up and attempted to force it towards his stomach to push him back a bit.
M: Gray stopped in his tracks when Hyoren got in front of him. He was about to simply run past her, but was stopped by her knee. He fell back on the pavement, and then slowly got to his feet. “Oh, I get it… you’re too weak to fight on your own, so you have to use others. How pathetic.” He said in a sly tone, trying to lure the perpetrator out.
R: A sudden laugh came from the young girl before it suddenly stopped “ Do you think I would seriously fall for that. I have no need to show myself to the likes of you." The tone was very serious as Hyoren held her sword pointed out towards Gray. "Now kill this girl or...." Moving swiftly she was in front of Gray once more "Or be killed" stepping back quickly forced her blade down in a simple strike towards her right arm in attempt to cut it off. The glare remand empty as Hyoren's conscious was remand hidden away but was in intense pain with every passing second.
M: Gray scowled as his attempt to goad the impostor into fighting him directly failed. He waited to the very last second before he jumped up above Hyoren. “Ice Make: Prison!” he said, forming a large square cage beneath him, hopefully trapping Hyoren. He landed on the top of the cage but then hopped off of it, landing on the ground next to it to check if he had actually managed to trap Hyoren.
R: Hyoren let herself be captured ad a laugh came out from her. "You think ice will hold me." Knowing full well what a dragon slayer could do, she stored the sword and moved towards the bar and oddly open her mouth as she took out a large chunk if the bar, eating away at it quickly. She carried on for a few seconds before she made a hike big enough for her to get out. "Your ice tasted very good. Made you do too" a sly grin followed the remark as she turned her head to face Gray. Having eaten the ice she felt full restored of power and was ready to carry on this fight.
Jumping up she stood on top of the cage, gazing down at Gray. I finally see why" the odd tone from Hyoren was low and quick ad she pushed off the ice cage, leaving a small crater in the top as she lunged down towards Gray with her sword out to the side. When she was close enough she swung the blade towards his torso with brutal force.
M: Gray was dismayed to see Hyoren simply eat through the bars; he had forgotten that dragon slayers could eat their own element. Mentally cursing, he took a couple steps back. “Don’t be ridiculous.” He said in response to her comment about him possibly tasting good. When she jumped down and tried to slash at him again, he simply side-stepped the strike, and grabbed the arm in which she was holding her sword. Instead of trying to freeze her like he had last time, he whipped around, yanking on her arm and attempting to throw her back into the ice cage through the hole she had just made; all in one fluid movement. “What are you talking about?” he asked after he threw her (or not).
R: " You'll have to ask the child about that." The tone spoke as Gray gripped on her arm but gripped on his arm the same tight with a vice grip so she wouldn't be thrown into the cage. " Nice try....... Gray-san" The first part was in the strangers tone but calling Gray's name was more so in Hyoren's voice. With her sword arm still in his grip she took her ice clawed hand and noted her hand forward, in attempt to put the claws through his stomach.
Hyoren had regained herself enough to now notice what her body was doing on its own, which put her in shock.
The figure in the distance was gazing at the little fight still masked by the nights darkness. "The time shall be soon" it said in a low quiet voice before moving off to another building.
M: Gray tried to shake Hyoren off of his arm, but stopped when he heard her normal voice. He looked over at her, wondering if she had somehow regained control of herself. This was not the case as he turned to see the claws of ice heading towards him. In his current position, there was nothing he could do to evade it. He coughed up blood shortly after the claws stabbed into him, but then took a few staggering steps backward, causing a large amount of blood to drip to the ground. He almost fell to the ground from the sheer pain of it, but somehow caught himself to stayed on his feet, bringing his hand up to the wound and desperately trying to cover it with a layer of ice to stem the flow of blood.
R: When the claws made contact with Gray a sly grin came across the girls face but it faded quickly as he moved away. The sight of blood oddly brought tears down the the dragon slayers cheek. "I don't want to hurt....." Hyoren's voice cracked through the odd tone for a moment before the strangers tone took over "Oh but you do." There was a small chuck as Hyoren lunged forward once more towards Gray throwing ice shards towards his right arm but small amount of hesitation could be seen in the attack.
"This isn't good. I'll soon have to take action myself" the figure said as they were now closer to the fight between Hyoren and Gray but far enough not to be noticed.
M: Having frozen the wound over for the most part, Gray looked up with a determined expression. “Ice Make: Fishnet.” He said, raising both of his hands and releasing a blast of icy wind. The wind blew back Hyoren’s ice shards and then formed into what looked like a net of ice, which flew towards Hyoren at high speed, attempting to ensnare and freeze her.
R: Not thinking Hyoren jumped quickly into the air, just missing the net by mere inches. While in the air, the white haired girl whipped the silver blade down towards Gray as ice shards appeared in both hands and flung them down towards him as she landed down on the ground. Her eyes slowly looked like they were returning to normal but quickly return to the empty blue colored look right away.
M: Seeing the multiple attacks coming, Gray put both of his hands out in front of himself. “Ice Make: Shield.” He said, forming a large shield in front of him to block all of Hyoren’s attacks. It’s shape was vaguely reminiscent of a flower. After he formed the shield, he dropped down to the ground, pressing both hands against it. “And now… Ice Make: Geyser!” he said, causing a large amount of solid ice to erupt from the ground underneath Hyoren’s feet. He made sure that it was hollow in the middle, so that Hyoren would be trapped inside rather than frozen. Also, the walls would be much thicker, which would take a long time for her to eat through.
R: Hyoren just stood there as walls of ice came up around her wondering what he could gain from this. A small sigh came from the girl as she looked up and jumped up past the walls, gaining a serious expression as the air began to cool down greatly. Gaining high altitude the real Hyoren spoke " Run Gray...... Run away from here" she shouted down as she had gained control for a moment. This did not last long as she was token control of once more " go back to sleep child" the off tone spoke before saying something else quietly. Not seconds later a giant ice blade appeared in the sky before Hyoren, flipping around she used her brutal strength to send the ice blade flying towards Gray at a very fast pace taking down the two buildings on either side of him in the process.
M: Gray watched, still on the ground as Hyoren jumped up into the sky. As soon as he saw the large blade forming, he once again pressed his hands against the ground once more. “Ice Make: Rampart!” He said. A low rumbling sound could be heard as a truly massive wall of ice rose up, catching the blade before it could touch down and freezing it in place. The wall kept rising, until it completely cut Gray off from Hyoren. It was tall, as well as wide, and extremely thick and dense. Gray then fell to his knees having used up nearly all of his magic power.
R: Finally breaking free from the control she was under, Hyoren was breathing heavily from the large amount of magic she had used. Her blue eyes glanced towards the wall that dived her from Gray which could be a good thing but that's when she suddenly felt something go through her and felt a warm liquid run down her stomach. Looking down she saw a blade sticking out from her stomach which caused her briefly cry out in pain before passing out. The cry of pain would of been hard for Gray to hear with the wall blocking most of it as a foot slammed her down towards the ground causing a deep impact on the ground where the girl laid motionless.
Standing behind Hyoren was the hooded figure holding the sword that just impaled the young girl. With a small grin she yanked it out and kicked the girl forcefully down towards the ground. Then moving with lighting fast speed she was on the other side of the ice wall standing a few feet away from Gray. Holding the sword out to the side as the blood that stained the sword dripped down on to the icy covered ground. Wearing what people was the devil grin, the figure did a small laugh. "It's your turn Gray-san" it was the odd tone but it sounded like they were trying to sound like Hyoren when they said his name.
M: Upon hearing the voice that faintly resembled Hyoren’s, Gray got to his feet. He knew it had to be the one who had been controlling Hyoren, since she was now separated from him by a wall of ice. He turned around, staring at the cloaked figure with an incredibly angry look.
“So you’re the one who hurt my nakama, huh?” He said in a deep ominous tone. His anger seemed to give him renewed strength, and he took a single step towards the figure before bringing his hands together. He still had some magic left, and he planned to use it. “Cold Excalibur.” He said, while running towards the figure. As he was running, a massive greatsword of ice formed in his hands. It was as strong and sharp as an ordinary blade; not easily broken. When he was within two feet of the figure, he would swing it upwards towards her neck.
R: Seeing the blade move upwards towards her next she lifted the blood stain sword up and blocked her ice great sword from cutting her. Holding it in place with their right hand, the sudden force of the two blades sent went out towards the figur which knocked the hood of the cloak down, revealing a girl that looked similar to Hyoren almost but had more clear blue eyes then get. "Seems you still have some fight in you but should you be really worried about me when your friend is about to die." As she spoke she moved her right foot up and sent a forceful kick towards his stomach to push him back away from her.
The sound of blades clashing is what brought Hyoren back up. Her hand automatically went to her stomach to find the large amount of blood around the area she got impaled with. Knowing she had to move and help Gray, Hyoren tried to move herself slowly only to cause more pain but she wasn't going to stop till she was on the other side of the wall helping Gray.
M: Even though the impostor resembled Hyoren, Gray had no problem fighting her. He knew what she really was, so her appearance didn’t matter. He kept his large bulk of a sword pressed against hers, causing ice from Cold Excalibur to start freezing over her blade, which would quickly make its way to her arm unless she broke contact. He saw her about to kick him, and braced himself for the impact, taking it full on and not budging even when she kicked him. He felt himself start bleeding again as her kick shattered some of the ice that he had used to seal his wound, but he still stayed there, determined to freeze her. “She won’t… a weakling like you who uses people… you can’t kill her.” Gray said resolutely, giving the figure a disdainful look.
R: "That's what you think" the girl said as she backed away from gray swinging her blade threw the air in a single clean cut through the air. To ones it would seem like a pointless strike till they noticed what was in the air. Five large ice diamond shards floated in the air, their points pointed towards Gray, ready to strike down on a moment’s notice. "I would really hate to mark up that very nice body of yours but has to be done, has to be down" the girl said with an odd smile. Moving her left hand in a fluid motion the ice shards suddenly started to shoot down towards Gray, aiming for his legs, torso and arms in attempt to pun him to his own ice wall.
Hyoren had managed to move from the spot and was near the edge of the ice wall. She could see Gray fighting someone who almost looked like her but wasn't. Her hand was over her stomach as blood ran down over her hand and dripped on to the ground. " I have to help him....." Her voice was weak and fading as she leaned against the ice wall, trying to calm her breathing as much as she could.
M: “What are you talking about?” Gray asked in a confused tone, holding his sword in a defensive position. Then, when he saw her move her hand the second time, he knew to expect some sort of attack. He looked around, not seeing anything out of the ordinary until the last second. Luckily, he spotted the ice shards before they could all hit him. He slashed at the group of shards, knocking all of them away except for one. The remaining shard hit his right arm, pinning him to the wall and causing him to drop his sword, which fell to the ground with a heavy clanging sound. He cried out in shock and pain, too stunned by it all to react yet.
R: The girl smirked at the sound of Gray's cry of pain as she approached closer to him. "This is so amusing" a small giggle came from her as get hand reached out towards his neck. "This is the last for you." Her tone was deathly serious as her hand approached his neck......
Hyoren's eyes went wide at the sound of Gray's cry of pain. This seemed to set something off in her as she pushed away from the wall both her hands clenched into a tight fist as she gained the burning desire to push forward. "I will not let you..... I won't let you hurt my nakama!!" Hyoren shouted as she using a little bit of magic to throw small shards of Ice towards the female to distract her. Not wasting a second she pushed off the ground and used her lighting fast speed to be right in front of the female who was attacking Gray. "Leave him alone!" She shouted as she used her clenched fist to throw a solid and brutal punch towards the female.
The female pulled her arm back as the shards came flying at her hand and before she knew it, Hyoren was next to her throwing a punch at her. Not expecting this at all the girl took the full power of the fist and was sent flying into a nearby building, practical destroying the building in the process of her hitting it because of this the ice shard in Gray's arm disappeared.
All was silent for a moment, till the odd tone broke it. " Not bad for someone who's near death" a large piece of rubble from the building was sent flying towards Gray and Hyoren at a pretty fast pace. If they did not move they would be crushed between the piece of rubble and ice wall.
M: Gray saw the figure reaching her hand towards, and had been about to try and kick her away. Then he heard a familiar voice and saw the other girl be sent flying a moment later. He felt the ice shard in his arm disappear and let his arm drop to his side, causing more blood to drip to the ground. “Hyoren, you’re back to normal.” Gray said, his eyes widening when he saw that she, too was seriously injured. He had been about to say something more, but the other person’s voice interrupted him. When the piece of rubble suddenly flew towards then, he had no choice but to jump towards Hyoren, grabbing her and diving out of the way to avoid being crushed.
R: Hyoren managed to turn and face Gray just before he grabbed her. Her eyes were closed tightly as she did not know what to expect but when she did she was surprised to see Gray who saved her from the chunk or rubble. She forced herself to stand up, which made her curse under her breath from the pain. "Are you okay" she asked him in a weak voice. Hyoren needed to eat some ice so she could be of some use to Gray otherwise she would not just get in the way. Her eyes drifted from Gray to the building and back to gray
"What a pitiful bunch" the girl said as she jumped from the large opening in the building in the ground. She tossed off the cloak she was wearing and revealed that she was wearing a short white dress and black knee high boots, her king white hair ended up at the knees as her bangs were pushed off to each side of her face. "Time to get this rolling" Luna said as she took a few steps forward holding her sword out as wind started to whirl around her feet. "Shatter the hopes and arise from the ground to strike down the heavens, diamondo." Hyoren fell back down on the ground next to Gray from the ground that suddenly started to shake violently. A few feet in front of the pair a large pillar of ice came flying up from the ground and more were popping up all over, standing of 9 stories tall and 30 feet wide. The ground right under them began to fall apart as another started to come up right between them.
M: "Yeah, I'm fine." Gray said, even though he actually wasn't. [What now?] He thought, hen the ground began to shake underneath his feet. He threw himself to the ground when the tremors from the other pillars popping up proved to make standing impossible. As the other pillar sprang up, just behind him, Gray stood up, looking for Hyoren and hoping that she had gotten out of the way. "Hyoren! Eat the ice!" He yelled, knowing that it would give her more energy since she was a dragon slayer, as she had just demonstrated earlier.
R: Hyoren looked at him odd as she just missed being pulled up into the air by the pillar. "Eh?" She raised an eye as she jumped up into to the air, spinning round and round house kicking the pillar which only left a huge hole in it. "I am not eating the crap again" she shouted down to Gray, frowning at the fact that the pillar didn't fall down.
Luna chuckled a little knowing both didn't have much time remaining, especially Hyoren. She could tell the girl was losing blood a lot of blood as she saw the one pillar that Hyoren kicked and could see a small trail of blood staining the side of it. Not wasting time Luna decide to go after Gray since he was on the ground. Moving with graceful speed she moved to his side and threw a fist towards this cheek in attempt to send him flying into one of the pillars.
M: Gray rolled his eyes when Hyoren stated that she would not eat the ice, thinking that she was just being picky. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something white coming towards him. Not bothering to turn and see what it was, he ducked. As Luna’s fist sailed above his head, he kicked out towards her feet with his right leg, aiming to trip her. When and if she fell down towards him because of this action, he lunged up and attempted to punch her in the face, with a large amount of force in the blow. As much as he was adverse to hitting a woman, in his case, he made an exception.
R: Luna frowned when her fist sailed past him and when he tripped her but rolled away before he could land his punch on her. Quickly getting to her feet she glanced up towards Hyoren who was standing in the hold in the ice pillar. "That's right Hyoren.... eat my ice again" Luna smirked before she turned her attention back to Gray. Holding her blade with her right hand she didn't do anything for a moment letting the wind blow between the pillars for a moment. Then she moved her feet and sword into a defensive position grinning, waiting for Gray to make a move.
"Hell no!!" Hyoren shouted which resulted in her coughing up a large amount of blood, her vision going hazy for a moment. Seeing that Luna was distracted with Gray, Hyoren started jumping between pillars still she landed onto of the giant ice wall that Gray made beforehand. Her left hand remand on her stomach trying to stop some of the bleeding as she sat down on her knees and started eating away at the ice. Her cheeks were slightly red as she was embarrassed in what she was doing.
M: After Luna rolled away from him, Gray stood back up. "Again?" He said, wondering what the difference could be: ice was ice. "Well I guess if someone like you made it, it would taste like crap." He said with a smirk, before he lunged toward Luna. He swung his left foot towards her while in midair, attempting to kick her in the right side and send her flying into one of her own pillars
R: Luna frowned at Gray's comment. "Well aren't you nice. I am surprised you didn't make the connection on how she was controlled" she spoke as she slashed towards his leg before it Gould reach her and attempted to leave a deep gauge in his leg. "Better watch yourself there handsome" she chuckled lightly to herself as she watched to see if the blade had cut his leg.
In the meantime Hyoren had managed to eat a fair amount from the top of the ice wall which made her more embarrassed for that fact. Standing up onto her feet she used some ice magic to heal over the wound on her stomach. "Now time to have fun" she said with a smirk feeling the renew energy following through her. Taking in a deep breath she then released it sending ice shards down towards Luna but just thought of the fact she may hit Gray in the process.
M: Gray had no way of knowing that Luna would retaliate with her sword when he tried to kick her, so he had no way to dodge her slash. The blade cut deep into his leg, and he stopped in midair. He fell to the ground and blood flew from the cut. With his teeth clenched in pain, Gray tried to get up, but fell back down to the ground, finding that he could not stand now. He looked up at Luna with a glare, even though he was in quite a compromising position. "So what? You're not controlling her now, are you."
R: Luna jumped back from the incoming ice shards that were headed towards her, just missing them by mere inches. "I may boy now but with one single movement she van be under my control once more" Luna said with a smirk. Her eyes glanced over to the sword in her hand which was now stand with both Hyoren's and now Gray's blood. The gaze moving from the sword and over to Gray. "Let's see how long....." She stopped as she had to move from the incoming Hyoren who came out of nowhere, with a balled up fist going towards Luna.
With Luna dodging the attack, Hyoren's fist slammed into the ice pillar and since she had so much strength built up in the fist, it actually knocked down the pillar taking out two more in the process. Pulling back her fist it was covered in blood from such a hard contact with the frozen surface. Her eyes moved to Gray's leg them to Luna who had jumped off a bit away from the pair, not noticing the 3 large ice diamonds that appeared above them and was now shooting down towards them.
M: "Bullshit!" Gray yelled in response to Luna. He was surprised when he saw Luna jump away, as Hyoren attacked her. He looked up, just out of pure chance, and saw the ice diamonds shooting down from above. He looked around frantically, for anything he could use to block them. As luck would have it, he had landed near the place where he had dropped Cold Excalibur earlier. He quickly reached for and grabbed it by the hilt and flung it with all his might at the diamonds. The massive ice sword flew through the air, like a buzz saw, and took out the diamonds as if they were bowling pins. The negative to the situation was that his last weapon was now thrown far away from him, and he had barely any magic power left.
R: Hyoren didn't hear what Luna said before as the young dragon slayer looked up to see why Gray threw his weapon, only to notice small shards of ice fall around them like snow. Her gaze fell down on to Gray who was now clearly pushing his limit with his magic and with his injuries. "Should I use it" she thought to herself as her clear blue eyes floated back to Luna moving in front of Gray, moving her feet a bit apart as she pointed the blade towards Luna with a determined face. “I will defeat you at all cost and protect my nakama" Hyoren said as her eyes ablaze with a cold rage look. Sliding her right foot forward a few inches across the frozen ground, she slightly tilted the sword so the point was pointing towards the ground. A cold feeling started to come from the dragon slayer as she placed her right hand on the silver coated hilt.
The silver kanta started to glow as ice started to come up from the hilt slowly as the blade started to disappear but then it suddenly flashed as the once silver kanta was now a double edge buster sword. Moving the new formed sword in front of her as her eyes raged of determination, even though she was just as weak ad Gray was now she wasn't going to stop till the silver hair girl was defeated.
Lowering her head slightly, she gripped the blade tightly before suddenly pushing of the ground with enough force that the frozen ground had two small craters from where her feet were. Quickly approaching Luna, Hyoren spunk herself around and song the massive sword on a upwards angle in attempt to slash across her left hip to her right torso, putting all her strength behind the one single strike.
Luna watched unamused by the fact that Hyoren was still going to fight to protect her so balled Nakama. With a small sigh she watched Gray for as he threw away his only weapon which caused a small smile from her. Then seeing Hyoren turn her blade to an ice double edge buster sword made her grin as she finally thought a decent fight was going to happen.
Holding her blade out to the side she numbed a simple word " release" the sword glowed are dark before turning into a single edge broad sword made of ice that had an odd spark of dark magic around it.
Sliding her feet across the ground slightly she held her sword up as Hyoren approached her quickly. Seeing the blade swing up towards her she used her brutal strength to force her sword down upon Hyoren's causing a small shattering sound as both weapons cracked a little from the sheer force of contact.
Neither of them were letting up as their swords grinded together, both using the full force. An ice wind started to wrap around the two as they yelled in sync " I am going to beat you" there was a bright flash of white light as a sudden explosion sound came from where the two girls where fighting. Smoked started to cover the area as both girls where sent flying backwards into buildings that were across from each other causing the innocent buildings to collapse from the sheer force of them colliding into them.
All was silent for a moment before the two came flying out from the rubble and started to clash swords against each other at a very quick past. Neither side letting up and neither side landing an attack as both were equally using the same amount of energy to beat the other.
While the constant strikes where being made the occasional shards of ice would go flying down towards Gray.
M: Watching the two fight above him, Gray felt completely useless. Occasionally, he had to shield himself with his arms from falling pieces of ice. A small amount of blood ran down his arms, but he didn’t care. “Fuck this.” Gray said, attempting to force himself to his feet, trying not to put too much weight on his injured leg. When he stood up to his full height, Gray extended his right arm forward, and raised his other arm up; he was in a position where it looked like he was holding some sort of heavy artillery, although there was nothing there, yet.
Summoning up the last vestiges of his magic power, Gray looked up at Luna, who didn’t seem to be paying any attention to him now. Too bad for her. A large amount of ice started to form, solidifying into the unmistakable shape of a large rocket launcher. “Ice Cannon!” He said, nearly losing his balance from the recoil as a large cannonball made out of ice was shot towards Luna at greats speeds.
R: The pair swords were locked together when the both looked down towards Gray when he shoot the ice cannon which was pointed at Luna but because their swords where locked it was also heading for Hyoren." Shit." The young silver haired dragon slayer said as she turned back to Luna who looked like her main goal was to help Hyoren there. Not wasting time, she released her sword letting it fall to the ground below as she spun around and kicked Luna with enough force to send her flying into the rocket. Not waiting around she jumped down on to the wall and next to Gray catching her sword by the hilt before it hit the ground." eh?" Luna said as she got kicked by Hyoren and got slammed into the ice rocket. From the force of both attacks it cause her to receive a large amount of damage and fell towards the ground.
The silver haired girl landed with a large thud onto the icy ground, unmoving for a moment till she forced herself up with her blade. The left side of her face was covered with blood as she held her self up with her blade. " now what" she thought to herself knowing that if she used her other ability it would surly do a toll on herself. Her eyes glanced towards the two as she sipped away the blood from her mouth.
M: A few seconds after, Hyoren landed beside Gray, a dark, heavy feeling blanketed the area, filled with malicious intent. With that, the ground under Gray and Hyoren’s feet spasmed suddenly, and flew upward, which would most likely carry the two off their feet and send them flying.
“It looks like you are having some trouble here, Luna.” A voice stated calmly. Up above the combatants, a the owner of the voice was perched on the top of a nearby building, wearing a red cloak that billowed in the wind. Bright orange eyes glared down at Gray and Hyoren as if they were mere speaks of dirt. “I guess I’ll have to clean up.” She said, jumping down to the ground with uncanny swiftness. The ice in her vicinity began to break apart just from being near her.
Meanwhile, Gray was thrown against his ice wall by the ground spasm.
R: Luna recognized right away who the voice belonged to and sighed softly. " or she will come" she thought to herself, still holding herself up with her sword.
Hyoren got sent flying off her feet and flying into the ice wall next to Gray. Quickly regaining herself she stood up holding her blade defensively knowing that this newcomer was very powerful but wouldn't let that stop her from protecting Gray. She took a fee steps forwards standing in front of Gray, her gaze tracing the outlines of the female as she thought out a plan on what to do. For a test five ice shards appeared in her hand a lipped them violently towards the newcomer with lighting fast speeds.
M: Leto did not look over to Luna again. Right now, she was more interested in the pair of people before her, who were somehow able to hold off one of her Espada. She noted that the male did not get up again after hitting the ice wall. “Too bad. This won’t be much of a challenge, will it?” Leto said in a slightly downcast tone, after she had noticed that Hyoren was also injured, while Leto herself was in prime form.
She saw the five ice shards coming towards her, but did not look at all perturbed by this fact. She simply stood there, until the projectiles were nearly within striking distance. Then she vanished, in a burst of raw speed. As the ice shards harmlessly embedded themselves in the wall behind her previous position, Leto appeared off to the side of Hyoren, roughly seven feet away. “That wasn’t very nice.”
She said, raising her hand in a manner that was slow, in a deliberate way. As she did, a ball of pure black energy began to form. Although it looked small and inconsequential, it was actually condensed down into that tiny size; its true power was tremendous.
R: "Why would I be nice to something like you" Hyoren spoke in a causal tone before moving at a quick face and jumped up onto the ice wall. "I have to keep her away from Gray" she thought to herself as blue eyes gazed down to Leto making a decision on what she was going to do. "hmph" a small voice came from her as she ran to the other-side of the ice wall away from Gray but made sure Leto followed. Taking in a deep breath she turned around and blew out 50 ice shards at a super-fast speed towards Leto.
M: Leto did not show any aversion to Hyoren’s veiled insults, other than a slight narrowing of her dark-hued, orange eyes. As soon as the dragon slayer jumped up onto the ice wall, Leto knew the most efficient way to attack. From her vantage point, farther away from the ice wall, Leto was in a position where she could deflect any oncoming attacks and launch an assault of her own. The ball of black energy from before was still charging in the palm of her hand. She reached out, pointing this hand at the ice wall on a slight upward angle. Just as Hyoren was blowing her barrage of ice shards towards her, Leto unleashed the ball. As soon as it sprung forth, it expanded, taking the form of a wide arc of dense energy. As it flew through the air, it knocked away the oncoming ice shards and collided with the ice wall, blowing a large hole straight through it.
The hole was made just under where Hyoren was standing, and so the parts of the wall above the hole began to crumble and break apart. So unless Hyoren could fly, she would be falling back down to the ground. Coincidentally, Gray was lying on the ground right beside the ice wall, where he had landed earlier. If the wall kept crumbling, he would be caught up in the falling pieces of ice.
“Give it up. You can’t beat me with the power you have.” Leto said in a mild tone, not caring about the damage she was causing to the surrounding area. She had not even meant to make the ice fall towards Gray, but it was for all purposes, collateral damage. Gray could not fight at the moment, so she had zero interest in him. To her, it was like he wasn’t even there. (God damn, I’m making her sound like Kenpachi there. -.-)
R: With the wall crumbling to pieces below her feet, she let herself fall forward for a few moments before flipping herself around using force and speed to push off a chunk of ice. Pushing off this chunk of ice was her way of jumping towards Gray to protect him from the falling shards of ice. Just reaching Gray in time she stood above him as a shield, letting the chunks of ice hit her back. With this alone it was doing a great amount of damage to her, which caused a trail of blood run down the corner of her mouth, dripping onto the ground next to Gray. Hyoren straightened herself as she turned towards Leto with a blank expression
“Give up……..” She took a small glance back towards the dark haired man; a gentle smile lightly came across her face as she saw he was completely unharmed from the falling ice. That smile quickly faded when she turned back to face Leto. A cool wind started to wrap around the white haired girl as anger could not only be seen in her actions but her eyes too. “That word does not exist when you have something precious to protect. I will never give up as long as I have a friend to protect” the young ice dragon shouted as white scales started to form around her body, white fangs started to peek out from under her pale pink lips as her hands became more claw like.
A cold rage ran through Hyoren’s body and could be felt by the others. “I will do anything to protect my friends” she shouted pushing off the ground with enough force to even make the ground crumble below her feet as she lunged towards Leto at speeds that could almost match lighting. When close enough the girl sent a fist flying towards the enemy’s stomach with brutal force that it could break through some bones. All that was running through her mind as she was fighting is that she had to protect Gray at the cost of her own life.
“How much longer I wonder” a curious tone had spoken from a girl with bright purple eyes, who was standing off in the distance from the ongoing fight. The girl had been watching the fight the whole time and was assessing what each person held in power. Her eyes widen with interest with the blond one and new she would have to step in soon since the dragon slayer looked like she was about down and death was approaching her soon. Waist length purple hair swayed to the side as she started jumping from building to building to get a closer look but remain undetected by the other for the time being

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